A Girl in the Library


Holding her, touching her, there was an amazing energy between us. I caressed her hands a little -- ostensibly to help warm them up, but it was a little more than that.

"We could try making a run for it," I offered. "We could tell them we were freezing..."

"No, I'll be okay," she said, looking at me with those big almond eyes, "I... I like being here with you."

That made me feel all warm inside. I didn't know what to say.

"Maybe I just need to run up and down the stairs a litle," she said. "That'll warm me up."

She broke away from me, and suddenly leaned over backwards, making me jump a little -- I don't know, I thought she'd fainted or something, I suppose -- but instead of collapsing, she just leaned gracefully into a casual flip, her hands confidently placed on the floor, her feet flicking daintily over the rest of her body before touching back down on the floor so that she could right herself.

"I'll be all right," she said, with a little grin at my obvious look of wonderment.

I knew gymnasts were supposed to be flexible, but her display caught me a little off-guard.

"I wish I could do that," I said.

"I could teach you," she smirked.

"I don't think so!"

We decided to split a Coke to keep a lid on our limited supply of coins, and headed back towards the windows, since the extra light made it the least intimidating place to settle. However, this time we grabbed some bean bags from the reading area, in order to make that sill a little more comfortable.

On the way back, Kayla would performed a few more little cartwheels, showing off her lithe little frame and somehow still managing to keep a grip on her bean bag.

She really was stunningly beautiful. It made me want to watch her actually compete, and not only because I'd get to see her without her training gear on, although I imagined that would be a delicious sight.

"See?" she said, "I've warmed up a little already."

"Great. Now if only I could do a little gymnastics..."

We settled in again, with Kayla again sitting up against that column support, and me sitting at her feet.

This time, we kicked off our shoes, and ended up much closer than the last time we were here -- close enough for me to be able to breathe in her subtle but sweet scent. I savoured her alluring perfume, breathing deeply but trying not to make it too obvious the effect she was having on me.

"It's getting pretty late," she said, checking the time on her redundant phone. "I guess my friends have forgotten all about me."

"Mine probably assume I'm drunk in some gutter somewhere."

"I've never been on a first date this long before," she said.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked, grappling with that age-old male inability to decipher the female code, while also slightly concerned that my comment about being drunk in a gutter somewhere might have suddenly put her off. Then again, if she was some kind of anti-alcohol bible-basher, this probably wasn't worth pursuing anyway.

"Oh, definitely a good thing," she smiled, and I felt a strange sense of relief sweep over me. Then she said: "No, I just thought that it's kind of like having two dates in one."

"Well, I suppose if we end up drifting off to sleep, that'll mean your first-date rule is safe," I suggested.

"I guess so," she said. "And we'd skip that awkward 'will he or won't he call' thing after a first date."

We both chuckled at that.

Then I stuck my proverbial neck out, and said: "So if our next date is our third date, does that mean you'll sleep with me then as well?"

There was a slight pause, which seemed to me to take an age. Had I taken things too far? Was she going to bolt out of here and rush for that fire door, to Hell with the consequences? Maybe I had disappointed her, maybe I was being crude.

But her mouth curled into a seductive smile, and she said: "Well, that just depends."

"Depends on what?" I said, innocently enough.

Then she was up on all fours, her pretty face moving towards mine. She said, "On how good a kisser you are."


Wow. All I can say is wow.

Okay, I'll try. Kayla leaned forward, and I could not believe my luck. My world was filled with her pretty face, her sweet fragrance, her soft yet burning lips.

After my initial shock at our sudden dash to first base, I tentatively kissed her back, echoing her delicate exploration of my own lips, gazing into those sultry eyes as I breathed nothing but her glorious scent, a heady mix of sweet vanilla perfume and the subtle mustiness of her natural aroma.

I was quite breathless when at last we parted.

"Wow," she said, apparently as breathless as me.

"So did I pass?"

"Hmm..." she said, shuffling forward. "Well, I think you passed the first part of the test."

"How many parts are there?"

"Oh, lots."

Then she leaned forwards again, and once again we were sharing the sweetest of kisses. I was burning up inside -- I had never kissed anyone like this before, her affect on me was like some kind of drug.

