tagNonHumanA Forever Love Ch. 07

A Forever Love Ch. 07


Kinlye's face had beamed at his words. Home, with him, was a term she would never take for granted, especially since her own home had turned into such a nightmare. Her hand touched his cold cheek as he gathered her in his arms and he gaze down at her in question.

"Kinlye? Was there something else?"

She leaned up to reach his cheek. "I'll never take that word for granted again, Christian. Thank you."

He shook his head, his smile growing wider as he looked down at her. "It's where you belong, my love. There, with me, forever if that is your wish."

Kinlye laid her head against his shoulder, thinking of his words. "Forever? Would it hurt?" She gasped as the three men jumped from the second story window of the inn that Matthew had stolen her away to but Christian landed so that she never felt a single jolt.

His smile widened even more as he stared down at her. "Forever is an awfully long time, Kinlye. I know where my heart lays, but to be unsure could cause us both unbearable pain. You would have to be sure..."

"Of how I feel? I am sure, Christian. It is soon and sudden but I've never had feelings like this before in my life. I love you, for now and for forever, if you'll have me?" She ducked her head shyly. Only then did she realize how quickly they were moving. Everything was a blur around her and she gasped, burrowing her face into his neck. Her arms locked around his neck and she felt the wind of their passage flutter at the sheet she wore around her, blowing her hair into his face.

He didn't complain, only pressed his lips against her hair. "We shall be home soon, love. Just hold on."

Kinlye laughed. "As if I could do anything else." Her nose was pressed against his neck and she could smell the spicy scent of his skin. Her tongue came out and she licked a path from his collarbone to the spot just below his neck. He growled, the sound causing a spurt of heat to shoot through her, going straight to her loins. She nibbled at the long muscle in his neck, her hand coming up to touch his cheek.

Christian jumped to the balcony outside her bedroom and pushed open the doors, the beast inside of him howling at him to ignore his gentlemanly side and ravish her now. "We're home," he said huskily, moaning as she continued to tease his throat.

She lifted her head, staring up at him with eyes bemused by his taste and scent. She wanted him; she didn't want to wait, not for any reason. "Christian?"

Her voice was low, raspy, the sound shooting to his cock and making it harder if that was at all possible. "Yes, Kinlye."

"I want to be yours...forever."

There was a small jolt of painful pleasure at her words and his teeth pushed free of the gums that hid them. He laid her down, on top of her bed, quickly following her. "You're sure?" he asked, letting her see him as the monster for the first time. Her fingers came up, caressing his face, touching the tip of his fangs.

"Yes," she whispered softly, her eyes locking on the swirling blue of his eyes. "Make me yours."

Christian tugged at the sheet that was around her, ripping the fabric when it didn't come apart as quickly as he wanted. He had to see her, to feel her sleek form against him. He wanted to kiss her skin, to suffuse himself in the scent of her blood, to taste her cunt for the first time. Then he would bite her and make her his, forever.

He kissed her, his tongue pressing between her lips, hearing her moan as she chased his tongue back into his mouth, sliding hers over the sharp white fangs. She was cautious of the tips but she didn't let it stop her from kissing him deeply, moaning into his mouth. Her hands went to the buttons of his shirt, tugging them apart, her hands stroking across the wide muscles of his chest, down to the rippled strength of his abdomen. His skin was cold against her fingers, against her own body, but she relished the contact with him.

His lips moved from hers, his tongue circling the tender whorl of her ear. She shivered under him, her fingers digging into his back. Her hands moved to the open vee in his shirt, pushing it over his shoulder. He helped, tugging off the sleeves and letting it fall to the floor next to the bed. Her hands slipped over his naked flesh, warming his cold skin with her hands.

Christian moved down her body, his tongue coming out to slick over her collarbone and then teased the upper curves of her breasts, feeling her fingers clutch at him. Her hands slid into his hair as his lips opened over her nipple. He suckled her inside his mouth and smiled around that rosy pink tip as he heard her moan his name. His tongue tortured that hardened peak and he felt her hips pushing against him, undulating under him as her pleasure grew.

