A Friend In Need


I continued thrusting, deeper, harder, less considerate and more savagely. I HAD to cum- I NEEDED to cum- then suddenly, overcome with lust- I bit down on her nipple causing her to scream out,

"OH FUCK, OH MY...." Robin screamed, arching her back against me as though trying to merge with my body and finally breathed "GOD-" Her snatch enclosed itself around my cock and pulsated- but I kept thrusting. She suddenly began shaking and the next thing I knew she was repeating the phrase with various emphasizes like a nervous Junior High kid reciting lines for whatever sounded the best accept this was no act.

Robin rolled me off of the sofa and onto the floor, knocking me over and mounted me, it was then that I got a great look at her nude body and she looked down at me, dead serious, "You close?" She asked. Her chest was flushed and she looked more turned on after having her first orgasm than before.

I nodded in response captivated by her beautiful and flawless petite frame. She worked out, that was for sure. To think, I always thought her small frame was absolutely boyish in comparison to Soledad but I couldn't take my eyes off of her lean body and especially her chest which was indeed flat, but endearing as well.

She mounted me and began bouncing, still recovering from her orgasm, "Don't' you need-" I began.

"You need to cum-" She commanded, bouncing on my cock and putting her hands firmly on my chest, ripping off my shirt, "You just lay back-" She panted as I removed the shirt, "I'm going to make you cum- if you don't make me do it again first- then I guess we'll keep doing this until you do-"

I let go, not saying or doing anything and letting her ride me. She was quite creative as well, beginning to rotate her hips and gyrate them as though she was belly-dancing, causing me to groan her name aloud which got a great reaction from her.

"Yeah, say my name like a good boy-" She laughed, "I like that a lot-"

She then leaned back, getting lost in her own thoughts and simply enjoying the mutual sensation- I focused on her. Her golden locks tossing about, her flat chest glistening with sweat from her eager lovemaking, and her long, smooth legs straddled around my waist as she rode my cock like a porn star.

Perhaps just as significant, her closed-eye smile spoke volumes.

Suddenly I felt it.

"OH FU-"

"ARE YOU-" She began but suddenly let out a silent scream.

I was cumming- and it was a torrent.

"Oh....My..." Robin cooed, leaning against me as I rolled her over to her back once more and delayed my orgasm (which hurt like a son of a bitch) so that I could dispense everything I had. She was completely limp and looked to me in silence and with a profound look on her face. I began thrusting again, emptying my seed into her sweet pussy as she convulsed, but dared not to make a sound. It felt like minutes were going by and my cock was twitching and spurting even though there was nothing left to give- I was shaking and convulsing from the intense and fevered orgasm until I felt I would succumb to cardiac arrest.

Somehow my orgasm subsided and Robin looked at me and simply uttered, "That was so amazing..."

Taking my cock out I realized that I was still hard despite that incredible orgasm.

Not missing a beat she hungrily leapt on me, taking it into her mouth and shoving me back. "I can-" I started, feeling as though the pain had subsided.

"I want this." She told me, looking at me, determined and lustful.

I didn't blink as she worked my cock, sucking and slurping out collective juices off of it and playing with my testicles. The way she went about it was nothing less than voracious lust and sexual fire. I had no clue that the Jocks' "little" sister was such a devious cumslut but then again I realized that deep down, through all of this, not only was she willing to share herself so intimately but she was also doing me a massive favor and willing to give herself up for my sake.

I felt touched.

That aside, Robin was absolutely a prodigy with her tongue and used it to tease but also follow through with her suctioning and modest lips. I'm not sure how long it took but once again I could feel myself about to cum and I gave her fair warning. She then removed her mouth and jerked me off.

"Cum for me babe," She chanting, "I want it everywhere-" Her eyes peered up to me and I stared back with a smile.

Snapping out of her deviant attitude, she continued jerking and gave me a warm smile. Kneeling there and in a relaxed posture, she didn't look like herself, she looked like something divine or beyond my level of comprehension and this was becoming less of a sexual thing and far more of a truly memorable experience for the both of us.

A ribbon of cum flew into the air as she ducked away in surprised, another ribbon and yet another ribbon shot into the air as I bucked around. "Oh God Robin-" I gasped.

"Good boy," She cooed, "Let it all out, don't be ashamed-" She smiled, watching my erupting cock. Soon there was nothing left to give and my cock convulsed once more- but there was something "final" about this in which it began to recede, as in, my cock was spent.

Robin put her face to my cock again to finish the job for good measure but I stopped her. "No." I told her, "I want this right." I said.

Laying her back once more, this wasn't about the pranks, drugs, or even about the sex. This was a girl- no- a woman who was a constant throughout the tumultuous years of my high school career and in one week that wouldn't mean anything because we'd be going our separate ways- but at least, for now, it could mean everything.

"Are you still hard?" She asked softly in a concerned voice.

"Give me a minute and I will be." I told her with a smile.

Robin returned my smile, "For you, I'd wait an eternity."

I leaned in and we shared our first kiss ever.

I then found myself kissing down her chest, "Now YOU lay back-" I told her, "It's my turn to take care of you!"


A week later we graduated. Word around campus is that I spent the entire night jerking off until I had to secretly be taken to a hospital to get my cock drained, I didn't dare tell anyone otherwise because I respected Robin too much.

As for graduation night- well- I didn't feel like hanging out with that crowd anymore and coincidentally all of the Jock's friends weren't too avid on baby sitting and so my fellow graduating classmate Robin and I decided to spend one last night together... Going to go see a movie, that is.

Although, I have to hand it to the Jock, he had the best prank that particular year and certainly outdid me. I had the last laugh when, almost a decade down the line, Robin introduced her family to her new fiancé.

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