tagNonHumanA Freak Like Me

A Freak Like Me


His birth name was Simon, and his friends used to call him Si; now he preferred people not to know his name. He didn’t have an address, or a phone number. He had an identification card once, but that burnt with his house. He’d only been in trouble with the police once, and they didn’t take his fingerprints. They simply made him sleep it off in a cell. As far as Simon could gather, no one knew who he was now. He had destroyed everything that could name him, or place him somewhere. Now, he was above the law.

Simon was now staying in a shared house with two male students. They didn’t care that they didn’t know his name, or that he only went out at night, or that he constantly wore gloves. He paid them cash weekly, and put almost all the money up for the bills. It looked good on the student’s rent book that they were so efficient with the rent. They had told Simon that they needed a name to call him by. He hadn’t said anything, and would not tell them who he was, so they ‘affectionately’ dubbed him Vamp.

Vamp seemed quite appropriate for him. He looked a bit like Dracula, with jet-black hair, a pale complexion, and a towering height, well above six foot five. He dressed in smart black jeans and a black top. His black leather gloves never came off. The students had gone into Vamp’s room once in the daytime when he was asleep. He had painted it black, and bought thick dark curtains to block out the daylight. He slept on a mattress, with no duvet, base or pillow. Just a red, velvet cushion to rest his head on. He wore his clothes to bed, and his gloves. The students were slightly scared, slightly confused by him. They couldn’t figure out whether he was some sort of satanic activist, or just plain insane. They didn’t ask, and Vamp surely wasn’t going to tell them.

That night, Vamp woke at around midnight. The students were still awake, as they often were in the early hours. He rose from the bed and left his room. He went towards the kitchen. Vamp heartily ate what was left of a chicken carcass, and drank water. He only ever ate meat and occasionally had one glass of red wine; otherwise it was water. When Vamp had finished eating, he left the house. He never spoke to the students, and they only spoke to him if they’d been smoking weed.

Vamp proceeded on his nightly ritual. He kept out of the glow of the streetlights. He liked people to walk past him, not even realising he was there. He headed past the suburban homes and towards Angel Park. It was a fitting name for the place, Vamp often thought. Here, on one of his nightly prowls, he had found her. Her name was Jenny. He had found out her name from the night watchman, before he cut his throat with the switchblade he carried in his boots. The watchman was the first person he had spoken to in years, and he had found it hard to talk and had been forced to whisper. There was of course a full investigation, but with no weapon, fingerprints or witnesses, he doubted they’d do much more than listen to the confession of a drunk, who insisted on confessing after every major crime.

Jenny was tall, close to six foot. She had black hair, which was crimped, and fell over her full breasts. She was perfectly proportioned; pretty, tall, dark hair, full breasts, small waist and a plump yet firm ass. Vamp had decided her name would be Angel, and that he would have her by any means possible. Tonight, she walked her dog before she headed for her shift. He assumed the local hospital, as nowhere else in town was open twenty-four hours. Vamp watched Angel throw sticks for her dog. The dog had turned to look at him occasionally, but then hurried to catch his stick. Angel was smiling and laughing, and every time she threw the stick, the dog went further and further away from her.

It was now close to 1am, and Angel was looking for her dog. She had thrown the stick a bit too hard, and the dog had gone after it five minutes ago. Little did she know that Vamp had found the dog, and it had been surprisingly friendly towards him. Vamp had tied the dog to a tree, and was now watching Angel searching through the bushes, shouting “Timmy!”. Vamp watched Angel move further towards him, searching through shrubs and hedges for her beloved pet. When he had first thought of this scheme, Vamp had considered killing the dog to make Angel faint, or at least be in a state of shock. She would be easy-pickings then. But Vamp couldn’t kill something his Angel loved, so he left him tied to a tree.

Angel was right in front of him now. Vamp was behind a tree, controlling his breath so that she wouldn’t hear him. He waited until she had passed to the right slightly, then grabbed her side and pressed the soaking cloth over her mouth. She was kicking, and trying to scream, but the drug had been affective, and Angel fell to the floor.