She was warm and growing warmer, her heat warming his skin, her taste driving him crazy. His wide palm covered her other breast, kneading at the silky soft skin. "You're beautiful, Kinlye, so incredibly beautiful." He glanced up at her as he spoke. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes closed, a distinctive light purple coloring her eye lids. She was panting, her breathing harsh.

The smell or her arousal was a musky aroma that was slowly driving him insane. He wanted so badly to taste of her blood, to impart the gift of immortality that had once felt like a curse to him. He'd searched for her, for his mate, his other half, for so very long, he'd thought she didn't exist. Now he was hers, and he'd hoped that she felt the same. Once he'd made her his, he would be able to feel her emotions, to hear her thoughts. With that thought in mind, he moved further down her slender body.

His tongue slipped into the shallow well of her navel and he heard her gasp in pleasure. He nuzzled the softness of her belly and then moved lower, kissing her thighs and the inside of her knees. His hands moved, sliding between her legs to open them with one long caress. "Open for me, Kinlye." She did as he asked, parting her thighs and bending her knees when his hands lifted them. He nuzzled his face so close to her wet pussy, which made her eyelids fluttered and then closed. Her groans were like seductive songs urging him on like the sirens of mythical legends,

His face was hard as he fought the desire to rip into her. The beast inside was demanding, cajoling and then begging for him to get on with it, to bite her and taste her blood, to bath in it. He growled, refusing to be rushed, or to hurt her. He kissed the softness of mons, hearing her sharp gasp and feeling her hands in his hair. Before she could stiffen or pull him away, he slicked his tongue through the wetness of her pussy, finding the small bean of her clit. The hands that had come down to pull his head away, released him.

"You're beautiful here, too, Kinlye." He lashed his tongue against her clit then curled it, pushing it inside the tight opening of her pussy. He heard her cry out again and felt the spasms of her pussy. He caught her clit between his lips, careful not to nick it with his fangs. He could feel her climax and he brought his thumb around, rubbing her clit with it as he bent his head, nuzzling her thigh. He opened his mouth, his fangs almost deadly sharp and he bit into her flesh, feeling the first euphoric pulse of her blood flood into his mouth. He gulped of it, hungrily and desperately, unable to stop himself. He could hear her heartbeat, hear it slow as he drained her almost to death before he forced himself to pull free, licking the wound closed.

Her eyes were barely open when he moved up her body. Her heartbeat was so slow to be almost indiscernible. He kissed her soft lips then brought his wrist to his mouth, slitting it easily. He brought it to her mouth. "Drink, Kinlye."

At first, all she could do was swallow the blood that he dripped into her mouth, then her hands came up, gripping his arm as she quickly regained her strength, sucking at his blood, gulping noisily. "That's it, Kinlye." He pressed his lips against her neck, his hair tickling her cheek.

When he pulled away from her, she gazed at the quickly healing wound. "More?"

"I'll teach you to hunt and how to cultivate donors that will feed you, my love." He smiled down at her, gently pushing her hair out of her face. He was still hard, still wanting to make her his in every aspect as well as being his mate. His cock was pressing against her wet sex and he kissed her, tasting his blood on her lips and in her mouth. "I want you," he whispered, ready to back off if she wasn't agreeable.

"I want you," she said, smiling up at him. He could see that her canine teeth had already changed and looked lethally sharp. She also didn't feel as warm to him as she had before. The changes were beginning.

He rubbed the head of his cock in the wetness of her pussy. "Hold onto me." She did and he pushed through her veil of innocence, slowly thrusting in before he was seated fully inside of her. She was tight and her hands dug into his back. He waited until she relaxed a little, smiling down at her. "Better?"

"Yes, but go slowly."

"Whatever you need, love." He stroked slowly into her, his beast almost gaining control again as the sensation of her wet, tight pussy around him called to it. He grabbed her hips, tilting her hips so that he could find that sensitive part of her pussy where he would give her the most pleasure. Christian kept it slow until she began to return his thrusts, pushing up against him and moaning his name.

Then he quickened his strokes, bending his head to suckle one taut nipple. Her cries grew more vocal and she pulled his head up, finding his lips. He could feel her need and the pleasure that seemed to flow from her to him. He could even feel the shivers as they broke over her. "Oh Gods, Kinlye."

