A Full Moon Phase Ch. 11


"I'd rather be a cat like you."

Chuckling, Bobbie replied, "You'll make a fine addition. Being both brave and strong will make you formidable."

At thirty-three, his soft body and face had tightened, Michael contemplated. Not the pretty boy so much. Vanity had brought him to work on his developing paunch and it showed definition. But yeah, in a fight he'd surely lose, probably flailing like a girl. Nodding at the scary beauty, he told her, "I guess I'm still your typical fairy wuss."

Wolf chuckled, "You're no fairy, Michael. I've met a few and you look nothing like them. You'll see in a little while. They'll be most fascinated with you."

Heinrich and Bobbie looked puzzled as did the elders. Alphas never discussed the incidentals when meeting the gods. It was like a dream to them, cherished, private and personal. Never warned not to, they figured it was safest to relate the message rather than describe the messenger or his or her world which the alphas for at least a millennium barely remembered anyway. Perhaps having shared the experience with an unprecedented amount of mates and enjoying it so heartily caused Wolf to recall it vividly compared to previous alphas' memories of the encounters as a vague and misty dream wherein the message became the only thing of clarity, Wolf figured why not leak out the fabulous land of his progenitors.

While the uninitiated looked puzzled, the alphas and their mates looked dreamy, smiling goofy smiles. Only Michael retained a unique reaction. His smile revealed excited anticipation. "Cool," he said.


Maybe luck or the gods' intuition, but Wolf had built electric carts for his children, allowing the two elders to trail behind and observe the gods' choice of werecat alpha. They followed behind Kat's cart as they travelled through a similar tunnel as the wolves', built as hideaways during WWII but which the cats only used for storage since being underground bothered them. At the approach of the seemingly impenetrable wall at full speed, Michael, Heinrich and Bobbie screamed. Trixie grumbled, "I hate this part."

Both Bobbie and Heinrich lost consciousness at the impact, their faces, defensive arms, torsos and legs badly bruised. A minute later they painfully regained consciousness. Several minutes later their bruises and abrasions disappeared. Heinrich stood and examined the smooth wall. "Sold rock," he concluded.

"I should battle her anyway," spat Bobbie.

"Bobbie?" Heinrich shook his head.

"Alright. Fuck it. I'm still CEO. I'm the business alpha of both clans."

"None better," Heinrich smiled, lifting his true love to her feet and embracing her.

"I'm a cold assed cunt, Heinrich."

"Not to me, my love. You're hotter than lava."

"Only for you. But what I mean is I couldn't have killed Pan even if he was a pansy and a bore and an ingrate. And Ossie...But even if it had been her own brother, and I know she loved Ossie just like everyone loved her...And I still remember the remorse she felt killing her kin...Even my silly brother who probably did trade our lives for his selfish arrogance...She felt deep remorse for destroying kin. She would have punished her own brother for such a transgression even up to death. And her remorse would have been deeper than the deepest well."

"I thought you'd be a better alpha."

"But I wouldn't. Kat's...magnificent."

"She is."

"Heinrich, you fucker."

"I'd fuck her in an instant, but I'd much prefer your steaming hot cunt and your passionate scratches and your loving eyes. No contest."

"Of course," she smiled and swayed her hips in front of him in quick step. "Let's get the fuck out of this dank trap and fuck each other silly. I want you in to the hilt fucking doggy style when we transform."

"Race you," he challenged, his hard cock bouncing back and forth within the confines of his slacks as he took off in a run. Of course his mate finished first. She sucked him in the sports car during the fast journey to their home. Clothes trailed behind them as they headed to the bed. Both horny, they climaxed within seconds.

"Keep fucking," cried Bobbie. "I'll milk you back to hardness," which she did. Several minutes later, feeling the draw of the full moon, Heinrich ravished her doggy style when they transformed, his fangs digging into her neck, the climax for both of them shivering their panther bodies. Recovering quickly, she scooted out from beneath his body and took off out the door, her mate chasing and eventually catching up to her when she let him.


Still laughing about the angry but adorable fairies scolding Michael for being human, the laughter abated within the opulent cave behind the waterfall. "Wow, talk about decadent," he murmured.

"We can afford it, Michael. We have infinite riches along with infinite lives," said a voice that echoed within the vast walls.

