A Frustrated Wife Ch. 02


This action causes Stacy to moan and gasp. Serena continues to rub Stacy's pussy through her panties. This causes Stacy's pussy to moisten, and to have Stacy moan "ohhhh…. mmmmmm!" Serena then begins to rub Stacy's panty covered pussy lips with more fury. Stacy is soon wiggling in the car seat and pushing her pussy against Serena's hand.

Stacy's pussy become wetter and wetter by the second and soon Serena can feel the wetness through the Panties. "God that feels good. " Stacy moans.

"I know baby. " replies Serena. Serena stops rubbing Stacy for a second as she pushes Stacy's panties to the side to get to Stacy's very wet and aroused pussy.

As Serena now rubs Stacy's exposed sex, she can really feel Stacy's wetness as it collects on Serena's fingers. Stacy's breath has now become labored and sharp. Serena then uses her two middle fingers to stroke and rub Stacy's clit. This really causes a reaction from Stacy as she moans louder then she ever had so far.

Serena really is now rubbing Stacy's clit in a frenzy, this even causes Stacy to gyrate her pussy into Serena's fingers. "MMMMMMM…. YES!…. YES!" is all Stacy can verbalize due to the attention her pussy is getting.

Serena then moves her fingers back to Stacy's pussy lips and begins to rub the slick lips up and down. Serena noticing how wet Stacy's lips are and with a little effort she is able to get her middle and fore fingers into Stacy's hot, wet pussy.

Serena begins to plunge her two fingers in and out of Stacy's pussy. "OH…GOD…OH…SHIT!!" yells out Stacy. Serena looks over to see the passion filled face of Stacy but a car coming down the road honks his horn. So Stacy pulls her fingers from Stacy's pussy and pays attention to the road again.

Stacy lifts herself from the slumped position she was in and says with a sweet smile "Sorry about that. "

Serena looks over at Stacy and says, "Not a problem, it was worth the effort. " and upon that comment Serena takes the two fingers she had inserted into Stacy's pussy and brings them to her mouth as she sucks and licks her fingers clean of Stacy's juices.

"Mmmmmm, your pussy taste good Stace. " said Serena with a sexy smile and glare at her blonde newlywed friend.

Stacy not sure how to respond to that statement says "Ah, thanks. " Serena laughs at her friend's comment.

Then Stacy asks Serena "How does my pussy taste?"

"You mean you have never licked your fingers when you masturbate?" asked a shocked Serena.

"No. " replies Stacy flatly.

"Well your missing out Stace. " said Serena. "If your curious, why don't you rub your pussy and gather some juices on your fingers. "

Stacy does just that, Stacy begins to rub her wet pussy and feels the juices moisten her index and middle finger, and with ease, Stacy insert her two fingers into her pussy hole. Stacy plunges her fingers in and out of her hole as Serena looks on with lust in her eyes.

Serena says "I think your finger are nice and wet, pull them out and taste them. "

Stacy pulls her fingers in anticipation of tasting herself for the first time. Stacy brings her fingers which are glistening with her own juices. At first Stacy smells the aroma of her fingers and finding out that the smell is non-offensive closes her eyes and open her mouth.

Stacy places her two pussy moistened fingers in the opening of her mouth and slowly flicks her tongue over her fingers unsure of what her own pussy juices will taste like. As Stacy's tongue licks the tips of her well-manicured fingers, Stacy receives the first taste of her own pussy.

"MMMMM!" moans Stacy as the taste of her own juices gather in her mouth.

Stacy then sucks her two pussy soaked fingers into her mouth upon realization how good her own pussy tastes. Sucking sounds can be heard in Serena's car from the intense licking and sucking Stacy is giving to her fingers.

"Do you like how you taste Stace?" asks Serena with a sly smile on her gorgeous face.

"Uh huh. ", is all Stacy says as she sucks her middle and index fingers to make sure all of her juices are gone.

Once all the juices have been cleaned off her fingers, Stacy pulls her fingers free of her mouth and says "I had now idea I tasted so good. "

Serena laughed and then flatly said to Stacy "I told you, you taste delicious. "

Stacy now feeling a little bolder asked her friend, "Serena do you…um.. does your pussy taste like mine?" Stacy can not believe that question came out her mouth.

Serena says "We're at my place. "

Stacy could see that Serena lived in a very expensive apartment in the expensive part of LA, as Serena pulls her black Porsche into the building's parking garage.

