tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 08

A Gift From His Father Ch. 08


Climbing into his Ford F150 Pickup John securing his seatbelt, he let out a deep sigh, started the engine and sped away from the small mansion that was once his father's. Meeting his step family could have gone better, which the mother of understatements. His identical triplet sisters and his step mother, (an Andie McDowell look alike) hated him on sight. They trying to sodomize him, and when that failed attempted to kill him. Once he put them in their place, he ended up fucking his step mother and physically altering his step sisters' appearance and at least one's state of mind. Finally, he emancipated their servants. Not the kind of family reunion that he expected, but then the last several days had been pretty strange.

"No stranger than being able to speak with your dead father who is locked inside the 'Ring of Power' you inherited," his father replied.

"Okay dad, I'll give you that one, but I do have several questions for you," John said as he navigated the rural roads.

"What's on your mind, son," he said knowing that it he was limited in what he could say. It was frustrating for him to watch, he was helpless to do more.

John was angry and ran off a list of questions and "why didn't you tell mes", before finally allowing his father to answer.

"John," he began, "you have every right to be angry with me. And you are right I should have told you, but I am unable to complete disclose as much as I would like to, call it a condition of my incarceration, until after you have firsthand knowledge of a situation. Only then am I able to explain and advise."

He went into a long explanation of how he perceived things from within the ring, most John had heard before and considered them excuses, and finally he got to the point which John really wanted to hear.

"John, I gave my family limited powers to protect them and keep them safe, since you have removed those powers, I am holding you responsible for their safety and I expect you to do just that," his father stated flatly.

John argued that they had abused their powers, torcher unsuspecting people who had no defense. For that reason alone they deserved no special treatment. But he acknowledged that he may have indeed left them vulnerable to enemies, thinking that his father had certainly made his share over the years and asked if they were in any real danger.

His father countered that he didn't believe that any of his enemies knew of his family or were foolish enough to chance running into any of his contentiously plans, of which John was the lynchpin. Nevertheless, he didn't want to leave it to chance. John agreed to take care of the situation, perhaps going as far as being tied into the mansion's security system. If he restored their powers, he'd have to make sure they wouldn't be tempted to abuse them, but he'd cross that bridge when he got there.

John finally asked the question that had dominated his thinking, why his sisters were so plain and androgynous in their appearance, and was his father having sex with them.

His father explained that one of the reasons for his incarceration was that he was attempting to manipulate his offspring. It wasn't an accident that they were identical triplet, but he was attempting to have sons, which accounted for their lack of femininity. He needed a son to pass the ring to, and had a plan to make copies of the ring to pass and endow his sons, before his death. He refused to talk further about his sins, and he reminded John that the wearer of the Ring of Power can't be limited by conventional thinking, so the rules no longer applied.

John didn't like the sound of that, despite knowing that he had to be more open to new ideas and concepts. He didn't like the idea of thinking that he was beyond social norms and laws.

His father was quick to add that John didn't seem to hesitate to explore a sexual relationship with his stepmother and now had fucked both his mother and stepmother. And it was only a question of time before he had sex with his sisters. He asked John, using today's morals, how did he justify that.

John had to admit that he did have a point. He wasn't planning on having sex with his sisters, but things were beginning to play themselves out that way, as if he didn't have a choice, it was hard for him to accept all of this. Choosing the rules that you would follow and skip the ones you don't. Jackie was technically his step mother; even though they had never met her before today.

"She is something, isn't she," his father asked John causing him to blush.

He was still a novice when it came to sexual relationships, although he was a quick learner, he knew that some guys like to compare notes, he had never thought much about it and was relieved that his dad wasn't angry with him over it.

"She has an 'enchanted pussy'," his father said, not waiting for his son to reply. "I gave her that, too. She cannot fail to satisfy and be satisfied; she is capable of simultaneous orgasms every time, like magic," he laughed.

John was stunned wondering why his father would do that.

"It's not that different than what you did for your teacher friend," his father reminded him.

