tagGay MaleA Full Moon Ch. 04

A Full Moon Ch. 04


All weekend and into the next week I had not slept well. I chalked it up to the reviews but it wasn't. Monday night had me pacing my floor in my sleeping shorts. It was the first night of the full moon and I was merely waiting for it show its face through my window. Patrick told me that I was to stay away from him during the full moon and I had to agree. He would be getting all fuzzier and I may not. I scratched my chin in thought. A smile toyed about my lips as I thought about Sunday night and lying in bed with him. Just out of the shower we crawled between the sheets and just relaxed. Our love making had become regular as far as it happened every night, but it was far from normal. He liked it when I was rough and it made him even more wild to know that he had to restrain himself just in case I had not been infected. Any time we were together outside of work we never wore clothes. Just before the shower when I had dropped my pants he was right there to slide that soft tongue up the shaft to get me aroused which took all of a second. He didn't spend much time down there since we always had sex in the shower. Less chance of bodily fluids being exchanged even though if I wasn't blowing my wad in his ass it was down his throat. He seemed to like the taste. "It's like your smell. There is something about it that exudes sex appeal. I bet every bitch...I mean woman you have been with swallowed even if she hadn't before."

"True. Huh." I thought about it too and he was right. Every person I had been with had swallowed. I just thought I was lucky. I could not argue his point since I could not get enough of his load. Something about it was like nectar from his nuts and I was the hummingbird. I could not get enough even though he produced it like ten times faster than I did. I could swallow one at breakfast on Saturday and get the same size load an hour later and every hour after.

My train of thought, which had my dong making a tent in my shorts, stopped as the full moon peeked in my window. It looked at it, hoping I did not change and praying I did. There was nothing at first, but I felt a gut wrenching pain that made me bend over grabbing my sides. I fell to the floor in agonizing pain and I felt my skin crawling as my body hair began to grow and become denser. It came in thick and jet black when I was an auburn. Feeling the shorts tighten and then get shredded as I grew out of them was the most comfortable part of this. The most painful was the growing of the tail. That alone was as painful as when I dislocated my shoulder in high school playing football and fell on it the next day. I could feel it elongating, feel every inch that was not natural to my body as waves of agonizing pain that were worse than the last...

Then all the pain was gone, leaving me whimpering and whining on the floor. I knew I had changed but as I stood I was no Lupus. I stood on my hind legs and had to duck to not bump the ceiling. My paws were huge and I realized I was far bigger than the feral in the woods. I took an unsteady step towards the mirror in the corner, my tail automatically compensating for my new gait. Dude, I gotta say this though. When I got to the mirror I looked at the lupine face of one sexy wolf. I was massively muscled, sleek, trim and glistening in the lamplight. My eyes had retained the same dark green but were now flecked with gold and when I smiled my teeth were white and sharp as knives. "Look out Patrick," I said, my voice much deeper and sounding like James Earl Jones dropped a few octaves.

I pulled out a pair of sweat pants that would fit in the waist and eased them on. I was way surprised I could manipulate objects almost as well as I could as a human and I gingerly slipped my legs into them. I ended up having to rip off the elastic cuffs from the bottom and then they went on albeit like long shorts. I thought about going out and over to Patrick's house but that could be bad. He could mistake me for someone else and attack. He could not be home and I would be running the risk of being found by neighbors. I may run afoul of other Lycans which would suck in a bad way. So opted to stay home and went down stairs carefully. They creaked under my increased weight but I knew they would hold since I did not weigh more than six hundred pounds by my estimate and they could hold eight hundred on each step. I cringed when a car went by outside, but I knew it for what it was even if my now far superior hearing thought it was coming through the wall at me. I smelled that my cottage cheese was going bad and tossed it out; I only realized why when I tossed it and knew that I had smelled it from upstairs. I knew I was far stronger as I could feel it in every movement I made. My muscles rippled with awesome strength and I wondered how much of it would carry over to my human self.

