tagBDSMA Fucked Up Day

A Fucked Up Day


It was ten after three in the afternoon on a totally fucked up day in June. David Stone wasn't supposed to be home until five thirty at the earliest, but he had been laid off from his job of ten years. He had come back from a lunch meeting to find a note on his desk that the boss wanted to see him

To make a long story short, sales were down and someone had to go. The other three salesmen either had seniority or were related to the boss, so David was the odd man out. At first, he had been angry, but that turned to despair as he cleaned out his desk and office.

Three small boxes on the backseat of his car wasn't much to show for ten years of hard work and sacrifice. All the hours chasing leads, all the time spent on planes and in cheap motels in strange cities, all the legwork of making cold calls, and the time away from home… it all boiled down to three small cardboard boxes.

David was only forty, but he felt ancient as he parked in the driveway of his home. He sat in the car too worn down to get out and go inside. He also didn't feel like facing his wife with the bad news. She wasn't going to be happy, not happy at all.

He had almost a year worth of unemployment coming, but it wouldn't cover monthly expenses with his house payment and the payment on his wife's new car. She was going to explode when he broke the news. The new car was her baby, and the house was her pride and joy.

David took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. He took another deep breath and opened the car door. It was time to break the bad news. There was no reason to put it off any longer.

As David got out of his car, he noticed a car across the street that seemed familiar, but out of place in this middle-income neighborhood. It was a black Lincoln convertible. It was too shiny and new for this area, and far to pricey for Bob, his neighbor across the street.

It probably belonged to visiting relatives, he thought as he walked toward his front door. It must be nice to have rich relatives.

He had to use his key to open the front door. He did not wonder about the door being locked, his wife kept all the doors locked when he wasn't home. It was a nice quiet neighborhood but she didn't like the idea of just glass between her and the world outside.

The house was quiet as he set his briefcase down and slipped his suit coat off. There was no radio or TV blaring. Maggie kept noise going all the time. He missed peace and quiet sometimes. Maybe she was out shopping. David felt relieved that he had a little extra time before he had to tell her.

He crossed the living room and then walked down the hall toward the master bedroom. For the first time he wondered why they had such a big house. Maggie didn't want kids so it was just the two of them. Four bedrooms seemed such a waste even if it did give him a home office.

Soft moans and whimpers of pleasure from the slightly cracked bedroom door stopped him in his tracks. He recognized the sounds instantly as the ones his wife made when he ate her sweet, wet pussy. Anger rushed through him, and he reached for the door to fling it open.

His hand paused an inch before it touched the knob. Who was she with? His mind asked sharply. Do you really want to know? was the stinging reply. His mind spun like a hamster in a wheel for a second or two, and then he eased closer to the door and peeked inside.

He could only see the upper part of the bed, where his wife's head and shoulders were. Her hair was a mess and she was rocking her head from side to side, biting her lip. Then she moaned loudly again. She looked like she was about to come.

David started to push on the door so he could see more but then he froze again. His wife's wrists were tied to the headboard of the bed by two scarves. Scenes of a burglar tying up his wife and raping her flashed before his eyes. His first thought was to call the police.

He took a step back and remembered the gun he had bought for protection. "Shit! It's in the bedside table," he said under his breath as he backed away from the door, then walked towards the living room, trying to be as quiet as possible.

No, it's not there, his brain supplied. Maggie had been afraid of the gun and made him move it to the coat closet by the front door. That was the only closet with a lock on it.

David fumbled his keys as he tried to open the closet door. He almost dropped them. His hands were shaking as he opened the door and got the box with the gun in it off the top shelf.

His hands shook worse as he loaded the bullets into the revolver. Two rolled out of his clumsy hands and fell to the floor, but luckily, they fell on the carpet silently. He didn't take time to pick them up. He hurried back down the hall to the bedroom door.

He paused and leaned on the doorframe as he peeked inside. Maggie was grunting and groaning like she did when he fucked her deep and hard. Her head and shoulders were the only thing in sight, which confused him. The burglar must be a very short guy.

Maggie was pulling on the scarves hard enough for the muscles in her arms to stand out. She was making a long drawn out groaning sound that was going up the scale and up in volume. She was very close to coming and coming hard from the sounds she was making.

It had been a very long time since he had heard his wife being this vocal. When she yelled as she came, he knew her legs would be locked around the guy fucking her. That is, unless they were tied like her arms. In any case, it would be the perfect time to take him by surprise.

David got the gun up and ready. Just as Maggie yelled incoherently, David used his foot to push the door open quietly as he pointed the gun at the foot of the bed. He started to yell for the guy to freeze but he froze instead. His eyes saw, but his brain would not process the information.