* * * * *

The cave Vamp had chosen was small, dark and warm. He had found it months ago, but leaving Angel here overnight would have given her hypothermia, so he had waited for the summer months. Angel stirred and groaned. There was a large, flat rock to the rear of the cave. He had covered it in a thick, red woollen blanket, and had bought another velvet cushion. He had draped a red, velvet blanket over Angel. After a lot of painstaking work, he had managed to get hold of iron shackles. He had locked her ankles and hands, and although they were heavy, you could manage to walk with them if you were careful.

Vamp went over and sat on the rock. He leaned over Angel’s face and kissed her sweet lips. She stirred again. Vamp watched her eyes open, and when she could focus properly in the darkness, she looked petrified. Vamp smirked. He knew she would be scared, and he knew she would bargain with him to let her go. He waited for her imminent negotiations.

“Please… Don’t hurt me… I’ve got money in my purse, please take it.” Angel pleaded.

“I guess you haven’t noticed that your purse is missing already, as are your clothes.” Vamp told her. Angel looked down, horrified to find she was naked. She thought, to her terror, that he might be a rapist, or some guy with a screw loose who just wanted to watch her die. She squirmed, and then felt the heavy chains on her wrists and ankles. She was helpless.

“Please let me go.” Angel begged.

“Why would I let such a beautiful figure of femininity out of my sight?” Vamp asked.

“I… I don’t know… I want to go home!” Angel shouted.

“I know you do. Don’t worry though, I will give you the chance to leave eventually, but you must stay with me for a while first. And don’t worry about Timmy, he’s safe and sound in your Mom’s shed.” Vamp told her. Angel cringed and sobbed a little. A stalker! She thought she should have known, or seen him. He knew her Mother!

“If you know where my Mom’s house is, you’ll know the address.” Angel stated, defiantly.

“34, Sea-View Terrace. It’s a sweet little windmill she has in her front garden. I’m lucky that you go there before your shift, or I would never have found somewhere for Timmy.” Vamp replied. Angel cringed again.

“Alright then, smart ass. You may have followed me around but you know nothing about me! I bet you don’t even know my name!” Angel shouted, hoping that this show of defiance would put him off.

“But of course I do Jenny, although I do not care for that name. You are now Angel, and you shall address me as Vamp. I could keep you here for some time; I could let you go tonight. It all depends on how well you behave.” Vamp explained to her, “Now if you don’t mind, I have to go and do some work. I’ll be back later on, and I expect you to have a more respectful attitude when I return. After all, I’ve watched you for months. I could even give you an educated guess as to when you menstruate. Timmy tends to sniff you there when you’re on, and I’ve got three weeks to play with you until you bleed.”

Vamp left the cave and Angel started sobbing. He was right, she thought. He knew when she came on, where her Mother lived, her name, everything! Now she started to worry about what ‘work’ he had to do.

* * * * *

Vamp returned just as the sun was rising. The light hurt his eyes, and he was exhausted. He looked over at Angel; she had turned on her side and was facing away from him. Vamp knew that Angel was smart, and that she’d know where she was. She’d be able to hear the waves on the ocean. He stepped over to her, and looked down. She had been crying.

“Take what you want and let me go, or leave me to die alone; whichever you have in mind.” Angel told him. Vamp was suddenly taken aback… His Angel thought he wanted her to die!

“Listen! I told you that I will let you go and I will, when the time is right! Until then my whim will be fulfilled at any time I choose!” Vamp shouted, angered at Angel’s remarks.

“Then fulfil your whim, and maybe we can get this over with quickly.” Angel told him. Vamp glared at her. She wanted to confuse him, possibly anger him. She knew that if he were going to hurt her he would have already. She wanted him to leave again, storm off and leave her by herself. Vamp had other ideas.

Vamp pulled the velvet blanket off of her, and revealed her naked body. He grabbed her hair and pulled it so her head came towards him. He kissed her violently, and pushed his hand down between her legs. He pulled them open as far as the chains would let them go. He furiously groped her breasts with his gloved hands, and then moved his hand down to his crotch. He unzipped his trousers, and unleashed his erect member. Angel squealed. She had never seen a cock as big as his. He pulled the knife out of his boots and knelt up on the rock. He pressed the knife to her throat and pulled her head towards his enormous cock.

