tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 09

A Gift From His Father Ch. 09


They were both excited that John would be coming for dinner, unknown to April, her mother was as eager to see John as she was and she hoped that he would find time to be alone with her, too. However, she didn't see how that was possible. Yet, she could hope, couldn't she?

As John pulled in front of the house he began to think about how he would orchestrate things. He had been alone with both April and her mother, and although each were exciting and satisfying to be with he was wanted to see what it would be like be with both together. If things went badly he could always erase their memories and they would be none the wiser. Grabbing the beer, he climbed out of his pick up and was soon ringing the doorbell.

April jumped up from the couch and raced to the door, stopping a few feet away composed herself and slowly walked the remaining few feet. She opened the door and welcomed John in with a passionate kiss which lasted well over a minute. April was surprised at how much she missed him. It was as though she was addicted to him. She broke the kiss remembering that her mother was home so she'd have to behave herself.

John began lightly probing her thoughts; he would do the same with Candice and would have to be careful to react to what they actual spoke and not to their thoughts.

"Hey you," John said as he handed her the beer, taking it from John and leading him to the kitchen by the hand where her mother was working on the meal, she noticed that they were still pretty cold. She pulled two bottles from the pack and putting the rest in the refrigerator and handing one to John.

"Hello, John. We haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?" Candice asked, trying to remain calm as she put the lid back on one of the pots. "Dinner is ready. I hope you are hungry."

She thought, "I am certainly hungry for you. Down girl, you don't want to get yourself all worked up; he's here to see April. He may not be interested in you. It probably was a onetime thing. Certainly he isn't interested in me when he could have April."

"Hello Mrs. Martin," John replied. "I've been kind of busy lately. I am happy that I was able to drop in on you at the last minute. I hope it wasn't too presumptuous of me. "

"Don't be ridiculous," Candice said, as she secretly scanned his physique, especially the bulge in his pants. "Have a seat here," she said as she tapped lightly at the chair in front of her. Thinking, "Damn, his cock looks huge and he isn't even hard yet. I have to settle down. I am just setting myself up for a big disappointment."

John sat down at the small round table, it was set for three. As he thought about a threesome, he knew that Candice would be easy; she'd offer no resistance to sharing him.

April sat next to John while Candice put large bowls of food on the table. They talked about what John had been up to the last several days. He told them that he had been house hunting and that he may have found one he liked. They talked casually while they ate. Candice told John about April being able to beat the contestants on Jeopardy and how surprising it was for both of them. As they finished eating Candice began to clear the table, John and April had another beer while Candice had another glass of white wine. When Candice had finished her second glass, she thought she should retire and leave the two of them alone. The conversation had been lively and everyone was getting along so well, that when Candice announced that she was going to turn in, April asked her to stay, realizing how lonely her mother had been these last several days.

John kept looking for a natural opening, not that he needed one, to introduce sex into the conversation. When Candice got up to toss the empty bottle in the trash, he pushed April to encourage her mother to open another bottle. She agreed only if they would help, she couldn't drink a whole bottle of wine by herself. While Candice was busy getting the wine John pushed into April's mind to admire how good her mother looked since she lost all the weight and that she was curious at how she looked naked. John covered his mind control by telling them about the house he was planning to buy. He felt April question her thinking, so John pressed more telling her it was natural for her to want to see and appreciate what her mother had accomplished.

Candice sat down and poured everyone a drink. As John concluded his story, April began to talk about how proud she was of her mother's weight loss. Candice was actually glowing to hear her daughter's praises. She began to describe the effort it took and how hard it had been. Which made John chuckle to himself after all he had planted those thoughts in her mind and that it was he who had changed her body like he had increased April's breast size. As she continued to tell the story John increased the potency of the wine and before long April and Candice were pretty hammered.

Candice thought it was time to adjourn to the den. John and April sat on the couch while Candice sat in the facing overstuffed chair.

John agreed that it was an outstanding achievement, losing all that weight but, it was ashamed that they really couldn't truly appreciate what she'd accomplished because they couldn't see through all her clothes. April suggested that her mother should strip down to her bra and panties and show them how good she looks.