Maggie was still coming her brains out. Her legs were tied but to the ends of a long black bar. Straps from the ends of that bar went to the top of the bedposts at the foot of the bed. Someone was kneeling between those stretched and parted legs, licking and sucking at Maggie's clit.

There was also a very large dildo jammed in his wife's pussy, and the person was hammering it in and out as fast as their hand would move. The size of that toy was mind boggling. The amount of it going in and out of his wife was impressive, if not scary.

David recognized the person between his wife's thighs and lowered the gun. Shaking his head, he took two steps into the room, and then laid the gun on the dresser. He began to strip off his clothes, a smile coming to his lips.

When he was naked, he walked over to the end of the bed and looked at the upturned ass in front of him. One thing was certain at this point, he would be back at work tomorrow, and he would have a raise, and anything else he wanted.

Without a word, he moved up behind the ass in front of him and rammed his dick home. All hell broke lose as he grabbed the hips in front of him, and fucked for all he was worth. His boss's wife yelled, and tried to get away as Maggie screamed and tried to get loose from the scarves and the cuffs on her ankles.

David pounded away in Jamie Harris's pussy like a mad man. He knew he was leaving finger marks on her hips and didn't care. He wasn't wearing a rubber and he didn't care. Right this moment, his only thought was, he had his boss by the balls, and his boss didn't even know it.

He was pounding Jamie so hard that her face was plowing into Maggie's pussy with a wet squishy sound. Maggie yelled at him to stop, but that just spurred him on to fuck Jamie harder and faster. At some point, Jamie stopped fighting and started to push back, meeting him with every thrust.

David felt himself coming and yelled loudly as he emptied his balls. He kept right on pounding his boss's wife. Jamie was yelling as he came. She was coming right along with him. When he didn't stop fucking her, she moaned long and loud and slammed her ass back against his hips.

At some point, David felt Jamie coming again. With a hard shove, he pushed her away. She sprawled out on top of Maggie. Maggie looked at him with her mouth open as if she didn't believe what she was seeing.

David stood there breathing hard and fast. He was surprised to find his dick still standing up hard and proud. Through ragged breaths he said to his wife, "As soon as I catch my breath, I'm going to fuck you the same way. Only it's going to be in your cheating, lying ass."

"David, I…." Maggie started to say, but changed her mind at the expression on her husbands face. It was a crazy lustful look that she had never seen before. The anger that was mixed in was scary. She had never seen her husband mad before.

Jamie Harris moaned softly and then whispered, "Go for it girlfriend. If he pounds that sweet ass of yours half as well as he did my pussy, you will go out of your mind."

"I've never done anal. I don't like to be messed with back there," Maggie said hastily.

David leered at her. "Tied up that way, what choice do you have?"

Maggie thrashed around again, pulling at the restraints. She was even less effective than before with Jamie lying on her. "Let me loose!" she said loudly to Jamie.

When Jamie came up to her knees, David swatted her on the ass sharply. "You'll do no such thing." He told her and then swatted the other ass cheek even harder. "You can sit on her face and keep her quiet. Maybe licking my cum out of your pussy will teach her something."

Jamie remained on her knees and looked at David over her shoulder. "Damn, you're as kinky as I am, but Maggie doesn't eat pussy."

David grinned wolfishly. "She does now," he whispered looking at his wife's face. "She does everything now."

"No!" Maggie yelled and struggled again.

"Yes, dear!" David said loudly with an emphasis on dear. More calmly, he went on, "You liked for me to eat your pussy and then fuck the shit out of you. That was fine by me, but now… now things have changed. Today has been one fucked up day, and you two only added to it."

"You can join us," Maggie said quickly.

"I already have. I've had a piece of your lover's pussy and now I'm going to have a piece of your ass while she sits on your face. After that, well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"

Maggie yelled, "No!" but Jamie shivered as she crawled up along Maggie's body.

"Not yet." David told Jamie. "I have a few questions about her being tied up and this big ass dildo thing."

"That was my idea," Jamie said quickly. "The big dildo, that is. Maggie has always liked to be tied up when I eat her pussy. It takes the decision away from her, if you understand what I mean."

"Then why haven't you sat on her face, the same rationale applies to that, doesn't it?"

Jamie grinned and nodded. "I was working my way there."

"Uh huh, and how long has this been going on?" David asked.

"We started meeting for coffee about six months ago but only recently have we taken it any farther. We've kissed, petted, and teased a lot but this is only the third time we've gone this far." Jamie replied.

"Why?" David asked.

"My husband…." Jamie started to say.

"I was asking my wife. You don't have to tell me anything about your dickwad husband." David said with anger heavy in his voice. "I know all about his secretary girlfriends and the little titty dancer he keeps in an apartment downtown."

