tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Fuck a Day Keeps Stress Away

A Fuck a Day Keeps Stress Away


It always happens when I meet James now. We have gotten that accustomed to each other that just as soon as we can get some privacy we are in each others trousers.

In the office the other day I had an abounding erection, leaning against the desk did it and seeing James through the glass separation in the main office, he always looked so wonderfully cool and sexy as he walked by in that certain 'James' way - his movements sensual and very becoming.

It was no secret that we were lovers and indeed, during lunch hour the staff new full well not to disturb their boss (me) whilst he was 'entertaining.'

But it was only 11am - another hour and a half before lunch. How could I endure that long! What could I do to impel James into my office before.

Jasmine my secretary came in to take some notes and although she probably read the lust in my eyes I didn't think she could see my bulge, at least whilst I remained seated. But having said that she was some sexy kitten and maybe, just maybe she wouldn't mind at all. Or was that just ht male ego syndrome!

"You alright, Peter? she asked like she was concerned about something, and it was okay her calling me by my Christian name for that was the friendly arrangement.

When Jasmine first applied for the job ( I would have chosen James but his secretarial aptitude is useless) I always remember she offered me some Jammy Dodgers and me thinking well that's a new approach to please a prospective boss, she was dressed in a yummy white taffeta dress with a darned good showing of scrumptious above the knee thigh, whether that was to arouse my interest or anything else for that matter I don't know but certainly I would not have said no to some sex with her had I now been ravishingly involved with James. I am one of those fortunate human beings that can equally bond with both sexes, I say fortunate because I have always believed that is a real asset to know the fuck of both. But for the time being James advances kept me well occupied and gratified (so I thought) so even if I imagined I may have had the urge for a touch of Jasmine I don't think I could have made it with her - and you know what a lady is like when scorned!

Anyway I have it on good authority that my assistant manager is shagging her now - or is fair to say that, because they do seem to have built a veritable romance and once or twice I have caught them in rather compromising positions in the basement where all the stock is kept. But then I couldn't say much because once or twice I am sure Jasmine must have got an eyeful of James and I together, especially in the early days when she thought I was out of the office one lunch hour and so she must have known what was happening, with my ass high bent across the desk and James pumping me like that. But she was a very prudent secretary and not a word was spoken, and she does make jolly sure she knocks hard my office door now.

Anyway back to eagerly awaiting James's fuck and the thought of having to wait until lunch time I had an idea...Jasmine had 'phoned in to say she would not be in because she had a sicky, and my assistant manager too, funny that - but I supposed at the end of the day they were probably sharing a bed to the end of the day. And who could blame, Jeff getting into her tight skirt

Wouldn't mind myself - but presently my desires were fixed on the inside of James trousers, that veritable tackle of his and all the deep penetrating pleasure it gave me. But there were a lot of new orders to deal with and although I could have probably cum with James's fuck in multiples of three or more the pennies had to come first.

But damn it! for now I was thinking my kingdom for one of James nice slender hot invigorating fucks..

So, bull by the horns I called him, as far as the staff were concerned I was short of a secretary and needed help, I did not want them to think I was shagging during working hours otherwise I would really set off a president probably lose all control, they would all think they were entitled to a bit of humpy during working hours. And anyway it was the boss's prerogative. After all I am the boss and I must not let them forget it.

James came through the door, I put the notice on it not to be disturbed, and closed the blinds

As always he looked absolutely delicious and his cheeky smile made me tingle all over.

"What a naughty boss you are, wanting me at this time, what have I done to deserve this?" James asked with that certain come suck me expression on his face

"You just walked by in front of my vision, dear James - simply that and I wanted you."

"We are in that mood are we?"

"Can't you see," I replied standing up. Looking down at me he just sighed - that sort of sigh when you see something you really like - and said: "I see what you mean."

