tagErotic HorrorA Ghostly Protector

A Ghostly Protector


He woke in the middle of the night, warm in the sleeping bag in the comfort of his tent. At first he thought it was dawn as there was a glow coming from outside the tent. Then he realized that the bonfire was blazing instead of having died down during the night.

He opened the tent flap to see what was happening and was greeted by a sight he had not been expecting. There was a woman standing before the fire.

She was small and dressed in a skirt and shirt made of some shimmering flowing material. Her hair shone red in the firelight, trailing down her back to her waist in tangled waves. She held her hands out to the fire, warming them as she hummed quietly to herself and swayed back and forth to the tune she was humming.

She wore no shoes and he wondered how she had gotten this far into the forest. She could have followed the river he supposed but it was very far from any town.

She looked up at him and smiled, her eyes wrinkling at the corners as she did so. Her eyes were blue, bright as the summer sky, his breath caught for a moment before he left his tent.

He walked over to her, intending to ask her who she was, did she need help but she stopped any and all questions with a kiss. She stood on tiptoe and pulled his mouth down to hers, she tasted sweet, almost like honey and he pulled her closer as the kiss deepened.

Their tongues danced as she pressed herself against him, his hands went around her waist to hold her close. Her breasts were small but firm as they pressed into his chest through her silky shirt, nipples hard peaks already. Her hands tangled in his hair as her tongue teased his with light flickering touches, taunting until he moved one hand to grasp the back of her head and took control of the kiss.

He drove his tongue into her mouth, tasting her, impatient with the teasing. He pressed her against him so that she could feel how hard he was already and he felt her smile against his lips as she sighed into him.

The next thing he knew they were on the ground, he was over her and her shirt was open, her skin glowing in the flickering firelight. Her nipples were large for her small breasts and he leaned over her to take one hardened peak into his mouth, suckling on the sensitive flesh until she arched into him.

His hand moved beneath her skirt as he moved his attention to her other breast, her hands gripping his shoulders. She was wet already, the smooth skin damp as she opened her legs to his touch, the tight curls there soft as he parted them to stroke her.

First one finger and then another inside her as he began to kiss his way down her stomach. He worked them in and out of her slick flesh until her hips moved in time with him he smiled against her stomach, anticipating the rush of fluids from her climax. He teased her clit with his thumb as his fingers worked inside her tight pussy and soon he felt the rush of fluid against his hand as she shook and moaned beneath him.

Shoving the material of her skirt higher he moved his head down and as he moved to lick her she grabbed his hair and pulled him up to cover her, smiling and shaking her head. Her hands shoved his pants down past his hips and his stiff cock sprang free of the confines of the material as she took it in her small hands and began to stroke it.

He moved over her, impatient to feel her surrounding his now throbbing flesh. She smiled and closed her eyes as she felt his hardness touching the slick entrance to her core.

With one long and slow thrust he moved inside her, groaning as she surrounded him like a heated fist. He closed his eyes relishing the feel of her slick tight flesh surrounding him, wanting it to last.

They moved together in passion, the heat from the fire moving over them, through them. He could swear that he smelled a storm on the wind but there was nothing he could see or feel but her.

She rolled him onto his back, her eyes mesmerizing him as she pleased them both. She still wore her skirt and the silky material brushed his thighs and stomach as she moved on him.

Her hips worked in a grinding motion as she moved on him, her vaginal muscles squeezed tightly each time she rose up and relaxed as she impaled herself on his hardness once again.

He grasped her hips in his hands, wanting hard and fast, feeling her wetness running down his shaft onto his sac, needing to come but he was unable to do anything but watch her. The gentle sway of her breasts as she moved over him, the way her eyes shone in the light, the blaze of her hair as the light from the fire seemed to catch in it.

She threw her head back and contracted around him impossibly as she cried out. He thrust up into her hard again and again until he felt himself erupt deep inside her. His whole body shook as she gasped and moaned above him, her muscles milking every last drop from him.

She collapsed on top of him and he held her, still inside her. Her breasts were pressed to his chest and her hair tickled his nose, he smiled a sleepy smile of satisfaction as she snuggled into him.

He woke in the morning, back in his tent, wrapped in his sleeping bag alone. On the pillow next to his head were two Tarot cards, one The Fool and one The Lovers, a scarf of the same shimmering material he remembered her skirt being made of was wrapped around them.

As he left the tent, unsure of what had been a dream and what hadn't, he was shocked to see the devastation that surrounded his campsite. Trees were flattened for miles around, the gentle river he had canoed down the day before was running fast and deep. His camp alone appeared untouched.

When he made it finally to the nearest town the old timers from the town had much to say to him. There was a local legend of a Gypsy girl who had once lost her love to a summer storm on the river...

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