I taught myself to drink water by lapping it since I did not have the same mechanism as a human, even eying the toilet with humor. "Nasty," I rumbled and then chuckled. I sat on the floor and then curled up finding that better than sitting since I now had a tail. I realized I was dead tired and not even hungry. I had expected to go tearing off into the night to steal chickens or cattle to feed my monstrous appetite, but I was not even hungry. I did get up and found out I could walk on all fours just as easily as bipedal and since I did not have to stoop to go through the halls I found it easier indoors. I grabbed the leftover meatloaf from the night before and ate it because I knew I would be hungry in the morning. That done I went back upstairs and into my room where I closed the curtains, turned out the light, and curled up on the floor. No sense in getting dog hairs in the bed. I was tired from the lack of sleep leading up to tonight and I knew I would sleep like a rock. Tucking my nose under my tail I was soon dreaming about chasing deer through the forest and feasting on the entrails with a huge pack beside me.

I awoke on the floor and stretched. When I looked down I wondered if I had dreamed it all, but I was wearing the sweatpants which I cinched the drawstring and stood. I was curious and lifted the edge of my huge bed, easily lifting the solid oak four poster with one hand. "Epic," I said and took a quick shower. I set out my clothes for the day and dialed Patrick.

"Hello?" came his voice on the other side. He sounded tired. Must have had a rough night. Did my insomnia give me a better night than the others because I slept?

"Hey there Patrick, guess what."

"By the way you sound you didn't change." I could not tell if he was happy or sad.

"Wrong, dude. I make one sexy black wolfman." I heard the phone hit the floor. It made me snicker that he had reacted so well. I would have paid to see the look on his face when I told him.

"What? You changed?" His voice had that same double edge tone. "I'm coming over."

"Good. I need to get a few lessons tonight and I want to see you. I missed holding you." I did too. The line went dead and I smiled. He was certainly eager!

He was at my door ten minutes later looking dead to the world but still so handsome to my eyes. I kissed him softly on the lips, making sure to keep the pendant away from him. Patrick began sniffing me and gave me the oddest look. "You don't smell any different and you should." His eyes went to the pendant. "And you're wearing silver. Are you sure you didn't just dream it?"

I looked down at the pendant which I had taken off to shower and put back on like I had since I had gotten it. I had been wearing it last night during the change and had not been hurt. "But how?" I went over to my sofa and lifted it one handed into the air. "I couldn't do this before."

"I'm calling my Father. He may know something about this." He reached for the phone and I felt like this would be a bad idea. Something said I should keep my Lycanthropy as much of a secret as I could. Perhaps it was that last shred of doubt I had about losing my humanity.

"No, we can figure it out." He stopped and looked at me strangely. "Dude, we're both intelligent people. If we don't come up with anything then we can ask Mr. Andrews." That satisfied him and he came back over.

"Describe the change and how it felt." I did, in very vivid detail. Every tingle from the hair growing, the act of balancing compensated by my tail, the pain of that tail growing. The jumping at the car driving by, knowing I needed more cottage cheese, scarfing down a half of a meatloaf like it was nothing.

"You did change, but how can you be awake like this? First changes are always the worst and I know you had not been sleeping well. That would knock you out like you said, but you would...should still be comatose. How can you still be wearing the pendant?" I shrugged and took it off. Patrick's nose flared at the same time mine did. I knew what he smelled like and I liked his scent. It was subtle and earthy like the delicate dew on morning grass. Now I smelled all of him. That same sexual smell that I had always liked even subconsciously was there but it was so prevalent that my cock was getting hard right there. I could smell his own arousal and confusion as to why my scent suddenly flared like his own. I dropped the pendant on the floor and ripped off his clothes, he hands doing the same to mine. I was still mostly in control of my thoughts and I recalled him saying he would rape me if he could smell me stronger. I knew what he meant now. I could not keep my hands, my mouth, anything off him. Our lips smashed together as our tongues battled for dominance. Those gentle hands that I knew could rip me apart were trying to do that right then, his normal boundaries gone for the moment, but it was nothing compared to the raking trails I was leaving along his back. He was whimpering in pleasure as I went from his mouth to his neck and bit, not nibbled my way down his chest to his nipple. I chewed on it like it was the finest candy and I felt something in me shift. Something changed in me and I could feel a new thought process bloom. I tapped into that and I whined as I felt myself change. Patrick stepped back and watched me become a hybrid, not the full one I was last night but one like him in the woods; more wolf than fully human. I got a lot taller, a lot bigger and the hairs on my body grew out to be a short blanket of black mixed with auburn.