As we tangled, I touched her soft cheek, marvelling at her beauty. I gently cradled her head as our tongues danced together, and it wasn't long before her hands swept up to press me towards her, and we were locked in the most incredible heat.

"You know the perfect way to warm a girl up," she said as we parted again, both a little short on oxygen.

"Happy to be of service," I said.

"We might have to cool down a bit."

"Too much for a second date?"

"Too much for being this close to the windows!" she giggled.

"There's absolutely nobody around!"

"But there might be!"

"You want to stop?" I asked, wondering what we'd do instead, since there was now a whole different kind of energy between us.

"No," she smiled slyly, then picked up her bean bag and dropped it onto the floor beside us. "Just relocate slightly."

I dropped my own bean bag next to hers, and we did as she suggested, and were soon happily entangled once again.

Being on the floor gave us a lot more room, a lot more freedom. Kayla drew out the band from her ponytail, and as I kissed her mouth, I was able to run my fingers through her silky hair.

I caressed her face, her chin, her slender neck, luxuriating in the velvet-soft texture of her skin, teasing out a quite moan from this exquisite creature.

The bean bags were surprisingly accommodating as we writhed together, Kayla now clamping her coltish legs around my body, pressing herself close. I could tell that all her gymnastics training made her extremely strong, as well as flexible.

I kissed my way slowly down from underneath her left ear, down her neck, and her moans grew a little in intensity.

"Oh that's nice," she moaned when I approached the base of her neck.

But then when I moved my fingers to her throat to unzip her training top, I met with resistance.

"Wait," she whispered, "I didn't get time to shower after gymnastics."

"I doesn't matter," I said, with a soothing tone I hoped to encourage her to open up, without feeling in any way forced. "I want you -- just the way you are."

I tasted her lips once again, and felt her resistance melt away, and she was actively unfastening her training jacket by herself, drawing the zip slowly down her chest to reveal the sleek, dark material of her leotard beneath.

I felt her petite frame rise to my touch as my hands roamed over her tight leotard, exploring her tantalising curves. She had a fairly typical gymnast's figure, I guess -- slim and agile, with a flat stomach and small waist, while her breasts were fairly small, they appeared very sensitive to my soft caresses.

She was so hot to the touch, even through her leotard -the material seemed to be a perfect conductor of her heat.

I brushed my palms gently over her chest, finding her nipples hard now, poking up against the thin material. Through her leotard, I teased the little buttons, forcing out some louder moans from Kayla though our lips were still locked firmly together, while her pretty eyes flashed at me with unbridled lust.

As I continued to caress the soft curves of her breasts, grazing her nipples with the tips of my fingers, I slowly kissed my way down her neck once again, taking it further this time without the hindrance of her jacket, to the edge of her gymnastics costume.

That daintily musty aroma from her earlier workout was a touch stronger lower down, but only seemed to spur me on, stirring my blood and making my heart pound in my chest.

I wanted so much more.

I was careful to watch for any signs that she might be uncomfortable with how far we were taking this -- we had, after all, only really known each other for a brief time. But she seemed in no mood to stop, quietly groaning as I took one of her little buds in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue through the thin leotard while my hands continued to coax her breasts and sweep down to explore the elegant curves of her waist and back.

"You're so beautiful," I said in barely more than a whisper, and she just beamed at me in reply before moaning once again as I slipped my fingers under the edge of her relatively low-cut leotard, to glide over her bare skin and down to those stiff little nipples.

I felt her tremble as I touched her bare breasts, her body writhing at the sensations flowing through her.

Stroking her nipples with my fingers, I caressed her belly with my lips, breathing in that alluring scent while planting kisses over her graceful contours. Her aroma grew stronger as I approached the waistband of her sweatpants and I thought I detected the first traces of her arousal.

I couldn't get enough of it. Call me greedy if you will, but I just wanted more and more.

Fearing that she'd feel we were going too far, that she'd call a halt to everything any moment, I very gradually nudged against the top of her sweatpants, gently easing the material downwards to edge closer and closer towards her promised land.

