tagGroup SexA First for Three

A First for Three


Like any older guy it is a fantasy to find a twenty something, hard body who likes you in more than a fatherly way. As an outside salesman I’m often in contact with younger, attractive girls. I flirt and flatter and they accept, as one of them put it, “Oh, I know you’re not REALLY serious”, my subtle advances.

It is on occasion that I will entertain a group from one office or another. A lunch or drinks for a special occasion, someone moving on to another job or getting a promotion. It was at one of these events that this story unfolds.

It had been a month for me what with hectic schedules and crossed paths. I had just been at my office where one of our employees, Angel, ran out to her car for something as I was pulling in. Now this is a casual office, everybody wearing jeans and tee shirts and today was no exception for Angel. Small framed and quite fit she hides her sexuality behind unrevealing clothes, quite unlike Diane who can hardly restrain her abundant bosom and shows cleavage as if it were a name badge.

A bit of the true Angel had been exposed at the annual Christmas party when she wore a short dress, showing off her very nice legs and the surprising tattoo on her shoulder. Now, I had always noticed her breasts. Secreted behind a sports bra or just visible through a light weight top, I found them exquisite and perfectly proportioned. Something between a 32 and a 34, they fit her frame flawlessly. But it was the very full ‘C’ cup that really caught my attention. They possessed mass and form without sagging or being unruly. I found them to be perfectly suited to their purpose.

So it was as Angel ran to her car that my attention was diverted from the pile of paperwork sitting in the front seat. It was as if these two things took on a life of their own. They bounced to and fro, hither and yon, from side to side and up and down all at the same time. My mind slowed the vision to nearly a standstill, taking in each and every bounce and nuance. The reality lasted 3 seconds, the image stays with me today.

It was so exceptional that I walked over to her car was she was getting ready to pull away and waited for her to roll down the window. She lingered, expecting me to say something and as she was obviously in a hurry, I did.

“Thank you very much!” was my only comment.

Now, I am very careful about saying anything around the office which could be misconstrued as sexual in nature. I once had an inoffensive comment to a young office worker turn into a major event because she thought I was hitting on her (which I was but I didn’t think it was offensive). Since then I have been more than careful. My statement took her by surprise and she raised those cute little eyebrows in confusion.

“New car?” I asked.

“My husbands’ and I don’t drive a stick very well” she replied, “But what was the thank you for?”

“For running across the lot like that. It was a vision of loveliness and I really appreciate it.”

She finally got it and gave her head a little shake, not in disgust but more in tolerance. This I find curious. I know she is sexually aware, she knows that I think the job she does is excellent but she can’t take a physical compliment. Oh, well. I replayed the image of her running a dozen times in my mind as I drove to a get-together for one of my clients. The girls from that office were going out for a drink and, as always, I was invited. I tried to balance my attendance. Since I usually picked up the tab for the group I didn’t want it to turn into a regular and expected thing. I limited my participation to those times that were special, always left first and made sure there was plenty to eat to balance out the alcohol which was being consumed.

As in most offices, the older girls were married and the younger had boyfriends of long standing. None of these girls were available and so they all liked to get out and party a bit with the gang from the office. A few of the guys would show up, hit on the more attractive of the group and go home to their wives deflated and horny. Just being around these lovelies was satisfying enough for me.

We started early enough, on a Thursday evening, it was about six when Kassie showed up. Darla was right behind and the two of them hit the bottle immediately. Around six thirty, five more made it in but the two girls were already on their third drink. Nearing seven everybody else arrived and I ordered up a half dozen appetizers to make the rounds and noticed that Darla and Kassie were laughing harder than the jokes were worth. None of the other employees seemed to notice so I made no effort to cut them off.

Darla is a large girl, not fat by any means, but very Rubenesque. She was wearing a tight fitting, lycra top, very low cut (as always) which displayed more than ample cleavage, something she had in abundance of. Her form fitting black silk slacks showed no indication of any panties which meant she was either absent coverage or wearing a thong.