With the alcohol dulling her thoughts, Candice readily agreed and jump to her feet almost falling in the process but quickly unbuttoned her top and tossed in on the chair and showed her audience how flat her stomach was and that she no longer had loose flesh hanging from her arms. She even went as far as to flex and show off the muscle tone of her upper body. John and April applauded.

Unzipping her skirt she let it fall to the floor and kicked towards the chair where her blouse laid. Her lean legs were magnificent and she looked like a lingerie model, as she move showing off her lean physique.

April was surprised to find herself becoming aroused and was hoping to see more. She was admiring a beautiful woman in ways that she had never thought of before, it didn't matter if it was her mother, she was proud of her. It wasn't like she and never seen her mother naked before, of course it was when they both were much younger. But now the seeing her like this was turning her on, she had to see more. As Candice walked back and forth, imitating a runway model, twirling getting into it, she was also becoming very aroused. She noticed how John was gazing at her and encouraging her. Suddenly she realized that she should stop, things had gone far enough, but when April suggested that she show them how firm her breasts were. Candice unhooked her bra and tossed it aside without a second thought as she proudly displayed her oversized tits and looking at John she began shaking and squeezing them to show their firmness. Suddenly she realized that what she was doing had crossed the line. In the small recesses of her sober mind, she began to comprehend how wrong it was for her to have exposed herself. She was about to run from the room when John, who had still been monitoring her thoughts stopped her. He calmed her fears which allowed her to relax, by telling her that she was beautiful and she had every right to be pleased with her body. April agreed and told her mother that she looked amazing. What April didn't say was how extremely turned on she was. John asked April if she thought her tits were as big and firm as her mother's. As if on a dare, April admitted there was only one way to know for sure. Leaping to her feet, she began stripping off her top and bra stood next to her mother waiting for John to tell them how they compared.

John was really enjoying the view and was ready for things to advance. He told April that is was hard to compare because she still had her pants and shoe on. Holding onto her mother for support she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her pants, and tossed them aside. In her haste, her panties which were soaked with her fluids came off in her pants and she was standing completely naked next to her mother. They looked like sisters rather than mother and daughter.

John was finding it hard to keep his own clothes on as he watched the two women. April asked him again to tell them how they compared, but this time John had to tell them that he couldn't tell because Candice still worn her panties.

April shrugged and turned to her mother, fell to her knees and grabbed the tiny garment on both sides and pulled them down her legs before her mother could object. She couldn't help but breathe in her mother's musky odor, with her face only inches away from her aroused sex. The effect was unexpected and April had to fight the urge to stick her tongue out and taste her mother's juices. She had never had feeling like this before. She had seen plenty of her girlfriends naked in the locker room and had never given it a second thought. This was her mother, why was she feeling like this. John interceded and calmed her rising panic; he made her believe it was simply the alcohol. Her mother was becoming a little nervous with her naked daughter staring into her pussy and offered her hands to pull her up to her feet.

Climbing to her feet in her inebriated state caused April to unintentionally rub against her mother and as their large breasts bounced off each other and all four nipples touched. The sight wasn't wasted on John and he thought it appropriate that erotic fireworks be triggered in both of them. Together they screamed as they felt the sexual electricity shoot out from their nipples and down to their pussies and back. They grabbed each other for support and as their orgasm caused their knees to buckle. Had they not been holding each other they would have fallen to the floor.

Slowly they began to recover. John asked that they stand apart so that he could render his opinion. But by now they had completely forgotten what they were supposed to be comparing. They looked so similar Candice could have been April's older sister. They were holding each other, embarrassed and more aroused by the mini orgasm or whatever that was they had just experienced, hoping the other didn't realize what had happened.

John was finding it difficult to continue the game. Both were completely inebriated, on both the alcohol they had consumed and now on the sexual desire for one another. There was no reason to continue, so he called it a draw and offered to refill their glasses. Together still holding each other they staggered back to and fell into the couch where John sat fully clothed. They were at the tipping point, he could push again or just wait to see what develops.