Each time I got a little closer, I'd kiss my way back up her stomach to her breasts, taking her stiff little nipples back inside my hot mouth, albeit through her leotard.

Her breathing was more like a series of sighs now, she was lying back with her head turned to the side, just letting the sensations wash over her. She didn't look as though she wanted to stop any time soon.

The adrenalin was buzzing around my system, my heart beating like a drum in a rock band. I paused, wondering if I should play it safe, take it slow, keep to the area we had already explored.

It has to be said, it was already quite far for a first date, whatever we were calling it now. I would have been perfectly happy if she wanted to slow it down, of course, but there and then I decided I wasn't going to take the safe option just then. I'd stop if she wanted, but the possibilities were so tantalising, I had to at least try.

Subtly, attempting to avoid any chance that she'd suddenly become afraid or nervous, I shifted slightly, downwards, still lying beside her where she had the option to flee if she needed to, but coming to rest in a position where I could pursue a more thrilling course.

I was kissing delicately along the thin material of her leotard, just above her waistline but again nudging her sweatpants down a little, when she reached down to unfasten the cord tied around her waist. If this wasn't an invitation to continue, I don't know what it was.

It set my pulse racing again, the thought buzzing around my head that this exquisite creature was opening herself up to me, that I might get to sample her sweet nectar -- even after just a few hours of knowing her.

I felt like the luckiest guy in the world, and once she had the knot unfastened, I gently slid her sweatpants down over her slender hips, revealing the rest of her leotard, her sweet mound, her smooth thighs. She actively helped me to pull the garment off her, boosting my own confidence and reassuring me a little that she warm enough to part with it just then.

"You think we're moving beyond the realms of the second date?" she said, looking down at me with those big doe eyes.

"You want to stop?" I asked, with a sly smile that implied that I was fairly sure she didn't.

"We could just call this the start of our third date," she said, one of her hands running through my hair.

"That sounds good to me," I said, kissing her upper thigh, just below the high-cut arch of her leotard, tasting that slight saltiness on her skin.

Then she touched my chin, tilted my head up to look into her eyes, and she said: "You don't have to. I mean, I know I had gymnastics earlier and -- "

"I can't get enough of you," I said, kissing her lower abdomen just an inch or two above that exhilarating rise of her mound.

"Mmm... then take whatever you want..." she replied with a moan that made me quiver inside.

I kissed the bare skin over her hips, then down to her inner thighs, indulging myself in her beauty, her velvet skin, and that fizzing sense of anticipation as I edged closer to the very center of her arousal.

Her skin was already warm to the touch, but as I moved closer to the edge of her leotard, the heat grew noticeably, along with the unmistakable aroma of her juices.

Then I was brushing over her mound, her leotard moist to the touch, my nose and mouth pressing gently into her raw heat. I had repositioned myself between her slender thighs, and it was like every one of my senses was saturated with her.

Kayla was lying back again, her eyes closed, her arms by her sides, her hands clutching at the beanbag beneath her as I ran my tongue slowly along the thin material covering her pussy.

Tasting her, such a glorious spicy cocktail, now it was my turn to moan softly, letting out my own feelings while letting her know just how much I loved to be there, just how much I adored such intimate contact. She seemed to relax a little at this reassurance, to know I wasn't just doing this to impress her, to make her feel good.

I spread my hot mouth over her lycra-covered pussy, pressing against her and feeling that slight give in the center -- her pussy lips opening up to me.

Her gentle moans gave way to a gasp as I peeled her leotard aside to reveal her pussy to the cool air and, despite the relatively poor lighting conditions, my gaze. So beautiful, so smooth under its tidy patch of dark hair, her fragrant flower drew me in.

She trembled as she felt first my hot breath on her sensitive folds, then the soft touch of my lips. Oh-so briefly, I tasted her from the source, and her moans seemed to turn almost to pleading, but rather than pile in, I moved back for a moment, kissing her inner thighs again, taking in that wonderful sight before I got too close.

Then my burning mouth returned to her soft pussy lips, and I was kissing her there, licking her, playing with her, dipping my tongue inside her to sample her sweet nectar.