"That's new," said Wolf.

"We're chatting this evening," said a female voice.

"You mean you're not going to just command us?" asked Kat.

The gods chuckled. "We'll get to that," said Diana.

"No orgy?" Trixie remarked.

As if in answer, the group heard a voice scream in pleasure. "We'll join them later," shrugged Yashaw. "Come sit."

"You're not always fucking are you?" asked Gretchen as they approached the beautiful gods and sat before them on the soft, mat like surface.

"It's a full moon thing," Yashaw shrugged. "Started with the weres actually. Something about the kinkiness of bestiality and yet not bestiality that gets us horny. Full moon. Orgy. It's like an institution. A rather pleasant institution."

"So it wasn't my extreme horniness that prevented conversation?" Gretchen asked.

"No," Wolf answered. "Questions and answers? This is new."

"It's a reward, Wolf," said Diana. "You've done so much for your kind." Diana approached Wolf sensuously, her perfect body, voluptuous taut thighs and pert breasts swaying seductively, her golden eyes and hair glistening, her sex free of pubic hair. She had seemed larger than life as had her brother in their distance from the weres, but as she approached she appeared to be no more than 170 centimeters.

"So is this," said Yashaw approaching Kat, revealing himself to be Wolf's height, his cock swaying erect in front of him, a smidgen thicker and longer than Leo's cock which had always filled Kat perfectly.

The immortals knelt and separated the alphas' legs. Mouths descended slowly. Diana's engulfed Wolf's cock into her throat until her lips kissed its base. Yashaw's impossibly long tongue penetrated to Kat's depth, circling her pussy walls, rapping at her cervix and emerging, only to tease her g-spot. The tongue retreated and lips wrapped around her stiff clit and sucked.

"Gods!" both alphas murmured.

Chuckling--Diana's chuckle vibrating around Wolf's cock shocking him with even more pleasure--mouths withdrew and bodies moved forward. Diana straddled Wolf and his cock entered her pussy unguided. Yashaw similarly occupied the space between Kat's wide spread thighs and his cock found its way unaided inside her.

"We thought I should have you fuck me doggy style, but this is so much better," murmured Diana, her eyes dancing with pleasure as she began lifting and falling on Wolf's cock. She took Wolf's big hands and placed them on her perfect handful of breasts. He squeezed the flesh and twisted the nubs and roughened the bumpy areolas. "So good."

"I agree, my love," answered Yashew as his cock seemed to touch every place Kat needed to be touched. "So intimate. I love your eyes," he said with a grin.

"I have your sister's eyes," Kat moaned as Yashew captured her nipple between lips and gently sucked and nibbled.

His chuckle felt wonderful inside her. "So you do. I love you, but I love her more than eternity. But your eyes just kill me, so to speak."

He glanced at Trixie and Michael, both gazing at him and his sister with lusty and mesmerized eyes. "Turn Michael, Trixie, while we fuck your alphas."

Amused by Trixie's lustful expression, Diana exclaimed, "Kiss me first, Trixie. We need you free of toxins."

The delay didn't bother Trixie despite her horniness. The chance to kiss a gorgeous goddess was too much of a thrill. The kiss had everything hoped for as Diana's extremely long and playful tongue brought Trixie to near cumming, and the immortal's saliva seemed to alleviate the weakness and sickness the cocaine or its lack had wrought. She couldn't help squeezing the heavenly breasts of the goddess which caused a sigh of pleasure to fill her mouth as it increased the pleasure the goddess received from the intensity of Wolf's energetic thrusts up into her stilled pussy hovering centimeters above his hips. Trixie only got hornier with Wolf pulling her pussy down to his lips and tongue and slurping and sucking her labia and clit.

Releasing her lips, Diana moaned as she bounced on Wolf's cock again, "Go to Michael now. Bring him to us. Make him a cat."

Trixie lifted her cunt from Wolf's mouth and seeing Michael's beautiful cock, she attacked it, her head butting him in the tummy forcing him onto his back. She sucked and lapped at it briefly before Michael declared, "Fuck me! Now!"

Her surprised face turned feral when she saw the absolute lust on his. Grabbing his stick hard cock, she guided it in and plummeted. "Oh gods, I love cunt," screamed Michael, making everyone laugh.