He closed to me and I gladly felt his busy hand unzip me and the other release my trouser belt, in no time at all his mouth was full of my throb, the ache already being soothed by the touch of his tongue licking around and around my very aroused plum (his name for it). Taking a short pause his eyes looked up and met mine. Taking a brief interlude from the fill of my very passive cock he whispered; "I do love the flavour of you, the taste of you so divine." his fingers arousing my balls , so knowing just what to do, what I like- the way he so wonderfully cupped and moved them in the palms of his hands as his mouth worked me frantically, like he was so hungry for it - it was so much a pleasure just to stand there supported by the desk behind me , legs and thighs parted for him so kneel between whilst he had a thoroughly enjoyable time down there, the feelings running up and down my spine like electricity as he soon had me getting to that delectable point of no return, then I felt the fluid stirring in my groin and the urge to cum full spurt, and James., bless him, did it in such a way, his skilful hand jerk increasing and so fulfilling, making me feel and wanting to be all cock for him - and later, all ass too. He'd mouth fucked me so much he knew when I was nearly there, so firmly took my cock in a tight hand grip and watch me spurt my hot passion into his handkerchief. Wonderful!

"Thank you, that was divine, it was heaven!" I panted kissing James on the forehead - and when he touched my lips with his I tasted myself on his tongue. It was one of the most intimate things we do and I know later he will give me such a good seeing too, his very ample cock penetrating my being , lasting and lasting until my passage is numb and we cum , both of us so strong, both enjoying the wonderful sensation of being fucked and fucking.

As always I would suck his cock, taste his freshly cum cream, and slowly let him see me swallow every last drop - and he'd as always have the orange juice ready to quench my thirst and then. It was always a bit of a joke that, the orange juice as inevitably - in our time of passion, it would tipple and splash all over - and with a couple of lumps of ice in the glass, that could be quite a shock - but that was one of the extra's that we could laugh in bed. There was always more, more sucking and licking and we discovered we could enjoy it in mutual rhythm - he mesmerising my soul with his busy mouth and tongue sucking and licking every private part of me, taking me to heaven and back, and I wanted to do the same, enjoying the pleasures of his ripe cock, the cock which had just so wonderfully fucked my ass, to our heart's content.

Anyway back to the present, I was one happy guy having been duly serviced by James in our secret office spree. Little did I know however the secret would soon be out when - later in the afternoon, my very astute secretary, Jasmine came in to take some letters.

"I thought you were sick today, Jasmine?" I asked

"I feel okay now, and anyway I felt being at home on a working day wasn't so much fun, especially if you are on your own!"

Interesting I thought and so she couldn't have been shagging Jeff. -unless she had and he didn't satisfy!

After sitting neatly on the chair facing on the other side of the desk, she very systematically as always, crossed those fine thighs. All the more sensual hearing the sound of her black stockings slide together as she made herself comfortable looking rather delicious - me imagining because with the desk in the way I couldn't see, she in her short just above the knees black tight skirt

After taking the first letter I dictated she started to look a trifle fidgety and I saw that she had a certain look on her face that looked to me very much she was horny.. It had never happened before, not during our business relationship, mind you she had only been in my employ for a couple of weeks but I knew the signs from my former conquests with females. That certain look that maybe, just maybe hinted I was on a promise.

"You okay, Jasmine, would you like a rest or something?"

I watched her nostrils close like she was sniffing, wildly sniffing. She said she was fine, it was just a certain scent present in the office that she knew but couldn't put a finger on what it was.

I found myself sniffing too but there was nothing extra ordinary. It was quite funny really, we both laughed. Then she said it, and what an utter surprise, "excuse me Peter, I don't mean to intrude into your personal affairs but you have just recently been with James, Yes?"

"Been with?" I stuttered hesitantly, if you mean has he been in the office, yes he has."

"Thought so" she giggled then explained; "I'm sorry but I have to say it, Peter - I have noticed it before around your person and it so turns me on."

I was beginning to see her in a different light, maybe as another lover, she had all the attributes I liked, going through my mind all those humorous stories about the boss and his secretary having it away.

