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A Fuck Times Four




I knew exactly what happened. This was not good it's cold, the middle of winter, a blizzard outside and I blow a tire in the small town of Buffalo Minnesota which about 45 minutes Northwest of Minneapolis and worst of all I had no spare. I pulled over the the side of the road and got out of my car and walked around and saw my right front tire was the one that was flat. Even if I did have a spare I had no idea how to change a tire. I was on my way to visit my aunt and uncle and I still had another hour or so on the road. I took out my cell phone as I was about to call for a tow truck and I held it up as I was about to dial a number.

"Fuck, no bars."

This was getting worse by the second. Here I was on a back road in a small town and no idea what to do. I looked down the road from the direction I was driving and saw a car coming towards me in the distance.

"Let's see if they stop," I said to myself.

To my amazement they pulled over right behind me. Four girls all got out of the car, at first glance I could tell they were all sisters, they looked like they were, as they got closer they looked even more so alike, quadruplets to be exact.

They all smiled at me and the girl that was driving (Kendra) asked me, "having car trouble?"

I thought to myself 'no I am standing outside of my car pulled over the side of the road in a blizzard for my health' but decided the just answer them. "Yeah flat and no spare."

Another girl (Calli) asked me, "you got a cell phone to call Triple A?"

"Uhhh no bars on my phone, I am way out of range."

All four of them just looked at each other then another girl (Megan) smiled and said "get in we'll give you a ride to our house and you can call a tow-truck or whatever you want from there."

I blushed and I wasn't sure why, maybe because they were so cute. "Okay thank you." I said and climbed in the car.

The girl that was driving (Kendra) began introducing themselves to me as she drove. "I am Kendra, next to me here is Calli, and on your left back there is Megan and on your right is Sarah. Yes we are all sisters and yes we are quadruplets in case you were wondering."

"Ummm I kinda guessed you were sisters, now with a closer look I can see you are also very close in age..."

"Four minutes between all of us," Sarah jumped in.

"Wow," I exclaimed, "my name is Emily I was on my way to visit my aunt and uncle."

"You can call them to when we get to our place so they won't worry about you." Megan mentioned.

We arrived at their house after about 10 minutes or so. Their mother (Naomi) was home and they introduced me but she was on her way out to meet with a friend.

"Phone is here in the kitchen, follow me," Megan mentioned as she led me to the kitchen. When we got there she opened the fridge and began rummaging around. "Would you like something to drink? We got cola, Sunny Delight, purple Kool-Aid and apple juice."

"Uhhh Sunny Delight sounds great," I replied and began to dial my uncle and aunt's number. "Hi Uncle Dan it's Emily I am sorry but I got a flat tire. I am at a house with some girls who stopped by and brought me back to their house. I have no spare do you think you can come and pick me up?"

Megan started pouring me a big glass of Sunny Delight, "1345 Broadview Boulevard is the address."

"It's 1345 Broadview Boulevard Uncle Dan do you know where that is? My car is about 20 miles south of the address here. About an hour? Uncle Dan I couldn't impose here for..."

"You can stay as long as you need," Megan jumped in.

"Umm okay Uncle Dan I will be here. Tell Aunt Helen I am sorry." I looked and smiled at Megan. "Thank you. My uncle said they will call a tow truck and get a spare for me."

"Not a problem, come grab your drink let's go to the basement where my sisters and I hang out."

I followed her down the stairs to the basement and when I walked into the big open room I couldn't believe my eyes. Sarah was naked leaning against the arm rest of the couch with Kendra also naked in front of her licking her cunt with her ass in the air and Calli naked as well licking her from behind. I instantly put my glass down on the coffee table and turned to leave and there I saw Megan disrobing in front of me. "Not only sisters," she began speaking again, "lesbian lovers as well."

"I...I...I..." I stammered.

"Shhh, " Megan said as her naked body approached me lightly pushing me till a wall hit my back., She started kissing me on the lips as her hands began to undo the buttons of the plaid shirt I was wearing.

"No Megan no I can't do this..I mean it's..." my voice was cut off as her mouth covered mine again. My sheer pink bra was exposed to her. Her hands hands began to squeeze my 34C breasts and gently pinch my now growing nipples. "Oh God," I breathed heavily as my body turned on me as I gave in to her sexual advances. She reached behind me and unclasped my bra and I slid my shirt off followed quickly by my bra and both ended up on the floor. My hands went to Megan's breasts as I kissed her back, my tongue sliding in her mouth. Megan lowered herself and began to unbuckle and undo my jeans pulling them down along with my panties. I looked over and saw Calli rise up from Kendra's cunt and walk over to me smiling. Just before Calli reached me I felt Megan's tongue make contact with my pussy. My knees nearly buckled and my hands went to her head to steady myself. Almost immediately my open moaning mouth was covered by Calli's, her tongue licking and sucking mine.

I looked over and saw that Kendra and Sarah have now switched places as Sarah was now eating out her minutes older sister. All of their bodies, the two on the couch and and two on me were exquisite. Megan rose up and led me over to the rug in front of the couch as we all got on the floor and and had one hot daisy chain. I was licking out Kendra and Sarah was licking out me. I couldn't believe this, four hot sisters, quadruplets having their way with me. I felt Sarah's tongue leave my pussy but I didn't care I was still enjoying Kendra's sweet nectar.

"Mmm perfect," Cali said.

I looked behind me in the direction Cali's eyes were looking and I saw Sarah completely naked except for the 8 inch strap-on and she had strapped around her waist. She was smiling at me while stroking it, I was so hot I couldn't wait for her to fuck me. I returned to licking out Kendra and Sarah got on her knees behind me and lifted me up so I was on my knees too, my ass in the air but my head still between Kendra legs who was laying on the floor. I felt Sarah slowly slide the strap-on in my tight love hole. She was able to get all 8 inches inside me and just kept it there for a while to let me get used to it, then she started rocking slowly back and forth. "Oh God," I moaned I was surprised I didn't orgasm immediately. She was definitely a pro at this, how long could these four sister possibly have been fucking for I wondered. I closed my eyes as I continued to lick Kendra as Sarah quickened her pace and soon she was ramming me fast and hard. I was in Heaven it didn't take me long before I orgasmed all over Sarah rubber cock. I collapsed and I was spent. Within the next few seconds all other sisters let go of their love juice except for Sarah who was laying next to me covered in sweat from the rough pounding she gave my pussy.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang, it must have been my uncle.

"Shit," Kendra shouted as we all scrambled to get dressed. She was first dressed so she ran up to answer the door. Then I heard her yell down the stairs, "Emily your uncle is here." I pulled up my jeans did the belt buckle before heading up the stairs. As I passed Calli she handed me a piece of paper with their home and cell phone numbers on it.

"Keep in touch," she said smiling, "please."

"I will," I said smiling back and heading up the stairs to greet my uncle.

My uncle saw me covered in sweat and questioned me about it. "Are you okay Emily your are sweating?"

"It hot in the basement and we dancing listening to music," Kendra quickly shot back. Good save I thought. "Remember Emily Four Of A Kind we are on the Lifetime channel." I gave Kendra a quick look and smile back before I left with my uncle to get my car. As we were driving to my car it hit me Four Of A Kind I saw that show. The Durst sisters, the four 18 year old quadruplet sisters, and I fucked all four of them. Was I lucky or what?

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