tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Flirting Wife and a Few Drinks

A Flirting Wife and a Few Drinks


This story is based on fact. See if you can spot the point where fact becomes fiction.


It was almost 8pm one warm Tuesday evening in autumn and my wife Annie and I were expecting a casual friend to call in for a drink after dinner. A younger man than me, Tom was no pin up but, as Annie had confided, women found him attractive with his piercing blue eyes and lithe figure.

As luck would have it Annie had been held up after work with a farewell for a colleague. A glass or two of champagne at the office had become a bottle or two at the pub and Annie had rushed home with seven minutes to spare before Tom was due to arrive.

A fit 39 year old, Annie always dressed well for work and there seemed no reason to change. I was busily preparing the drinks and nibbles and hardly noticed that she had slipped on a loose fitting open necked sweater and her sexy little poolside hostess skirt.

She smiled happily and kissed me. "Hi Darling. I'm sorry I'm late. The girls and I had a few extras at the pub to see Janie off. I didn't have time to eat."

I could see that in her eyes. We sometimes substituted Friday night meals with a session at the pub and she usually became amorous and flirtatious. Friday night was usually a good time to be married to Annie.

She dashed outside and switched on the spa, (which explained the skirt), and as she came back in Tom arrived, the mandatory bottle of bubbly in his hand.

We all sat chatting for a while and the champagne flowed. Annie was glowing and in a very carefree mood. Several times, as she sat on the floor in front of us, her skirt slid back down her thighs and I could see the tantalising white flash of her satin panties with the lace front. I had given her them on her last birthday. She said they made her feel very sexy and she usually only wore them when we were going somewhere special. Thoughts crossed my mind of many nights caressing and nuzzling them before easing them down her smooth legs. I felt my groin tingle with anticipation.

Tom had noticed the occasional white flash too and was trying not to look -- or at least not to be caught looking. Annie, chatting and laughing happily, must have been aware of our glances. She looked great and, as she made no real attempt to cover up, I guessed she was doing it deliberately to tease us. She must really like this Tom.

It had got quite late and we'd decided not to have a spa. Annie was quite disappointed and I guess I was too as it would probably have been a naked spa and might well have been fun.

Tom made noises about walking home and goodbyes were exchanged. I went to our bedroom, anxious to make sure the lights were set right as, given Annie's mood, there was still time for some loving before sleep.

As I passed the lounge room on the way to the bathroom, I could hear Annie and Tom still talking as they stood by the open front door. As I headed for the bedroom I noticed they were kissing -- goodbye I imagined.

I got into bed. Some minutes later the front door shut and all was still. I could hear music still playing and guessed that Annie was clearing up before bed. I waited for a while but must have dozed off.

When I awoke some 25 minutes later, Annie was still not beside me. Thinking she too must have dozed off on the lounge, (damn, no sex tonight), I went to cover her and turn off the music.

As I neared the dimly lit lounge-room I realised that Tom was still there. They were in a warm embrace, exchanging short gentle kisses. Annie's tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, teasing Tom's lips.

My instinct was to break it up as tactfully as I could but I had frozen! I don't know whether it was shock or excitement but, either way, I just froze. They couldn't see me and probably thought I was asleep as there seemed to be no furtiveness or wary eye out for me.

As I watched motionless, Tom's hand slid up under Annie's loose top and she murmured her pleasure through a kiss. They were still near the door, moving slowly with the music. Annie was on Champagne Cloud 9 and I wondered if she was really aware that she was with Tom not me.

I wanted to stop them but still seemed unable to move. Meanwhile, Tom's hand had fallen from Annie's breast and was gently caressing her stomach. Soon enough, his hand slid under her skirt and I could see his arm stiffen as his fingers flowed across the lace front of her panties.

Annie stiffened too as his hand searched further down and for a moment it seemed she was resisting. Thinking she wanted it to stop I began to step forward to intervene. At that moment, Annie's right thigh fell open and her kiss intensified. I froze again.

Tom began to massage her crotch with his keen fingers and I could see her hips moving slowly back and forth, humping his hand. She began to go floppy in his arms, a sure sign she was "anyone's", as I had thought so many times before while doing the same thing. I began to wonder just how far this would go.

Tom had sensed it too and began to half-walk, half-carry Annie back towards the lounge. Still kissing and fondling her, he eased her down onto it. Annie's eyes opened dreamily, but they were glazed: she was still flying blindly through Cloud 9.

Kneeling beside her, Tom kept the long kisses going while easing his fingers under the elastic of Annie's panties and across to her soft, warm mound. Her legs were just lolling lazily and her hips were rotating gently with the movement. I could make out Tom's fingers under Annie's panties as he worked deftly at the lips of her cunt, working them apart. It looked like two lovers writhing under a white silk sheet in miniature.

