A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 04


Jeanie began kissing a trail slowly down my chest, alternating between little, sucking kisses and warm, wet licks on my sensitive flesh. I put one hand on her arm to gently encourage her to keep pleasing me with her hand down my pants, and one hand on her back so she could feel me squeezing her when what she was doing felt particularly good. She began sliding her hand up and down my cock with a little more fervor now, as I groaned and writhed beneath her.

Soon she had kissed her way to my belly, circling my navel several times with her tongue then kissing down to my waistband. Slowly she slipped her hand out of my pants and brought her other hand forward to grasp my belt. I realized what she was doing and exhaled deeply. She looked up at me and smiled as she unclasped my belt buckle.

"I'm going to make you feel so good, baby," she whispered, smiling. I'll never forget how sexy it was to hear her say those words over the soft jingling of my belt buckle as she unfastened it.

I smiled down at her. "Oh sweetie," I gasped, "oh my god, you are so sexy." My jaw swung open as I watched her, amazed at how sensual and erotic she was. Only a day ago I saw her as just my buddy's younger sister, beautiful yes, but just a friend that I wouldn't allow myself to think about in a sexual way. But now I craved her. She was undeniably sexy and irresistible and I wanted every bit of her I could get.

She smiled again and bit her bottom lip as she returned her attention to my pants. She popped open the button and slowly dragged my zipper down, spreading each flap of my pants open and revealing my stiff cock tenting up my boxer briefs in an obscene manner. She gasped a bit when she saw it, but didn't miss a beat as she ran her thumbs under the elastic waistband of my underwear and stretched it out over the head of my cock, freeing it. It stood proudly, arching up toward her warm breath and throbbing. She yanked my boxers down my legs a bit to get them out of the way, then paused and let the tension of the moment hang in the air.

She stared at my cock for just a moment, watching it bob slightly with every pulse of my heart, then ran her thumb under it and held it steady with her right hand. She bowed her head slowly onto it and I felt her kiss the head softly with her lips, holding it gently between them for a moment. I rested my head back against my seat and groaned lowly in delight as she opened her lips and took the length of me into her warm mouth, holding it there and gently lapping against it with her tongue. Then she arched her neck back up and withdrew, letting her tongue caress the head as she did so.

"Nnnnnnnnn, oh fuck, Jeanie," I groaned, sliding both my hands into her hair and holding her head steady on my cock. She moaned and let her mouth descend on me once again, drawing the length of me into her. She then started bobbing her head up and down slowly, sucking me firmly and always tightening her grip around the head on each withdrawal. The feeling was amazing and I lost myself to her ministrations, closing my mind to all thoughts except the pleasure of feeling Jeanie suck me.

She kept a slow, steady rhythm, using her hand to slide gently up and down along with her mouth. Her grip was firm and tight, and she would hold me still in her mouth on every insertion for a moment, letting her tongue run a long, hard lick over my shaft before sliding me slowly out again. My breathing was rough and ragged as I struggled to keep my wits about me in the throes of pleasure. But soon I found myself succumbing to the ecstasy.

"Mmmmmm, holy shit, Jeanie," I groaned, "that feels so fucking good." With my hands in her hair I gave her gentle pulls and nudges to encourage her to increase her pace. "Oh yeah, god yes, faster, sweetie," I moaned, losing myself to the pleasure. Jeanie quickened her pace and I could feel the demanding, inevitable explosion building within me. My balls felt tight and throbbing, ready to release the load contained within them.

Jeanie switched her hands so that her left hand held and stroked my cock as she sucked me, and with her right she gently cupped and squeezed my balls. I groaned incoherently as her gentle squeezing built the desire within me. My orgasm was now a foregone conclusion, a quickly brightening light at the end of my long, dark tunnel of ecstasy.

I ran one hand down her back, and let it wander over the curve of her ass. She gave a quick intake of breath as I hiked the back of her dress up slightly so that my hand could slip beneath it and find her soft curves. The smooth skin of her ass was soft and warm as my hand glided over it, seeking the warm softness at its core. I squeezed her entire bare cheek in my palm, realizing in that moment that her panties must be a thong riding up between her cheeks. The realization heightened my ecstasy as I rapidly neared my explosion.