He told April that her mother had a pretty landing strip and asked her if she had noticed how closely it resembled her own. April agreed having previously gotten a close look. Candice however hadn't noticed the resemblance. She looked down between her tits to see her crotch and then rolled to her left and fell to her knees landing between her daughters open legs. She seemed hypnotized as she stared first at the strip of hair and then into the pussy below. It seemed to be opening like a flower, dripping with the morning dew, she thought. She wanted to reach out and taste the dew drop and before she realized it she had her mouth on her daughter's wet snatch licking at the folds of her pussy. This caught April a little off guard but she loved the feeling of her mother's touch and steered her head with her hands to where it felt the best. It felt so different to have a woman's mouth on her pussy and to have her first belong to her mother that was incredible. Slowly she slid down into the couch and her mother moved over her without missing a lick and swung around so that they were in the sixty nine position. April found herself staring directly into her mother's pussy. She was fascinated by it. She had only seen herself this close up with the aid of a mirror and now within reach was her first pussy. It was very moist, it reminded her of a perspiring athlete, warmed up and ready to compete. She was definitely ready. Tentatively, she extended her long tongue and caught a small drop as it was growing heavy ready to fall from the labia and onto her face. It was amazing the taste, she had to have more. Like a lightning bolt hit her she pulled her mother close and attempted to reciprocate, moving her tongue mirroring where her mother had been until they were in unison, which cause her mother to sigh and moan in gratitude.

With April and Candice occupied, John used the opportunity to quickly slip out of his clothes. He was very aroused, with his large hard cock extending in front of him he stepped up behind Candice. April was greedily feeding on Candice's pussy and didn't realize he was there until he gently brushed a lock of hair from her face. Bending backwards she saw the familiar cock and abandoned her mother's pussy, eliciting a grown from her mother until her fingers found picked up the slack. She swallowed John's cock, taking it easily down her throat, savoring the taste and feel. She shuddered as a mild wave of pleasure passed through her, the result of her mother's administrations. She rode the wave as she continued to lick and suck the oversize cock. Too soon John pulled out, April wanted to protest but her mother pushed her pussy back into place looking for more pleasure. With his cock sufficiently lubricated John lined his cock up to Candice's back door, she wiggled in anticipation of what she knew was coming. As he pushed into Candice she opened accepting the welcomed intruder. Candice curled her back her body crying out with pleasure as John slowly moved in as far as he was able. Between April's work and John's anal stimulation, it was all she could stand. She cried out in pleasure, which seemed to increase the louder she screamed. Soon John began a slow rhythm moving in as far as he could and pulling out until the large bulbous head of his cock was almost out, then he would quickly push back in and repeat. Candice was going out of her mind with lust and pleasure, but concentrated on licking April's pussy as if it was her last act on this earth. It wasn't long before Candice was rewarded with April's sweet nectar, and like her mother, April didn't attempt to suppress her delight, squealing at the top of her lungs.

John was nearing the point of where he'd have to decide to come or hold off. Since he had already given Candice the ability to enjoy anal sex as much as virginal sex he came depositing a huge load into her bowls causing Candice to come again, harder breaking her concentration and leaving her daughter's pussy just as she too climaxed. All three were grunting and screaming as they came almost simultaneously.

After they caught their breath, Candice asked if they wanted to continue in her bedroom. Without answering April pulled John to his feet as she attempted to lead him to the master suite. Candice caught her daughter as she stumbled and once again they were face to face, tits to tits and pussy to pussy. Both had a light sheen of perspiration on their skin and as they pulled away slightly, their nipples once again touched, all four and like before a jolt of sexual energy raced through their bodies causing them both climax and lightly fall to the floor writhing in pleasure that seemed to reach every erogenous zone. When they recovered they were both on the bed not sure they understood how they had gotten there and what that was they had experienced, but they wanted more. John agreed and asked April to climb on top of her mother but not to let their breast touch, so she arched her back slightly. John then climbed behind April and slowly inserted himself into her hot pussy. He told them to play but not to let their nipples touch until they couldn't stand it any longer. After a few minutes, John pulled out of April and slid into Candice. She screamed as she enjoyed his penetration. After a few minutes he pulled out and went back into April, enjoying the contrast between the two women. He alternated between the two for almost thirty minutes as they licked and suckled each other's breasts. Still monitoring their thoughts he knew they couldn't hold out much longer so he rapidly began pushing back and forth into April, she was beginning to tip over the edge and both she and her mother hugged causing their nipples to once again make contact. It was like lightning striking again. April gripped John so tightly he thought he would lose circulation. Both April and Candice screamed at the top of their lungs. Candice swore that she could feel John ejaculating. It was both the strangest and most erotic experience she'd ever had. All three rested for several minutes, before John got up to get everyone a choice of beer or wine.