I felt Mr. Fred (that's what I called him) rising once more like it was just the thought, a mere suggestion, no matter how subtle, that got me into to gear and I was hard again.

"Now I know what it is, there is no mistake, Pete - the scent of pure wonderful masculinity in full arousal! - indeed the unique scent of pure unadulterated cock."

"That's a bit bold, Jasmine" I said squeezing myself down under beneath the confines of the desk, and in so doing I guess I was expelling the scent of masculinity in a big way being as I'd undone my zip with Mr. Fred poking his head through between. I always think of him as his own creature, like a devil in disguise, a very formidable thing indeed, like he had a mind of his own and I had no control.

But what was I doing, why was I doing this, when I l knew I should have been well gratified that morning with James.

It was just Jasmine saying those words, the scent of cock which aroused me and Mr. Fred too!

"Sorry, Peter I just cant help it, but no problems. I was just thinking what a waste, your being attracted to someone of your own sex."

"Well you may just like to know I am Bisexual, Jasmine, how do you feel about that?"

The look was enough - it said just how relieved she was and soon we'd be sharing the delights of each other. In fact we were like a pair of animals for down went the office shutters again and the don't disturb sign because Jasmine and I were about to make it big time.

And she was obviously aware of my bare essentials poking g out beneath the desk because in a few seconds. She'd pulled back her chair and was kneeling between the aperture in the desk and finding my secret underneath, sniffing and licking me like some perverted animal, she was all woman this one and I had the pleasure to receive her passion, I wanted her to be all animal like we were back in the wilds, like when we were chimpanzees as I have heard said, so feeling the touch of Jasmine was s sheer dream pf ecstasy and uninhibited passion.

I didn't realise just how lucky a guy I was having shared the sweet service of my beloved James and now to top it all, a nice pending girl fuck with Jasmine. - like the perfume of the same name she smelt gorgeous and when she lifted her dress for me to see her more explicitly it was a wonderfully arousing scene indeed. She had the sheerest of black silk stockings supported by a French style suspender belt and her undies were of lace and red silk just waiting for my caress..

Her eyes met mine as I looked at her open eyed and open mouthed for that matter, and if my tongue was hanging out that too. "But aren't you shagging Jeff?" (the assistant manager) I asked

"Not any more" was the straight reply, she letting me purvey her true femininity, the way she swayed and wiggled, that gorgeous succulent hind, all for me and how!

She unzipped her skirt and removed it and I asked if she could just keep the rest as it was, to remove any more would have spoiled the feast for the eyes and I so badly needed to fuck her now - then her lips met mine in a wonderfully warm and searching French kiss, her tongue teasing mine as I felt her fingers explore just as I was exploring her, she was warm and moist and felt like velvet, she parted her thighs for me to delve deeper into her womanhood as she discovered my throbbing cock, pulling it out - then pulling down my trousers and briefs to feel and see and soon, I hoped, to taste once more- and when she did my head spun in ecstasy, as she made no hesitation about taking me deep and whole inside her busy mouth, really enjoying me and whispering in between sucking - how she had longed for this moment and, if only I knew just how she wanted to touch , to feel of my cock and soon to feel my fuck deep inside her.

She was lovely, divine, smelt so good, we found ourselves sprawled on the floor in a sixty nine position each so enjoying the wonderful exploration mutual oral sex can bring, I smothered my face into her very wet and warm pussy which she opened for me with her fingers, like an animal I licked and sucked her juices and when eventually out lips met again we were sharing the intimacy and taste of each other.

Then the fuck, the sweet, sweet exploding quality fuck as she swallowed the whole of my cock into her pulsing pussy, her legs entwining me around my back urging me to push and push, thrust and thrust and when we reached that wonderful waterloo it was like the earth had exploded and we were in our heaven as one, together..

Fucking Jasmine that day was a bonus to be sure and from then on I had th4e best of both worlds, each unique and different in their own delightfully stimulating way - and it was going to be our little secret.

We have a saying how 'A fuck a day keeps stress away!"

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