tagGroup SexA Fire Drill Ch. 02

A Fire Drill Ch. 02


A Fire Drill Ch. 02

Andrea, Janet and John climbed into Bill’s small sedan for the short drive to a nearby restaurant. Wanting to sit with Janet, John slid past the bucket seat and seat belt to plop almost on Janet’s lap. The top of the car was too low for him to sit up straight so he leaned over against Janet. Leaning against her, his mind wandered to her large breasts and her incredible ass. Remembering the way it looked as she slipped off her panties less than two hours ago, John felt his cock surge in his pants.

Andrea and Bill argued about the best way to get to the restaurant while John ran his hand gently up Janet’s thigh, moving up under her skirt. She moved a bit in her seat and opened her legs, giving John better access. She wasn’t wearing her panty hose, but when he slipped his hand to her crotch he felt her panties. Working his fingers against it, he felt the firm feel of a pad.

Janet leaned over and whispered into his ear, “You came so much, I had to use a pad to keep it from running down my legs.”

John smiled proudly, glad he impressed her with his copious climax just a few minutes earlier. He moved his hands down, squeezing her soft, fleshy thighs. Losing himself in her softness, he was surprised when the car pulled into a parking lot and eased to a stop.

Extricating his hand from under Janet’s skirt, John carefully climbed out of the backseat and then helped pry Janet between the front seat and the door opening, holding the seatbelt out of her way. His hand rested gently on Janet’s waist as they followed Bill and Andrea into the restaurant.

While they ate, John was amazed how the other three casually discussed work, their cars and the new TV season as if they had not all shared a mini-orgy just an hour earlier. Apparently these three had done this sort of thing a number of times. Curiously, he asked, “Please excuse my prying here, but you don’t seem all that astounded about what we did before lunch.”

Janet smiled, “John, we’ve been together before, the three of us.”

“Yeah,” Andrea added, “We’ve been discussing adding a fourth to our group for several months now.”

“But you’ve done this in the conference room before?”

“Well, only once before. We’ve only done something a work a few times, usually in one another’s offices. When we found the conference room a few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of the size of the room,” Bill answered.

“The room is nice, but that marble table can be cold, my nipples still haven’t settled down,” Andrea said, jutting her breasts out.

“How did you three...”

“...get started?” Janet finished the question for John. “Well, it was a bit embarrassing, you see, Andrea and Bill, well they... ah...”

“We noticed each other in a meeting one afternoon, and well, one thing led to another and that afternoon, after we thought everyone had gone home, we met in Bill’s office,” Andrea said.

“We began kissing, first just a peck here and there, but soon it got passionate, very passionate. While we kissed, I moved my hand up her dress and worked it inside her panty hose.” Looking over at Andrea, “You remember how wet you were?”

“Oh yeah baby, your fingers slipped right in me. I thought I was going to melt right there. I felt your cock pressing against my thigh and I reached down, thinking I got to get this monster inside me.”

“You grabbed it and I thought I’d come right there. You unzipped me and pulled my cock out. Oh and when you took me in your mouth I wanted to scream, it was so good. I would have come in her mouth but...”

“I came in. I was working late and had some papers to put in Bill’s box, so, not realizing anyone was there, I just barged in. Here were these two, Andrea’s panty hose at her knees as she bent over sucking Bill’s magnificent cock,” Janet said.

“There was a long moment of silence as all three of us clamored for something to say. I finally said, ‘Why don’t you join us?’ figuring she would quickly run off,” Andrea said.

“I guess I shocked both of you when I said okay and began unbuttoning Andrea’s dress.”

“Yes, we soon had her naked on my desk, you on one breast, me on the other,” Bill continued, smiling at Janet. “We had a bit of a tussle as we moved down to her pussy, but Andrea had it all figured out. She sat up and together we undressed Janet, and then the two women undressed me.”

“Soon I was kneeling over Andrea, locked in some beautiful sixty-nine while Bill slipped his cock into her cunt. I had been with women before, but never with a man’s stomach banging me in the head.”

“In just moments, we experienced a simultaneous three way orgasm,” Bill bragged.

“Well, not really a three way orgasm, but it was exciting,” Janet said.

“You didn’t come?” Bill asked.

“No Bill, you and Andrea were way too far gone for me to catch up, besides it was all still quite strange for me.”

“Well, I came Bill and I knew this was something I wanted to do again,” Andrea said. “I don’t know, to feel a tongue on your clit while a cock is sliding in and out, wow, that is something.”

“We spilled cum all over my papers, fortunately I had everything saved,” Bill said, smiling.

“Since that time, we’ve been a threesome; that is until today’s fire drill,” Janet said, reaching out her hands to Andrea and Bill.

Bill and Andrea each reached a hand out to John as Andrea said, “And now we are four.”

John nodded and repeated, “And now we are four.”

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