“Bite me and you’ll be dead before I even feel the pain.” Vamp warned her, and then thrust his cock into her mouth. Angel gagged and choked on it, and tried desperately to suck it, as if giving him pleasure would make him more lenient. Vamp’s cock stretched her mouth as far as it could go, and he thrusts became harder, and deeper. The more Angel choked, the harder he thrust.

Suddenly he pulled it from her mouth and let his knife drop to the floor. Vamp pushed her down and her head hit the hard rock. Angel was dazed for a moment, and by the time she came to her senses, Vamp was wetting the end of his cock. Angel wanted to scream, but she was terrified that this would anger him more, and she was chained and helpless. She bit her lip, waiting.

Vamp thrust his cock inside her with one hard stroke. He began to fuck her hard. He had stretched her pussy so much, that he was able to feel everything inside her. He fucked her harder, and he heard her screaming. He soon realised that he was fucking her so hard, she was moving. He head was now dangling over the edge of the rock. She would break her neck if she fell, so Vamp grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up so she was sat on his rigid cock, facing him.

Vamp watched her expressions as he thrust inside her. There were tears in her eyes, and he could see his enormous length was hurting her, but she was looking up towards the roof of the cave, and every three or four thrusts, she gave out a quiet moan. Vamp pounded inside her, and she was soon on the verge of climaxing. Angel didn’t want to cum. She didn’t want him to think that he had pleasured her, even though she had never had such fantastic sex in her life; but as her pending climax grew, her body took over, and she began to push down on him, meeting him at every thrust. Angel threw her arms around Vamp’s shoulders, and pressed her face against his neck. Vamp thrust harder now, making her scream and moan. He could hear every breath she took, every quiet moan.

Angel bit into Vamp’s neck as she came. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and she could feel her pussy leaking her juices. She knew he’d feel her juices run down to his balls, and he’d know then that he’d pleasured her. Vamp continued to pound her pussy, revelling in the sensation of her cum trickling down his balls. He wanted to cum now. If he came inside her he would own her; or at least he hoped he would. He cock swelled inside her tight pussy, and he slowed his thrusts down, as he was about to ejaculate. To his surprise, Angel started to fuck him. She bobbed up and down on his cock, relishing every movement. To have Angel willingly fuck him was too much, and he began to cum deep inside her pussy.

Angel let out a squeal as she felt hot spurts of cum splash against the walls of her pussy. She carried on fucking him as he tired, and she continued to move up and down on his cock even when he had stopped thrusting. She slowly let her movements stop, and she panted heavily as she looked at Vamp. Vamp however, did not want her on his cock anymore. He easily lifted her up, and sat her down on the rock. He pushed his cock back into his pants and zipped them up. He then produced a key from his left pocket, and stepped down from the rock. He unchained Angel’s ankles, and then her wrists, not once looking at her face. He then went to the back of the cave and produced a plastic carrier bag. He threw it at Angel and sat back down.

Angel opened the bag to find her clothes, shoes, and even her wallet. She looked over at Vamp. He had bowed his head, and was staring at the floor. Angel dressed, and walked over to Vamp. He put his arm out to stop her coming any closer.

“You can leave now.” Vamp told her.

“But… I don’t want to…” Angel exclaimed, surprising even herself. Vamp looked up at her for a second then. She was indeed beautiful, and he knew she wasn’t scared of him anymore. She looked at him the way someone might look at a jock when she asks him whether he’d take her to the prom. Vamp felt disgusted with himself. He had never wanted her to think of him as handsome, he had just wanted someone who could help him step back into reality. Angel had brought him out into the sun, had made him talk, she had even fucked him willingly.

“Go Jenny. I shouldn’t have taken you like that and I apologise, but you should leave now.” Vamp confessed.

“No. My name is Angel and I won’t go.” She replied, and sat next to him. She put her arm around him, and he looked at her almost stupidly.

“Why do you want to be with a freak like me?” Vamp asked her.

“And why do you want to be with a freak like me? You’re not the only one with a secret you know.” Angel told him. Vamp held his arms out and Angel lay against his chest. For the first time in his life, he felt complete.

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