With the car stopped and parked, Serena looks at her newlywed friend with lust filled eyes and say's "I guess you'll have to wait to see how I taste, baby. "

The Serena leans in to kiss Stacy, Stacy leans in as well as their lips press against one another to meet in extremely passionate open mouth tongue twinning kiss.

The two blondes' tongues circle and dance around each other. Stacy sucks on Serena's succulent lower lip with gently nibbles included. Serena reaches over to her friend and begins to run her hands over Stacy's breathtaking form.

Serena places her right hand on Stacy's right firm breast and gently rubs and squeezes it through Stacy's dress. This action elicites a moan from the Stacy's lips. With her other hand, Serena runs it over Stacy's exposed flesh which is hot with her passion. Serena first rubs the back of Stacy's neck as the kiss the two hot blondes are sharing intensifies with lust and passion. Serena then runs her left hand down Stacy's


Stacy is amazed and shocked at the feelings that Serena is bringing out of her, Stacy thinks to herself no one has ever made me feel like this and she can not believe a woman is making her feel this away. Stacy is shocked but in a way that she never thought could make her feel like this.

Stacy then reaches out for Serena's own gorgeous frame in front of her. Stacy's a liitle more unsure of what to do places her hands on the sides of Serena. Running her hands up and down Serena's sides.

Serena's left hand keeps moving over Stacy's body exploring as much as the confines of the car will allow.

The two young women move closer and closer to one another as passion and lust envelop their every being.

Stacy slowly moves her hands up Serena's magnificent form, up Serena's taunt stomach and Stacy's unsteady hands continue to move upward till they reach the area just below Serena's very large breasts. Stacy scared be the realization that she is about to touch another woman's breasts for the first time has trouble making her hands explore the objects of her desire.

Serena seeing Stacy's hesitation breaks the kiss and says to her friend " They won't hurt you Stace. " and then grasps Stacy's hands into her own. Stacy stares directly into Serena's eyes as she watches Serena moving her own hands towards Serena's extremely large and extremely firm breasts.

Stacy never takes her eyes from Serena's as her hands move closer and closer to Serena's breasts. Then Stacy's hands are now placed over Serena's breasts. Stacy can not believe she is touching another woman's breasts. Another first for Stacy tonight.

Serena still has her hands over top of Stacy's. Serena then squeezes her hands, so Stacy's hands then squeeze Serena's breasts. Stacy can not believe she is squeezing Serena's amazing breasts. Serena pulls her hands off Stacy and Stacy continues to squeeze Serena's breasts. Liking the feel of Serena's unnaturally large breasts in her hands she begins to gently squeeze and rub them in her hands.

Serena leans back against the car door as Stacy massages her breasts. Serena begins to moan "That feels soo good Stace. "

Stacy slowly removes her hands from Serena's breasts and as she does this Serena asks "How do my breasts feel?"

Stacy answers "They feel so firm, yet so soft. "

"Well thanks for the compliment. " Says Serena.

Serena reaches to Stacy's face and again the two blondes meet for a kiss. This time this kiss was short but passion filled.

Serena breaks lip contact by uses her right thumb to wipe Stacy's lower lip. Serena asks "Are you ready to head up to my apartment?" Serena knew this was the best time to ask Stacy up because she could see in Stacy's eyes only lust and that lust was for her.

"Sounds like fun to me. " replies Stacy.

As the two women exit the car Serena says to Stacy "You have no idea how much fun it's going to be. ", smiles Serena wickedly at her innocent friend.

As the two young blondes head to the service elevator, Serena walks next to Stacy and puts her right arm around her waist. Not seeing the least bit of resistance out of Stacy, she then lowers her right hand onto Stacy's lusciously sweet ass. All Stacy does is place her left arm around Serena's waist in return. The two young women both smile at one another.

Inside the service elevator Serena uses her free hand to press the button for the fourth floor. When the door close, Serena pushes Stacy against one of the elevator's walls. Serena places her hands onto Stacy's breasts as she begins her assualt on Stacy's gorgeous form.

Serena kisses Stacy's supple neck, sucking upon Stacy's tan skin. Serena even licks up and down Stacy's neck. Serena removes her right hand off Stacy's right breast and begins to move it down Stacy's body. Serena's right hand moves over Stacy's firm toned stomach and contines to move lower and lower. Serena's hand is now at the short hem of Stacy's dress.

Stacy gasps at the realization at where Serena's hand is going and as a reflex she opens her legs a bit.

