tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Gift of Pleasure

A Gift of Pleasure


This story follows characters who have been introduced in some of my previous stories. While you are invited to read them all, no prior acquaintance with them is necessary to enjoy this story.

Lily and Steve broke up. It took us all by surprise since things seemed to be going so well. The problems began around the time when Steve's sister got married. Lily was Steve's date to the wedding, and according to Lily, he began acting "very strangely" when introducing her to the rest of his family. The wedding, it seems, reminded Steve of all his aspirations for a conventional romance. It was idealistic, he admitted, even naïve—and certainly not fair to Lily—but as much as he loved her, he felt that things between he and Lily were just too… complex.

You see, from the very beginning, Steve and Lily's relationship was anything but conventional. The reason was that it had never just been the two of them. Their first experiences of intimacy were also their first experiments with group sexuality—fooling around with me and my boyfriend, Drew. I had perhaps been a bit cavalier in tempting my best friend to join our sex life, but the idea was too erotic to ignore. Soon it wasn't enough just to play matchmaker between her and Steve—I had to intrigue both of them into our bed.

It seems crazy when I think about it now, but in the moment the idea of getting tangled up with two of our best friends had a certain twisted logic. Lily and Steve were practically strangers at the time that I offered to let the two of them watch me give my boyfriend a blow job. As awkward as they must have felt at the suggestion, neither's curiosity would let them turn away, and that same curiosity is what attracted them to each other. Moments later it was Steve who was coming into Lily's mouth, and Drew and I who were watching. From that time forward, our sex lives were like two hotel rooms adjoined with an open door. Sometimes we'd fuck separately, sometimes we would let the others watch—but most often, and most excitingly, we'd all fuck together. This was the only relationship our friends had ever known together: there was no Lily and Steve without Julie and Drew.

That is why Drew and I were almost as heartbroken as Lily when Steve broke things off. With a little distance on the matter now, I can of course see why things couldn't last. Whereas Drew and I had a strong relationship before taking the risky step of opening our sex life to others, Lily and Steve's bond was precariously forged in the heat of our passionate foursome. Steve was now sorely missed. It seemed that our four lives—and our four bodies—would never again intertwine. Drew and I had begun to move on, having each other for solace and finding our relationship as strong as ever. But Lily was, for a time, inconsolable. Still our roommate, she took bittersweet comfort in being among friends who were now, in a cruel twist, also here ex-lovers.

Although Drew and I didn't want to be Lily's 'exes,' we realized that the break-up might have severed our little "arrangement" with Lily forever. I hoped to keep her as a friend, but I would miss touching her taut, athletic figure… running my tongue over her soft, Hawaiian skin… feeling her long, black hair graze my naked body—thoughts I never believed I would be having about a close, female friend. And I would miss sharing my boyfriend with her. Though the implied arrangement between the four of us would not have permitted Drew to fuck her pussy, I knew he would miss its taste and its feel upon his fingers. And I knew for certain that he would miss being pleasured by Lily's generous mouth!

We had such fun! It was uncertain whether we ever would again, but Drew and I resolved to let Lily be the one to decide. The worst thing we could do to Lily would be to make her feel like we, too, were turning her away. Drew and I refrained from sex for the first week after Lily and Steve broke up, knowing that it would only hurt her to hear us from the next room. But as the weeks went on, desire took over, and Drew and I made love regularly. As usual we left our door ajar, extending Lily the same invitation as always. But as expected, Lily politely kept away.

I gazed into the hallway from our bed as Drew unclasped my bra. I couldn't help but wonder to myself if it would be better for Drew and I to move into another apartment on our own. Perhaps Lily felt like a prisoner in her own bedroom, knowing that she couldn't walk down the hall without seeing into our doorway. Would it be better for us to shut her out? …

My thoughts were pleasantly interrupted by the feeling of kisses traveling down my neck. Up on my knees, I unfastened my ponytail and let the brunette hair fall to my shoulders as Drew began to devour my breasts. Knowing that I love to have my nipples sucked, Drew happily indulged me, gripping each large breast with all ten fingers and squishing his tongue around the stiff peaks. My pussy became warm with hope, and I arched my back to invite Drew further south. With a smile he began to plant kisses down my belly. His warm hands cupped my bare buttocks as he peeled the lacy underwear off my hips, and within moments I felt his tongue flicker into the short-kempt tuft between my legs.