"Bite him now," moaned Diana, quickening her own fuck. Her mouth claimed Wolf's and Wolf felt her saliva shimmer in his mouth and throughout his body. Their tongue play intensified the shimmering.

Shaking with pleasure when Trixie penetrated his neck, Michael passed out.

"Bring him to Kat. Pierce his testes, Kat," Yashaw commanded breathlessly, his motions gaining speed between Kat's writhing thighs.

"I thought I needed to wait an hour?" asked Trixie, carrying Michael's sleeping body to Kat until he tea bagged the alpha female.

"Do you want to wait an hour?" asked Yashaw, wryness blending with pleasure.

"Fuck no."

"Our pheromones and Kat's will speed the process," the god explained as Kat pierced Michael's balls and licked the wound. Kat then had Trixie straddle her and plunged fangs into her abdomen, Trixie moaning with pleasure. Michael awoke seconds later discovering Trixie sliding his cock inside her pussy.

"Are you ready to cum?" asked Trixie.


"Me too. When you're ready, bite me. Make me yours as I made you mine." Humping him at full abandon, she loved it when he caught her rolling breasts and squeezed them and plucked at her taut nipples. "Yes!" she squealed.

Yahweh captured Kat's mouth with his and she felt the tingles his saliva provided. Both she and Wolf climbed the highest heights of ecstasy. The immortals fucked them as if vibrating.

"Bite me!" yelled Trixie to Michael, draping her body over him and bringing the base of her neck to his mouth, her ass lifting and falling quickly and independently from the rest of her body as she too neared climax.

Michael's new fangs punctured and filled her blood with his enzymes while his hips thrust up and his cock disgorged plentiful semen.

Simultaneously the immortals bent back and howled, Yashaw releasing seed into Kat's fertile womb while Kat's vaginal wall trembled, and Wolf erupted with torrents of cum beyond Diana cervix, her cunt milking his seed, greedily grabbing for it all. The mortals howled nearly as loud as the gods.

"Gods," the alphas muttered as they lay out in the perfect calm of post orgasm.

The gods chuckled. They arose from the conjunctions, licking the abundant fluid covering the alpha's genitals. Approaching each other, they kissed, mingling flavors.

Yashaw glanced at the other mortals, seeing them also recovering from orgasm via masturbation. He knelt beside Maria, his hands gently combing through her white blonde hair. "I'm sorry my beautiful warrior. Tonight shall not be the night of your first conception. Tomorrow Wolf shall be yours if your sister mates don't mind."

"Of course not," smiled Nina. "We'll help."

"She deserves it," smiled Gretchen. "And pleasuring her is certainly no sacrifice."

"Thank you," smiled Maria at the god and her sister mates.

"Good." He retuned to his sister's side and they wrapped arms around each other. "Be fruitful and multiply, to coin a phrase." Everyone giggled.

Getting serious, Diana explained, "We have conceived new alphas this evening. My pups shall arrive in nine months as will your kittens, Kat. The dominant of the litter will let itself be known to you. I will leave my pups here for you to gather."

"She doesn't need to gestate for nine months," smiled Yashaw. "But I just love her when she's pregnant. She's so fucking sexy."

"Don't you want to keep pups?" asked Kat.

Diana smiled gloriously and knelt down and kissed Kat. "Aren't you lovely. Yes, I shall keep the runt. We often do, you know."

"Of course," smiled Kat. "One always dies in each litter. I thought it sad, but now I know."

"Now you know," smiled Diana and kissed her again. "Anyway, you've paved the way for a golden age led by our offspring. Things may get tough in your mortal world, but you shall thrive. We love you, my children. Now off with you. Have fun in our valley tonight. I brought some elk especially for your pleasure. Tomorrow you awake in Wolf's and Kat's beds."

"And by the way, this democratic thing, choosing alphas, it's quite sweet," said Yashaw. "We may even have some fun with it here. But, of course, stay strong. The alpha must be strongest, and not just in fighting ability. Leadership! The keenest mind! Yes, elections suit us fine. The results of course are predetermined. Go be animals my children. Go have fun."

The weres watched the perfect asses of the immortals as they retreated towards the orgy. Instead of joining their fellow gods, they cuddled, Diana sitting within Yashaw's arms and legs, and watched their were children transform and dash out of the cave joyously.

-The End-

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