He was right, of course. That reminded John that their meeting was tomorrow and he wondered how thing were working out for Ms. Greene.

Carmen and Maria had checked into the Hyatt Regency across the street from the Main Street Bank and adjacent to the mall. They had just returned from the busy boutique where the owner Cynthia Ash was delighted to help them, saying that if John sent them that was good enough for her. When she asked where they lived they told her that they were from out of state and thinking of settling in the area. Cynthia's eyes brighten and told them she could recommend a good real estate agent if thing came to that. They all got along fabulously, Carmen and Maria enjoyed the preferential treatment Cynthia had shown them and left with several outfits, many that could be interchanged doubling their wardrobe options. They also bought several matching pairs of the nicest lingerie they had ever seen, including all sorts of bras, camisoles, bustiers, panties and thongs. They completed their purchases with six pairs of shoes each, stiletto, Mary Jane and ankle boots. Both young women were happier than they had been in a very long time; life was good and getting better every day. The dressed and went down to the bar, to show off their new outfits and to see how they would be received. Their perfect English and good looks had every man and some women, hitting on them. They loved all the attention, but still were somewhat naïve, so despite the temptation they declined all offers and returned to their hotel room. They called John around 7PM and asked if he was busy and see when he would be available to talk about their future.

John was at home when he received Maria's call. He was delighted to hear that they had settled in at the Hyatt Regency and asked if they had plans for dinner. They had forgotten about dinner and readily accepted his offer to meet at the Bushido Izakaya Japanese restaurant which was a block from the hotel in thirty minutes.

Carmen and Maria walked the short distance to the restaurant and John joined them soon after they entered the lobby, John made reservations and they were quickly shown to a booth with a nice view of the busy downtown streets. Neither Maria nor Carmen were accustomed to eating in the fine restaurants in the USA, but were quickly getting used to being pampered and being asked what they liked. Although they had heard of Sushi, they never had an opportunity to try it. John helped by suggesting several of his favorites, such as the house Signature Sushi Rolls, the Spicy Albacore, Traditional Pressed Mackerel, and a Rainbow Roll which is assorted fish over California roll. In the event that they didn't like the sushi, John also ordered Yakitori Skewers.

While their meal was being prepared, they look over the drink menu; John was going to have a Coors Lite, but encouraged the girls to try one of the specialty drinks. Carmen ordered the "Rising Sun", which is a mix of Tequila, French vodka blended w/persimmon, mango, papaya and lime, while Maria ordered the "Okinawa Splash" which is a mix of Ginger Skyy Vodka, pineapple, peach schnapps, splash of Sprite, layer of grenadine. The girls snickered and laughed as their waitress brought their drinks, they had always wanted to try drinks that came in fancy glasses with fruit hanging off them. John proposed they toasted to new beginnings and were on their second round of drinks when the first sushi rolls arrived. Not knowing what to expect, they followed John's lead as he used the little saucers for the soy sauce and using moderate amounts of real Wasabi, not the green horseradish many lesser restaurants often serve. It was comical watching Maria and Carmen using chopsticks for the first time. When the alcohol finally kicked in Maria tossed her chop sticks aside and decided to use her hands while Carmen opted for a fork. Soon the other rolls began to arrive and they all enjoyed their meal. When the Skewers arrived they found they still had a little more room left and made short work of the food, washing it down with their fourth round of drinks. When Maria and Carmen began slurring their words and acting silly, John knew it was time to leave, before they began singing. After paying for the meal and leaving a healthy tip, John escorted them away one on each arm. They laughed and talked nonstop along the short walk, holding on to John tightly and insisted that he tell them more about the employment opportunity he mentioned earlier.

Their suite was luxurious, it had a huge bed, a spacious bathroom and large living room which included a desk with a Herman Miller Aeron Chair™, which Maria loved to spin in. John went to the small refrigerator and pulled out bottle water, the girls declined. When he took a seat on the couch the girls sat on either side of him. They were acting a little silly, and flirtatious, and were having fun at John's expense.

"Johnny," Maria finally said, "We want you to give us beautiful bodies like you gave those stupid step sisters of yours."

