tagInterracial LoveA Gaijin's Tale Ch. 2

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Afternoon Delight

The call comes in the late morning, while I'm sitting at my desk.

"I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop fantasising about us, together."

I try to act casual—your husband is just in the next cubical, and I know that he can hear me when I'm speaking on the phone.

"I see," is my attempt at a non-committal reply. "Is there anything that I can do to help?"

"Can you come here this afternoon and make love to me?"

"Well," I say, "as much as I would love to take you up on your offer, I'm afraid I have a meeting at 3:00 with your hu . . . er, my supervisor, Hideki-san. Perhaps we could meet for lunch?"

"Yes," you gasp into the receiver, "yes, come as soon as you can. I need to fuck you very badly. My pussy drips for you."

"Well that's an offer that no one could resist."

You hang up the phone and I try to return my thoughts to the work before me. Hideki stands up and looks over the top of the partition. "I was going to ask you if you had lunch plans, but now it seems that you do. What's up?"

"Meeting with an estate agent, across town. Looking at an apartment, to try and get out of that hotel. I don't know, though—what with Tokyo rental prices. It won't be forever and then I'm home to the States. But I would like a place to call 'my own'."

Hideki laughs. 'Crazy American,' he's thinking. I smile innocently and think: you wouldn't laugh if you knew that I was fucking your wife. You should see the way she sucks my cock, the way her cunt is always juicy for me , the way I blow my load across her face, and then she licks it up.

Down on the street now, I hail a cab; the mid-day traffic in Tokyo is just as bad as rush-hour. It will take me a while to reach your apartment. I think of you, of your pretty face and brilliant, black hair. I think of your soft, smooth skin, and your hungry mouth, always ready for my aching cock. I begin to grow hard sitting in the back of the cab, and I consider masturbating. But I don't; I want you to have all of my semen.

Finally, we arrive in front of your building. I pay the driver, and rush up to your apartment. The lift door opens, and I see you down the hall, peeking from behind the door, not of your apartment, but of the unit next to it. You must have been looking out the window, waiting for me. You are wearing only a short light silk robe over your bra and panties. I see the lace of your bra peeking out from behind the robe. You turn and go into the apartment before I arrive at the door, leaving it open for me. When I enter, I find you've slipped off the robe.

"What is this place?" I ask.

"Vacant. To let. I borrowed the key from the concierge. I told him I might know someone interested. I want it to be our 'love-nest'. Are you interested?"

We kiss passionately, each tongue dancing in the other's mouth. Then you sit on a small stool over which a white sheet is draped. The apartment is nearly empty; there are a couple of large house-plants in pots, and a sofa. That is all. The room is white. You take off your bra. There are nice, wooden floors with an inlaid Greek-key patterned boarder. You have removed your panties, and begin to stroke your pussy, enticingly. Light streams through the drape-less windows. Staring at your nakedness, watching the play of your fingers between your legs, I get undressed. It take me longer to get out of my business suite—jacket, tie, trousers, shirt, vest, pants, boots, socks—and all the while, you tease me by masturbating.

"You like what you see?"

"Of course," I reply. My cock stands straight out, achingly desirous of your touch. From under the sheet draping the stool, you bring out a long pink dildo, and spreading your knees, you begin to work it into your pussy.

"I had to use this while waiting for you. I thought you would never arrive."

"I'm here now," I say. "Do you still want to use that? Here, let me try with my finger." I insert my middle finger between the soft folds of your cunt lips, and gently massage your steaming pussy. I love this little dance before we get down to business. My cock feels like steel.

"You should be made to wait because you made me wait. I want to make sure your cock is good and hard. Fuck me with these now."

You hand me two more vibrators, one naturalistic but jet-black and heavily veined. I insert it and turn on the motor; your eyes half close as the waves of pleasure wash over you. As it vibrates, I move it in and out of your dripping cunt, slowly. We kiss, and you suck my tongue into your mouth. Then I take the white one, which has a bulbous head. When I begin to play with it in your pussy, you have an orgasm. Your eyes roll back in your head, and your body twitches. I know that you're enjoying this as much as I am; you massage your clit and spread your lips even further to take more of the plastic toy.

"Enough," you say. "That's enough. I need to suck you now."

You get down on the polished wood floor and take my cock in you hand, and rub your lips all up and down my length, as though it were an ear of corn. I can feel the first drops of pre-come begin to ooze out of the tip, and when you see them, you engulf my head and suck the salty juices hungrily. All the while as you suck me, you look into my eyes, telling me silently how very much you love having this wild sex with me. I wonder if you blow your husband like this, with this much passion and abandon, but I do not ask.

