tagLoving WivesA Fuck In A Truck

A Fuck In A Truck


I am one of those men who enjoy watching their wives getting fucked by other men. My beautiful wife Laura has given me that pleasure many times during our fifteen-year marriage. She recently turned forty, but she is still a very tasty dish. No man in his right mind would turn her down. She is of average height and weight, but there is nothing average about her spectacular tits and ass. My cock is hardening now from thinking about them.

I don't let Laura fuck just anyone. Friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors are out. She can only be unfaithful to me with strangers whom we will never meet again, and the relationship cannot last longer than one night. I also have veto power over her choice of men. Average looks are fine, but I won't accept less no matter how big their cocks are. Arrogant or vain men are also unacceptable. It almost goes without saying that I must be allowed to watch. I might even decide to tell him what to do to her, or, in other words, fuck her with his cock. I generally just sit on the sidelines and masturbate, but I always have the option of joining in, and the action doesn't have to be totally straight.

We had our most recent escapade just a few days ago. I want to tell you about it while it is still fresh in my mind. Laura and I were returning home from a visit to her parents in another state. The only time we had enough privacy for sex was in bed at night, but Laura wouldn't go along with it because she was afraid we would be overheard. After two weeks of nothing more than jacking off in the shower, I was unbearably horny. Sexual fantasies ran rampant in my sex-crazed mind.

The spark that ignited the tinder was a billboard advertising a truck stop ahead. "Honey, how would you like a good fucking?" I asked. "My God, yes. I am so horny. Pull over and let's do it." I was very pleased that she was so eager. "Well, I had something else in mind, babe." I had to choose my words very carefully. A slip of the tongue and she might turn on me.

"I was thinking more along the lines of you getting screwed by a big, strong trucker while I cheer him on."

"Sure, that's fine with me, Larry. Where do you plan on getting a trucker to fuck me."

I winked and smiled as I turned onto the exit ramp. The truck stop was big and the parking lot was full of semis. "It looks like I'll have plenty of choices," Laura said. I was a little disappointed when we walked into the restaurant. Although the parking lot was full, the dinner rush hour was over and only a few truckers were still around.

We took a table and ordered burgers. "Do you see anything you like, babe?" I asked. She frowned as she searched the room with her eyes. "The guy at the bar looks okay," she said. He was a big, husky fellow with rugged good looks. I guessed that he was around fifty, ten years older than Laura. That was just fine because she likes older men. We had done worse. As I followed him to the men's room, I tried to think of a good opening line. I've learned that it's usually best to come right out with it.

I took a urinal a couple away from his and tried to sneak a look at his cock. I couldn't suppress a gasp when I saw the enormous dong hanging out of his pants. Even in its flaccid state it was seven or eight inches long. I should have turned away, but I couldn't take my eyes off that huge member. He caught me staring and glared at me. No doubt he thought I was gay. I'm sure that I would have thought the same if I had been in his position.

"That's a nice cock you have there," I said. He didn't answer. I had to act fast or risk a punch to the head. "I was just wondering if you would like to fuck my wife with it."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. We've done it before. You would have to let me watch and take a few pictures, but other than that, I wouldn't interfere."

"Hot damn! I've read about this kind of stuff but never thought it would happen to me. I could sure use some pussy. I'll have to have a look at her first, though."

The trucker and I swapped names. "Just call me Hank," he said. I should have known. Laura's Mona Lisa smile broadened when she saw the two of us returning together with smiles on our faces.

"Well, what do you think, Hank?" I asked.

"Damn! I can't believe you let other guys fuck her. She is a fine piece of ass."

We didn't waste much time socializing. After "Where are you from?" there wasn't much else to say. I suggested that we get a room and get down to business, but Hank said he already had a room in his truck. As we walked across the parking lot, my cock stiffened in anticipation of what was to come. We stopped at the car to pick up my Polaroid camera and extra packs of film, then continued on to Hank's semi.

The sleeping compartment in the truck was surprisingly neat and roomy. We all began undressing. When Hank saw me stripping down, he reminded me that he was straight. I quickly reassured him. "Don't worry, Hank. All I'm going to do is masturbate and take pictures."

I got a nice shot of my wide-eyed, slack-jawed wife gawking at Hank's huge fucker. "My God, you're as big as John Holmes," she said. Hank's cock had hardened and the head was almost fully exposed. Laura reached out and took his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. She gave his shaft a few strokes and the plum-sized head popped all the way out of the foreskin. She gave me a wink and then leaned forward and ran her tongue around the ridge at the back of the head. Hank grinned down at my wife licking the head of his cock. When she tired of that, she licked up and down the shaft until every inch of the enormous cock was coated with her spit. When he was rock hard, she took the fat bulb in her mouth and began to suck.

Laura could not get much more than the head and an inch of shaft in her mouth, but judging by the look on Hank's face, that was more than enough to make him happy. "Your wife sure knows how to suck cock," he said with a glance in my direction. What a glorious sight it was! My beautiful wife's pretty head was bobbing on the tip of a foot-long cock. I sensed that she was going to give him a full-fledged blow job. She frequently does that to make the fuck that follows last longer. That suited me just fine.

