A Gift From His Father Ch. 08


James told her he was surprised the door was unlocked; they must be getting too comfortable. Secondly, he couldn't imagine that his Mary was open to such things as a threesome. Julie was moving around the office locating her clothes and pulling them on. She was embarrassed, since she had forgotten to lock the door, had a patient entered there would have been complications. James quickly got up and gave her a squeeze and told her to forget about it, as found his boxers and slid into them. Mary also quickly dressed and began to check her hair, when James turned to Mary, still holding Julie and asked.

"How about a repeat performance at my house tonight," he was looking directly at Mary, knowing that Julie was up to it.

"Sure, what time," Mary asked, thinking that this could lead to a good harvest and maybe more sources.

"We'll be done her by six, so how about 7PM, we can order in and make a real evening of it," James suggested as he released Julie who was eager to finish dressing herself.

"Sounds like a date," Mary said, walking over to Julie and squeezed her small naked ass and leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.

Julie returned the kiss and pulled Mary into her, Mary then broke off the kiss and told the young woman, "I am looking forward to more of this tonight and she gently slapped her ass and took a few steps to meet James.

"I know that you will be ready," she said and kissed him as well, then smiled as she picked up her purse and left.

Isabel and Samantha had their handful, making sure that Heather stayed out of trouble while at the shopping mall. She was like a child touching everything and drifting away with every little distraction. It wasn't until they remembered that she had to do whatever they told her that they were able to get her to settle down.

None of their clothes fit them anymore; fortunately this little boutique had everything they needed. It was very busy, and it took hours to find everything they needed, but in the end they were satisfied that they had bought enough clothes to last them a week. What they didn't find they ordered, they had spent several thousand dollars when it was all totaled up. When they returned home they would visit the website and add a few more items.

They returned home with several bags each filled with their new clothes, they even managed to find bikinis too suite their taste. They all ran up to Heather's room to try them on before going out to cool off in the pool.

They took turns changing outfits appraising the combinations and modeling for one another, they admitted that they looked hot and had their little brother to thank. While they were putting away their clothes, Samantha got a naughty idea. She told Heather that she was really horny and before she could go for a swim she needed to get some relief. Being the gullible airhead that John had turned her into, she tried to think about it and she simply realized that Samantha was right and she was really horny, and she really needed to scratch that itch. Without a second thought, she pulled off her bikini bottoms and put her fingers into her dripping pussy.

Isabel was stunned and watched her sister shamelessly sitting on her bed rubbing her pussy and enjoying it. Heather was getting into it and used her other hand to open her labia more so that she could reach her clit. Samantha was enjoying watching the once powerful Heather reduced to a horny bimbo and suggested that Heather was doing it wrong because she still had her top on.

"Oh yeah," Heather said, and quickly pulled the tiny top off and asked Sam if that was better. Her nipples were hard and sticking out a half inch.

"You need to pull on your nipples,"Sam told her, as Isabel looked at her unbelieving what Sam was telling Heather and how easily Heather was complying.

"Okeydokey," Heather said and followed Sam's instructions forgetting that her nipples were hyper sensitive since they were enhanced. She shuddered as a mini orgasm snuck up on her. "Ohhhh...."

"Suck on them, Heather," Sam told her.

Heather obeyed lifting one huge tit and catching her nipple in her mouth. She began nursing on her tit and fell back on the bed as she began to climax again, this one much stronger than the previous.

Samantha was giggling, but Isabel was turned on and before she could think found herself in bed with her sister, Heather still had her tit in her mouth and was moaning around the nipple. Isabel looked into her sister's eyes and could see the lust; she was focused on her pleasure. Isabel found herself drawn to her sister's other tit and lowering her head sucked the spongy nipple into her mouth. With her right hand Heather pulled her sister's head closer as her moaning increased.

Samantha opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out, she was astonished as she watched her sisters' behavior. When Heather opened her legs wide, placing her feet sole to sole, Samantha noticed how wet she was and felt compelled to get a closer look. Lying across the bed, and leaning over she could smelled her sister's arousal and watched as Heather's cunt become a pool of her juices and her hard clit protruded from its center. Leaning in closer she took in a deep breath, the fragrance was much stronger and before she realized what she was doing she began lapping up the sweet nectar.

Heather couldn't stand it any longer and pulling her tit from her mouth, she squealed as she was rocked by a thunderous orgasm. Isabel covered her mouth with her own and they tongue wrestled for several seconds. Heather reached up and began to pull Isabel's top off, she needed to feel her warm flesh. Isabel help by unhooking her large bra and ample breasts tumble forward into Heather's waiting hands and she squeezed and pulled on the long nipples as Isabel shrieked. All three sisters seemed under some spell as they began their forbidden intimate play. Isabel and Samantha quickly got out of their remaining clothes and the three formed a daisy chain around the bed as they feasted on each other's pussies. Hands were roaming everywhere over each other, each one became more familiar with each other's body and quickly learned what the other liked. After several minutes and countless orgasms they switched partners, and continued until each one had been intimate with the other and the room was heavy with the smell of their combined arousal.