Kassie is smaller in frame but fully proportioned. She had on a tight fitting sweater under which you could see the cups of her bra but not the back strap. I found that I focused on this technicality in curiosity as to how it was actually constructed. But what was diverting most of my attention was the jean skirt she was using to cover her ass. I say her ass since it covered almost nothing else. This was among the shortest thing I ever saw and being on a young lady who almost exclusively wore slacks it was a real treat. Her underwear was no object of conjecture since she made them clearly visible on several occasions throughout the night. A bright pink thong which covered less than her skirt. These blinding flashes of pink occurred at the least expected moments and several times I found myself stopping in mid sentence, distracted by the display.

It was going on nine when half the group had left and the few remaining were packing up their belongings in preparation to head home and get ready for another work day the next morning. I snuck over to the bar and quietly paid the nearly $300 tab when I realized Kassie and Darla were still chugging a couple of beers, firmly parked at the table with no intention of leaving. We stayed for another beer when I began to get concerned that they would want to drive home and quickly realized that neither should.

So I delayed my departure for another half hour while I cajoled them into not driving, although they both insisted they were perfectly fine. This is always the difficult part, convincing someone that they should not get behind the wheel and remaining a good guy. I bit my lip at the thought of paying another hundred bucks to put each into a cab, I knew Kassie lived twenty five miles away. If I was going to insist they cab home I knew I would have to pay. Now I remembered why I usually left first, to avoid situations like this one.

Just as I convinced them that driving was not a good idea Kassie’s eyes got a spark and the glimmer was returned by Darla. I dismissed it as a private joke between the two of them combined with too much to drink. It was then that Kassie asked, “So how much have you had to drink?”

“My usual,” holding up the half filled Corona I had been nursing for the past hour.

“Why don’t you drive us to Darla’s house, it isn’t that far and I can stay there?”

“Whatever you want, but don’t you have to work tomorrow”?

“That’s OK, I have some clothes in the car I can wear for tomorrow. Friday’s are casual.”

And with that we piled into my car. Actually I drive a small pick up truck and it is totally full of crap as I conduct nearly all my business out of the vehicle. Kassie sat in the middle and Darla squeezed in beside her. It was a tight fit with Kassie’s legs pushed up on the transmission hump, displaying her wonderful and minimal pink panties in flashes of color. One thigh was tight against mine and the other equally attached to Darla’s. We got cozy as Darla put her arm around Kassie’s back and started twiddling with the nape of my neck. I LOVE when girls touch me there.

Soon a rocky curb caught my attention as well as the rear wheel of the truck, jostling all of us, causing Kassie to plant her hand firmly on my right leg as Darla grabbed Kassie’s bare leg to keep from toppling over. We all giggled at the incident but neither of them removed their respective hands. I had been furtively glancing over at Kassie’s lovely and toned legs as often as I thought I could without being too obvious but could not help but stare as Darla began rubbing the bare flesh from the knee to the hem of the very short skirt. This was a very casual but affectionate massage as she continued to rub the back of my neck at the same time.

I damn near erupted when Kassie opened her legs wider and nuzzled down into the warmth of Darla’s beautiful breasts, closing her eyes and sighing ever so lightly. As she relaxed she began a slow movement of her hand up and down my leg in unison with Darla’s two handed rubs. I still thought this was all so innocent (despite my now raging and blood filled cock) until Kassie’s rubs began to flit over my balls, each time getting closer and closer to my all to obvious erection. Finally she extended her little finger so that it followed the path of my staff right to the tip and back down again. This was no accident.

Damn, there was that little sigh of hers again! She rubbing me and Darla rubbing her. I had a Josh Groben CD wailing softly in Italian, some inane love song, as we slowed for a traffic light. Much to my wonderment I casually watched as Darla’s hand was removed from my neck and placed on Kassie’s, turning her head ever so slightly, when Darla leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. It was a soft and friendly kiss but far more than a peck as her hand insinuated its way under the slight hem of her nearly non-existent skirt. Like a cat watching a moving hand under the covers I was unable to break my gaze from this wonderful sight before me. It wasn’t until the car behind me honked its horn that I broke my concentration. I was inclined to continue to sit there, the hell with the other traffic on the road, when I realized that the car behind was a local Sheriffs cruiser. I therefore, reluctantly, idled forward, my attention divided between the road and the front seat.