Jamie flushed angrily and started to crawl off the bed. David grabbed her and pushed her back down on top of Maggie. "I'll tie you down on top of her and spank your ass if you don't behave," he said sharply.

"What the hell is wrong with you, David? So I'm having a little fun with another woman, it's not like I'm out fucking guys," Maggie said harshly in reply.

"Lets see now, I was let go from work today by the husband of the woman you're fucking. I come home and find out that I don't seem to be enough for you sexually. I find out things I never knew about you, even after ten years of marriage. How's that for starters?"

"My husband did what?" Jamie almost yelled. Her face was livid with anger.

"He let me go, as in, I'm fired." David shot back.

"He was supposed to let that twit of a nephew of his go, not you. You're our best salesman by far," Jamie said hotly. "I'm going to tie his balls in a bowtie when I get home."

"He'd probably like that," David muttered to himself.

"It doesn't matter what he likes. I own that company, not him," Jamie said and then grinned. "How would you like to be the vice president in charge of sales?"

"It sounds like a bribe to me," David replied sharply.

"In a way, maybe, but it would keep you home a lot more." Jamie paused, then looked at Maggie. "It would give you more free time to spend with your wife, among other people I could name." She grinned at David suggestively as she said the last.

David looked from Jamie to the big dildo in his wife's pussy. It was half again as big around as he was, and a hell of a lot longer. He reached down and wiggled it up and down and then back and forth. Maggie jerked and then whimpered softly.

"Twist it," Jamie whispered.

David rotated the dildo one way and then the other. Maggie's whimpers grew louder, and her hips flexed up and down sharply. When he rotated it back and forth a little faster, the whimper became a moan.

"It's rubbing her g-spot," Jamie informed him.

"I've found that with my fingers once or twice," David said, and twisted the dildo again.

As he twisted it back the other way, he pulled it out slightly. Maggie gasped and lifted her hips. He twisted and shoved it back in. Maggie's hips trembled. He slowly fucked his wife with the big toy, his eyes on her face.

She stared back at him for a few moments, and then her eyes slowly closed as the trembling in her hips increased. A few minutes later, she was biting her lower lip and moaning softly, her hips working in counterpoint to the movement of his hand.

Jamie turned around and straddled Maggie's head, her sex right above Maggie's face. She looked at David and grinned as she leaned forward on her hands. "Can I help?" She asked, and then licked her lips.

David nodded and moved the big dildo a little faster and harder. Maggie groaned and then jerked and yelled as Jamie licked her clit. David grinned as he saw Jamie move her knees wider apart. Her sex was now only inches from Maggie's face.

Maggie's hips started to move faster, fucking her pussy harder on the dildo. David sped up his thrusting and twisting of the toy. Jamie would flick and or lick Maggie's clit randomly. This teasing of her clit made her hips jerk and jump, a soft yell coming to her lips.

When Maggie's hips started to shake and flutter, Jamie whispered, "Fuck her long, hard, fast, and deep."

David pulled the big toy out almost all the way and rammed it back home. Maggie yelled long and loud as her orgasm washed through her body. David kept fucking her as hard and fast as he could. Jamie was licking and flicking her clit fast and furiously.

A moment later, Maggie's yell was suddenly muffled and David grinned. Jamie had lowered her hips, pressing her sex to Maggie's mouth. Maggie struggled and tried to move her face away from Jamie's sex. David jammed the dildo in with a hard twisting motion and pulled it out the same way.

Maggie's hips jerked and she gave out with another muffled yell. She quit struggling slowly and then moaned loudly. A second later that was followed by a whimpering moan from Jamie. From the look on Jamie's face, David assumed that his wife now ate pussy.

David stopped the dildo with it in deep and twisted it back and forth, hard and fast. Maggie's hips flexed and jerked as he did, and she moaned long and loud. Jamie was alternating between a whimper and a moan of her own as she continued to lick Maggie's clit.

Stepping back from the end of the bed, David sighed and sagged a little. His anger was gone for the most part. He still meant to fuck his wife's ass, but probably not today. He walked around to the side of the bed and watched his wife as she licked frantically at Jamie's sopping wet sex.

Maggie ran her tongue from Jamie's opening to her clit, flicked the clit wildly and then went back to her opening. David could see the mixed fluids from earlier, slowly seeping out of Jamie's pulsing pussy. His hand went to his semi-hard dick as he remembered the feel of fucking her so hard and deep.

David thought about fucking her again as his wife ate her pussy, but there wasn't enough room for him between the headboard and Jamie's ass. Anyway, he did not want to disturb the sixty-nine going on right now. There would be other times. Lots of other times, now that he was a VP and would be home.

David grinned as he went to put the pistol away. For a fucked up day, it sure had turned around quickly. The future looked bright, and the fringe benefits were going to be great.

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