tagNonHumanA Full Moon Phase Ch. 07

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 07


Chapter 7

The Colonel in Nachstadt

Bowing to prevent the swooshing blades of the helicopter from decapitating him, the Colonel dashed stiffly across the field outside the former hunting lodge on the edge of Nachtstadt. A tall, slender handsome blond man in his mid thirties met him half way knowing not to try to assist the older man's difficult walk. They smiled genuinely at each other, though with the Colonel's scar and stretched skin even a genuine smile had a creepy malevolence. The younger man took the burden of the suitcase from the older man's hand and walked beside him silently to the back entrance of the lodge. As soon as they entered they heard the brutal noise of the blades cutting through the air as the helicopter lifted away.

The Colonel's shiver surprised the younger man. He made no comment. He knew his father detested weakness. And it surprised him even more when the Colonel informed him of the reason for the weakness.

"So many ghosts," the Colonel muttered. "So many good men died here."

"Comrades?" asked his son. The Colonel nodded. "You never told me."

"I didn't want to deter you from purchasing the old lodge. I agreed it would make a splendid headquarters and a comfortable residence, and the superstitious fools claiming it's haunted wouldn't have deterred you. That it...became a slaughterhouse and my comrades were the victims might have stopped you."

"The werewolves..."

The Colonel nodded.

"But how did they get in?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm betting it was one of the sluts, Heinrich, one of the local whores. She probably hid them in the wine cellar until they changed."

"She was one of them?"


"So you would have known her."

"I might have, but my injuries forced me to leave fairly early on in the campaign," the Colonel shrugged.

"Let me put your bag in the guest suite. There's coffee and schnapps in the kitchen. I guess you know where it is."

"Yes. Be quick. We have much to discuss, much to plan, much to get done."

"Yes sir," said his son with utter respect. Proud and arrogant, he only showed such unmitigated respect to one man in his life, his father. Unlike his half sister, Heinrich never ventured into the military and be forced to bow to higher ups. A keen, uncluttered mind combined with abundant confidence and an overwhelmingly attractive presence had made him unique in his training and the completion of his studies in chemistry, dominating the socially inept colleagues to take charge of research and the selling of results and then using his remarkable resume, encouraged by his father, to take over the R and D of the small vitamin company in Nachtstadt, "Fruit of the Gods," and turn it into a thriving venture through new products as well as vastly improved advertising and distribution until he became partners with the owner of the company who also had his hands in packaging and distributing other local products such as Wild Boar sausages, Pan.

While righteously proud of both his progeny, the Colonel considered his son his most successful project. When adolescent rebellion released its angry poison, the Colonel used that anger, molded it, and channeled it in the direction he required. He had been too late to do so with his daughter which resulted in choosing not to tell her her true relationship to him. She would have fought him like she fought her foster parents and blamed him for the shame wrought by her schoolmates about her bastard heritage and the intentionality of her Aryan birth.

The only real problem with his progeny in relationship to his scheme to harness the enzyme that transformed men to wolves and use it to make himself young and healthy and without the life long pain Wolf had wrought upon him and then to eradicate the world of these monsters was the ridiculous need to fall in love with a werewolf. Just like him, Heinrich and Maria grew up cold and heartless, Maria worst of all since at least he could see a spark of love in Heinrich's eyes for his father. Except when he informed Maria in his office above the Katzekeller that Wolf had found a mate, he saw jealousy. "Too late," he thought out loud before chugging down the schnapps and sipping his black coffee. "Wolf!" he snarled.

"What was that, sir?" said his son, startling him. Had he been that lost in thought to not hear his son enter the kitchen even with his remarkable hearing?

"I must be getting old," he thought and that thought made him shudder.

"Wolf," he snarled out loud and his son nodded.

"We'll get him," said Heinrich, pouring himself a cup of coffee and sitting at the kitchen table. He knew the obsession all too well. He had read Moby Dick as a teenager and realized the comparison of Ahab and his father. He rooted for the mad captain and hated the demise that resulted. Ahab had been stupid. His father was anything but.

"Anything new since we last talked?" asked the Colonel.

"No sir. We're waiting for..." They heard the front door rattle as a key unlocked it. When they heard the door close, Heinrich yelled, "In the kitchen!"