My mind was losing all coherent thought. I barely remembered that I was supposed to be watching out for any approaching headlights. It was possible that police officers might spin through here to make sure no one was loitering after dark, basically doing exactly what we were doing. But that became a distant thought, barely a priority in my mind. Now all that mattered was Jeanie's soft mouth, and her warm hand, manipulating me tightly and drawing out my pleasure.

I let my fingers search for her cleft, curling up into the soft crack in the center of her ass. She was leaned forward in her seat, giving me unfettered access to the tender chasm nestled between her cheeks. I found it and pressed my fingers gently against it. The fabric of her panties was warm and moist, and she let a little moan escape her lips even as she sucked me steadily.

It felt so incredibly beautiful to have my fingers against her softness, the tender, little secret nestled safely between her thighs. I pushed gently against her panties and felt her sex open just slightly for me beneath them. She began groaning with every breath now as I let my fingers gently slide along the length of her crack, teasing her through her panties.

The moment was building now, the momentum of our passion climbing as my explosion neared. "Oh Jeanie, oh sweetie, don't stop," I moaned. "I'm so fucking close."

She groaned against my cock, the vibrations humming through me. She kept her pace quick and steady, gripping me tightly in her mouth and stroking me with her hand, while the other hand gently squeezed my balls. I pressed my fingers more aggressively against her pussy, dying to feel her soft wetness. The sensation only heightened my ecstasy, a dirty, almost perverse pleasure feeling her moistness on my fingers. Soon my orgasm rose to the tip of release. I felt as though everything within me had boiled to the surface and sat just at the tip of my cock, ready to burst forth.

"Oh honey, oh I'm going to, oh Jeanie, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna..." My voice broke off into a grunt as every muscle in my body stiffened. My orgasm exploded up out of me with a shot, a burst of unbridled ecstasy flowing from me in a violent, convulsing wave. I felt the first heavy spurt of my cum shoot into her mouth. Jeanie paused for a moment as her mouth filled, but after a single breath she settled back into her bobbing sucking motion, pulling my essence from me with her ministrations.

I felt spurt after spurt jet out of me. I pressed my fingers brazenly against her pussy in my ecstasy, and she groaned along with me as I came. Wave after wave washed over me as I felt myself drain into her warm mouth. Jeanie sucked air in through her nose, struggling to keep up with her motions as my heavy load filled her mouth.

After several moments, my convulsions slowed and I felt the last few drops slipping out of me. Jeanie lessened her pace but kept her grip tight on my shaft, draining every last bit of me into her mouth. Her relaxed massaging, as my cock slowly flagged, only heightened the intense pleasure of my orgasm. It felt so incredible having her stay with me throughout my entire pleasure, instead of recoiling and pulling away the second I started to cum. It was a remarkably caring thing for her to do, and it made my heart long for her all the more.

Once she was satisfied she'd milked every drop out of me she groaned and looked up at me, holding my eyes with hers, my deflating cock still held gently between her lips. Her cheeks and throat tightened for a moment as she swallowed my load in one big gulp, then she increased her suction gingerly to pull any last remaining drops of cum out of my shaft. She swallowed again a moment later then backed her mouth gently off of my cock, letting the head slip out with a little wet kiss. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of my boxers, she tugged them upward and outward and gently tucked my cock back into them, very tenderly and lovingly, careful to make sure it was nestled safely before pulling my underwear back over it.

Then she slowly sat back in her seat, my hand slipping off her ass as she reclined, and looked at me. I let my head loll to the side against the headrest so that I could see her pretty face. She looked flushed as she brought her hand up and rubbed the corner of her mouth, cleaning the bit of wetness that glistened there. She gave me a little smile and my heart melt. I smiled back.

"Was that good for you, Jim?" she whispered. "I mean, was I good?"

"Good?" I asked, incredulous. "Jeanie, that was unbelievable!"


"Hell, yes. That felt so incredibly awesome. Thank you, sweetie, it was amazing."

She smiled and laughed. "Oh good. I want it to be good for you."

"It was; it was beyond good. You're incredible, Giana."

Again she smiled, but then gave me an inquisitive look. "So can I kiss you now?" she asked.

"Yes, of course, why couldn't you?" I replied.

"I dunno, just if it was weird for you after what I just did..."

"Well, it's not," I declared, and pulled her toward me. Our mouths met and we kissed deeply. She moaned as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the pungent saltiness of my own cum lingering in her mouth but it didn't bother me in the least. I didn't find it to be off-putting at all; instead it reminded me of how thoroughly she had satisfied me and actually was quite a turn-on for me.

