tagGroup SexA Foreign Affair

A Foreign Affair

byTx Tall Tales©

When I first started dating Yolanda in high-school, it made me a minor celebrity. I had always been pretty much in demand, being a jock, and being American, but Yolanda was a special conquest. She was Dutch, brazenly outspoken about sex, but since she'd arrived at the beginning of senior year, she had dated no one, joining in on group outings, but keeping all suitors at bay.

It was a small international school in South America. The senior class was only 48 students, pretty much divided in thirds, Americans, Chileans, and International students. Things like relationships were always instant news.

I had hooked up with Yolanda at a school dance. I had gotten her on the dance floor, and when the slow dance started, kept her on the floor. About 1/2 into the dance, I yielded to my urges, turned her face towards mine and kissed her. Long and deep. She didn't pull away. After the kiss she asked me why I kissed her, in her heavily accented (and to me extremely sexy) English.

"I've wanted to since the first time I saw you."

"But why now?"

"I decided that I had to try, or I'd hate myself for being a coward." We were still dancing, high school slow dancing, and my hands were just barely at the top of her buns, which were the sweetest, most rounded buns on the dance floor.

"Kiss me again?" She invited, looking at me through her big steel gray eyes.

I did, pushing her long blonde hair out of the way, and slowly moving my hand down to her butt, until Dr. Nichols tapped me on the arm, showing his disapproval. I moved my hands up but kept the kiss going for quite a while.

After the kiss, I took her hand and lead her out of the big room, and out to the covered halls outside, where we sat on a bench.

"What about Brenda?" Yolanda asked me, her head leaning against my side, as I kept my arm around her, trying to figure out how to get back to kissing her again.

"Brenda's gone. We may never see each other again. That's the problem with being here, we all end up scattering to the winds afterwards." Brenda was the girl I had dated. She had been a senior when I was a junior. The school year in Chile ends in December, so she had stayed around for another 8 months, until the following college class started, and we had dated until she left. Now that the second semester had started, I was fair game.

Yolanda was not the first girl I dated, and so I avoided a lot of the stupid mistakes I had made before. I didn't tell her I loved her on the first date. I didn't try to get in her pants that night. I didn't talk about getting to second base with the other guys once her ride had come and she'd left. I did call her the next day, Saturday, to tell her I had a great time, and asked her if she was coming up to see our futbol game, the following Saturday and offered her a ride. Didn't want to leave her hanging, wondering if I'd just been fooling around.

That week, we hung out a lot, kissing between classes, doing some heavy necking during lunch. But after school, I was busy every day with sports practice, so we talked on the phone late at night, but I only got to see her during school hours.

I was really looking forward to spending Saturday together, and Yolanda had gotten permission to go out to a movie or meal after the game on Saturday.

I was one of the few guys in school who did drive. Cars were very expensive in Chile, and the driving age was 18. I'd been driving since I was 16, since my parents figured I'd been driving in the U.S. before I got down there, and they knew the cops wouldn't stop me, not with diplomatic plates.

I drove three of the other players to the game, but I picked up Yolanda first; she only lived about a mile away, and she sat in the front next to me. The car was a huge Oldsmobile 98, and we sat three across in the front. Having her leaning against me, her big breasts barely contained by her tight t-shirt, gave me a hard-on I hoped subsided before we got to the game. The coach would give me too much shit.

The game was great. We won. I played well. I wasn't a star; I rarely was since I played fullback. Hell, I was American, it was a miracle I made the team. But I was big and fast, had lived in South America seven years, and could kick the ball a loooong ways. Yolanda was a great cheerleader, yelling from the side, and giving me a big hug after the game, in spite of my dirty, sweaty condition. The guys showered after the game, and when I met her by the car, she was waiting with Angela, a Swiss girl, who was one of her best friends in the class. The view of these two pretty, slender, almost platinum blonde girls was enough to take my breath away.

"May Angela go along to our movie, Steve?" she asked me, as soon as I got close.

"Of course. I'm sure we can squeeze her in." I'd like to squeeze in her, I thought. Angela's English was pretty bad, and her Spanish was even worse. She got in the seat in back between Chago, and Pablo, the two big stars on our team. Alejandro, a Brazilian, sat in the front on the far side of Yolanda.