Despite the smug mask, Heinrich could see the tension in Pan's face. He could also see the fresh scar on his throat. Two women accompanied Pan into the kitchen; one a facsimile of Pan and Pan's pretty face looked startlingly beautiful on his sister. The other, a tawny light brunette beauty held hands with Pan, gently and fondly and reassuringly stroking his back.

Heinrich made introductions, "Pan, Bobbie, Ossie, this is my father."

Pan breathed in through his nose deeply and the scent troubled him. He smelled the taint.

"So Kat bested you," the Colonel grumbled at Pan.

"My weak little brother fell easily to the cunt whore," spat his sister cruelly while settling into the lap of Heinrich. "A neophyte could have done better," and she kissed the Colonel's son.

"Bobbie," Heinrich exclaimed, breaking the kiss a touch slowly and looking at his father with surprising fear. A fear the Colonel hadn't seen since careful corporal punishment had been a necessary tactic when Heinrich attempted rebellion in his early teens.

Though surprised by the turn of events and his son not communicating it, he smiled at his son and calmed the fear.

"Meet the future Mrs. Foxx," Bobbie grinned, kissing a much less reluctant Heinrich forcefully.

"This is a most unexpected event," smiled the Colonel. "Are you asking permission?"

Bobbie answered smugly, "Must I? It doesn't matter you know."

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked the Colonel of his son.

"Well..." Heinrich began tentatively, his lack of confidence angering his father who had a most distasteful idea why.

"Tell me!" shouted the Colonel causing everyone but Bobbie to quiver in fear. He quickly realized the foolishness of getting a truthful answer and quietly waved off the demand, "Never mind. I give my blessing."

"Whatever," shrugged Bobbie. Nodding to the window filled with the reddish tint of the gloaming, her hand pinching Heinrich's flaccid penis through his slacks, she whispered into his ear, "I need you to fuck me and soon."

"Go to my room," Heinrich whispered back, his confidence returning. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

"It has to be at my home," she countered, motioning her head towards his father.

"Don't worry about him. He knows."

"What?" Bobbie exclaimed out loud.

"I'll explain later," Heinrich answered. "Do as I say. I'll leave the doors open."

This time Bobbie quivered. Her lover's commanding voice always caused her pussy to dampen excitedly. No one else had come close to taming her haughty character. Their wills had battled for months, and the more they battled the hotter she got for this human. When she succumbed to her desire only days before, he fucked her pussy and her ass relentlessly and brutally as if raping her. But he could feel her insides tremble in peaks of orgasm. After he came with such powerful spurts it made him shake, experiencing the most painful and most blissful climax in his very experienced sex life, he heard her purr beneath him and effortlessly turn under his heavy torso from face down to face up and embrace him, tears in her eyes, not tears of pain but of happiness, as she kissed him soundly and whispered, "I love you. Be my mate." When she explained what that entailed, she should have been surprised at his quick acquiescence. Her thrill at his acceptance nullified any suspicion.

On full moon nights her brother had sent Heinrich away ostensibly for business to keep him from walking the streets of Nachtstadt and endangering himself or at least revealing their true nature. His father knew though. And Heinrich knew.

Acquiescing to her weird need to turn him into a were so they could be mates and she could bring kittens into a too sterile clan had been way too easy. She felt stupid not being suspicious. But she looked into her lover's eyes and realized it didn't matter. Her life didn't matter if it didn't include Heinrich.

The heat of her kiss delighted Heinrich and excited him. His enlarging penis proved it to Bobbie who purred loudly at the discovery. "Okay," she whispered, lifting from his lap. "But hurry."

The other two weres stood and headed out of the kitchen after polite goodbyes to the Colonel. Seeing his sister go to the stairs instead of the front door, Pan grumbled, "Where are you going? We haven't time..."

"Then go you little wimp. I'm staying!" his sister hissed back staring daggers at him.

His shoulders slumping, Pan had to relent. Battling wills against his sister always proved damaging to his carefully disguised brittle ego. Nothing pained him more than being subjected to her brilliantly wicked and devastating wit.

"Pansy," she scoffed watching the slumped shoulders of her brother being rubbed by his loving mate.