Serena noticing Stacy's action places her hand under the hem of Stacy's dress and places her hand on Stacy's pantied cover pussy. Serena notices how wet Stacy's pussy is. Through the thin fabric of Stacy's panties, Serena rubs Stacy's very aroused pussy.

Serena brakes her lip contact with Stacy and whispers into Stacy's ear. "Do I make you this wet, baby?"

All Stacy mutters is a breathy and husky "UH HUH!"

Serena smiles to herself and then proceeds to lick Stacy's earlobe sensuously. Then Serena returns her lips to those of Stacy's.

As this occurs Stacy intensifies her own part in the passionate kiss. Stacy is now wrestling with Serena's tongue as the two gorgeous blondes swap saliva in the elevator. Gasps and moans escape the lips of both women during the tongue twinning kiss.

Serena is really now rubbing Stacy's panty covered sex.

"YES OH YES" moans Stacy through the passionate kiss because of the way Serena is making her body feel.

The elevator stops and the doors open. The two women look at the open doors while their lips stay connected to see an older gentleman standing in the doorway. The two young women brake lips contact and Serena says laughingly "Sorry. " The older gentleman can just shake his head as he watches the two blondes head down the hall.

As Serena grasps her friend's hand and leads Stacy's to her apartment, the two women can not help but laugh at getting caught making out in the elevator.

"I bet he won't be forgetting us anytime soon. " Said Serena.

"Yeah, I also bet that won't be the only thing he'll be doing tonight. " Said Stacy

The two women laughed at Stacy's comment.

The two women soon found themselves at Serena's door, apartment 404. Serena used her keys and opened the door to her home. Serena pushed the door open and said "Welcome to my humble home. ", as she flicked on the light switch. Stacy finds herself in a huge luxurious apartment. Stacy thinks to herself "God it looks like the honeymoon suite her and Alex had at the resort in Hawaii but only smaller.

"You like?" asks Serena of her friend.

"Yes, wow, it's huge and so beautiful. " Said Stacy.

"I'm going to get us some champagne, make yourself at home. " Smiled Serena. Serena plants a gentle kiss on Stacy's lips and heads to the kitchen.

Stacy walks around the livingroom and looks around to see that Serena's place is white with lush white carpeting decorated with a beautiful and very expensive taste. Stacy continues to walk and look at all of Serena's lovely items.

"Hey Stace, why don't you head to my bedroom, there is something I want to show you. " Said Serena as she peaked out of the kitchen. Serena explained where her bedroom was and Stacy followed the instructions to Serena's bedroom.

Serena's bedroom was white like the livingroom with that lovely plush carpeting as well. On the right side of the room was a huge bed with a fluffy white comforter with numerous pillows. On the next wall was inlayed shelves with pictures of Serena with friends, and some pictures of her family. Stacy walked over to the shelves and picked up the pictures and looked at them, smiling.

Stacy then turned to see a entertainment center with a large TV, a DVD player, and a Music system hooked up to two large speakers. On top of the entertainment center were a couple of trophies or awards.

As Stacy leaned in to look at them Serena entered the room.

"Got the champagne and I brought us some strawberries to eat with our drinks. " said Serena.

"Sounds yummy to me. "said a startled Stacy.

"I hope I didn't scare you Stace?" smiled Serena.

"Oh, no I was just curious about you is all" said Stacy with a coy smile.

"Hey Serena what are those awards for?" asked Stacy.

"Go ahead and read them, I'm very proud of them. " said Serena.

Stacy walked back to the two awards and read what they said 2002 Best Female Newcomer and the other award said 2003 Best Female Actress. It took Stacy a second to figure it out and she blurted out "You're a pornstar?"

"I star in adult films. " said Serena flatly with pride.

"Wow, I'm shocked, your so beautiful and so much like me and you star in porn films, wow. " said Stacy. "Now when I think about it I should have realized it earlier. " said Stacy.

Serena put down the bottle of champagne and the plate of strawberries along with the two glasses on the bed and walked over toward Stacy. "Does it bother you that I'm a pornstar?" asked Serena.

Stacy grasps Serena's face with both of her hands and kisses Serena full on her lips both women opening their mouths to accept each others' tongue. Their tongues twirl around one another as the two young blondes explore each other's bodies with their hands.

Stacy brakes the kiss and says "Does that answer your question. " smiled Stacy.

"Lay back on the bed. ", said Serena. Serena opened the bottle of champagne and both women giggled as the cork popped. Serena poured Stacy herself each a glass of the bubbling drink.

Stacy took a sip of the champagne and then asked "What did you want to show me?"