Samantha said, "I don't know what came over me, but I had to lick Heather's pussy. I am glad that I did but that was so weird," she said as she lay on her back between her sisters trying to catch her breath.

Isabel agreed, "I know what you mean, Heather's nipples seemed to be speaking to me and I couldn't help myself from wanting to feel them in my mouth. It was all so good, but I don't know where it came from," she said as she wiped a loose curl from her face which was still wet from her sister's juices.

Heather sat up and giggled, "That was sooo much fun, want to do it again," and she reached out and pulled the each of her sisters hard nipples.

Isabel moaned as a warm feeling came over her and she crawled between Heather's legs and resumed licking and fingering her sister. Samantha giggled and pulled her face to Heather's quivering breasts.

Tammy walked back to her office carrying a cup of Green Tea, she was proud of the way she had overcome her tendency to eat the wrong foods and drinks, the tea was good for her and its warmth spread through her body. The side effect from losing all the weight was that without the layers of extra fat to keep her warm, she found the office too cool for her liking. But it didn't prevent her from wearing clothes that accentuated her new figure and exposed the maximum amount of flesh she could get away with and still be considered professionally attired. Her skirt hugged her body tightly and she hadn't bothered to wear panties today you'd be able to see where they started and ended, she rationalized. She felt daring this morning, but going into the office "commando" which was the extent of her office adventures. She had to balance doing her real job while digging through countless the files to collect enough evidence on Mr. Adams; he was embezzling millions from the bank and their mortgage customers. So far she had uncovered several incriminating documents, but needed much more if they were ever going to have enough to either get him convicted or convince him to retire and repay the money he'd stolen.

As she passed by the bank of teller windows, she smiled at her friends and co-workers as they tried to look busy waiting for the next wave of customers to arrive. Several of the men and women smiled back; unable to believe how quickly she lost more than eighty pounds and admiring how cute she looked today. A few even let their minds wander trying to imagine what she looked like naked. She hadn't just weight and inches but it seemed she grew in all the appropriate places. She really couldn't take credit for the weight lost; she thinks that John had something to do with it, but that was only a suspicion. After all how was that possible, she thought.

Sliding into her Herman Miller Aeron chair she went back to the laborious job scanning and reading hundreds of documents, both online and paper copies. She was grossly involved in one particular file when the phone rang starling her and causing her to jumped two inches out of her chair. Recovering quickly, she stabbed the phone receiver and answered in her practiced professional voice.

"Tammy Bowen, may I help you," she said, as she pulled her new reading glasses off her face.

"Hey Tammy, how goes the battle," said the familiar voice on the other end.

"John," she practically sighed his name. "How've been, it's been a while since I've heard from you."

John explained that he had been keeping very busy lately but wanted to see if she was making any progress. When he learned that she had in fact found a few interesting documents, he arranged a brief meeting at the hotel across the street, in 30 minutes and Tammy agreed.

They met at the bar in the restaurant; it was too early for a drink, so they had mineral waters and talked about what Tammy had discovered. She explained that he'd found several documents that proved that Mr. Adams was skimming off the top of a least five large mortgages, not a lot of money, but enough that if more it would total a significant amount of money. John asked if she had verified that it was a deliberate act. She said there was no way this could have an accident. John asked her how much more time did she anticipate it all taking. When she couldn't be specific, he told her to continue with her work while he chased down another source.

"Thanks, Tammy," He said as he leaned in to kiss her, if for no other reason than to keep up appearances.

Reaching into Tammy's mind he saw she was disappointed that they wouldn't have a chance for a little playtime; she was horny being around him and was of half a mind to sliding under the table to blow him. Activating his power to see through clothing (see Chapter One), Tammy's lovely long sleeve sheer blouse faded allowing John to see her bra cladded breasts clearly, soon it too faded away and John was looking at her lovely large breasts topped by bright pink areolas. Admiring the way her big breast appeared to be defying gravity, he focused his attention on her nipples. He watched as they began to harden and grow longer. As they grew they pulled the areolas tighter, the mass seemed to shrink as the nipples hardened. Tammy trembled as she felt a flash of familiar body heat which was a usually precursor to sexual play. She stopped what she was saying took a drink of her water and found herself gazing into his eyes, as she tried to understand what was happening. Next John imagined nursing on those lovely puffy nipples. Tammy's breathing was becoming erratic. John lowered his gaze and Tammy's skirt faded from view. John smiled as he saw she had chosen to go "commando" today. Her pretty pink labia as it began to moisten, as he sharpening his focus causing her clit to emerge from its hood. Tammy gasped loudly and sighed, she was beyond trying to look like nothing unusual was happening. John imagined licking around her clit until she practically begged him to touch her love button. She spread her legs and fought to keep her hands away, she was practically panting now and leaning into John, she could smell herself and realized that she was on the brink of a large orgasm. How was that possible? She didn't have time to question it any further as her passion smacked her hard. Leaned down John took her face in his hands and quickly covered her mouth with his just in time to mute her scream and allowing her to relax and ride out the surprising climax. She was gripping John's arms so tightly she thought she'd draw blood.