When Ossie glanced back at her scornfully, it made Bobbie sad. The two had been inseparable since kittens and had shared their beds and their lovers innumerable times. She even spent nights with her brother when her best friend mated with him, encouraging her pleasure while avoiding the incestuous cock. The taboo of incest had been ingrained into the weres from the beginning, but a well placed tongue could corkscrew into her best friend's asshole or her teeth could chew on her friend's lengthy nipples or her hand could rub her friend's clit while her brother fucked her. And when Heinrich brought the voluptuous blonde milkmaids (actually Berlin barmaids) and himself into his brother's bed for thrillingly decadent debauchery, she could remove herself even further from incest, getting fucked by Heinrich's beautiful long narrow shaft while playing with the doughy tits of the barmaids from Berlin he seduced to come join them and delight her brother and strengthen Heinrich's bond with him. And within those orgies she always found a way to enjoy Ossie's body and help bring her friend to screaming climaxes.

But with her brother suffering embarrassing defeat by Kat, and Bobbie doing everything she could to rub it in, the look on Ossie's face suggested their decades' long friendship had more than likely ended. Between her brother and Ossie and herself, only her friend had a compassionate heart, and though a sign of weakness, the loss of that bit of warmth in her life saddened her. She shrugged off the sadness. Heinrich's heart might be cold, and she wouldn't want it otherwise, but it was hers and hers was his and at last, after nearly a century of half heartedness, she felt whole.

Bumping into yet another voluptuous blonde barmaid descending the stairs as she ascended, she gazed wildly at the beauty, grabbed her big tits under the nearly transparent fabric covering them, and kissed her intensely, tongues dueling. Releasing the maiden, she warned her, "Stay away from Heinrich's bed tonight. In fact lock yourself in if you know what's good for you."

"Uhm, the Colonel's here," said the barmaid shyly. "I...I'm..." A tear oozed from the corner of her pretty pale blue eyes. The pretty face hardened, taking on a look of resigned determination as the maid nearly stumbled in her rush down the stairs.

The look of fear had been noticed by Bobbie. Nothing scared her, but everyone else seemed effected by the Colonel similarly and profoundly, even Heinrich. "That's one scary old man," she thought. It made her tremble, but not in fear. Entering Heinrich's suite, she quickly disrobed and jumped on the bed and rubbed her damp center, murmuring, "Hurry, my Heinrich."

Smiling malevolently at Hilda the voluptuous blonde when she entered the kitchen, the Colonel commanded her, "Strip and suck my dick!"

"Yes Colonel," she trembled and obeyed a little clumsily but swiftly.

The quickness and the clumsiness pleased the Colonel. So many of them thought he wanted some sort of teasing dance. No point in teasing, he wanted them naked and sucking without silly delays. Her first encounter, it had taken several extremely painful impacts of his crop against her breasts while Hilda performed a strip tease before she bravely and wisely asked what displeased him and he explained his hatred for delays. She wondered why he hadn't just said that, but when he pulled her hair and battered her mouth and throat with his slim cock and whipped her back, she understood. He wanted to abuse her for her inescapable ignorance. It caused him to be excited sexually.

One might wonder what held this buxom blonde beauty and her fellow barmaids in continual employment to this sadistic beast. Being paid a month's salary for every visit helped. For some, especially the more masochistic, that was enough. Realizing she wasn't a masochist and sensing her intelligence, he furthered his hold by threatening her mother and brother, her brother being a low level Stasi thug making his availability in fulfilling the threat quite easy. And he threatened her more directly, promising to scar her worse than he himself had been scarred. That last coercion bothered her the most because she found her vanity made it the most frightening, even more than the threat to her family. She loved what her pretty face along with her pronounced curves could do to a man. She loved to entice men to fuck her. She loved to be fucked, to be pounded unmercifully into the bed the way the Colonel's son Heinrich performed it and knew if she lost her attractiveness she would lose those incredible thrills. Secretly she loved Heinrich and his dominance over her. She even grew to love Bobbie and her verbal abuse and expert hands and mouth despite being Heinrich's true love. If she could be the submissive partner of these dominant lovers, her life would be bliss. Though submissive, she hated pain and she hated the Colonel. Those dominant lovers, especially Heinrich, she used to soothe away the horrors the Colonel subjected her to. Them pounding into her and then snuggling up to her afterwards in the thralls of mighty orgasms made her feel like life was worth living again. Those post orgasm moments she cherished as much or maybe more than the hard fucking. Because of her intelligence, she could talk as equals with men, a little less than equal with the brilliant Heinrich though she could hold her own which made her proud.

Under the kitchen table, kneeling on the hard ground, she took the flaccid penis she hated more than anything into her mouth, ashamed at performing this act in front of her true love but determined to perform better than she ever had to prove somehow that at least she could accomplish with prowess whatever tasks might be forced onto her.