We kissed passionately for several moments. I could feel Jeanie's desire boiling from her, palpable and radiant. It was like she wanted to crawl over the console that laid between us and devour me. Her hands wandered behind my head and over my chest. I, in turn, pawed at her, letting my hands run over her breasts and down to the small of her back. It was like her blow job only heightened my desire for her and we both wanted to tear one another apart.

After several moments I dropped my head onto her neck and nuzzled against her soft throat. She let her head fall back to give me access to her sensitive flesh. I kissed a wet trail down her throat to her chest, where I buried my face in the cleavage between her firm, perky tits. I kissed the softness of the rise of her breasts as she moaned.

"Mmmmmm, oh god, yes..." she purred. I hooked my hands into the delicate fabric of her blousy dress and pulled it downward to reveal her breasts. Her white bra was delicate and semi-transparent, adorned with a subtle, swirling floral pattern. Beneath it her nipples had hardened into tight little pebbles, straining outward against the taut fabric. Jeanie pressed her hands against the back of my head, urging me downward into her. I could feel the desperation of her desire, her longing for me.

I kissed her nipples through her bra, drawing the sensitive buds into my mouth one after the other, gently nibbling them between my lips and teeth. She squirmed beneath me, her hands running down my back and digging her nails into me. I brought my hands up to her chest and hooked my fingers into the cups of her bra, pulling them downward to release her breasts.

Her dark brown nipples stood proudly, engorged and erect above the olive-colored sea of her skin, as I tucked the cups of her bra beneath her breasts, allowing me full access to her. I took in the sight of her, all sexy and disheveled, her dress and bra yanked down to reveal her nakedness to me, then descended on her nipples greedily. I pulled each into my mouth in turn, sucking them savagely and chewing them gently between my teeth.

"Uuuuunnnnnnhhhhh," Jeanie moaned, as I sucked and nibbled her nipples. She spread her legs and put her left foot onto the console between us, shifting in her seat so that she centered me between her legs as best she could in the tight confines of the car. I immediately ran my hand along her exposed left leg, seeking the soft, warm flesh of her bare thigh. As I caressed her I thought of how close I was to her secret place, that glorious little chasm just inches from my fingertips. I wanted to touch it again so badly. The very thought of it was intoxicating. To feel the wetness of her panties, how soft and plump the flesh was below it, to push aside the fabric and find the slick warmth hidden within.

My passion grew like a fire. Despite the fact that I was still buzzing from the draining orgasm Jeanie had just given me, I felt myself stiffen as I sucked her sensitive breasts and felt the heat emanating from between her legs. "I have to have her;" I thought to myself, "I have to taste her again and give her the same pleasure she gave me."

I broke my mouth away from her breast with a smack and looked in her eyes. As I did so I ran my hand brazenly all the way up her thigh and cupped her mound, giving it a gentle squeeze and feeling the wetness of her panties against my palm. Her jaw dropped open and she groaned huskily in her throat. "Oh yes, Jim," she gasped.

Very slowly, and very deliberately, still holding eye contact with her, I let my head dip down to her left leg, just above the knee. I kissed it gently, then moved up slowly and gave her another kiss. I kept my movements in slow motion, drawing each kiss out dramatically, letting her know exactly what I was doing as I made my way slowly and patiently up her leg. When I made my way to mid-thigh, I came to the hem of her dress and began hiking it slowly up.

"Mmmmmm, Jim," she moaned silkily, "I have one more piece of news for you."

I looked up at her and raised my eyebrows. "Oh really?" I hummed, then placed another soft kiss on her thigh.

She moaned again. "Nnnnnnnnn, yeah, it's just a little bit of bad news. You see it's like this..." I looked up at her again and gave her a little half-grin, wondering what little trick she had for me this time. She was definitely good at keeping me on my toes.

"Remember when I told you I was wearing my sexiest, black lacy underwear for you?" she purred.

"Yeah," I said, expectantly.

"Well... I lied," she said flatly. As she said it she tugged the bottom of her dress up slowly and seductively and revealed herself to me. She wore a pretty pair of white cotton underwear, a match to the bra she was wearing, with an identical, subtle white floral pattern adorning them.

"Actually, these are your lucky undies, Jim," she said, smiling, "the ones I was wearing Easter weekend when you had your little peek up my skirt, Mister Naughty Boy."