"Let's move to the sofa," I say.

"It opens into a bed. Shall we?"

"Right now I just want to eat you." But we take a moment to unfold the bed. You've made it up with fresh, crisp cotton sheets.

You lay back on the bed, and settle much of your weight on your shoulders, thrusting your dripping cunt skyward. I grab hold of your ass, one cheek in each hand, and gently split you apart, exposing more and more pink to view. I insert my tongue and lovingly swab you honey-pot, delighting in the delicate taste, when you suddenly cry out that you are coming once again. Although I've only just barely laid my tongue on you cunt, your orgasm is violent and explosive. I drop onto the sofa, next to you, but you do not rest. In a second you have positioned yourself over my aching cock, and in one swift motion, you impale yourself on the steel rod of my manhood. You rise and fall, again and again, each time increasing the intensity.

We attempt to swing around, still joined, so that you can face me. The twisting motion on my cock is intense, and threatens to make me come, but you quickly reach down and squeeze the base of my cock forcing back the molten lava within. Facing me now, I can lick the delicate buds of your titties. Your breasts are petite, but the nipples are rock hard, surrounded by the dark circles of your aureoles. You throw your head back, and I am faced with the alabaster smoothness of your neck. I kiss it, lick it, suck it, while you rock back and forth on my hard-on.

"I'm glad we opened the sofa before we got too far," you say, trying to get off me and stand up. But I follow along, and continue to pump into you as we rise. Again you throw your head back and close your eyes. "Oh, god, that feels so good," you say. "Don't ever stop. Please. I need your cock so much."

"What's your favourite?" I ask.


"Position. How do you like it best?"

"Doggie-style. I love to feel you balls slap against my bottom. And that is by far the deepest penetration." The tone of your voice changes. Like a cute little girl might ask for an ice-cream at the zoo: "Will you fuck me doggie-style? Please, sir, fuck me like a dog!" You bend over in front of me, and as we stand there, I sink my cock into your waiting pussy, nice and slowly, to prolong the sensations as you place your hands on the wall to steady yourself.

As soon as I am in to the hilt, I pull out quickly. You gasp, and look confused. I push you down roughly on the sofa-bed, onto your knees. Climbing behind you, I grab hold of my cock and point it towards your pink target. I spread your ass-cheeks, and move in for the strike. My cock is glistening with the lubrication of your cunt. Positioning myself just right, I insert the full length of my raging rod into your sweet love cave with a single, forceful stroke. You moan with delight. I pull out quickly again, almost completely, and then rapidly ram my member back into your cunt. I can hear the squish of your juices as I churn them in your pussy. Again and again, I pound into you until you are crying out that yet another orgasm is coming. As you predicted, my heavy ball-sack slaps at you slit, setting it on fire. As you come, you collapse onto the bed, but my attack is unrelenting, and I continue to invade you, again and again.

I pull out. You roll over and move to the end of the sofa, and I stand next to it, almost in the missionary position. I grab your ankles, and again insert my cock into your beautiful, oozing pussy. I love looking into your face, watching the contortions of pleasurable pain as I thrust over and over into you. Your pussy is like mush now; you are about to orgasm yet again. You thrash beneath me, out of control. I feel like a god. I have you in my power. I love. You.

"I'm getting ready to come, Susaki," I warn you.

"Not in my pussy, please. Pull out. Come in my mouth."

I feel like a god because you treat me like a god. I pull out and move up to the head of the bed, towards your head, and I grab my member and begin to stroke it. It is drenched in your juices. "I want you to come on my face," you say. "I want to lick up your seed."

"Yes," I agree. "Yes, it's all for you."

A few strokes is all it takes. The first shot of my semen goes over your face, onto the sheet besides you. The next one lands across your mouth, followed by more that soon pools on your cheek. You look so slutty laying there in the sweat and come.

"I love you," I say.

"You are not permitted," you remind me. "You work for my husband. In a way, you work for me." That is true. And it is now getting late. I'll never make it back to the office on time for our meeting.

We are matter-of-fact with each other now. As we clean up and get dressed, you ask what excuse I gave for being away so long. I tell you about my apartment hunt, and you laugh, because that is the excuse you gave to the concierge.

"Maybe you would like to move in here," you say.

"Next door to the boss?"

"Next door to the boss's wife."

It's something to think about.

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