It was not painful at all but my senses were again much keener than when I was fully human but not as good as last night. "Believe me now," I asked with a smile and his answer was to run his fingers through my hair which felt so good I fell over in puppyish submission. "No wonder dogs love this. Don't stop, me likey."

"Jon, this is amazing. You can touch silver." I nodded like I had gotten that memo. "Any silver?" I perked up at the thought and got to my feet reluctantly. I trudged to the china cabinet and opened a drawer. I took out a silver spoon and held it. Nothing happened to me at all. Patrick touched it with the barest amount of skin and pulled back with a hiss. "You are amazing."

"I know that, but what about me being able to touch silver?" Despite everything he laughed and socked me hard in the shoulder. Harder than ever but it still felt the same. Mondo pain tolerance! I gave him one back and he went staggering. When he looked up his smile was one of challenge, but I held up my hands. "Not in the house, Patrick." I looked inward again and found the off switch for my mid-form. The change back had me staggering and he caught me before I went face first into the wall.

"Easy, love, you need to wait a bit before you change to and from." I nodded, staying there in his arms. He lifted me easily and put me on the sofa. I smiled up at him and pulled him atop me which was my favorite position to cuddle even though I was the top in our relationship. Our naked bodies were entwined in a gentle embrace, far from the savagery of the first part of this. Our senses were no duller but that sudden flare was gone which I liked. We both liked to be slow and almost lazy about our love making, knowing that when we got to the actual sex it would be fiery and almost violent since he loved pain. Now, with me infected, there was no reason to restrain ourselves from him digging his nails into my back like he had the first time. That made me tingle with anticipation.

It was new for me to feel everything more keenly and when he began to nibble at my ear and neck I whimpered and bucked below him. He stayed on, but he looked shocked. "Sorry. That's more sensitive now than before." He raised a brow and kissed down my hairless chest to my rigid dong. My back arched as he licked the tip as softly as he could. "Oh fuck me running!" I gasped and pushed his head down. Like he always did he took every inch on the first taste but this time I had no control over my reaction and I shot the load of all cum loads down his throat. My nails raked along his back and he groaned which made me shoot harder since I was buried in his throat. It seemed like eternity that it went on and when I finally crashed back down to earth from orbit I saw him grinning like a fool. "Think you're all that, huh?" He nodded. I picked him up in my arms, not tired in the least, and carried him up the stairs, a feat I could never have done even in as good a shape as I was. Short he may be, but Patrick was one solid dude. I eased him onto the bed and pressed my lips to his, content to just kiss him as he was content to be kissed. Patrick wrapped his arms around me as I slid on top of him, a rare position for us during cuddle time...

Then the phone rang. We both growled at it simultaneously and then snickered. I picked it up and said, "You had better be my mother or dying for interrupting me." Patrick had only heard me answer the phone like this if we had been waylaid and it brought a dopey grin to his face.

"No, bro, but when you hear the righteous news you'll die."

"Dean...dude I don't care if you got laid this century, you're killing me here." I put him on speaker phone and went back to lie atop Patrick and toy with his chest hair. I had told him enough about Dean that he had wanted to meet him.

"Gettin' some, dude? Bogus timing, but since she's probably been plowed like a hundred times she can rest while I tell you the most awesome news." I laughed and kissed Patrick's nose.

"Fine, but I won't be responsible should you get a letter bomb. Tell me your news so I can get back to what I want to be doing." Patrick flipped us over and began to trail kisses along my jaw. I didn't care if Dean heard us snogging, he'd banged a chick with me once.

"Bro, I got a promotion...to your old job!" I mimed shooting myself in the head and Patrick snickered

"Super, bye."

"You know what that means right? You're staying at HQ for a long time." I could see the appeal of his new job then. I would be able to stay with Patrick much longer than I thought. Maybe there was a certain former pack leader behind this. That would be the sneaky thing I would expect from a werewolf who liked me with his pup. Apparently Patrick understood the same thing and kissed me very passionately. "So you fitting in?"