Candice and April wanted to talk, but ended up just kissing long and passionately. No words could express their love for one another, and they both knew that their relationship was now forever altered. Neither knew what that meant, but for now it didn't matter. John returned with their beverages and they drank and cuddled and drank before they were ready for the finale.

Candice suggested that John lay on his back so that she and April could ride his tongue and cock. The question was who would choose. April insisted that her mother should get John's cock; she wanted to feel his tongue. Candice was almost giddy as she slowly impaled herself on John's tireless steel rod. He filled her so completely it was hard for her not to immediately begin riding him, but she needed to wait for April to settle on John's face. April straddled her boyfriend by kneeling over him, facing her mother, she felt compelled to knead her mother's abundant breasts. John was more than ready and pulled April down to his waiting mouth, as Candice began to slowly bounce savoring each long stroke. As April and Candice rode they pulled and play with each other's tits, occasionally slowing to engage in a passionate kiss. They were nearing the tipping point again, reading their minds John knew exactly where and how to deliver the greatest pleasure. On Candice's downward stroke he increased the length and girth of his cock so that it conformed perfectly to her love canal. She was full, stuffed as never before. She paused knowing that the tiniest breath would push her over the edge. For the moment she balanced her passion between climax and surrender.

While Candice teetered on the edge, John continued to munch on April's pussy. He had been toying with her, allowing her to get close and then back away. He had concentrated mostly on her labia ignoring her clit until she was practically begging for the attention. He sent his tongue farther into her hole than she thought possible. John was soaked in so much sweet nectar that any normal man would have drowned. They were both finally ready. John wanted them to initiate their climax, as they held each other closely their nipples once again touched it happened. They screamed in unison and began to ride John as if their lives depended on it. Candice would have sworn that she could feel every millimeter of John's lovely cock and could draw it from memory. Her juices compensated for the snug fit allowing her to slide up and down his pole until all her strength had diminished and she tumbled over onto the bed. April was beginning to lose control, but John held her in place rapidly flicked his tongue over her clit. She was quickly reaching her limit and wanted to tell John that it was enough, but she couldn't form words. John finally let her go and she flopped on the bed next to her spent mother, juices still trickling from both their pussies. They lay together panting and sweating trying to catch their breath, while John sat up wiped his face with a cloth and looked at them expectantly, his cock waving in the air. He hadn't yet come. He moved between them and they crawled on him to licking and kissing his glistening cock. He heard April and Candice thoughts, both thinking that his cock looked much bigger than earlier. Nevertheless, they shared duties, licking, sucking and kissing. At one point Candice took him down her throat while April licked his scrotum taking his balls into her mouth one at a time. John was thoroughly enjoying the attention and was quickly reaching the boiling point, as he felt the familiar itch grow and spread. He warned them that he would soon be coming. They both had a fist around his cock intent on aim it at each other mouth. John cried out in passion and a huge glob shot from his cock catching April just above her mouth and on her cute little nose. The next spurt caught Candice on the chin, proving both women needed more practice aiming. The next was a long rope and April was ready catching most of it in her mouth, surprised at the volume as it filled her. She swallowed; the taste reminded her of butterscotch. Candice got the next one and it too was much more volume than she thought possible. It filled her mouth, she quickly swallowed wanting more. They shared the remaining few squirts as John was finally done and slumped back onto the bed exhausted.

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