"Oh, oh man," I moaned in a soft whisper, still cognizant of Lily's presence down the hall.

From behind, Drew slipped his fingers along my pussy and parted it gently. His warm tongue tapped against my clit, sending such shivers over my skin that I could feel my nipples poke out even further. I pursed my lips and tried not to shriek too loudly as Drew reminded me once again of what it feels like to get truly extraordinary head.

After several minutes of mind-splitting pleasure, I wasn't giving any thought to the open door. Instead my thoughts turned to giving Drew a well-deserved reward. Holding his face to my pussy, I guided him onto his back and turned around so that my legs straddled his head. Drew had some inkling of what was in store for him, and he preemptively thanked me with his soft-lapping tongue. Swooning, I grinned to myself and eagerly pulled down his boxer shorts.

The sight of Drew's hefty cock, fully engorged, made my mouth as wet as my pussy. Cupping my fingers around his balls, I propped up his hard shaft with my thumb and hungrily lowered my mouth around it. Drew hummed pleasurably into my cunt as he felt my lips and tongue form a seal around his smooth stick of flesh. As I let him glide deeper into the wetness of my mouth, his hot tip brought my saliva to a boil.

Drew dug his fingers into the soft flesh of my hips as he felt his hard cock slip back and forth along the cupping of my tongue. Pulling me against his mouth, he pressed a deep tongue-kiss into my pussy, delivering slow, rhythmic plunges. I was beginning to feel lightheaded with pleasure, and I found myself falling into the same methodical rhythm while sucking on his cock. His erection throbbed between my lips, and my tongue painted his slick, veiny popsicle with saliva as I took him deep, deep, deeper toward my throat.

Then, as I prepared myself for a deep thrust that would fill my palate with cock, I glanced down at the floor to notice a set a bare toes standing in the doorway!

Startled, I lifted my mouth away from its preoccupation to see Lily's eyes staring right back at me. I was caught quite literally in the act, with a sticky thread of precome-thickened saliva strung between my lower lip and the tip of Drew's erection.

Lily was standing nervously in the doorway. She had evidently been roused from bed, wearing only an over-sized, aquamarine T-shirt that came down to her suntanned knees. She seemed embarrassed to have been caught peeking but was not ashamed. She knew that our door was open for a reason. Drew peeked out from behind me, wondering why I had stopped sucking him off, and he quickly discovered our visitor as well. All three of us now found ourselves in an awkward exchange of glances.

With her arms nervously crossed beneath her perky, cotton-swaddled breasts, Lily opened her mouth as if to speak. I hadn't seen her so unsure of herself since the days before we had all started fucking each other. She made a second, faltering attempt at speech.

"Can… can I watch?"

A smile crept over my face. There was a sweet innocence once again in her sparkling, Hawaiian eyes—not the naivety of her younger years, nor the wounded dejection of the recent weeks, but a fresh curiosity to rediscover her own pleasure. If the first step in her rediscovery was to be vicarious, I was more than pleased to let my body be her vessel!

Feeling Lily's hopeful eyes piercing into our nakedness, Drew and I surged with excitement. I answered for both of us, welcoming Lily into the room with a flirtatious smirk. Lily's face beamed with a smile that had been missing since her break with Steve. She entered the room, turned the desk chair to face the bed, and apprehensively took a seat. I was unable to wipe the smile from my own face, juiced by Lily's erotic presence in the room. I noticed that Drew was just as enthusiastic, his erection having hardened even further in the past few moments. Meeting Lily's eyes with my own, I invited her to watch his swollen cock disappear once again into my mouth.

"Uhh, ohh…"

Lily squirmed in her chair as she heard Drew groan with delight. She tucked her legs up under her T-shirt and watched with rapt attention. I cupped my mouth several times around Drew's tip so that it once again became slick with my saliva, and then with long licks, I drenched the rest of his shaft. With Drew's cock now glistening in the lamplight, I began to glide it into my mouth with short, sloppy plunges. Lily almost seemed to drool at the sight.

Trying not to let his semen slip too quickly, Drew busied himself by devouring my pussy again. Though Lily did not have a direct view, she watched my hips buck and shake at the tickling of his tongue. I could almost feel her eyes rolling over my bare buttocks and penetrating into me along with Drew's warm tongue. The feeling made me gush.

