A Ghoul, A Nectarine, and Pancakes


He kissed the topped of her cunt reverently and his weight shifted. Izzy was still trying to catch her breath when she felt her legs being forced further apart, and without preamble, his cock was at her entrance, thrusting into the still hypersensitive flood within.

The cry that came from her mouth started as shock and morphed into pleasure. He was huge within her, filling her, stretching her, reaching a depth she had never felt before, and it was the most fantastic thing she'd ever felt. He held himself deep within her, forced himself to be still to allow her to get used to his rock solid girth. He covered her with his weight and licked her nipple; he felt the spasm in the walls her her cunt. He licked again and she cried out, the already-tight walls of her pussy squeezing him even tighter.

"You feel like fucking heaven," he told her before he assaulted her nipples with his mouth. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to move within her, he tried to hold off, but the steady pulsing of her pleasure was too much a temptation. He lifted his body off hers and slowly pulled out, so that just the head of his cock was within her.

"Tell me what you want," he grunted. His hands were on her hips now, holding her steady. Every muscle and nerve in his body was screaming at him to get on with it; but he prided himself on his control.

"Mmm. Please," was the most coherent word she could get out.

"Please? Please, what?" ~Say it!~ his mind screamed at her.

"Oh, god. Please...fuck. Please fuck me," the words wretched out of her.

As he thrust into her they both cried out, intangible noises that met in the air as his cock met the depths of her cunt, again. He couldn't comprehend quite how the walls of her slick tunnel sheathed him so tightly. She couldn't understand how he filled her so full, to overflowing. But it wasn't about understanding, or thinking. Now it was about the pure animal lust that rose between them.

He slid out of her only to join her again at once, as if he couldn't bear to be away from home too long. He belonged inside of her; she belonged to him. They both knew this without words, with only the wet, sloppy cries, the bucking and the thrusting of their joining. Together they rose in heat and pitch, as he entered her with loud, wet slaps, as she bucked her hips to meet him.

They ground together as she muttered something that might have been, "fuck, fuck, fuck," under her breath and as he sunk his teeth into the flesh of her breast. As the spasms vibrated more wildly with each frantic thrust, he felt her cunt grip him tighter, and she felt his cock swell even thicker. Their noises were just wild sounds, now, the vibrations strumming in concentric rings of ache and lust and she plunged over the edge, cumming hard, milking his cock as he poured his pleasure into her, one thick ropey strand after another, deep within her. As their spasms subsided all that remained was the quick, heavy thudding of their hearts in their chests.

He moved off her body, but only to unbuckle the cuffs from around her wrists and loosen the cloth from behind her head. As soon as she was free, he wrapped her in his arms, and her fingers at last got to feel the thick curls of his hair, the lean hardness of his back. He was peppering her with little kisses and she wrapped her legs around him in a need to be as close to him as possible.

He was kissing her forehead, her nose, her earlobe. "You see," he whispered. "I was right."

"Hmm?" her full, rosy lips were turned up in a smile. She had her eyes closed in utter contentment.

"You ~are~ mine," he said.

Her eyelids fluttered open, fell upon his beatific face and fluttered back into that blissful smile. "Oh, yes," she agreed.

"Every inch of you," he said.

"All yours." His lips met hers; she still tasted herself on him, and she sought out the salty sweet tang with her tongue. They lost themselves in their kisses for so long that Izzy had almost forgotten they were having a conversation.

"You want to know what else?" Alex asked, holding her close.

"Mmm hmm?"

"I'm yours," he told her.

The grin spread slowly across her face. Her eyes popped open, and she gave him a sassy stare.

"Every fucking inch of you," she agreed, then settled back into the warmth of his body, drifting off into happy, sleepy thoughts of ghouls, and nectarines, and pancakes.

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