"Mmm," hummed the Colonel in approval as his penis enlarged in the wet heat of Hilda's mouth. "Where were we?"

"What about Hilda?" asked Heinrich.

"Don't worry. She knows not to squeal unless I make her," the Colonel chuckled lecherously.

"You wanted this, sir. At least for Maria."

"For you too, actually, but to tell you the truth, I found that unlikely."

"Why's that?"

"It's this whole romantic bullshit. You truly love this were?"

Heinrich actually chuckled. "She's the most ferocious, stubborn, willful, conceited, overconfident, cold hearted, hot pussycat I ever encountered. And she's radiantly beautiful, the most beautiful woman I've ever met let alone fucked. And when we fuck it's like a volcano, lava hot and powerfully explosive and utterly beautiful. And despite the sheer violence of our mating it burns deep, not superficially around my cock but deep inside, melting my heart and my soul. We may fuck like animals in heat, but for the first time in my life I feel like I'm making love. There's no denying it sir...father...she's perfect for me."

The Colonel chuckled within a groan of pleasure. "Sounds like it. So you subdued her."

"Had to," Heinrich shrugged. "Otherwise she'd never have me. The subjugation was a battle of wills like no other. It made me hot and her even hotter. It was like sliding into lava fucking that pussycat's pussy when I finally won dominance. Our mating became a foregone conclusion after that."

The Colonel groaned. "Goddamn slut, you're performing brilliantly. I don't even feel like slapping you around. Oh. Oh god. Mmm. Fuck!" The Colonel arched and came in Hilda's mouth. She swallowed all but a gram or two of his bitter, foul semen which leaked out the side of her mouth and dripped towards her chin. As soon as the Colonel pulled away, she quickly wiped off the stray cum with a finger and shoved it into her mouth under the Colonel's cruel scrutiny. "Ah well, you did too well to punish. Go to my bed and make yourself cum. I want you slick for my cock. Go!"

Knee walking painfully on the floor, she rose and grabbed her dress. "Leave it and go!" ordered the Colonel. Both men admired the flex of her thick globes as she walked away and up the stairs.

"Where do the weres meet?" asked the Colonel.

"They wouldn't tell me."

"You know about them now."

"Seeing a human with Bobbie would have fucked up the plans. Her and Pan are supposed to reject human mates."

"And they don't trust you until you become one of them. You could have followed."

"Then they definitely wouldn't have trusted me. My little red sports car isn't the most blending of vehicles. What about the others, your soldiers?"

"Busy with that silly troupe of actors or setting up their locations. Same thing with them anyway. Strangers here stick out like a virgin in a sea of whores."

Heinrich agreed with a nod. "You're not going to harm her are you? You're just after Wolf and his clan."

"Of course I wouldn't harm your mate," the Colonel lied.

"Speaking of mate..." Heinrich grinned.

"Are you sure about this?" asked the Colonel.

Standing, Heinrich looked back at his father. "Sure I want to become nearly immortal with the most beautiful and exciting woman I've ever met beside me for the rest of my very long new life?"

Before rushing upstairs, Heinrich unlocked and opened the back door a centimeter. Unbuttoning his shirt, he took the steps two at a time.

"Hurry," murmured Bobbie when he opened the door. Her pheromones filling his senses with complete desire, her long supple legs spread open to reveal her wet pink pussy, her pert breasts spreading a little to the side but holding strong, her face beginning to change to a cat just enough to punctuate her exotic and sexy beauty, her fangs glistening in the dimness of the bedside lamp, dangerous and thrilling, made him hard instantaneously. "Leave the door open, my love," she murmured, watching him unzip his pants and slip off his shoes and pull away the clothing interfering with her desire. "Hurry. Don't worry about the shirt," she groaned.

Hopping between her legs, he felt the prick of her claws as she pulled his ass forward, the pads of her paw carefully holding his glans at her hungry pussy. He sank his lengthy meat between the folds and all the way in until his pubic bone mashed against hers. "Yes!" she roared, removing her claws from his posterior and using them to pop the remaining buttons of his shirt and shred his undershirt barely scratching his torso. With incredible strength she pulled his legs until they ended up under her and she lifted and sat in his lap. Freeing his arms that had supported him during his thrust, she pulled off his shirt and the scraps of his t-shirt before her fangs sank into the base of his neck.

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