tagGroup SexA Friend's Confession Ch. 2

A Friend's Confession Ch. 2


After many requests and kind comments, I have decided to continue the story. If you haven't read the first installment, it will certainly help to set the mood. This will be the last thing I write along this theme, as I fear becoming repetitive.


It had been nearly three months since Drew and I shared far more together than I had ever thought possible within the context of our friendship. There was certainly no denying that I got off on it. If anyone had asked four months ago if I'd ever ask to suck another man's cock, I probably would have punched him in the jaw. While I feel comfortable now with what happened...hell, we've even jerked off in front of each other a couple times since then...I still have times when I struggle to reconcile my fantasies with what I believe to be my sexual identity. I've always been straight, and never before that night with Drew, did I ever have any serious interest in other men. Even now, I can't imagine myself doing the things I did with anyone else but him...it was the trust and friendship between us that made it possible. My wife and I continue to have a wonderful relationship and very fulfilling sex life...certainly not a situation I would change for anything in the world. Nevertheless, as Linda teased my brown-eye with her finger while we made love, I couldn't help but think back to when Drew had done that to me, and recalled the feel of his hot shaft resting in the crack of my ass.

"Mmmm...yes, baby...fuck me...fuck my wet pussy" my wife exclaimed, pulling me into her pulsing snatch while her finger retreated from my puckered hole.

I couldn't believe it...I had done it again. My mind wandering to another place as Linda worked hard to enhance our already intense evening. Anal play was something I had shown recent interest in, and my wife was happy to indulge me in anything new and exciting. With my mind lifting from the fog, I resumed my focus on the lovely and writhing female form below me. Linda's breasts bounced back and forth across her chest as I quickened my pace in and out of her velvet folds.

"Oh fuck...I'm cumming, baby...damn, you're so fucking hot!" I shouted as I could feel Linda's cunt contract against my aching rod as she rode the wave of her own orgasm. "Unnngghhhh...unnngghhhh...shit...fuck!" I grunted with each stream of spunk as it shot from my cock, deep into her soaking tunnel.

Nearly exhausted, I pulled my sticky and deflating member from Linda's pussy as I kissed my wife deeply, rolled over, and came to rest next to her.

"Oh Mike, honey...that was incredible. I just love that glazed-over look you get when I play with your ass...and your cock gets so damned hard." Linda whispered into my ear as she softly stroked my chest. "Anything else you'd like to try? I'm loving this adventurous side of you."

"Thanks, babe...you really had me on a whole other planet tonight. You must have found just the right spot." I partially lied, not wanting to reveal the events that led to my new sense of adventure. I was now feeling somewhat guilty that I had thought about my best friends dick while I made love to my wife.

As Linda drifted off to sleep, wrapped in my arms, I couldn't help but wonder how Drew managed to cope with his own feelings about what we shared. Did he think about me when he made love to Tracy? If he did, did it bother him...or was he better able to separate his feelings? This shit was now starting to really bug me, and I knew I would have to sort it out with Drew soon, before it became a problem. Its not like I avoided him over the last few months, but we were always together with our wives, and it seemed like neither one of us wanted to talk about the elephant in the room. We still talked on the phone, went to the gym, and did everything we always did...but the obvious discussion about the fact that we fucked each other never seemed to come up. Perhaps we were both afraid the other had crossed a line, and didn't want to do anything to screw up a good friendship.

The next morning, Linda and I were invited over to Drew and Tracy's for a cookout and an opportunity for Drew to pick my brain about his next renovation project. Perhaps subconsciously, my mind was already miles away from the concerns I had last night, and I walked into their house as I had a hundred times...with no designs to approach the subject with Drew at all. The steaks were great, and the conversation comfortable as always. After the dishes were cleared, Linda and Tracy wanted to watch a DVD they'd rented. Drew and I groaned when we learned it was yet another sappy chick-flick. We were about a half-hour into the movie when neither of us could take much more.

"Hey buddy...let me show you what I want to do with the wiring in the basement before our wives get into the Kleenex." Drew said, looking for any excuse to pull away from the overwrought drama on the TV screen.