"I...I can feel you!" she cried. "How is this possible?"

He wanted to explain but the way she felt, the feelings she was pouring into his body stole his voice. He held her tight, slowing his strokes until she calmed just a bit. Then he rose up on his arms. "Hang on to me," he growled and then began to pummel himself into her. She cried out, and he could feel her first orgasm. It was fierce and had her toes curling against his legs. He kept thrusting through it and she cried out again.

"Yes," he cried and kissed her. He jerked, his come spattering the inside of her sex. His head spun with the pleasure and he collapsed on top of her, barely remembering to use his elbows to hold himself up. If he needed to breathe, his would have been ragged and tight.

* * * *'

Kinlye stroked her hand down his back, wondering how she'd ever thought him cold. Now he felt as human as anyone. She loved the way he felt, the pleasure he had given her. She loved him. She sighed and felt his hair moving against her face. "I love you, Christian."

He lifted his head and stared down at her. "Yes," he said. "I can feel that."

Staring up at him, a warm bubble of feeling seemed to flow over her and she smiled even wider. "You love me."

It was a statement and not a question but Christian answered anyway. "More than life itself. How do you feel?"


Christian laughed. "Then I think we should do something about that." He pushed himself up, sitting on the edge of the bed. He reached for his pants, tugging them on before grabbing his shirt. He pulled it over his head, leaving it undone as he went over to Kinlye's wardrobe. He opened the door, reaching in for one of the gown that the seamstress had delivered. He pulled it out and laid it at the foot of her bed. Then he went into a drawer on a chest in the corner, tugging out underclothing for under her dress.

Kinlye laughed as she saw what he'd picked. It was another set like the one he'd ripped off of her the day before. With a grin, she rose from the bed, feeling his seed run down her thighs. She walked over to the chest that held a pitcher of water and a bowl, as well as a towel. "Are you going to leave so I can get cleaned up?"

Christian seemed to consider it, then he smiled and she could almost see that mischievous devil in his eyes. He shook his head no, challenging her.

She blew out a sigh. "Fine. I'm hungry enough to not worry about what you're going to do."

"How about if I do this?" He walked toward her and took the cloth from her hand, dipping it into the water and wringing it out. Then he dropped to his knees before her, lifting one of her feet to rest against his thigh, opening her to him.


"Yes?" He dabbed at her thighs, blotting away the blood and semen. Then he rinsed out the cloth once more and went back to cleaning her off. When he was finished, he leaned forward, kissing her slit and letting his tongue caress her clit.

She moaned, her hand coming down to rest against his hair.

"Sure you're hungry?"

"Yes, Christian." But she couldn't help but push against his mouth.

He finally leaned back, laughing at the disappointed look on her face. "We should get you fed, my love. After that, will you sleep with me in my room?"

"But..." she hesitated.

"But?" he urged.

"We aren't married.

"But, you know you are mine and I am yours. If you want, we can marry, if it will make you feel better. But I'm not letting you sleep anywhere but in my arms."

"So why did you bother asking?"

Christian laughed at himself. "I guess I just wanted to know how you felt about the whole thing."

"You mean you can't read my mind?"

"Of course I could but it isn't polite to poke and prod unless you're invited." He pushed her hair back, out of her face, curling a lock behind her small ear. "So I'd rather have you tell me, Kinlye." Because I love you. He sent that thought into her head and watched as a smile crossed her lips.

"Then as long as you say we will marry one of these days, then I have no problem with it." She squeaked when he caught her up in his arms, twirling her around and around until she begged him to stop. Her hand went to his cheek and she leaned up to kiss his mouth. "This just feels impossible. I keep waiting to wake up and see my stepmother's florid face, and hear her yelling at me."

"That will never happen again, Kinlye, I promise. I would never allow her to get her hands on you or let your stepbrother get around you either." He smiled down at her, holding out the undergarments that he'd gotten out for her. "We need to find you a lady's maid. But until we do, may I be of service, milady?"