They both giggled again (it was getting a little annoying) when Kassie reached her right hand, her left never leaving my swollen pants, placed it on the back of Darla’s head and puller her face down for a long, drawn out and extremely sensuous kiss. I caught a glance of Darla’s hand fully under Kassie’s skirt and Kassie reciprocating with heaver breathing and a widening of the space between her knees. She was being diddled by Darla quite aggressively and fully enjoying it. Her left hand had firmly grasped my erect member and was no longer making any pretense of rubbing my thigh.

Whatever I had done to deserve this I was truly thankful for and would make every effort to repeat whatever it was I did, many times in the future. Discovering just exactly what I had earned this privilege for has continued to escape me but I persist in searching for that elusive behavior.

All of a sudden Kassie squeezed my dick very hard, gasped and obviously had an orgasm from Darla’s kissing and manual manipulation of her sensitive areas. It was a terrific orgasm. Not a screamer but a deep, satisfying groan. They broke their kiss shortly thereafter but she never released her hold on me.

The directions to Darla’s house were simple enough to follow and I fully expected to find her boyfriends car in the driveway as we pulled up and figured that I would experience a great deal of anguish during the long ride home. Surprisingly the drive was empty and they both turned to face me, simultaneously.

“You are going to come in aren’t you”, Darla asked forcefully.

Never one who needed to be offered a second invitation, I shut off the ignition, the lights and sat waiting for Kassie to release my obvious excitement. She waited for several seconds until she gently leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips. It was however, a lot more of a peck than a meaningful kiss but as she held my manhood tightly in her grasp I figured I, at least, stood a reasonable chance of getting lucky(-er) tonight. Darla slid out, Kassie’s hand slid off as she too made her way to the passenger door. I spied the trail of moisture from her experience which she had deposited on my truck seat, vowing, there and then, never to wash that seat for as long as I owned the truck.

Darla was first in the door, disappearing somewhere within the enclave. As I walked into the small but tastefully furnished home, Kassie turned, wrapped her arms around me in a huge hug and smiled that wonderful and delicious smile of hers. I must tell you that she is more than just pretty. Strawberry blond with a sprinkling of freckles with a pointed nose, just the right size and a distinctive chin. She carries five extra pounds around the middle, caused in most part from the 40 hours a week planted behind a desk, but it is poised over the most incredible ass you have ever seen. In all the combination is more than fetching, it is downright erotic.

Although she has her blond moments, she is endearing in her sweetness and unpretentious. She is also a motor mouth. She can talk about nothing in the most enjoyable way for hours unending. Silence makes her uncomfortable but this night she was almost mute. She broke the hug just long enough to look up into my eyes, crack that incredible smile of hers and tilt her head up to plant one of the most sensuous kisses I have ever experienced. It was not rushed and tasted slightly of beer and salsa, with just a hint of Darla mixed in but that could have been my imagination at work. The kiss lingered for several minutes, both of us savoring the excitement when at last she slowly broke away and quietly slid down to her knees.

It was a matter of seconds before she had me in her hands again, this time, uncovered and totally exposed. She engulfed it in a single, practiced plunge, right to the hilt. Her ability to worship at the alter of manhood is unquestionably without equal, just the right amount of deep sucking and hand motions, designed to keep one right on the edge and that is where I found myself teetering this evening.

Then Darla walked in. She had changed into a simple robe, almost far eastern in style, reaching nearly to the floor. Under which you could tell that all her inhibitions and clothing had been left behind. Her nipples thrust out against the material, pointing at nearly ten o’clock, hard as marbles. Her bare legs swished beneath the silkiness, flashing a occasional glimpse of very white skin as the material separated in the front. She was undaunted by the exhibition going on in front of her and walked straight to me, enveloping me in my second fabulous hug of the night. She was unconcerned that her friend was on her knees in front of me because she simply straddled Kassie, planting her privates right on top of the strawberry blond hair.