"Yes," Carmen agreed, "Johnny if you do, we will certainly make it worth your while." She said as she winked and traced her fingers across John's chest.

John smiled and explained that he was willing to that and more, but there was a catch. He explained that he was looking for a special few women to be agents for him. He could tell that they didn't quite understand what the meant so he made sure that once they were sober, they would have total recall of this conversation. Their facial expressions were priceless, as he explained that job was to collect sexual energy. How they did that was up to them, they could engage in sex or be near others while they engaged in any kind of sex. They would be provided a way to collect the energy and be trained. It wasn't a full time job and they would be free to pursue their interest in all things, except marriage. They could travel, go to school, work but they would be forever agents responsible to him or the next master of the Ring of Power. Additionally, they would have limited mind control powers, similar to what his step sister had and would have very long lives, free from sickness and disease. Carmen looked at him skeptically, "You mean you want us to have sex with men like prostitutes and collect the sexual energy?"

John explained that it wasn't like prostitution because they wouldn't be charging for sex. And they could have sex with anyone they wanted, it didn't have to be men; it could be women, or both, and they didn't have to participate if they didn't want to. The choice was theirs. But they did have to deliver on regularly scheduled intervals. You would receive a good compensation package to begin with, later you will have developed your own sources of income.

As if she didn't hear the other fringe benefits Maria asked, "And you will make us beautiful?"

"Maria," John said, "You are already beautiful, but I will improve on that and more. But, I don't think you are in the best state of mind to make such a decision, just now."

"And why not," Carmen asked as she changed her body position to recline on the arm on the couch and missed almost falling on the floor, catching herself at the last minute.

"Because you two are plastered," John laughed both at Carmen and Maria's attempt at following the conversation.

"No." Maria said. "I want to do this."

"Me, too," Carmen said, she straighten up and appeared to be only mildly influenced by the alcohol she'd consumed. "Johnny, when you found us we were poor abused undocumented workers from Mexico. We have no family here and have no plans to return to the family we left in Mexico. We don't have any real plans now and your offer sounds like a once in a lifetime thing. I want to do it."

"Me too," Maria said as she opened her blouse revealing her smooth brown skin and "B" Cup tits enclosed in her new black lace pushup bra. "And you can make these bigger."

Not to be out done, Carmen opened her blouse and bra revealing a pair of lovely small tits with large dark brown areolas. "Yes," She said. "I have always wanted larger tits. The kind that jiggles and drives men crazy," she laughed and attempted to shake them to illustrate her point. "Come on Johnny," she said as she moved in and planted a warm passionate kiss on his lips.

John accepted the kiss and matched her passion. Maria removed the rest of her clothes and unbuckling John's belt, slid his pants down his legs. She wasn't surprised to find him aroused; however she was surprised by his size. Nevertheless, as soon as she freed him, she pulled as much as she could into her hungry mouth. John right hand found Carmen's left tit and traced circles around her nipple, which fanned her rising passion.

John was beginning to understand the meaning of the phrase "hot Latin lovers" as both of the girls started working on him. John slid down on this back as Carmen lowered her hot sex to his mouth while she and Maria shared his cock and balls, licking up and around his shaft and occasionally catching each other's tongues in the process. They had known each other since sneaking across the border into San Diego, three years ago. It never dawned on them that they would share a lover. Maybe it was all the alcohol, neither had ever been with a woman before and right now the idea thrilled them. Carmen was further encouraged by the way John was feasting on her very wet snatch, and found one of Maria's tiny rock hard nipples nearby, pulled and rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. Maria squealed as she pulled the helmet head in and out of her mouth, while Carmen met her mouth and they kissed around John's massive organ. As if on cue, Maria climbed on top of John's legs and Carmen held him in place as Maria as she lowered herself onto John large stiff rod. It was a tight fit. John groaned, but it was warm and wet and quickly stretched to accommodate his girth. John was busy with two pussies, one on his mouth the other squeezing his cock. The girls were facing each other and feeling each other up which lead them to enjoy their first kiss deep sensuous kiss. All three were becoming slick with perspiration as they worked to satisfy their needs. Between John's amazing tongue and his long thick shaft and the new found love for each other, Maria and Carmen exploded together and their screams echoed through their hotel suite. As their climaxes subsided, they held each other closely and nuzzled in each other's necks as they balanced on John.