He shook the tiny pantalets out, holding out the waistband toward her to let her step into the garment, pulling them easily up her trim legs until he reached the tiny vee of hair between her slender thighs. He slid one hand between them, teasing her soft woman's flesh for a moment before tying the ribbon that held it around her waist. He held out the short, fitted camisole and laced it up the front, letting his fingers brush against her skin. They slipped over her hard nipples, his hands toying with her breasts for a moment before he finished lacing it up.

She stepped into the petticoats that held the skirt out fully. He slipped the gown over her head and buttoned up the long placket. She stood in front of the mirror as he brushed out her long hair, taking the ribbon she handed him that matched the soft blue gown and letting him tie it in her hair. He knelt at her feet, slipping satin slippers onto her small feet, dropping soft kisses over her toes and the arch of her foot. When he was done, she looked completely different than she'd ever looked. "Maybe I don't need a lady's maid, Christian. You do such a wonderful job."

"Ha ha," he answered her. "Come on, I want to stop and talk to Rafe and Nikky before we leave." He took her hand and pulled her along with him, holding open the door and ushering her through. Kinlye skipped down the stairs, hand in hand with Christian. They stopped in the green salon. Rafe stepped up and kissed Kinlye on the cheek.

"I think we need to celebrate my new sister." He held out his hand to Nikky and brought him forward. He kissed Kinlye as well and then went to a small cart that was in the corner. He poured each of them a drink from a deep green bottle that he pulled the cork from. The crystal goblets that he used glimmered in the light of the fire. The dark red liquid that he poured was thick and had a decidedly copper smell to it.

Christian handed Kinlye the first goblet and then his brother and his mate. He held up his own goblet. "To Kinlye, welcome to our family."

"Welcome little sister. You make a beautiful and intriguing addition, perhaps more than my brother deserves." He smiled down at Kinlye so that she knew Rafe was joking. She let him pull her into his arms, squeezing her gently before letting her go back to Christian. Then he turned back toward Nikky, reaching for him to draw him into the group.

They drank the blood in the goblets. Kinlye took a small sip, unsure of the contents. Moments later she brought it back to her mouth, gulping it down. Then she forced herself to glance at the men, seeing the amusement in their eyes. "I'm not allowed to enjoy it?"

Christian just laughed, drawing her closer. "Darling Kinlye, it's been a very long time since any of us were 'baby' vampires. It's just interesting to remember being so excited about blood."

Kinlye licked clean her upper lip.

"Do that again," Christian urged, bending down to kiss her lips and to draw her tongue into his mouth. "Mmm, yes, just like that." His hand dug into the back of her hair, changing the angle of his lips to take her even deeper into the passion that she always inspired so easily.

Only when Rafe cleared his throat did Christian look up, finally letting Kinlye go. "What, jealous brother?"

Rafe laughed. "I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I think our tastes runs in very different directions." He wrapped an arm around Nikky's well developed shoulders and squeezed. Nikky looked up and smiled at his mate.

"That's good because she's taken." Christian pulled her closer. He dipped his head when Kinlye pulled on his sleeve. "What is it, love?"

"Hunting? I'm hungry."

Rafe laughed again. New vampires were entirely predictable. They thought of their stomachs and the need that grew inside of them to taste warm human blood. The need grew with every moment of their existence until it was finally quenched by their first feeding. "I think you'd better take her out before she hunts up one of the maids and takes out a chunk."

"That's a good idea." He pulled Kinlye closer, dipping to take her lips one more time. When he finished, he didn't let her go until he insinuated his tongue over her upper lip.

Kinlye danced in place, she was so eager to hunt. Christian was laughing at her but let her take his hand and tug him toward the hall. "We'll be back," he called.

She pulled him from the house, seeing all of the people that were returning to their homes after a long, hard day of work. Kinlye was amazed at the difference her new vampire eyes saw the humans. They glowed, each aura different than the one next to it. Some were bright red, fading out to a light pink. Others were a beautiful turquoise blue. All the colors of the rainbow were there, swirling around the humans, confusing her. She glanced back at Christian. "Do they always look like that?"

"Yes. It always depends upon the health of the person, or their happiness. Emotions always tell how the blood will taste. I will teach you which ones to stay away from and which are good and tasty, Kinlye. It's just one of the many lessons you will need to know and understand as an immortal."

"I can't wait," she said with a grin.

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