The car sounded like the United Nations on that ride. The guys spoke in Spanish, and that's how I spoke to them, while Yolanda and I spoke in English. Her English was pretty good, if heavily accented, but her Spanish was miserable. Angela and Yolanda spoke in German. Angela was from north Switzerland, near Zurich I believe, and spoke German and French flawlessly. Her English was poor, and her Spanish was completely non-existent. My mother was German, from Idaho, her parent German immigrants, who came into the country through Baltimore. Summer at the family farm combined with German classes my freshman and sophomore years allowed me to speak it poorly, but at least understand it moderately well. I'm sure Yolanda didn't know I spoke German, from the way she and Angela were speaking.

"You got the best one," Angela told Yolanda, laughingly.

"Yeah. But the guy on your right is pretty good, no?" Yolanda countered. Smart girl, avoiding names, the one thing the guys might understand.

"Yeah, nice butt," Angela answered.

"Nice????," Yolanda retorted. Some word I didn't understand, but it elicited a giggle from her friend.

In the meantime, the guys were talking even more blatantly about the ladies.

"Concha tu madre! Look at the tits on these girls! This Swiss would look good face down, eh?" Pablo was announcing, unabashedly taking in Angela's body.

"Which end you want first, Pablo?" Chago was asking, as if they stood any chance of all at scoring with this lovely babe.

"Ladies," I announced, "do you have to go to a movie? Or could I stop for some Pilsners and we can enjoy the day by my pool?"

Yolanda relayed the offer to Angela, who said why not, while I told the guys I thought we would get some beers and head to my house. The parents were out at the club, like every Saturday, the maid had weekends off, and the house would be ours for at least 5 more hours.

With everyone's approval I picked up a case of beer, a gallon of table wine, and some fresh rolls. With that we headed to my house.

When we got there, I gave directions. I set the guys off to skimming the pool, and told them to put on their soccer shorts if they wanted to swim. Pablo was a good friend, and new my house well, so I tasked him with starting up the parillada, grilling chorizos for sandwiches, and getting out chips and stuff.

I lead the girls to my room, offering them T-shirts to wear in the pool, since they didn't have bathing suits. I also gave them some of my shorts, in case they didn't want theirs to get wet, so they'd have something to wear afterwards.

By the time the girls got down, the guys were jumping off the pool-house roof into the pool, trying to make a splash that would reach the highest. Both blondes looked delicious in their oversized shirts, and clearly neither was wearing a bra. Angela was wearing my Elvis tour '78, a white shirt with black lettering, which listed places on the back like, "7-eleven, Minot, ND", and "Holiday Inn, Dothan, GA". She had no idea what it said. Yolanda was wearing my "Whip me, Beat me, Make me write bad checks" light yellow T-shirt, which sounded pretty tempting to me.

We popped a few beers, each had a chorizo sandwich (or two, or three), and chips. After the feast, we jumped in the pool, and the girls joined us. We decided to play Marco-Polo, which involved closing your eyes and trying to find the others by feel. The person who was it, would say "Marco", and the others would respond "Polo", and Marco would try to tag a Polo. The tagged person then became Marco.

The great benefit to this game, of course, is the inevitable groping. We played for a while, and then we took a break for some more beers. I lured Yolanda around the corner, into the guest quarters, where I lay her on the bed, and kissed and fondled her. Yolanda was ready, and allowed me to completely lift her shirt and play with her breasts. I was in heaven. I put my hand down her underwear - she'd worn her own orange ones - and played with her pussy. It wasn't long at all before I had her legs spread wide, and was rubbing her clit a mile-a-minute, making her come hard.

After she came, she stared at me with enormous, almost shocked eyes.

"Please, that was so nice, do that again." She asked.

"I have a better idea," I said, and slid her underwear down, taking up residence between her legs.

"Oh. Are you going to tongue kiss me?" She asked, trembling.

I didn't answer verbally, using my mouth to kiss all around her cute pussy. She had very light brown hair, pretty thin, and lightly trimmed for a bathing suit.

With a finger in her virgin pussy, (or so she assured me), and my tongue and mouth working on her lips and clit, she was soon screaming epithets in Dutch, and clamping my head between her legs.

I wanted to stick my cock in her, but she wanted to go to the bathroom first, and to check on Angela. It was only then that I remembered that Angela and the guys couldn't understand each other.

