tagBDSMA Fine Meal Ch. 02

A Fine Meal Ch. 02


When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

"What's up Mark?"

"Oh, trade's really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease."

"Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in."

"You're right, but I just haven't got any ideas left. I had to stop the live entertainment because I can't afford it any more."

"You've never eaten at my place have you Mark?"

"Jeez Clyde. You are so expensive and yet you always seem to be busy. I just wish I could afford come to Glorious and find out how you do it."

Look, I like to come in here for a drink and a bit of quiet company. The meal's on me. Come on round next time you are not working. You'll be well fed, but it could just do a little more for you than that."

Mark was intrigued, but he couldn't get anything more out of Clyde. After a couple more drinks Clyde left and there was a trickle of customers until closing time. A poor night, but Mark felt a bit happier and it wasn't only that he was going to get a free meal. Clyde oozed money and success. There had to be something in this mysterious offer. The restaurant was only in the next street and Mark walked past it on his way home instead of taking his usual route.

It was midnight and the last few diners were leaving. They were all smiling happily, giving cheery goodbyes to the staff and chatting enthusiastically as they went to their cars. It was a scene you could see at any restaurant except that there were more men than women among the clients and they seemed so much more animated than most people after a good meal.

It was five days before Mark could get away from work at the right time for an evening meal. He rang Clyde and said that he would like to take up his offer. Clyde said that he was fully booked, but as Mark was a single diner and he knew he didn't get too many chances to get away from the bar he would bring out an extra small table.

Mark expressed his gratitude and dressed his smartest. When he arrived he was greeted at the door by a beautiful teen-aged waitress who showed him to a tiny table in the corner of the throbbing restaurant.

"You are an honoured guest Sir. I have instructions to tell the owner as soon as you arrive. Mr Watkins will be with you shortly."

Handing Mark the menu she said " my name is Carole and I will be your waitress for this evening. I will be pleased to meet your every wish."

This last comment was delivered with Carole looking straight into his eyes and her lovely cleavage prominent as she leaned towards him.

Mark settled into his seat and started looking at the menu. He tried to ignore the distracting movement in his groin. Before he had looked at many of the tempting dishes on offer Clyde was beside him.

"Delighted that you could join us Mark. I won't disturb you now. Just make your selection from our menu and when you have finished your starter tell Carole to show you through to my office. We will have a little chat before your main course. Until then I would like to suggest that you look around you carefully and watch what is happening. Bon appetit!"

With that Clyde was gone. Mark found it hard to concentrate on the menu. All this was so mysterious. He looked around him and couldn't see anything special except the large number of male diners as he had observed previously. There were two tables of six men each and that was unusual. If it had been any normal restaurant Mark would have taken them to be business men, but there was something about the atmosphere in here that told him their purpose was pleasure rather than work.

After Carole had returned twice Mark finally put in his order. As he took his first sip of wine and picked up an olive there was a sudden murmur about the room. The diners were looking restless and one man made his way rather quickly towards the rest room. Not long afterwards Mark's garlic prawns were served and he tucked into his delicious starter.

The moment the man returned from the gents there was a scraping of chairs. Two or three men moved as if to get up, but just one man left. The pattern continued. Each time one man came back into the restaurant another apparently needed to relieve himself immediately and there always seemed to be only one person going at a time.

Almost as soon as he had put down his cutlery from finishing the starter Carole was back at the table side. Smiling beautifully she said.

"Will you please be kind enough to accompany me to Mr Watkins' office Sir?"

Mark took another sip of wine before standing up and following Carole's pretty ass and very long legs to the back of the restaurant. As they passed the WC's a smiling man emerged. He went to hold the door open for Mark before realising that he and Carole were going somewhere else. Mark thanked him and the guy very obviously winked and broadened his smile.

Carole tapped on the door and showed Mark into her boss's office before turning away to return to waiting on table.

"Well Mark. What do you think so far?"

"Your food is excellent. My compliments to the chef and your staff are really top quality. I couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. And it certainly works. You're chock full."

"Yes we do well. Most of may staff are working their way through college. Learning some valuable life lessons at the same time as they study their books. Clyde grinned. So you haven't noticed anything special about my place? Apart from the food and waitresses of course."

Well I don't know what it is, but there is something going on. There is a strange feeling of anticipation in the room and guys are following each other into the john all the time. It's as if you only have one urinal or something and they have to grab their turn."

Clyde laughed. "You're close man. They are certainly trying to get their turn." He swivelled on his chair and pointed a remote control at the screen on the wall. When it flashed into life there was a naked girl on her knees sucking a dick at a glory hole.

"Hmm. Very nice." Said Mark, "but you didn't call me in to show me some porn did you?"

"It's live footage mate. Straight from the cubicle across the corridor and the lady there is one of my waitresses."

Mark looked more closely.

"No kidding." At that moment there were some drawn out grunts from the screen. The girl was swallowing as a cum load filled her mouth. She carefully sucked and licked the prick clean and thanked its owner effusively. He left and within a few seconds the door clanged again and she was asking the new occupier if she could suck him off. Sure enough another cock came through the hole and she had it in her mouth right away.

"That's seven loads she swallowed in half an hour and it will be eight in a minute. There could be fifteen men's cum in her belly by the time her hour is up. She's got good technique. Brings them off quick leaving plenty of happy clients. That's the way I like it."