"Well since you've found out what I do for a living, I was wondering if you'd like to see me in one of my movies?" asked Serena.

"Yes" replied Stacy. Stacy was shocked at how quickly she had answered, before this moment she had not wanted to watch a porn film even though her husband has tried umpteen times to get her to, but Stacy had to see the woman of her desire in one of her films.

Serena headed to the entertainment center to put in one of her DVD movies when Stacy exclaimed "Oh shit, I better call Alex and tell him where I'm at. "

"Use the phone by the bed. " replied Serena.

Stacy picked up the phone and dialed her number and turned her back to Serena. The phone rung once, then twice, then three times, then four, then the answering machine kicked in and Alex 's and her voice came over. After the beep Stacy looked at her watch and seen it said 12:15 AM. It's 12:15 Alex, I'm going to be late and where are you? Never mind, bye for now, Stacy.

Stacy hung up the phone, turned around is was about to say something when she saw Serena standing in front of the TV in a cotton lace black bra that barely contained her magnificent breasts and black cotton lace thong and her 6 inch black high heels. Stacy could not help but stare at the breathtaking beauty standing a few feet away from her.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Serena. " said Stacy.

"Thanks Stacy, but I think you're a little over dressed for this party. ", said Serena as she walked over to the bed. Serena placed the DVD controller on the bed and told Stacy to put the drink on the end table. Stacy put the drink on the table.

Serena took Stacy by the hands and said "Stand up" as she helped Stacy up to her feet.

Serena pushed the shoulder straps off Stacy's shoulders and then pushed Stacy's dress down over her shoulders and onto the floor. Stacy stepped out of her dress. Serena looked over Stacy to see the gorgeous blonde newlywed standing in her black cotton bra and black matching thong panties and said "God you look even sexier out of the dress Stacy. "

"Thanks. " replied Stacy.

Serena placed her right hand on the small of Stacy's back and moved her back onto the bed. Serena refilled both of their glasses.

"Here" says Serena as she hands the drink to Stacy and then says "Scoot over so I can sit next to you. "

Stacy moves over and sits with her legs to the left side of her as Serena snuggles close to Stacy with her legs toward her right side.

"Are you ready for the movie Stacy?" asks Serena.

"Yes" replies Stacy

"Have you ever seen a porn movie before?" asks Serena.

"Um, no this would be my first, even though Alex has wanted me to watch them a few times. " says Stacy.

"Well I know your just going to love one of my films" says Serena as she pushes the play button on the controller. Stacy take another drink from her glass as the beginning credits begin to role.

"I hope I'm not being to forward, but how did someone like you get into porn?" asked Stacy as she looked from the TV screen to Serena's face.

"Oh, I don't mind answering that. Well I was going to college and my family was never rich and my father got fired from his job and I needed to find a job or I was not going to finish my education. " says Serena.

"That a crappy situation to be in. " replies Stacy.

"Yeah it was, one day I was telling my roommate about my situation and she told me she knew a way for me to get out of my financial problems. I was desperate and asked how. She told me that she was an exotic dancer at one of biggest gentlemen's club. I was not happy about this option but once she told me how much money I could make in a night. I could not say no. She set up an audition and even though I was nervous I got the job. "

"So how did you get into porn?" asked Stacy.

"Well I had been working at the club a few months and I noticed how this particular dancer was making tons of money more than I, so I asked her why this was and she said she gotten a boob job and the rest was history. So I decided to get a boob job and took six weeks off and when I returned I was now making double the money I had previously. Then one day a this rather handsome man came up to me and started up a conversation.

I danced for him and he said he had a proposition for me. I laughed at that, then he said he was the owner of Wicked Studios, an adult film company. He said he was looking for new talent and thought I would be amazing in adult films. He gave me his business card that said KEVIN VALENTINE, WICKED STUDIOS. He then told me that I had nothing to lose to have a meeting with him and everything to gain if I set up a meeting.

When my shift got done I went back to my apartment and thought about what the man said and I called him. We set up an appointment/audition. He liked me and offered me a four film deal to get my feet wet as he put it. In those four films I was only a in one or two scenes each film in a supportive role.

Then after my four film deal was up Kevin asked me to his office and offered me to be a contract girl for Wicked Studios. That meant I was going to be the star of the films, I could now hand pick my male co-stars because some of the men in porn are so not sexy and because I could only work for Wicked they were going to pay me a lot of money for me to star in their films. I had loved doing the other films and the fact that they were offering me a lot of money, I couldn't say no, so I signed the contract.

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