John gently shoved Carmen forward, caressing her lovely ass as he came up for air, Maria, noticed that he was still incredibly hard and he hadn't come. She backed off him slowly and motioned for Carmen to take her place; But John had other ideas and guided her to her back. Maria took his hard cock in one hand and rubbed him back and forth on her open cunt, Carmen squealed with delight as she attempted to catch him. After a minute, she use her hand and pulled him lower and he pushed into her soft wet hole causing her to let out a moan loudly as the full feeling was better than she imagined it would be. Using the leverage he had from his feet on the floor, John slowly sawed in and out of Carmen tight young hole. Taking a chance, Maria moved her wet snatch just above Carmen and hovered there. With her mind dulled but the liquor, Carmen hesitated for a moment before pulling her friend onto her willing mouth. It wasn't long before Carmen located Maria's clit and knowing what she liked she tried to duplicated it on Maria. The results were almost immediate; Maria was exploded in her first female generated orgasm. John chose that moment to set Carmen off as her pleasure triggered his own and he released a massive load cum into her.

The three of them collapsed on the leather couch, trying to catch their breath, looking at the satisfied expression on each other's faces. Maria was the first to talk as they slowly detangled themselves.

"My God, that was amazing!" She said as she reached out to find Carmen's wet pussy dripping with the combined mixture of John and her juices.

Carmen shook as Maria's fingers slid into her tangled pubic mess, grazing her still excited clit as she extracted a few drops of juice onto her finger, bringing it back to her mouth and licking it off. She was surprised that she loved the taste and pushed her friend to her back in an effort to get more of the tangy juices. John walked around to where Carmen's head was rolling back and forth as she steered Maria's head where she wanted the attention. Seeing John she anticipated his deflating cock and kissed it before sucking it between her lips and into her mouth. She, too, loved the taste of the combined mixture that covered his cock.

For her first time licking a pussy, Carmen couldn't believe how good Maria was making her feel; she kept her on the edge, teasing her and touching her in a way that was added to her pending finale. Maria skillfully used her tongue to tunnel into the soft wet hole scooping out as much as the tasty juices she could find. When it appeared that she had exhausted her supply, she curled her tongue around Carmen's love button and produced more. Quickly it was all becoming too much for Carmen and she was overtaken by one of the best orgasms of her life, as she closed her legs around Maria's head almost suffocating her in the process. When she finally collapsed and relaxed, Maria pulled herself away only after cleaning any remaining juices.

John watched Maria's enthusiastically lick her first pussy. He was convinced that they would be good agents, and after a few minor alterations they would become irresistible to both male and female.

As Maria and Carmen lay together catching their breaths, contemplating another round, John told them they had what it takes to be good agents and if they were up to it he would like to make a few minor alterations to their bodies and enhance their beauty.

They sat up and alert, "Oh my," Carmen said, "You are really going to do it."

They were giddy began asking what he wanted them to do. He asking them to stand next to each other by the wall as he circled them looked them over.

They were petite women, approximately the same height, about 5'3" and both had shiny black hair cut short just below their ears. They were thin, and had small breasts, "B" cups size with small hard dark brown nipples sitting on quarter size areolas. Maria had a long torso with short legs while Carmen's legs were longer. They both had thick growths of black pubic hair covering their vaginas. Their legs were strong having spent long hours on their dainty little feet. John walked up to them and asked them to smile and then open their pretty little mouths. Maria had a few crooked teeth while Carmen had a few cavities and bit of an overbite. John stepped back a few feet and had them turn around. They had lovely behinds, and creamy smooth brown skin. From behind Carmen's sex could be easily seen between her legs while Maria's remained hidden.

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