"Hell yes...anything but another two hours of this crap!" I half-jokingly said as I rose from my chair and followed Drew to the basement.

"Fine, run away from anything emotional. Further proof that men are pigs." Tracy sarcastically shot back at us as she handed Linda more popcorn.

The basement of Drew and Tracy's home had been finished at some point in the past, but was looking quite dated. Now that we managed to finish all the bathrooms, Drew decided the basement was the next challenge on his list. The lighting was dimmer than normal, as Drew had already started removing many of the ceiling tiles to gain access to the wiring. We wandered the large room with flashlights, peering into the floor joists and discussing what type of lighting would work best in various locations.

"Are you ever going to run out of things to do to this joint? I spend way more time working on your place than I do my own." I said mockingly as I slapped Drew on the shoulder.

"I know, and I feel bad about that. But hell, your place is less than ten years old. Besides, it gives me a chance to see that tight ass in worn-out jeans." Drew replied, as though testing my reaction.

"Uh...yeah...whatever, asshole. This is going to be our most difficult job yet. I hope you're prepared to take your time with this, and not try to do it all in one week." I said with my back against the wall, looking up into the open ceiling at the maze of old wiring...fully aware that I was blowing off his last comment.

"Yeah...well...fuck taking our time, Mike. This shit has to get done." Drew replied with frustration thick in his voice.

I thought Drew was still talking about the wiring...that is, until he ran his hand up my shirt, pressing me to the wall while he kneaded my pecs. His other hand soon found its way to my crotch, rubbing my cock and balls through the fabric of my jeans. I was dazed for the first few moments, unsure what was happening, until I tried to move away, but Drew kept me pinned to the wall. I could have pushed away harder, as he only had one arm holding me in place, but I was more than a little distracted as he ripped open my button-fly jeans, tugging my pants and briefs below my ass. Drew gave me no time to react as he quickly knelt in front of me and took my limp dick fully into his mouth. He certainly knew what he was doing; as my cock responded instantly to the tongue massage it was receiving. I was still dumbfounded as I watched Drew suck my cock, the flesh expanding between his lips until my member filled his hungry mouth.

"Oh...fuck...you're good at that! The girls...they're just upstairs, dude." I said half panicked as I tried to pull my pants back where they belonged.

Drew said nothing as he just brushed my hands away from my jeans, tugging on my balls while taking every inch of my hardened rod down his throat. Linda is a great cocksucker, but she could never compare to the first-hand knowledge behind every movement of Drew's tongue against my shaft. He had learned knew exactly where to apply pressure as his lips and tongue glided over my spit-soaked tool. By now, I was lost in the sensations my friend was giving me, and disregarded any thought of our wives upstairs. Gripping the back of Drew's head, I began pumping my cock into his willing mouth, using him for my own pleasure.

"Eat it, man...take all that big cock. You want it bad enough to pull this shit, then you're going to swallow every last inch." I grunted as I fed my cock to my best friend, his spit trailing down my balls, and memories of a similar even pouring into my head.

"Mmmmpphhh...mmmmpphhh" Drew moaned as I pumped into his face. "Give me a second to breathe, man. I've wanted another taste of this pole worse than you can imagine." He said, pulling away from my cock.

"Oh fuck, dude...that's it man, lick my nuts." I said, offering encouragement as Drew caught his breath while sucking my balls and stroking my aching rod.

My eyes practically rolled back into my head as Drew continued the skillful work at my groin. Not long after he started sucking my cock again, I knew I couldn't last much longer. The surprise nature of the incident, combined with the knowledge that our wives could wander in at any moment, didn't do much for my longevity. I could feel my scrotum tighten against my body as Drew increased the rhythm of his motions on my tool.

"Aaarrgghh...uummmpphhh...shit!" I screamed as I shot load after load of hot jizz down my buddy's throat...my body curled over his head as I held his face to my crotch.

Drew swallowed as much as he possibly could, the excess running between his stretched lips and down my balls. My body shook with every teasing lick Drew made with his tongue along the bottom of my spent and deflating member. After being satisfied that he had cleaned every last ounce of cum off my dick, Drew lay back on the floor and looked up at me as I pulled my pants back up to my waist.

