tagSci-Fi & FantasyA God Called Bruce Pt. 02

A God Called Bruce Pt. 02


Chapter 11: Humping Hera

The next ten days were sheer hard work. The boys were flat out collecting and cataloguing the images. Now that the technical problems had been solved Darrin's job had become just hard slog. He didn't seem to mind. He was happy supervising his crews and making sure production targets were met.

Algenon had made a major discovery. He found that under ten times magnification the pictures showed a lot of detail that was not visible to the naked eye. I saw straight away the importance of what was revealed. Some of the markers now visible were obviously part of the system's way of classifying the images. We could use this, it would cut out a lot of work. The problem was, I could not explain what it meant to Algenon without revealing what the pictures were. The poor guy was hamstrung. I decided to take the matter up with Zeus.

I went through channels and asked for an audience. That night, when I arrived home I found Zeus in my living room. He had changed his appearance again and looked like a college footballer. He waved me to follow him and we went to his grove. A table was already laid out, laden with the sort of Greek nibblies that Zeus liked so much and a jug of wine.

About ten feet from the table was this enormous bed with two naked, well stacked girls fast asleep cuddled up to each other. Zeus evidently liked women with big tits.

"American cheerleaders," he explained, "not very adventurous in bed, but Boy, can they give head."

He poured me a wine. It was Retsina, the pine flavoured wine so popular in Greece that complements their food so well.

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

"What about them?" I pointed at the tarts on the bed.

"They won't wake up until I want them to. You can talk freely."

I brought Zeus up to date on the project and told him that having Darrin and Algenon working in ignorance was a serious handicap.

"What do you want to do?"

"I want them in. They are competent boys and I need good technicians once I get into the control centre anyway. Sooner or later they have to know. It would be best if they knew as of now."

"Swear them to secrecy. Tell them there is a place in Tartarus for them if they can't keep their mouths shut."

We had some more food and wine. Zeus offered me one of the cheerleaders but I declined. I bade my farewells, went to my bedroom and called Lil.

I was on top, pumping away like crazy when an angry voice interrupted the proceedings.

"How did you get around my edict? Answer!"

Lil opened her eyes, said, "Oh shit - Hera," and disappeared.

Hera or not, I was pissed off. I jumped off the bed and stood in front of her, my dick sticking out like the cannon of a tank.

"You've got a hide interrupting a man in the middle of a fuck," I yelled.

For a moment she didn't say a word. She just stood there and stared at my prick. I could see her nipples getting hard and I smelled her sex getting wet. This ability of mine to smell when a woman gets excited has gotten me more roots than anything else. Dyke or not, she was not impervious to a bit of dong and she was ready for it. I stepped up to her, pulled her gown off, threw her on the bed and entered her without as much as an I beg your pardon.

She wasn't what I call a good root. She just lay there with her legs apart occasionally whimpering when she came. I let her have a few orgasms before I let loose. When I had dumped my load I pulled out of her and went outside to get myself a beer. She cursed, chased after me and tried to hit me, but by that time we were across the doorstep and when she came too close the curse she herself had initiated cut in and she disappeared. Her screaming and yelling carried on for a few seconds longer, then silence.

I really needed that beer now. It was getting a bit cold outside so I grabbed myself a couple of tinnies and some smokes and went into the living room where it was comfortably warm. I had not even finished my first can when Zeus turned up. He was howling with laughter.

"I still don't believe it," he said after he caught his breath, "you have knocked off her Dykeyness, the high and mighty bitch from Olympus. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in all my life."

"How did you find out?"

"I was playing with my cheerleaders when the racket started. She was cursing and going after you. I looked down the hallway and caught a glimpse of her trying to hit you and disappear as the hex cut in. I went after her. When I caught up she was screaming and yelling, stamping her foot in anger, while your cream was running down her legs. I laughed so hard. When she saw where I was looking she got even madder and disappeared again. I didn't go after her."

"She'll kill me when she gets hold of me."

"No, she won't. Right now she is madder at me for seeing her with your spunk running down her legs than at anything you've done. When she calms down she will be very orderly and proper, hoping no one is going to mention this disgraceful episode ever. If she were to attack you it would get out eventually what happened and she wouldn't want that. Don't be surprised though if one day she comes back for seconds."