Mark was glued to the screen. Speechless.

After a few moments of silence Clyde went on.

"Now you know why this is such a successful business. Play it right and your bar could do just as well as us. Now I will let you get back to your meal, but before you go. Take a look at the WC's sign when you get back to your table. When the apostrophe is lit up there is a girl at the glory hole in cubicle three. Carole is due to do an hour in there later this evening."

"Fucking hell." Was all that Mark could say. Clyde showed him out of the office.

Once Mark was comfortably seated again he looked up at the sign and registered the small apostrophe illuminated with a red light. Carole was at his side very soon.

"Are you ready for your main course Sir! And may I get you anything else?

"I'd like to wait for a few minutes and may I have a jug of water please?"

"Of course Sir. Right away"

Not only was he surprisingly thirsty, Mark did not want to hurry this evening. He slowly sipped at his water and wine, all the time observing the succession of men visiting the lavatory. Carole visited three times to see if he was ready for his meal. Each time he declined. Although she was entirely compliant and polite it was obvious that she was getting concerned about the delay. The last thing on Mark's mind was whether his food might spoil. Carole finally came and said.

"I must leave in a few minutes Sir. I am required for other duties."

"Oh. OK. Yes I will have my main course now if you have time."

"Of course Sir."

Carole hurried away and as she did so the apostrophe light went out. She returned in seconds and after serving him she gave a curtsey.

"Please excuse me Sir. Your replacement waitress will introduce herself shortly."

Mark started to eat. The food was excellent, but he was really paying it very little attention. The restaurant was quieter now and there was no movement to and from the lavatories. A few minutes later he looked up to the figure approaching his table. The lovely young woman in neat waitress uniform was the same naked girl he had seen on her knees swallowing cum only a short while ago.

"Good evening Sir. I am Susan and I am replacing Carole. Is everything satisfactory with your meal?"

Mark snapped out of his recollections.

"Oh yes. Yes, the food is excellent."

She smiled sweetly. "I am here to provide anything you need Sir. Would you like anything else to drink?"

Mark could not get what she had been drinking out of his mind and then the apostrophe lit up again. Not a second passed before he was on his feet and heading for the door. No time to say a word.

The moment those soft warm lips closed around his dick Mark visualised Carole's lovely eyes looking up at him and that delicious cleavage. She worked her tongue expertly and sucked so that he knew he could not last long in this paradise. He longed to be able to grab her head and thrust deep into her throat. As if she had read his mind Carole pressed her face firmly against the thin partition where Mark was tight against the other side. Just as his cockhead fully entered her throat he groaned and let go a huge jet of jism straight down inside her. Carole eased back a little and sucked the softening prick while the rest of his load discharged into her mouth.

Mark knew that Carole was naked on the other side of that wall. He really wanted to hug her and relish the gorgeous body he saw in his mind. He was going to do things a little differently in his bar, but Clyde was a genius. This was going to be his salvation. He arrived back at his table to find that Susan had removed his plate to keep the food warm. By the time he had got into his seat and raised his glass to his lips she returned it.

"Thank You Susan. That was thoughtful."

"My pleasure Sir. Please be sure to let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for you."

In this establishment that offer meant so much more than it would anywhere else. The pretty girl standing beside him had a belly full of cum and she knew that he had just fucked her colleague's mouth. This was a place like no other. Unable to resist, and without really thinking about it at all, Mark put his hand under her short skirt and felt her cunt. That there were no knickers was unsurprising. Instead of a bush of curly hair he found perfectly smooth, damp flesh and soft, plump lips. Rather than leaping back, screaming or showing any sign of shock Susan spread her legs to allow easier access.

Mark eased three fingers into the sweet, young cunt. Susan moved towards him a little and spread her legs wider allowing further entry. Juices trickled into his palm and Mark took his hand away. He sucked his fingers.

"Thank you Susan."

"No, it is for me to thank YOU Sir. Thank you for allowing me to assist you in enjoying the Glorious experience."

"You have certainly done that Susan and I hope you will help me a lot more in the future."

"I look forward to it Sir."

Mark finished his meal with his head full of thoughts. From Susan's juicy cunt to Carole's expert mouth and then back to the future of his bar. Clyde really knew how to do business. He had barely been aware of his food. When Susan came to clear his plate and ask for his dessert order Mark could only think of leaving to get on with his plans.

"No Susan. Thank you, but I need to leave now."

"If you must Sir. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Mr Watkins has instructed me to ensure that you have everything you want this evening. Please don't leave if there is anything more I can do for you. Mr Watkins would not like you t ogo without being fully satisfied."

"I don't think I have felt so satisfied in years Susan, but you could come back to my place if you like."

"Of course Sir. I will just get permission to leave."

"No, no. It was a joke. I'm sorry."

"Really Sir. Mr Watkins would want me to please you. You are welcome to have me."

"Oh boy Susan. You really are amazing. I am going to have to take up that offer sometime, ,but it just can't be today."

Mark reached for his wallet. Susan put her hand on his.

"No Sir, please. I have orders. I must not take any money from you."

Mark looked at her. There was no arguing. He kissed her gently on the cheek, bade her goodnight and left.

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