"Never have, most pussies are too tight for me." Dean roared with laughter and Patrick stopped kissing me to chuckle silently against my chest. "Dean, you remember me telling you the company was sold? Well, the former owner is an awesome dude. He likes the fact I'm sleeping with his offspring." Patrick chuckled harder and to keep quiet he went back down to my balls and began to lick and suck on them. My voice shook as I said, "Best head ever. Great body, bluest eyes, tighter than anything in history, perfect ass..." I trailed away in a groan.

"Blowing ya right now, huh?" I made some sort of affirmative grunting noise. "Awesome. Well when can I meet her?"

"Never. Dude, I'm hanging up now."

"Righteous, I'm at your front door anyway." The door bell rang. I slammed my hand on the disconnect button on my phone and looked down at Patrick who whined like a cute, beaten puppy. He wanted to continue, and so help me I wanted to never stop, but if that really was Dean then I would be going to prison for murdering my bud.

"I hate him. I will infect him and stab him with a silver spoon in his brain!" Patrick laughed and rolled off of me. I wanted to scream, but I did miss my bud. "Go put on a robe, love, and lets go get revenge by telling him I'm dating a guy exclusively." I pushed off the bed and did not bother to put on any clothes which had the Man standing at half mast when I went to the front door to look through the peep hole. Sure enough there was the dipshit right there. With a small bag which meant he was staying for maybe one night or two since the filing day was company wide. I opened the door and glared.

"Whoa, I did interrupt." He stepped inside since it was like 2° out there right now, but I had not felt it at all. Added perk: ignoring all but the most extreme weather. "Put the Man away so I won't get bashed if you turn too fast." I snorted and picked up the pile of rags that had been mine and Patrick's clothes.

"Have a seat while I go put on some pants. I'll never forgive you for this," I said as I always did when he did something that made my life harder. I always forgave him though. Dean sat and I turned to go back up stairs but Patrick was right there with a pair of pants which he exchanged for the pile of rags silently to get rid of them and grab the essentials out of it. "Okay. So why the fuck did you fly all the way out here?" I pulled on my pants and made sure the Man was comfy.

"Orientation. Guess they got some training thing now that tells me how to say you're fired." I laughed and shook my head. "I'll be here in town for the week at a posh hotel the company is paying for. So where is this bodacious babe you were banging?" He set his bag on the sofa next to him and took off his shoes to tuck his feet under him. Like me he hated shoes and suits. Hell he hated anything below 65°.

"Probably ran out of the room and leaped out the window." Patrick came in with a quick breakfast and sat in my lap. Dean's eyes just about bugged out of his head as he saw the sheer size of my wolfman in a sarong. Just to make him even more freaked out I kissed Patrick softly on the lips while sliding my hand across his chest and caught his lip with my teeth as we pulled apart which made him whimper. I looked back at Dean whose mouth was so wide he could fit both our dicks in it with room to spare. Never have I seen him so shocked. He knew I fooled around with a few guys in college but knew my rules. "Dean, this is my boy Patrick. Babe, this is Dean, my bud."

Patrick leaned forward and shook his stunned hand. "Nice to meet you. Jon's told me so many stories about you. Do you really have a birthmark on your left nut?" He turned that gorgeous smile on him and I could barely suppress my grin as Patrick's scent went to what I could only think of as happy. It was like smelling sunshine. He was playing up the gay boy role so well, complete with fake lisp and flopping hand gestures towards his crotch.

"Me chu," Dean said...and least that's what it sounded like. Patrick and I broke into laughter and both pointed at him. It was so funny to see his eyes trying to pull back into his head. This was totally worth being interrupted...almost. "Is this for real? I mean...whoa."

"Yeah it is dude." Patrick sat in the chair beside me, careful to keep his still somewhat bleeding back for staining the upholstery. "I met him at work and he's the best friend I have here."

"I saw him get off the elevator and right away I fell in love." I smiled over at Patrick although he knew what I was feeling. "Here is this tall, handsome man who the first day to call me by his first name."

"And that's weird how?" Dean asked.

"He's my boss. I'm his OA." Patrick had dropped the act which was only funny for a short time. Dean sent me a sly look.

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