The more aroused I felt, the sloppier my mouth became. I could feel the saliva trickling down to my fingers, and with the room silent, all I could hear was the raunchy, "glop, glop, glop," of a cock getting sucked. Lily seemed almost mesmerized by it. I watched her reactions as closely as she watched us, knowing that I was pleasuring her as well. There was a familiar envy in the way that Lily stared at my boyfriend's full, thick hard-on—the same look of envy that had strangely enticed me to share him with her in the first place.

I could tell that Drew was getting close to coming. I sucked him earnestly, leaving it to the last moment to decide whether I would spill his semen with my tongue or let Lily watch his cock erupt against my skin. Drew, however, was having other ideas.

Lily's eyes widened as she saw Drew lift me away from his face. I disappointedly let his cock slip away from my lips, but I was warmed with gratitude when I felt him nestle it against my pussy. Kneeling behind me now, Drew gently squeezed his tip into my wet hole.

"Oh!!" I gasped, finding a good, hard cock to be more than adequate compensation for the loss of his tongue.

Drew eased it a little deeper, and I rolled my eyes ecstatically at Lily, who couldn't help but smirk at my reaction. Seeing my best friend sitting there, watching me get fucked was just as strange, and just as exciting, as the first time. The bass-drum rhythm of my heartbeat resounded in my ears, drowning out even the sound of my breath as I felt Drew's cock sink deep inside of me.

I was so primed that it would not take long to put me over the edge. As I felt Drew slide back and push into me again, I began to pant at a fevered pitch. He was pumping harder now, slapping against my buttocks with his hips. Lily nibbled at her fingertips anxiously as she watched his thrusts rumble through my back side. I had to brace myself, gripping the bedspread with my fingers. Lily watched me struggling to hold my body in check as everything from my knees to my tits shook from the pounding my ass was taking. I furrowed my brow at her, and she waited anxiously to see Drew overtake me.

"Oh fuck!" I roared, feeling a rush a sweat pour from my skin and trickle into the crevice of my ass. "Fuck! Fuck!"

It was the only word on my lips and the only thought on my mind as the orgasm began to tear through my body. Drew's shaft arched deep into my gushing pussy, pushing the climax further with each plunge. My arms became weak and my head light as the waves of pleasure radiated from below my navel. It was a struggle to keep my focus on Lily, but I wanted her to see the ecstasy in my eyes. Not only did she see it, but her body seemed to become weak and woozy from the sight. As she watched me come, her heels slipped weakly off the chair, letting her sleek legs fall limply from beneath her shirt. I found myself gazing toward her hidden pussy, imagining how wet she had gotten while watching me get fucked.

Lily's figure came slowly back into focus as Drew's continued thrusts teased out the last few peaks of the climax. I struggled breathlessly to regain my composure. I expected Drew to back down a little to help me recover, but I soon realized that there was no backing down for him. With his cock drenched in my juices, I could tell he was close to blowing his load.

"Oh yeah," I grunted, still keeping my eyes on Lily. "Fuck me. Fuck me!"

Lily's mouth was agape as she watched Drew continue to sink his throbbing tool into my cunt. Even harder than before, he was slamming my ass against his hips and drilling deep. I glanced back at him and was pleased to find that he, too, had one eye on Lily. Was he imagining how her pussy would feel? Was she longing to be fucked? As always, the suppressed desires that passed between the three of us made me even hotter. I cast Drew a salacious grin and tempted him with a final, "Fuck us."

That did it. Drew plunged his swollen dick resolutely into me and growled uncontrollably.


Teeth gritted, he exploded into my hot pussy. Pump, pump, pump… he struggled to keep his hips in motion as his semen gushed. Long, thick spurts of his come filled me up, and I felt his sweat rain down upon my back. Drew's eyes held Lily in their grip while the orgasm seized him, and I saw Lily begin to tremble as she watched his lower abdomen heave with the last throes of pleasure.

By the time Drew's balls had emptied, Lily's breaths were heavy, her body squirming uncomfortably in the chair. My sweat-drenched body collapsed along with Drew's upon the bed, and the two of us lay nearly numb. With the action grinding to a halt, Lily suddenly seemed uneasy to be sitting idly by. She gained her composure, fixed her bunched up T-shirt, and slowly rose out of the chair. Strolling past the bed, she bent down to give Drew an affectionate kiss upon the forehead, and me upon the lips.

"Good night," Lily whispered, smiling graciously. She then reluctantly carried herself away down the hall.

