tagInterracial LoveA Fire Drill Ch. 04

A Fire Drill Ch. 04


When Janet leaned forward and whispered her idea to Bill as he waited at a traffic light, he immediately got an idea of his own. He nodded to Janet and then quickly pulled forward when the light turned green. Images ran through his mind of Andrea's dark skin on his white car, her hot, wet sex opening to him as she leaned across the front fender.

In a few minutes Bill turned the car into the parking garage, but instead of dropping his three passengers at the entrance to their building, he continued up the ramp up to the empty third level. He pulled to the far back corner of the garage and parked the car.

"With the seminar, nobody's around," he said, climbing out of the car and moving quickly over to help Andrea. Bill leaned over to Andrea and whispered, "You want a bit of auto-eroticism?"

Curious, Andrea nodded and followed him around to the front of the car. She touched her hand on the hood and said, "Ohh, a bit warm."

"No," John whispered, "Over here." He took her hand and led her around the front of the car to the driver's side. He leaned against her, forcing her back against the front fender and kissed her hard on the mouth.

After a few moments, when Andrea came up for air, she moved her hand to the car and said, "Mmmm, warm, kind of sexy."

Oblivious to Janet and John going after it by the back of the car, Bill reached up Andrea's dress and removed her panties. After working them over her shoes, he lifted her up onto the fender, and then gently opened her legs.

He took a moment to gaze upon her as she leaned back on his car, the light brown of her hands contrasted against the sparkling white finish. Looking at her face, he loved the dark eyebrows and lashes that seemed to frame her brown eyes. Though she was not a lot darker skinned that Bill, he loved the way his tanned skin looked against hers. He reached out and touched his fingers to her cheek bone, running them down over her soft skin over to her lips. She flicked out her tongue, toying with his fingers

Looking down now, he focused on her other lips, the dark curving edge that revealed a hint of pink as she slowly opened to him. The tight, kinky pubic hair formed a perfect triangle that pointed to her luscious clit. Bill kneeled before her, resting his arms on her legs, wondering if she would taste any different, if he would taste some of the cum he pumped into her just a few hours earlier.

He reached his hands to her ass and pulled her closer to him, hearing her ass squeak across the slick finish of his car. Letting his chin rest on the car, he poked his tongue into her wet opening, quickly removing it as he assessed the flavor. It was slightly different than he remembered, perhaps a bit of a metallic tang to it.

Feeling her hands stroke through his hair, he dove back in, dipping his tongue into her again and then, drawing it slowly up her slit, pushing her lips apart as it climbed. His chin rose up off the car and pressed against her cunt as his tongue found her clit. Sucking the nub between his lips, he sucked on it, flicking his tongue from side to side beneath it. Her kinky hair tickled his nose, but he continued working her clit with his mouth.

He moved his head away to look again at her pussy, the dark outer lips pressed open by her swollen, pink inner lips. She glistened in a mixture of his saliva and her secretions and he couldn't resist moving his face in and nuzzling into her lips, letting the wetness coat him.

Her hands moved more urgently in his hair, so he returned his mouth to her clit, again drawing the tiny, brown nub into his mouth. Andrea began to wriggle her hips, leaning her head back and moving her pussy forward, pushing herself against Bill. He moved his hand up to her opening and slipped first one, then two more fingers inside her, moving them back and forth in unison with her movement.

Suddenly she moaned and clenched her hands in his hair, pulling it as she squeezed. Bill felt her cunt convulse on his fingers, squeezing them in her wet, warmth again and again... and again. He began to pull his fingers out of her when she groaned, "I want to feel you inside me... now!"

Bill stood up and quickly opened his pants, letting them and his underwear fall to his ankles. Leaning his thighs against his car, he pressed his pale, white cock into her brown and pink lips. Andrea moved her head forward, leaning it against his as they both watched him slowly enter her. They both enjoyed how his pale cock looked so fucking sexy disappearing into her light brown body.

Moving his lips to hers, Bill kissed her as he increased the intensity of his thrusts. Soon he was banging against her as the car rocked under them, both oblivious to everything around them. Sensing Andrea's growing excitement, Bill turned his attention away in an effort to hold off coming. For the first time, he noticed John and Janet, standing, watching them, enraptured in the sight of his white ass flexing as it moved back and forth between her light brown legs.

Feeling her clench to him, Bill returned his attention to Andrea and let himself come, spurting his hot cum into her pulsating cunt. He reached his hands to her ass and lifted her up off the car, turning her around and resting his ass against his car. Bill held her, his cock buried deep inside her, and kissed her as she wrapped her legs tight against him.

They remained like that, tightly entwined until his shrinking cock finally slipped from her soaking pussy. Bill carefully lowered Andrea back onto the concrete floor and glancing to his left, noticed Janet and John, still watching.

"If I had known there were spectators, I'd have done something fancy," Bill said.

Andrea turned her head quickly to the right and gasped, "Oh my, were you watching?"

"Just the last of it," John answered.

"Oh, Bill, that looked fancy enough for me," Janet said. "That was so sexy watching you two, just the look of her skin against the car, wow."

Bill pulled up his clothes, fastened his pants and then gallantly retrieved Andrea's panties for her. She quickly pulled them on and joined John and Janet as they started walking across the vast empty garage. Bill grabbed his keys and opened his car door.

"What's the matter Bill?" John asked, "Andrea wear you out too much to walk this far?"

"No," Bill replied, laughing, "I can't park here." He pointed to the red marking on the ground, "It's a fire zone."

John looked at the wall behind the car and noticed the fire hose cabinet painted in a bright red. "I guess you can't have too much fire safety," he said, reaching his hand down and affectionately squeezing Janet's ass.

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