We reached the poolside, to find Chago kissing her breasts while Angela and Alejandro conversed in French.

"What's going on," I asked Pablo.

"The guys were showing off, who could swim the farthest underwater. Angela challenged us to swim 3 lengths underwater. Alejandro asked if we could see her breasts if we did. She said yes." Pablo answered.

"Ay, Steve, what perfect tetas," Alejandro exclaimed.

"The she challenged us again, to see who could swim the farthest underwater. Alejandro again asked for a prize, the winner to be allowed to play with her breasts for 5 minutes. Chago, hijo de puta, won." He looked over jealously.

I told Yolanda what was going on, and we slipped back in the pool. She was wearing her T-shirt again but had left her underwear in the guestroom.

"Angela," Yolanda called out again in German, "what will the next test be?"

Angela switched smoothly back to German. "I think we see who can????? the fastest. The winner wins me."

"Oh!" Yolanda cried, "You are bad! And the losers?"

"The losers get you!" Angela answered pulling her shirt down after pushing Chago away. Clearly his time was up.

"No! I have one, it's enough!" Yolanda responded.

"I don't think so - you could have two," Angela grinned.

The guys were watching the girls animated discussions, trying to figure out how to see more of sweet Angela.

"I have a game," I told the girls.

'Really?" Yolanda asked.

"Yeah, a girl competition." I told her. "It's called Helen Keller."

"What's that?"

"The girls are blindfolded and have to try to figure out which guy is which, just by touch. The winner gets to tell the loser to do something." I explained.

Most of the guys understood English pretty well, and understood what I was saying. When Yolanda got the Ok from Angela, we knew the real fun was about to start.

I lead the ladies to the guestroom, sat one on each side of the bed. I explained that the guys would enter in pairs, one to each side of the bed for 30 seconds, then they would switch places. The girls would write on a pad of paper, which guys they 'identified' in order. Then the second pair would come in. Somebody would ring a bell when it was time to switch. Then again when the time was done. The guys would leave the room and then the girls would write the results.

With the girls in place, I directed the guys to remove their shorts, and sent Chago and Alejandro in. They were the closest in size. The bare-naked state was to be a bonus for the girls. From the door, we watched as each discovered that the guy in front of them was nude.

I was a little worried that I might have gone to far, but the girls were not hesitant, and felt the guys legs, chests, faces, buns, and especially cocks. Of course the cocks would tell them the least, since they didn't know what each cock for each guy was like. But they certainly did feel them thoroughly. I rang the bell, after 30 seconds, and after the exchange the grope-fest continued. The guys understood they were not to touch the girls, and behaved amazingly well. 30 seconds later I rang for the finish. The boys came out, and I rang again, so they could remove their masks, and write down their decisions.

"Now, for fun, on the back of the paper, write what the other person has to do if they lose. Keep it secret." I instructed, and after Yolanda had translated, and a short conversation ensued, of which I missed half, they complied.

Once they were done writing, I re-blindfolded them and left the room.

At the ring, I went and stood in front of Yolanda. I am the largest in the group, by at least 40 lbs, and I have the only curly hair. Yolanda knew who it was instantly. She decided to tease me.

"Oh," she said softly, stroking my cock, "I wonder who this BIG one is." She leaned over blindfolded, and licked the head of my cock.

"Mmmmmm," she said, "tastes like Pablo perhaps?" She then took the head in her mouth. "No, I think maybe Chago." She stroked me while she sucked on my cock for a few strokes.

"No, definitely Alejandro," she said assuredly, "I'd know that Brazilian taste anywhere." She then bobbed her head up and down until the bell rang.

"Hasta luego, Alejandro," she bade me goodbye.

Pablo had watched these going on's with barely contained excitement, and while his attention would wander back to Angela, as she stroked and touched him, seeing Yolanda go down on me had clearly worked it's magic on him.

I took my place in front of Angela. She reached out and clasped my cock. "So, why are you wet here, I wonder?" Angela asked in German, surely for Yolanda's benefit.

I couldn't resist. "Yolanda's mouth did it." I answered in my best Deutsch.

"Sprechen sie deutsch?" She asked incredulously, holding my cock in her hand now and stroking it while her face was turned up towards mine.

"Aber ja, Eine kleine," I admitted I spoke a little.

"Scheisse," she muttered, then laughed.