"Fuck, man...I needed to taste cum again in the worst way. Been driving me nuts for the last month or so. Kind of freaks me out in a way to say it...but that's the fact of the matter." Drew said calmly as he wiped the last trail of cum from his chin, a serious tent pole stretching the front of his baggy shorts.

Looking down at Drew while his prick strained against confines of his cargo shorts, I was taken over with lust for cock, and I knew this wasn't going to end in a one-way exchange.

"Lose the shorts, man...let me a get a taste of that before the girls start wondering what happened to us." I said as I sat down on the dusty couch in the corner.

I watched in eager anticipation as Drew quickly stepped out of his shorts and boxers and walked toward me. His hard prick bounced with every step, and the tip glistened with a coating of pre-cum. Drew walked up onto the couch, my body between his legs as he stood before me, bracing himself against the wall ahead of him. Drew's hot cock slid across my cheek as he tried to steady himself on the soft cushions.

"Lick my nuts man...the way you do that is fucking incredible."

"No problem...always willing to take requests."

Wrapping my arms around his muscular thighs, I moved my head toward his groin and extended my tongue to lick at his shaved and low-hanging sack. Drew moaned in appreciation as I gently drew each walnut-sized orb into my mouth. His cock twitched and a trail of clear liquid slid down his shaft as I licked the space between his balls and ass. I could see the muscles in his abs flex with each short breath as I trailed my tongue along the bottom of his dick, tasting the pre-cum all the way to its source. I was no less amazed at the silky feel of the skin and the intense heat radiating from Drew's engorged flesh, as I was the first time. Remembering how I struggled to accommodate his thickness on our first encounter, I was prepared to take my time and coat his rod thoroughly as I inched my way down. I closed my eyes as I felt the spongy flesh of the head pass my lips and ease into my mouth. Even as I willfully performed this act, I couldn't help but think to myself how strange it felt to pleasure another man in such an intimate way. I couldn't help but wonder once again how I could have gone from never thinking about other men in a sexual way, to blowing my best friend in such a short time.

"Oh shit, man...you've really gotten good at this. Can't believe you took the whole thing!" Drew exclaimed as his pubic hairs pressed into my nose and his heavy balls rested on my chin.

Even I was amazed as I realized I had taken him down to the root. No doubt made possible by the fact that I was a ready and willing participant, and not taken by surprise like the first time around. With one hand gripping Drew's balls, and the other on planted on his firm ass, I guided him into a steady rhythm in and out of my over-stretched mouth. Regardless of my conflicted feelings over the whole thing, I couldn't help but take satisfaction in knowing I was giving pleasure to someone who meant a lot to me, and that we both were on the same page about its significance.

"Mmmmpphhh...mmmmmpphhhh." I grunted with every stroke of Drew's steel-hard shaft into my mouth as spit ran down my chin and dropped onto my bare chest. My own cock was beginning to swell again within the confines of my unfastened jeans, but I knew there would be no time for anything more tonight.

Drew's strokes were getting shorter and faster as I sensed him approaching climax. I ran my hand up his chest and squeezed his pecs as continued to piston his cock between my lips. Last time, Drew was overly focused on getting off and forced to swallow his load as he came with little warning. While I'm not opposed to the taste, I would rather watch my friend get off, as I've never really seen another man shoot. Pulling away from his swollen member, I decided to make my own request.

"Jerk it for me, man...I really like to see you shoot a load." I said looking up to his eyes as he peered down to me.

"Fuck, yes...you've got it, man." Drew said as he dropped to his knees and straddled my lap. I really thought he would sit next to me and let me watch, I really wasn't expecting such a front-row view. "Play with my balls, man...I'm getting close."

I was mesmerized as I watched my best friend grip his spit-soaked rod and begin to jerk while I fondled the silky-smooth skin around his balls. It was really strange to view from this perspective something I had done to myself a million times. I prepared myself for the show as Drew closed his eyes and threw his head back while concentrating effort around the head of his intensely hard cock.