Annie's hips were still slowly gyrating when suddenly Tom's middle finger slipped between the Pearly Gates. She gasped and heaved and her thighs flew apart as his wrist strained against the elastic.

The kissing became much more fervent now. Annie's gyrating hips began a fierce grinding and I could plainly hear the rousing sound of slopping and squelching as first one, then two of Tom's strong fingers thrust roughly into her cunt.

I just stared in awe -- part of me still wanting to break it up and an even bigger part of me holding back. It seemed inevitable where this would lead if unchecked. Would Annie really go all the way? Perhaps I really wanted that to happen.

The sudden realisation that Annie's hand had found its way into Tom's trousers and was firmly pulling at his cock left no doubt about her desire. He moved himself without losing any of the savage finger thrusting and positioned himself near Annie's face. She craned her neck to reach his throbbing cock with her greedy mouth and the wild sounds of wet slopping, slurping and squelching nearly blew me!

As Tom reached for the top of Annie's panties, I realised the defining moment had arrived. This was the last symbol of her marital chastity. Would she resist and reject? Would she merely submit, neither hindering nor assisting? Or would she willingly comply?

Wanton compliance! Annie arched her back and rolled her hips to help as Tom hurriedly pulled her sticky white panties down those gorgeous smooth thighs and off her feet. In another brief second, Tom's trousers were off and thrown aside as he prepared my sweet wife for the final assault!

Roughly, he dragged her off the lounge onto the floor. Annie's legs seemed permanently locked in a full spread. In an instant, Tom moved from her side to kneel between her quivering legs, arching over her.

When I saw Annie's hand take Tom's raging cock and wipe its throbbing head several times up an down her wet cunt lips before easing it inside, I could almost hear my pulse pounding. As she pulled Tom's hips into her, Annie thrust her pelvis up and moaned loudly as his balls slapped noisily against her glistening skin. Mesmerised, I stared at them. With their feet towards me there was no way they would see me. The way they were fucking, I could have called out and they wouldn't have heard me!

For ages I stood transfixed by the sight of Tom's cock burying itself in my wife's glistening cunt, its lips alternately clutching at his cock as it pulled back and then disappearing again as he rammed back into her. His thrusts were as relentless as waves rushing up a beach and tumbling back to sea before re-gathering to charge in again, pressed by the muscles in his arse tweaking and peaking with each thrust.

Then, there'd be a gentle period, his hips slowly pushing and grinding hard against her, her chin pressed hard against her chest and her back arching up to take all he could give. Then it would start again, more frantic thrusting, punctuated with moaning and grunting and deep, passionate kissing.

I don't know how long they went on, maybe 20 minutes, perhaps half an hour, before an amazing thing happened. They had reached a fever pitch and as Annie gasped in a final climax, I came in my dressing gown! We had never come 'together' so violently before, and I never imagined it would be with someone else's cock!

As the two writhing, sweating bodies slowed, gasping and panting, Annie's glazed look fell upon me, by now standing transfixed in the doorway. She smiled that happy, satisfied smile I has seen so many times before. I smiled sheepishly back and withdrew to the bathroom, wondering whether Annie had actually realised that the hot, sticky body on top of her was not mine.

By the time I had cleaned myself up, Tom had gone and Annie still lay drowsily on the floor, her legs slightly parted, her swollen cunt lips glistening in the dim light.

As I walked in and sat on the floor beside her, not knowing what to say, she smiled up at me again and reached for my aching cock.

"Darling, that was wonderful," she said. "Have you got the energy to go again?"

Tears streamed down my face as I ran my hand along her sticky thigh to her wet and still gaping cunt. They were tears of joy at seeing her so happy and sexually satisfied. As she parted her thighs and guided me into her hot, oozing cunt, I came again and she grinned as if to underline her power over me.

We fucked with unusual intensity for what seemed like ages and then lay in a close embrace, watching the sky lighten.

"Was that good for you too Darling?" she asked.

"What, making love all night?" I said.

"No ..." she whispered, teasing my ear with her darting tongue, "... watching?!"

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by Anonymous08/21/17

Love It

Loved this Story, your account of the event was really well written. The content I feel was extremely exciting, of course when I read these stories I create my own fantasy from your story, I place myselfmore...

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by Anonymous05/13/17

I dream of similar

We have been friends with another couple living away about 200 km. During our visits I always prayed that this could happen. That in the middle of the night I will wake up, she is not with me, I go outmore...

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