tagLoving WivesA Glory Hole Experience Ch. 02

A Glory Hole Experience Ch. 02


It had been about six weeks since we last visited the adult bookstore. We had talked about our encounters there many times and it had spurred some wild love making sessions. We decided it was time to go back and see what would happen. I guess the unknown and spontaneity of going there is what was so attractive to us.

I picked my wife up from work and we drove downtown and had a couple of drinks. We then walked to our favorite store. We were both excited and apprehensive as we walked in. The same heavy smell greeted us as we entered. Again, the downstairs was filled with magazines, movies and loitering customers. Drawing their attention as we walked through, I could tell my wife loved the attention. We stopped and looked at some toys and then made our way upstairs. Walking through the other magazine section, we caught and held several gazes as we made our way into the booth area, closely followed by one of the patrons.

We entered and began watching a video while we rubbed each other and kissed. There was a light in the adjacent booth and we knew that again, someone was watching. I told my wife to get down and look into the booth next to us. Just as she looked through the hole, a very dark, meaty cock greeted her. The head was a shade of brown, very bulbous and smooth and the shaft was very dark. My wife had fantasies about sucking off a black cock and now they were about to come true. Her delicate hand reached up and grasped the stranger’s cock. Her fingers were not able to completely surround the girth of the shaft as she moved her hand back and fourth, jacking him with her own hand found her pussy.

She lovingly kissed the cock head and then started licking and kissing the shaft down to the hairy balls. She was so intent on the cock, it was almost as if she were worshiping it. She would flick her tong on the tip and then gently blow on it while it throbbed. Then she would take it into her mouth and suck moving back and fourth pushing it deep into her throat. I watched in amazement as the outline of the cock appeared in her throat. Her hand was between her legs, frantically rubbing her exposed slit. Soft moans escaped her as her mouth made love to the shiny black dick.

Her own self-pleasure had quickened and she was now finger fucking her self. Her pace had quickened as she was completely swept up in the moment. She turned to me, raising her ass and said, “I need a cock in my pussy, fuck me. Fuck me now.” I didn’t move, the sight of my wife sucking a stranger’s black cock was so erotic that I just wanted to watch until she finished him. She turned again and said, “I need to be fucked, please.” I just smiled and continued to lightly jack my cock as I enjoyed what was happening in front of me.

I hadn’t realized how cock hungry she had become. Sucking a big black cock had pushed her over the edge. She released the cock in her mouth and told the man through the hole that she was coming over. With that, she got up, scooted by me and walked out and into the next booth. I heard the booth door close and was completely dumbfounded. My wife had just left to get fucked by a complete stranger. I opened our booth door and tried to open the other booth but the door was locked. I was a bit frustrated and even a bit jealous. I hadn’t acted and my wife had now left me out of the play. I went back to my booth, knelt and looked through the hole. I hadn’t realized that there were actually two men in the booth. I could see my wife, standing with her arms around one of the men’s neck, caught in a hot embrace. They were in a deep French embrace while the man’s hands followed the curves of my wife’s body. His hands went down her back across her ass and then up in between, meeting her breasts. In one motion, his hands grasped and tore my wife’s blouse away from her heavy breasts. The other man, who had just been watching and playing with his own cock, stood and pulled her blouse down over her arms and way from her body. Her tits were completely exposed and the two men wasted no time in sucking them into their hungry mouths.

My wife’s tits are extremely sensitive and having the attention of two black men on them was driving her deeper into the sexual abyss that she was already in. Their hands were now running up her skirt, finding her engorged lips and clit. Her eyes were closed and she had given herself completely to them. One man knelt and started flicking his tong between her hole and her clit while the other gave attention her mouth and her enflamed, red nipples.