"Dicke Luft!" Yolanda announced, 'now we're in trouble' and joined in the laughter.

Angela was so pretty and I was so worked up, I yielded to temptation. I held her hand over my cock, and pressed forward towards her pretty little mouth.

She yielded. I entered her mouth, and almost passed out from the pleasure.

Yolanda was stroking Pablo, while listening in on Angela and I. The whole scene was too much for poor Pablito, who suddenly hunched over and exploded cum all over Yolanda. Well, shit if that didn't push me over the edge, and I grabbed Angela's head and exploded in her mouth.

Yolanda responded to her unexpected gift with a surprised "Oh!" and then a laugh, while Pablo backed away from her, suddenly embarrassed.

Angela choked on my load, pulling out of her mouth, then after I spent my second shot on her neck, she gamely took me back in her mouth, and took the rest of my cum. When I had finished coming, she turned her head away and spat out my little gift onto the floor. Yolanda had removed her mask and was watching the culmination of our game with interest and perhaps a little shock.

Angela took her mask off as well, as Yolanda berated her in German for taking her boyfriend. Angela said something to the effect of it wasn't her fault, and it was only face.

"I guess we know who the second two guys were," I laughed. "How did you do on the first two?"

It turns out both girls had the first two wrong. Exactly reversed.

"Two losers! Now I wonder what the challenges are?" I asked turning over the papers to read what they said. "Now, Angela, help me with what you've written here," I asked her in my schoolboy German.

"Let the boys play with you for 5 minutes." She answered hesitantly.

"Any limitations?" I asked. "I don't see any here."


"And you Yolanda, what does yours say?" I asked, going over to Yolanda, who was holding her note.

"Anyone she guesses wrong, can tell her to do something." She answered.

"Tricky!" I laughed, "so Chago and Alejandro can have her do something." I told the results to the guys. "So which dare shall we perform first?"

"Yolanda!" Pablo and Chago answered, while Alejandro said "Angela."

"Yolanda it is!" I answered. "Yolanda, the middle of the bed, Angela, you have the clock."

I was already getting hard again. "Men, no one else is allowed below the waist. You do what you want. Now strip her," I instructed them while I stroked myself to full hardness.

"Steve, please," she was pleading, "not too naughty, now with everyone here..."

"Don't worry, nothing we do here will ever leave this room." I tried to reassure her.

The guys were eager to oblige, and soon she was as naked as we were. I climbed between her leg and placed my cock against her pussy. She might have objected, but there was a mouth on each tit, blocking her view, while a third mouth was exploring her own.

She struggled a bit when I first started to enter her. "No! Steve..." she managed before her mouth was covered again. She tried to close her legs, but to no avail, I was already in place.

"It's ok baby. It's just me, no one else will have you today." I was pushing in and out, trying to lube her up. There was a lot of lobbying for position going on above me, and soon Pablo was fucking her tits. I couldn't see clearly but it appeared that one of the guys was in her mouth, while the other was vying for his turn.

I'm certain this was more than she had bargained for, but hell, she looked like she was enjoying it, and Angela wasn't complaining either.

She looked so hot, like a porn star. I tired of diddling her, and pushed my cock in hard until I met resistance. I heard her moan something. Fuck it. I pulled back and pushed in hard, popping past her cherry, and sinking to the hilt. She groaned loudly at first, and tears rolled down her face.

I pressed her legs up against Pablo's back, and started stroking into her with long full strokes. I was thankful my first load went into Angela's mouth, or I'd probably be done already.

Cries from Chago indicated his finish, and as he pulled off, Alejandro took his place in her eager mouth.

I felt Angela's hands on my back. One hand was on my ass, approaching my balls.

"Steve, that is so sexy." She whispered to me, in her broken English, watching with me as my hard prick disappeared into Yolanda's tight virgin pussy, over and over.

"Your turn is next, Angela. All the boys will be fucking your pretty body." At least that's what I think I said.

"Oooohhhh," she purred, in anticipation.

Pablo was next to finish, and blew his load on Yolanda's chest and neck. Angela was not watching the time I was sure almost ten minutes had passed.

"Alejandro," I teased, "Come on her tits, she'll like that."

Angela had moved to where Alejandor was, and was encouraging him in French. It is such a sexy language. Her words had the desired affect, and he pulled from her mouth and blew his wad across Yolanda's ample chest.

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