Hank began moaning and pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. She retched as his load shot into her throat. He had not given her any warning, but at least he kept his arms by his sides instead of grabbing her hair as some men do. Laura quickly regained control of her gag reflex and finished him off like a pro. As she smiled at me, most of his creamy load spilled down her chin like lava from a volcano. What a wonderful picture that made! It also nearly sent me over the edge. There is no sight that pleases me more than the sight of my wife with another man's splooge running down her chin, and she knows it. The dear girl had forgone the pleasure of drinking the tasty liquid just to satisfy my fetish.

"I hope you're going to be able to fuck me now," Laura said.

"Don't you worry, little lady. Hank's good for more than one. Now it's my turn. You just lay back and let me nibble on your goodies."

He crawled between her legs and went for her tits. He took them in both hands and squeezed, then he sucked hungrily on the big nipples. He went back and forth on the two suckers as though he was unable to decide which tasted the best. He was a little rough but Laura didn't seem to mind. On the contrary, she was certainly enjoying it. She began to breath more rapidly and deeply and her face became flushed. Tiny beads of perspiration pasted her bangs to her forehead. When Hank moved lower and left her tits exposed, the proof of his sucking skill was there for all to see. Her spouts were more than an inch long.

Hank buried his face in her muff and went to work. I couldn't see much other than an occasional glimpse of his churning tongue, but he seemed to know what he was doing. When Laura's legs began to fidget, I knew her lover was making good progress. Hank lifted his head and winked at me. His face from the nose down was wet with her cuntal juices. "Your wife sure is tasty," he said.

"I'm almost there," Laura said. "I want to cum on your cock, not on your tongue."

"Well, I think you're ready, little lady, so here comes the log."

I knelt next to the bed to get closeups of that enormous fucker stretching my wife's cunt. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and literally stuffed the head into her. He worked the shaft into her little by little until she was full. He managed to get about six inches into her. He fucked her slowly in the beginning and gradually picked up speed.

"Damn, your wife is tight," he said with a wink. "I didn't expect a gal her age to be so tight. Hell, my old lady's pussy is as big as a peacoat sleeve." I could certainly understand why. Taking Hank's cock several hundred times would stretch any pussy.

Laura was so worked up that she clamped her hands over her mouth to hold in the loud groans. She flexed her long legs and began kicking her lover's ass with her heels the way a cowgirl kicks a horse to speed it up. Sweat broke out on the trucker's forehead as he doubled his efforts. Laura clamped her legs around his for leverage and bucked up against him.

"Your wife is cumming, partner," he said. "Her pussy is doing all kinds of nice things to my cock." I was so hot by then that I had to stop masturbating or risk shooting my load prematurely. The show wasn't over and the best part was still to come.

Their humping gradually slowed until Hank lay heavily on top of her. "Why don't you roll over, little lady, and I'll give you a treat," he said. He dismounted and Laura rolled onto her stomach. He was going to fuck her in the ass! I could hardly believe it. Laura loves getting it in the ass as much as in the pussy, but she had never had a cock that size in her tight little hole. I doubted very much that she could take it, but figured that if he just got the head in it would make a great picture.

A jar of Vaseline that Hank probably used for masturbation was on a small table next to the bed. He dipped his fingers into it and then carefully greased his cock. He mounted Laura and pressed the oozing tip of his cock against her puckered anus. Laura sucked in her breath as her ass was invaded. The grimace on her face and the way she was chewing on her lip told me that it hurt, but she didn't stop him. His cock gradually disappeared up her ass.

"Hot damn! I'm deeper in her now than I was when I fucked her pussy." He kept most of his cock buried in her and rolled around aimlessly on top of her. The pained look on her face changed to one of ecstasy and she began to lift her ass to meet his short thrusts. She reached underneath and masturbated to speed up her orgasm.

Hank's buttocks tightened as he shot his load. "ARRGGHHH! DAMN! TOO TIGHT!" He had no choice but to pull his cock out and shoot his load all over her ass. Then I went off without even touching my cock and showered myself with splooge. The three of us were all cumming at the same time.

We didn't say anything for a long time. Our breathing gradually returned to normal. I was a mess. Cum had flown everywhere, even into the camera lens when I tried to take a picture of my ejaculation. Laura was the first to speak. "Oh my, that was a delicious fuck."

"I'm surprised that you were able to take that big cock up your ass, honey."

"I didn't think I could, either, but I just had to try. It hurt at first but after I got used to it, it really felt great."

"Folks, I sure would love to watch you two fuck," Hank said. "Hell, I'm fifty years old and I have never watched anybody fuck, except for me fucking my old lady in front of a mirror."

Laura was pretty well used up but she agreed to the trucker's request. "That's quite a load you shot," Hank said as he handed me a towel. "I guess that proves that you really enjoyed the show." He certainly had that right.

After giving him the camera and explaining how to use it, I stood in front of Laura and stuffed my cock in her mouth. I'm just as much an exhibitionist as a voyeur, so it was a rush standing there having sex with my wife in front of a stranger. Laura sucked only long enough to get me hard, then she went to her back and motioned me forward. I gave her a pretty good fuck, but she was too worn out to appreciate it. It took me about twenty minutes to shoot my load onto her belly. Hank pumped his cock furiously, and before I reached the end of my orgasm, his began. His jism spurted out like oil from a well.

We divided the Polaroids and went our separate ways. Laura was so worn out that she crawled into the back seat and went to sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about what we had done. I was soon jacking off to the memories of our session with the trucker. I hope our paths cross again.

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