She was lost and heaving from a violent orgasm as the man fucked her with two fat fingers. The man eating her pussy stood taking a handful of her hair and pushing her head down. He then flipped her skirt up on to her back and moved his enormous black rod closer to her gaping, wet hole. The other man sat down, giving her free access to his cock. Not only was her pussy about to be taken by a black man, her mouth would have a black cock at the same time. The stranger behind her slid his cock up and down her slit wetting the bulbous head and sending her into another high. With a solid thrust, he entered her. From my view, I could see her small, pink pussy stretched to accommodate the large black cock, which was penetrating her completely. She stepped forward as he buried himself in her. I was sure that he had bottomed out from her expression; in fact he was past that point. Assaulting her cervix as had never been done before.

Something he said caught me off guard, “You going to have my baby bitch?” It was at this point that reality took me and I realized she was being fucked without any protection. She had stopped taking the pill some time ago and we had used condoms to keep her from getting pregnant. Now I was watching a huge black cock fucking her hard without protection and I began to worry. There was nothing I could say or do to stop this, my wife didn’t want it to stop. She had given herself to them completely without restriction. The man fucked her unbelievably hard, calling her his “white whore”. Her mouth was open but only large gasps of air flowed out. The fucking was so hard, that she had already given up on trying to keep the other cock in her mouth. Her lover took her left arm and put it behind her and then up her back, almost like an arm lock. He held her arm and then started slapping her exposed left tit as it swayed from the motion of his thrusts. He continued slapping her tit until it was bright red. I could see that she as rocked by an intense orgasm as she stumbled forward, caught by the other man. Just then, her lover tensed and pulled her hips back into him burying his dark cock into her womb. He grunted continuously, delivering his potent sperm, for what seemed like an eternity, and then loosening his grip, she fell forward.

She was almost limp as the other man lifted her and pushed her against the far wall. He lifted one of her legs and moved his brown shaft to her pussy. He had no trouble entering her and wasted no time as he fucked her against the wall. After a few hard thrusts, he took her head and moved it down, making her kneel on the floor. Her face was inches from my view hole as I saw his black cock push into her mouth with him saying, “suck it bitch”. He held her head with both hands as he fucked my wife’s mouth. He pulled back shooting his load onto her face and tits. He had tremendous eruptions and an enormous amount of cum.

Both men then moved in front of her, making her clean each of their cocks as they asked if she now preferred black cocks. They dressed and began to leave, as one of them said, “see you around”.

After they walked out, my wife stumbled back to our booth and sat down. Looking down at me she said, “I’m really glad you didn’t fuck me when I wanted”. We both smiled as somebody else entered the booth she just left. I don’t know if it was by chance or if the duo had told someone, but there was another opportunity next door. I asked her if she was still hungry. She just smiled and moved down to the hole. Almost immediately, a hand came through and took hold of her, beat red, tit. She was rubbing her pussy again enjoying the attention to her nipple when the person squeezed and pulled her tit to the hole. I could tell by her look and by excelled rate at which she was rubbing her pussy that her tit as being sucked and sucked hard. She moved back and reached through the hole, pulling a fat cock through. She immediately started sucking this new rod as she played with her pussy. I think she was a little disappointed that this cock was not black, but she sucked it with total abandon.

At this point, I needed to cum so bad my balls ached. I had just watched my wife being taken beyond belief by two endowed strangers and now watched her in an all too familiar cock sucking position. I stood and moved my cock to her mouth. She smiled and licked my cock and then she moved both cocks together and started rubbing their heads together as she played with them. I was so close as I watched the stranger’s cock explode over my cock and my wife’s mouth. My cock was coated in another man’s cum and my wife rubbed them together, coating them in hot cum. My cock had never touched another man’s cock before and I found it completely erotic. I erupted onto the strangers cock and my wife’s face as she licked and cleaned us both as some dripped and ran down over her abused tits. The stranger’s prick escaped back through the hole and a muffled “thank you” followed from the other side.

My wife and I were spent. As my wife stood up, I could clearly see her pussy draining. It was a weird feeling knowing that her pussy was filled with and draining a stranger's cum. Then it hit me again, what if she’s pregnant? We talked about that after we left the store, walking to our car. Somehow, it excited her to think of getting fucked and impregnated by a stranger. Her kinks have no end!

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