At the sound of Lily's door shutting, I began to giggle delightedly! I had been so worried that the break-up had scared Lily away from us, but after tonight—even though she was content only to watch—I had such hopes for our future together. I giddily climbed on top of Drew, and he playfully fought me off as I prodded and tickled his ribs.

"Ah, I love her!" I sighed, still glowing from the titillation of having Lily's eyes upon us.

"Me, too," Drew smiled. Though he and I remained the center of each other's worlds, the love that we had for Lily—and alas, for Steve—had made our universe vast and vibrant! The four of us dared each other to experience heights of ecstasy I had never imagined, even to the point of inviting additional friends into our sexual milieu. Oh what pleasure I had come to know from other men, and Drew from other women! How it was possible to transcend jealously, I still do not know, but what glory there is in letting another woman pleasure the man who loves you!

I was high on the fumes of sex. Looking down into Drew's loving eyes, I began to wonder if, with Steve gone, it was time for the terms of our association with Lily to be… amended.

"You know…" I was almost surprised to hear myself begin the suggestion. "You know, Lily's going to need a whole lot of comforting from here on out. We're her closest friends. If you… it's okay with me if… if I'm not around and Lily wants some… comfort… you can give her what she needs."

My heart was racing. Drew never would have dreamed of fooling around with Lily and Steve if I wasn't around. We shared Lily and Steve, and vice versa. Experiencing everything together kept the jealousy in check. Proposing that Drew and Lily could be sexually involved without me was risky. It required a great deal of trust—more than a girlfriend could be expected to have. The thing was… I did trust them. I trusted them so much that it turned me on to think about the pleasure that they would experience together. It would happen with my blessing—my gift of pleasure to them both.

"You… you don't have to…" Drew replied uneasily.

"I want to." I answered, with a tender smile. "I know we can handle it. And I trust Lily… she's the only woman I would trust in that situation. If both of you are okay with it, then I am, too. And since it's not often that I'm away, you'd better believe I'm going to want to be in on most of the action myself!"

Drew laughed, undoubtedly relishing the image of Lily and I going at it. He knew, of course, that it was not only for his benefit that I fooled around with other women—Lily and I rather enjoyed each other.

"You know," he smirked, "Lily is going to need comfort from you, too. If ever I'm not around…"

"Deal!" I laughed, slapping my hands onto his firm array of abs. It was unlikely that Lily and I would get all hot and bothered without Drew in the apartment, but fair was fair!

"One condition," Drew added. "We have to tell each other if anything happens."

"But of course," I smiled. Drew launched another tickle attack and flipped me onto the bed. It was as deal then. I wondered whether Lily would go for it.

With Drew on top of me, I felt something stiff pressing against my leg. Round two already? Yes, round two was just what the doctor ordered.


The following Saturday, Drew and I awoke to the aroma of coffee brewing. After a quick shower, we joined Lily in the kitchen for a late weekend breakfast. She seemed to be in better spirits, helped perhaps by the fact that it was the first spring day that had broken 70 degrees. The window sashes were open, and Lily was seasonably dressed in a little pair of pink, cotton shorts and a loose, white tank top.

Over breakfast, the three of us decided that we would go out to the park this afternoon to enjoy the nice weather. We needed groceries for the week, and Drew volunteered to make a run to the store before lunch.

"Do you need any money for the groceries?" Lily asked.

"Nah, don't worry about it," Drew answered. "I'll take care of it this week."

"Oh, well, thanks!"

"I should get going, actually. The sooner I get back, the sooner we can go to the park!" Drew grabbed his wallet and keys and kissed me goodbye before heading out the door.

As Lily and I were piling the breakfast dishes into the sink, I heard the mail fall through the drop-slot in the front door. Walking to the door, I waved out the window to the mailman. He smiled brightly, and for a moment I found myself feeling just a bit self-conscious about the fact that I was wearing only a tiny pair of blue-flowered pajama shorts and a navel-cut camisole. I smirked to myself and bent down to retrieve the day's mail.

In the middle of the pile, I found a curious brown envelope. The return address sent shivers down my spine. We had quite a history with Sara, Heather and Patrick. Following upon a few serendipitous encounters with Sara, she had ended up finding out about our four-way relationship with Lily and Steve. We were soon to discover, however, that she herself had been contemplating a threesome with her best friend, Heather, and Heather's boyfriend! Needless to say, the whole group of us ended up fucking. Would you expect anything less?

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