My jaw swung open and I gasped, inhaling an awkward gulp of air. Then I began laughing earnestly. I couldn't believe she had remembered that detail from last night, and that she'd thought enough about it to have prepared for this moment. It endeared her to me all the more.

"You're right, sweetie," I said looking up at her, "these are now my official lucky undies. God, they look so damn pretty on you, and they're a thong," I gushed, letting my eyes wander down once again to drink in the sight of her near-naked femininity. She giggled invitingly and squirmed a bit in her seat under my gaze. I brought my lips very slowly to her thigh and gave her a soft, little kiss. "Do you mind if I take a closer look at my lucky undies?" I whispered.

"No, not at all," she whispered back, "they're practically yours now anyway."

"Mmmmmm," I hummed as I kissed her thigh again, this time a little lower, a little closer to her womanhood. "I like that. What a nice little gift." I gave her two more kisses on her warm, naked thigh, each coming ever closer to her sex. "Just let me know if you see headlights out there, ok? I don't want us getting busted."

"Ok," she groaned hoarsely, letting her head rest back against the window and shutting her eyes, preparing for my touch. I smiled knowing how turned on she was, and how ready she was for my attention. I lowered my head once more in earnest and kissed the very inner part of her thigh, just an inch or two from her secret valley. She hissed as she sucked in her breath in anticipation.

I breathed deeply and drank in her scent, the warm honey smell that was Jeanie's alone. Seeing her this up-close I realized that her panties were soaked through down the middle, a thin line of wetness running between the raised ridges of her lips. The sight and smell of her were absolutely intoxicating. I realized in that breath how badly I'd craved this all day, not sure if she'd still want us to be this intimate, or if she would share this precious gift with me again.

Slowly, almost drunkenly, in my lustful swoon, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to her mound. It was moist to the touch and smelled and tasted of an alluring mixture of her heady sexuality and her delicately feminine perfume. I opened my lips and pulled her panties and her plump lips into my mouth, gnawing them gingerly and breathing hot breath against her.

"Uhhhhhhhhh, Jimmmm," she moaned, as I pulled her into my mouth. I began licking her through her panties, savoring the sweetness that had soaked clear through the fabric. I ran long, wet licks over and between her lips, thoroughly saturating her panties with her own juices and my saliva. I could feel my cock twitch to life again as I indulged in this perverse teasing.

After several moments I could wait no longer. I absolutely had to have her. To taste her, to see her naked sex spread open and wet before me. My hunger for her had built to its zenith, this gorgeous creature who until recently was taboo to me. Just Tony's little sister, just a friend. She was as unattainable a fantasy as there could be. So impossible that I dared not even think about it. But now, after last night, after the party and the prom and the lovemaking and our date, now here she was spread beneath me. My sweet impossibility suddenly open and inviting me in. I couldn't resist a single second longer.

I hooked both of my index fingers into the elastic covering her mound. Rather than pushing her panties to the side and indulging myself immediately, I decided to tug them downward and get them out of my way completely.

"Sweetie, I'm going to take these off of you now," I whispered as I gently tugged down on her panties.

She arched her back to lift her bottom up off the seat for me. "Mmmmm, god yes," she hummed, giving me full permission to strip her sex naked. I slipped the thong out from her crack by giving it a little tug, and her panties came free. She pressed her thighs together so that I could pull the panties gently down her legs and over her feet. Once I slipped them off of her I held them up and admired their delicate beauty. Jeanie bit her lower lip watching me as I reveled in the sight.

"My lucky panties," I whispered, smiling. Without a word she leaned forward and ran her fingers into the hair on the back of my head. Gently she urged me forward down into her. I took the hint without hesitation. She wanted my attention. She needed it and craved it just as I had craved it from her. I dropped her panties onto the floor and positioned myself below her as she spread her legs widely again for me.

I ran my nose gently along her sex, nuzzling slightly inside her lips, to feel her warmth and to smell her blossoming femininity. Then I arched my neck up so that my nose pushed into the little forest of her pussy hair growing in a triangle over her cleft, smelling the delicate cleanness of her perfume and letting her hair tickle my nose and upper lip. I gave her mound little kisses through her hair, and gently tugged the wiry strands between my lips. Her fingers squeezed and pulled my hair ever tighter, and I knew her anticipation had waxed to its peak. It was time to tease her no more.

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