I told you before that Darla is a big, but not fat girl. She is very full and in so being, very exciting. But her face is her most spectacular asset. The smoothness of a babies behind in that classic peaches and cream complexion which sees little sun. Absolutely perfect teeth nearly blindingly white. She could do a toothpaste commercial and put the rest to shame. The slight puffiness of her face simply adds to her mystery and allure. And when she smiles her smile at you, it hits you that you could have died and gone to heaven and never cared about losing the remaining years on earth.

So when she planted a kiss on my lips without a hesitation I responded almost aggressively. Considering what was going on down below it is a wonder that I survived the night. It wasn’t long into that kiss that I realized things had changed elsewhere. Kassie still had hold of my erection but her mouth was no longer keeping it warm and wet. I did hear slurping noises and Darla was gyrating in a fashion which I realized was not simply from my kiss. Kassie has taken this opportunity to give Darla the licking of her life and Darla’s pent up sexual delay was finding a release.

As she was so engrossed in Kassie’s tongue I took the opportunity to explore a little on my own. Her robe parted easily, exposing those lovely tits. There were much larger than I ever expected, the nipples so much more pronounced and defined. I couldn’t resist and tilted my head down to taste her smoothness. It was heavenly but too short lived for as soon as I nipped a nipple with my teeth she came in a torrent and growl. Kassie’s work had been too much for her as Darla’s knees buckled and she nearly hit the floor, unable to support her own weight. Together we lowered her to the carpet where she lay, for the first time totally exposed to my view. It was better than I ever thought it could be.

While I was gazing at Darla, Kassie slipped off her pink thong and tossed it directly into my face. I took the opportunity to savor the aroma of her muskiness since they were completely soaked with her juices from the incident in the car. She smiled again (I can’t tell you the effect that smile has on me) and beckoned me to follow using her middle finger as the enticement, her face slick and wet from Darla. She used the back of her hand to wipe a sizeable collection from her chin and shook her head in amusement at the prospect of what she had just done.

I finally got a look at the lovely ass uncovered as she bent over the large and soft arm of the sofa. She was shaved as smooth as that babies butt we all envision. Not a hair to be found. This was a little disconcerting since I was anxious to determine if she was a true blond or not. Now there was no way to tell. But I didn’t dwell on the problem for very long as she presented herself to me in classic fashion. Three steps I was at her door, so to speak, a little leverage and I was traveling the path only men may take, the road to ecstasy.

Wanting to prolong the adventure I thrust slowly and patiently, being sure to hit her clit on each and every stroke. We had developed a nice and comfortable rhythm when I felt Darla come up from behind me. She reached between my legs and wrapped a finger and thumb around my cock as I disappeared into and out of Kassie. She began to diddle Kassie again and she responded with vigor.

It was then that I nearly lost it. Darla, with one finger rubbing Kassie’s clit, a hand wrapped around my thrusting dick, she positioned her face directly behind me, firmly and forcefully and inserted her tongue straight into my ass. I nearly blew my load with such a fantastic sensation. Fortunately Kassie chose that exact moment to go over the edge again and exploded with a huge orgasm, drenching my balls and dribbling down my thighs. The sound of her cumming stopped Darla in her tracks (or rather my track so to speak) that I lost my pace and edge. It was just as well.

I continued to slide in and out of Kassie as Darla wrapped more and more fingers around my cock, causing me not to penetrate as deeply on each thrust. It felt good but I was really ready to let loose and she wouldn’t let me. Finally she had such total control that she pulled me out of Kassie. I was expecting her to take Kasss place but, again, I was surprised. Instead, she guided my blue steel shaft up and aimed it at Kassie’s backdoor.

Now I am a bit longer than average I suppose, but perhaps a little less in circumference. The hardness of my member seems to make up for any lack in diameter. Kassie groaned when she realized what Darla was doing and caused my eyebrows to raise in reaction to the fact that Kass was reaching around and pulling her own ass cheeks apart with both hands. It was very tight and a little dry so I had some difficulty in penetration but Darla had the solution and she slipped around between us and lapped the soaking pussy juices up and inserted them inside Kassie’s butt with her tongue, lubing everything nicely. The second attempt was met with rousing success and a huge yelp from Kassie.

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