tagErotic CouplingsA First Night Ch. 3

A First Night Ch. 3


Your hands and feet are still tied by those soft ropes. They keep you in place. You have tears in your eyes, which I kiss away, tasting the salt and feeling your ecstasy. Your body sweats just slightly and your skin is warm and slightly red. Your nipples are incredibly hard and sensitive. I reach down and brush them with my lips. The brunette sits back on her knees and watches. She smiles. It is a sexy, red-lipped smile. She wants you for herself and wants to enslave you. She keeps looking at you, trying to make a deep contact with you, steal you from me and from all men.

But you know that she can only have this pleasure once with her. You are here for me. I will get the most pleasure and you will always be mine. The touch of my warm lips against yours will always be better. At the same time, you hunger for the power you would have if you could turn the tables, tie her up and make love to her. Make her come. Make her weak and powerless and then force her to watch you make love to me. Your passion and anger surface and you struggle again against the ropes. I am amused by this and laugh a little as I kiss you. I know what you feel. I am excited by this. I want to make you scream with pleasure and give your sex all to me. At the same time, we will work together to put this brunette sexy animal in her place. We will have our way with her, in any way we wish.

As you struggle, I continue to kiss you. The brunette watches, fascinated. She made you come. She did what she loves to do, but she could not draw the feelings out in the same way that I can. You feel my harsher face against your body and arch toward me. You allow my head between your legs and lift yourself up so that I can taste you. I sink my tongue deep inside your pussy. I bite and lick hard. My tongue explores and pushes at you and you tighten. I find your clit and reach with one hand to hold it as I lick your labia and push farther into you.

My other hand explores your butt. My fingers are damp and slick from the juices we make together. One finger slips into your asshole and slides all the way in. This makes you even more excited and you get wetter. You are panting hard, now and your chest is red and glistens from the shiny coating of sweat. You stare at the brunette as your excitement increases. She thinks that you want her to be there. She thinks that she has proved her power over you. You are more and more excited, as she watches and she begins to smirk. This angers and excites you even more, as my mouth and hands continue to excite you. You feel an orgasm building. You hold it, tense, until it reaches past intense and feels almost impossible.

You explode. Spasm after spasm erupt. Waves of pleasure and energy sweep over you. You push at me and pull at your ropes and long, loud moans escape your lips. You feel almost lifted off the bed with your body's spasms.

The brunette is excited. She is panting with desire for you and reaches to undo the ropes. She pulls them away, first from your ankles and then from your hands. They are loops with sliding knots and for a moment, as you are freed from the bonds, you lay quiet, limp, enjoying the final moments of your ecstasy.

I lean back, incredibly hard and excited. I am panting, too, from the strength of your climax.

Suddenly, you sit up, grab the brunette and wrestle her down to the bed. She is on her back. You straddle her chest, your hot and wet pussy near her mouth, your knees on her arms. She is surprised and excited. She starts to lick you, smiling. While she is busy doing this, you grab her right hand and slip it into one of the ropes. You tighten it. Then you grab the other as she realizes what you intend to do and begins to struggle.

I see your actions and grab one of her ankles, slipping one of the ropes over her foot. She begins to kick with the other as I grab it and struggle to slip it into the other rope. We laugh with excitement. Suddenly, the brunette is totally powerless. She growls and bares her teeth. The tables have been turned.

You lean down and kiss her hard on the lips. Then you lean over and whisper, "I'm going to fuck him and suck him in front of you. I'm going to make you beg for me. I'm going to make you beg for both of us." She growls again, but seems less certain. She is starting to realize that she is now a toy and will be used. We will have our way with her. I smile, too.

We lean back for a moment, touching each other. We stare at her perfect body, filled with desire and lust. Her perfect skin glows and shines. It is so pale as to be almost ghostly. Her bright red nipples are hard and her areolas are large and perfect. Her lips are bright red, too, and glisten, moist and large. Her beautiful dark eyes glow with anger and her black hair is spread out under her, long and incredibly silky. Her soft belly heaves with each harsh breath and her legs are straight and silky smooth. She has beautiful soft thighs and perfect calves. Her small feet are pointed straight up and she has toenails painted in the same natural red as her lips.

You turn to me over her chest and kiss me. We hold tight to each other over her body as she struggles to reach up to us. My hard dick points at you and brushes against her nipples. She heaves, turned on and sensitive to each little touch. As we kiss, we lean down on either side of her. Each of us runs one hand through her silky hair and up over her head.

We break apart and gently begin kissing the side of her head. Our hands explore her perfect body, rubbing her stomach and moving up to either breast. Each time our hands brush, we feel the electricity and look at each other. We will own this woman.

Her lips are parted slightly and she moans softly now. She is beginning to lose control of herself and is giving in to the feelings we are arousing. As we kiss her, we move slowly from her ears, to her forehead, down her eyes and finally we meet at her mouth. We each kiss a side of her mouth and then meet over it. The three of us kiss, tongues exploring each other and meeting, touching, flickering and touching again. The taste is exquisite. She moans softly again.