"Aaaargghhh...mmmmpphhhh...shit!" Drew shouted as rope after rope of thick, milky cum shot from his throbbing prick and splashed onto my face and chest. The warmth of the fluid surprised me as it dropped onto my cheek and pooled on my chest. I was fascinated by watching his orgasm, and much more turned-on by it than I thought I would be. Reaching out, I gripped Drew's softening tool, and milked the last drops of seed from his rod as his body shook with every pass across the now sensitive head.

"Wow...Mike, that was fucking intense. Guess I really needed to get off more than I thought. Not much around to clean you up with, though." Drew said as he looked around the dimly lit basement. "Guess I've had worse problems." He continued as he moved off my lap and began licking his own cum off my chest.

Watching my best friend eating his own spunk off my body wasn't helping my own half-hard cock in the least, and I was a little surprised how erotic the situation seemed at the moment. While my friend worked on my chest, I absent-mindedly wiped the semen from my cheek with a finger, and licked it clean as though it were cake frosting. I didn't realize what I had done until after I did it. The look of mild shock must have been clear on my face as Drew chuckled lightly as he watched me. Bending over to clean the last remnants from my left nipple, Drew gave me yet another shock as he moved from my chest and kissed me fully on the lips, sliding his cum-coated tongue into my mouth.

I freaked out. I had never kissed another man before, and even with all the things Drew and I shared recently, that thought had never crossed my mind. I pushed him back and quickly rose from the couch, gathered my clothes and hurriedly put them back on. The expression on Drew's face was a combination of puzzlement and regret as he quietly retrieved his shorts and got dressed.

"Hey dude, this has been fun...but we should get upstairs before our wives wonder what the hell is going on." I said nervously as I walked toward the stairs, barely looking in Drew's direction.

"Yeah...sure...you're probably right." Drew replied, sounding confused and guilty. "Sorry man...it was just an impulse. I didn't mean to weird you out or anything."

"Forget about it...we should get going." I said sounding terse and dismissive.

We went upstairs and joined our wives for the rest of their movie as though nothing had happened. At the end of the evening we said our usual goodbyes, Drew and I exchanged the usual bullshit about when the next phase of renovations would begin.

Over the next few weeks I still saw Drew in the usual places, but made no special effort to seek him out. I was still having difficulty sorting out why that simple act made the whole thing seem so different. Why was I so distraught over kissing him when I was more than willing to suck his cock? I knew the answer was intimacy...while I was comfortable with the idea of a no-strings way of getting off, I was horrified of "falling in love" with another man. Linda was still the center of my world, and I didn't want anything to get in the way of our special emotional bond. I knew in the back of my mind that I was making way too much of it, but I still couldn't get past this particular hurdle. I feared that my friendship with Drew was in danger of ending. I was leaving the gym when I passed Drew in the locker room, where he took the initiative in clearing the air.

"When are you going to stop treating me like a fucking leper and get the balls to talk about this?" Drew said with irritation in his voice as he opened his locker. "Nothing has changed for me, but it obviously has for you. I at least deserve to know what your thinking."

"Look...I know you're right, and that I'm overreacting in a huge way." I replied, pausing by the bench and staring at the floor. "For whatever reason, I felt kissing moved us away from the "friends with benefits" and "fuck buddy" stage. You're my best friend, but that doesn't mean I want us to be lovers." I said in hushed tones, to avoid anyone overhearing.

"I swear man, there are times when I don't know what it's going to take to pull that pin out of your ass. You're my friend, and I'm not ashamed to say that I love you in that way...but it hardly means that I'm ready to divorce my wife and set up house with you. We've been through all this before, and it's pretty clear you still aren't comfortable with the whole thing. I think its best if we just drop the physical thing and go back to the way things were. I know I can do that...do you think you can?" Drew said with complete sincerity.

I really had to pause and think before responding. While I enjoyed getting off with him, I knew the excitement was mainly due to the taboo nature of the thing. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that I could just shrug it off as an experiment that didn't work out. "Sure, I can do that. I feel better already not having to worry about that heavy weight hanging over our heads. I can't tell you how sorry I am for being such a prick. Still looking for help with the basement?"

"I think you know the answer to that question. I'll be out of town the next few days for work. Plan to stop by my office next Tuesday...we'll go to lunch and set up a plan of attack." Drew said, sounding relieved and much happier.

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