After several minutes and Tammy's pulse had returned to normal she was able to pull away, she looked deep into John's eyes silently questioning what had just happened. But John simply asked if she was okay, she was of course, still not believing what had happened. Suddenly she began to worry, she was a sopping wet mess, surely she had soaked her tan skirt, and there would be a stain. She picked a bad day to go without panties, she silently cursed. However, it was a fantastic breathtaking orgasm, but at what cost? She didn't know what she would do, she definitely wasn't prepared. She was just about to ask John to excuse her, when she realized that she didn't feel wet and sticky, in fact she felt dry and fresh she sniffed and could only smell the fresh clean fragrance of her cologne. Had she imagined it all? No, she was certain that she hadn't imagined anything that strong.

John looked at her and smiled, "Are you ready to go," he asked as he searched her face and seeing a look of bewilderment.

She smiled realizing she was still seated; she took John's out stretched hand and stood on shaky legs. He pulled her into him and wrapped his long arm around her as she found her legs. They walked out the restaurant and into the morning sun. Once they crossed the street and the bank was less than a hundred yards away, John kissed her once again and told her he'd call her later. Tammy sighed and walked the short distance to the bank, trying not to think about what had happened, and failing.

April looked over the classes she had planned to take this fall. Both she and John were planning on attending Foothill College; it was the nearby community college. Although both had the grades, their SAT scores weren't high enough to get them into a large university, right out of high school. So like many kids they would be attending one of the states finest community college for a year or two before transferring to the university of their choosing. April couldn't understand why she did so poorly on her SATs, things seemed so easy now, and she remembered everything she read. Things that used to confuse her now seemed so easy for her to comprehend. She looked up from her list of classes, picked up the television remote; it was time for "Wheel of Fortune", one of her favorite shows. She watched silently while contestants struggled over one easy phrase after another. At one point she found herself yelling at the set, when the blonde woman opted to buy a vowel instead of solving the phrase.

"They must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find these morons," she found herself saying aloud.

"What morons," her mother asked as she walked into the den and sitting beside her daughter.

April explained how these had to be the dumbest contestants since the show began, while they struggle with the final phrase. Candice watched and tried to figure out the phrase, when April became frustrated and yelled out the answer. Her mother looked stunned as she realized that April was right, it was confirmed six spins later.

"How did you do that," her mother asked.

"Do what," April asked. Glad to see that the show was just about over; "Jeopardy" was next, that would definitely is more challenging, she thought.

Her mother told her that she was easily figuring out phrases that normally would take her until almost all the letters were filled in. April realized that she was correct. They watched "Jeopardy" together and the results were similar, April didn't get every answer correct, but had she been on the show she would have beat the reigning champion, she even correctly guessed where the daily doubles were hidden. Something was definitely different, April seemed to be much smarter than she was just a day or two ago.

On the coffee table in front of them April's iPhone began to ring and a photo of John appeared on the phone's face, both mother and daughter saw it and unknown to either both became aroused. Candice had to fight the urge to reach for the phone. April snatched it up quickly.

"Hey you, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to call me today," she said hoping that he would notice that she was giving him space.

"Hey yourself, what are you doing," he asked.

She explained that she and her mother were just sitting around watching early evening television. He guessed that it was "The Wheel" and "Jeopardy" and then asked if she would like some company. Trying not to sound too anxious, she hesitated, made a few flimsy excuses before agreeing. John asked if they had eaten dinner and if he could pick up some food. She paused and asked her mother if there would be enough food for John, she was roasting a chicken and steaming some vegetables. Her mother was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing John again and said there would be plenty of food and for him to come on over. John said he'd see them in fifteen minutes and that he would pick up some beer, as he patted the six pack of Coors Lite in the passenger seat.

They were both excited that John would be coming for dinner, unknown to April, her mother was as eager to see John as she was and she hoped that he would find time to be alone with her, too. However, she didn't see how that was possible. Yet, she could hope, couldn't she?

(To be continued)

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