I was moaning again as I tasted her spice, revelling in my being so close to her, so connected. I gently parted her legs a little more to offer me maximum access as my tongue traced the length of her slick valley, lapping up her juices.

And then I was kissing around her little clitoris, warming up the sensitive little bud before getting too close, using my fingers to caress her pussy lips before sliding gently inside her.

Her moans soon turned to blissful cries, my mouth engulfing her clit even as her vagina engulfed my middle finger, her labia tight around it in a manner that made my cock rock hard down below.

Moving from lapping up her now freely flowing juices to taking her clit into my mouth, I felt she was beginning to move towards some kind of resolution. I started to suck her clit a little more forcefully, and with my finger sought out that sensitive spot on the front wall of her vagina.

She was writhing about under me by now, my tongue flicking over her clit, my finger being squeezed by her gymnast's muscles.

And she was coming, trembling and crying out as she did so, my tongue now swirling around her soaking labia, my nose pressed against her burning clit, her hands clamping my head to her pulsating pussy, her thighs pressing against my ears.


When her grip relaxed, I knew enough to break away from her sensitive zone, loving that the taste of her remained on my lips.

"Oh God..." was all she said for a while, over and over, breathless, lolling back as though drained of all energy. Then, "That's never happened before."

Moving up beside her, I couldn't help the curiosity: "Really?"

"I didn't think boys like to -- you know."

We edged closer to me, turning to face away from me so that I could spoon up against her.

"Some do," I said. "With the right person."

She let out a little satisfied sigh, almost a mew. "I've never felt anything like it. It was the most amazing feeling."

"It was pretty amazing for me, too," I smiled, and glanced at my watch, hoisting my eyebrows a little at the apparent fact that I'd been between her thighs for about half an hour.

"You like it?"

"With you, I adore it."

"How come?"

"Are you kidding? Getting that close to someone as stunning as you? How could I not? You know your pheromones can drive a guy crazy? And I was mainlining..."

"You are crazy," she said, "that's true enough."

Wedged up against her, I couldn't help but sweep my hands over her, taking in her tight curves, her wonderfully smooth skin. I moved her hair out of the way and kissed the back of her neck, the warm smell of her hair and her perfume seeming so comforting to me.

"Mmm... if you're not careful, you'll get me going again in a minute," she said, my hands brushing over her tender breasts, down her stomach.

"That's fine by me," I said softly, kissing her ear.

She smiled, "But it's my turn."

"Your turn?"

"Don't you know the rules? I show you mine, you have to show me yours."

"Ah. Well, if those are the rules..."

"They are," she insisted, and suddenly picked herself up. "I am going to get another drink, and then I'm going to take what's mine.


She did a little twirl and without putting on the rest of her clothes, she padded off towards the vending machine, performing a few little cartwheels along the way.

I watched her as she was consumed by the shadows, and then emerged in the light of the stairwell and the vending machine itself. I still had her flavour on my lips, and I savoured it, my loins now stirring at the anticipation of her return.

A loud clang from the vending machine, and she was on her way back, sipping as she went.

"You want some?" she asked as she came to a halt in front of me.

"Sure," I said, pulling myself up to my feet.

She gave me the bottle, and as I took a swig, she nearly choked me in surprise as her hands scoped out the hardness between my thighs.

"Mmm..." she grinned. "What have we got here?"

Dropping down to kneel in front of me, she quite suddenly slid my pants down over my hips, exposing me to the cold air.

"You really mean business!" I laughed.

Kayla seemed to catch her breath, then purred, "Oh, it's beautiful. Can I touch it?"

"Could I ever say 'no' to you?"

"I hope not!"

I felt her cool hands tentatively touch my stiff cock, taking in its shape, its hardness, stroking my shaft a little.

Then she leaned forward to kiss it, and I felt her hot breath on my sensitive organ. She traced my shaft with her tongue, starting towards the base, then slowly moving towards the end, planting the occasional kiss as she went along. She was trying it out, exploring.

"So smooth," she said.

"I might need to sit down," I said.

With a smile, she put a foot down on my pants so that I would have to remove them to relocate -- which I did without much protest. I perched on the window seat once more, my back to the window to shield us from the prying eyes that

Kayla thought might be there, though were really not.

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