Our hands explore her breasts, down her stomach and then they meet at her mound. I feel your hand there as we continue to kiss and take it in mine. I guide your fingers over the top of her shaven pussy and down to the opening. I know that it is the first time that you have touched another woman this way and you let me guide your fingers around the edges and then I push you inside. She is very wet. Your fingers slide into her without resistance and you feel her hardened clit as you slide over it.

I slowly take your fingers and hand from her pussy and bring it to my mouth. I lick your fingers and suck on them. The taste is wonderful. I then push my own fingers into her very wet pussy and bring them to your mouth. You taste her. You suck on my fingers. It is a fabulous feeling. Her eyes are glazed as she becomes lost in the pleasure of this. Her body seems to undulate and she is desperate now. She needs to reach a climax. We will help her.

We kiss our way down her body. We look at each other as we do, and our eyes smile. Her nipples are so sensitive by now that as we both bite at them, she almost has an orgasm. We don't stay there long. We move a little faster, now, down farther. Finally, we reach her now slick pussy and flick our tongues across it. You wait for a moment and give me the first taste and lick. You watch me pull at the lips with my teeth and watch as I push up against her hardened clit. She is now bucking against the ropes and is very close to climax.

I lean back and you bend down to her. You lick, first tentatively, but then with vigor. I watch you closely and run my hands through your hair. She bucks harder now and you reach down with your hands to rub her pussy as you lick her. My hand is under her butt and I lift her slightly so that you can get to her better. You lick and push and look down as I rub a finger up and down her butt and then slip into her ass. She bucks and moves even harder. She is now moaning almost continuously and this excites you even more. You lick harder. Her knees try to squeeze together as you hear her moaning even louder. Suddenly, she stiffens and stops moving. She does not breathe for a second. Then she screams. She is coming. Hard. You continue to push at her with your mouth and fingers as she continues for what seems to be a lifetime.

Suddenly, she stops moving. She has come so hard that she has fainted. Her breathing slows and her eyes are closed. We have made her ours. Completely. She is now our toy for our pleasure.

But you are not finished with her. We still have many places to explore and we will not let her go away without trying everything. You are curious and part of your anger still remains. She still has not satisfied every one of your desires.

She is still out, so you gently untie her. You roll her over and slip her arms back into the ropes. Slowly, she awakens, face down. Her ankles are free and her head lifts. She looks, first at you and then over to me. Her eyes are somehow softer and her look is of someone who still has energy and desire. She wants us to play with her some more.

My hard dick is aching. You know this. You pull me toward you and guide me into you over her. I feel your pussy squeeze me as I slowly move inside. I am ready to come at any moment, but you do not give me the chance. You only let me stay inside you long enough to become wet. Then you slide me out and move me between her legs. She gets up on her knees and you guide me toward her. I am surprised as you guide my dick, not to her pussy, but into her upraised ass. You grip me tightly as you push the head of my dick inside her. She is tight, but you continue to push. She cries out and then whimpers. You push a little more. I am inside.

As soon as I am tightly inside her, you get behind me and grab me from behind. Your arms circle my chest as we both kneel behind her. She whimpers and then moans as we both rock back and forth, me inside you and you with your body tightly pressed against mine. At first we go slowly, then speed up. Her ass is so tight that I cannot control myself. We only rock a few times and then I feel myself begin to tense up. You feel my buttocks begin to tighten and you kiss my neck, then nibble at my ears. I feel your small breasts and nipples pressed against my back and I reach over her and begin to massage her breasts.

My butt tightens even more and now I lose control. Two more hard thrusts and I come. I spurt hard again and again as I push into her. She tightens, too and begins a second hard climax. We all cry out. We collapse onto each other.

You reach around to untie her arms and she lies quietly for a few minutes. Finally, I begin to soften and drop out of her. I lift us both up and she rolls to the side and then reaches out to us. We both drop back down, me holding her and you reaching around to hold the two of us. She kisses me gently and then you reach around, kiss her and then kiss me. Now we can sleep. We are exhausted, but all smile and sleep soundly without dreaming. Our night is nearly through. We will remember it for a very long time.

Early in the morning, the three of us awaken, refreshed and satisfied. The three of us bathe together, taking turns to wash each other. We gently explore each other and touch skin made sensitive by sex. We play with each other until we are satisfied that we have touched every part of our bodies and finally towel each other off. She dresses first and leaves just as quietly as she arrived. She kisses each of us, hopeful that we will ask her to stay, but we decline. She has been tamed and that is enough. You and I still have some hours left to enjoy with each other. We remain naked and walk back to the bed.

I order breakfast and it is sent to the room. I take the tray from the waiter and carry it back to the bed, where you await, naked and smiling. We have earned a big breakfast in bed and sit quietly watching the sun peak through the curtains as we slowly eat and talk about the night's adventures and the shortness of our time together. We joke. We laugh in each other's company and feel our nearness. We share our romance and are slightly embarrassed and guilty at the things we have done this night. But we are happy.

Before we part, we make love once more. The sex this time is soft and gentle. It is almost a confirmation of future meetings. A contract. We both climax, you first and then me. It is a soft one that carries memories of our previous night. We have shared much in these few hours together.

We agree to meet again. This will not be the last time.

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