"Why would she want to do that?"

"You keep forgetting, we are Gods. We have been around for millennia. We have done it all, seen it all and are bored shitless, looking at the same crap over and over. Then you come along and shit happens, not bad shit, just amusing and exciting shit. Hera would have had more excitement tonight than in the last thousand years together. She'll be back for sure. She won't be able to resist it."

I had had enough, I said goodnight to Zeus and went back to bed. Zeus returned to his cheerleaders.

Next morning I filled Darrin and Algenon in at Bruce's place. They found it hard to believe what I had discovered. They argued and argued. Finally Bruce had enough.

"Let's not fuck around. Why don't we just take the boys to where we went the last time and let them see for themselves."

I agreed and off we went. When we got there the first thing I looked for was that big bird, but he wasn't around.

"Where are we?" said Algenon.

"You tell me. That's what we need to find out. That's part of the job."

We watched the dinosaur type creatures for a while and then we went back to Olympus. Algenon had a handful of pebbles in his hand.

"What are these for?" asked Bruce.

"To make sure this was no hallucination or projection of some sort."

"Alright fellows, " I said, "are you convinced now?"

"Lead mein glorious Führer, we will follow," said Darrin, giving a mock Nazi salute.

"Sieg fucking Heil," replied Bruce and washed his mouth out with beer.

We sat down again at Bruce's place and I outlined my theories on the whole system, how I saw it functioning, the structure of the network and so forth.

"You are making an awful lot of assumptions," said Algenon.

"Yes, I am. Much of it is logical progression though from what we know. So it's at least partly qualified."

"Have you considered that we travelled in time, rather than space?" This came from Darrin.

"Yes, but I know this is not so. I discovered the system travelling from Earth to Olympus."

"On your own, as a human? I don't believe it." Darrin just stared at me.

"Ask Bruce. I gave him a demonstration. That's why Bruce and Zeus believed me and put me in charge. That's also why we must maintain secrecy or Olympus will be overrun by idiots."

"You mean anyone who knows the system can travel on it?" Darrin was still stumped.

"Yes, that's exactly what I am saying. The system is like the railways on Earth. You have the fare, you can travel. The fare, in this instance is the image of where you want to go. You also must know about power spots, but then, on Earth you have to know where the railway stations are, same thing.

"Alright boys, shall we get back to work?"

"You got it," said Darrin and Algenon in unison, and disappeared.

"What are we going to do now, Alec?"

"Why don't we have a couple of drinks and wait for the girls?"

"Alright, what do you want them for?"

"Darrin's crews will finish their job in the next day or two. They will want to know when they can have a root. I want to know how God's shagging room is shaping up."

"Speak of the Devil, here they are." Bruce whipped up some wine for the girls.

Marge came up to me, gave me a big open mouthed kiss and rubbed my dick. Lil did likewise. Then it was Bruce's turn. He got the same treatment. I stared open mouthed at Lil when she rubbed Bruce's dick.

"What are you looking so gobsmacked for?" asked Marge.

"Lil is playing with Bruce's dick. He is her dad for Zeus' sake."

"So what? What has that got to do with anything?"

"Well, it's incest for a start."

"There is no such thing as incest amongst the Gods," explained Marge. "You know Hera, Zeus' wife? You should know her. You've met her yesterday."

"What has Hera got to do with it?" I was mystified.

"Well, she is not only Zeus' wife, she is also his sister. Look it up in Wikipedia, if you don't believe me."

This world of the Gods took some getting used to. I kept comparing it to the world of humans, something I had to stop doing if I wanted to keep my sanity. I was still curious about that incest bit though. If the Gods didn't have a problem with it, why was it such a big deal on Earth? Where had that come from? I asked Marge.

"Oh, that's all because of Adam."

"Who is Adam?"

"You know, Adam and Eve, Genesis and all that crap." Marge seemed amused.

"How does Adam get into this?"

"Because it started when he killed Abel."

"Adam didn't kill Abel, Cain did," I insisted.

"I know that's what your religions say, but that's not what happened."

"What happened then?"

"Why don't you and I go home, I cook you a meal and tell you all about it? And afterwards we give your little Willie a bit of exercise."

"Actually, I was thinking of taking Lil home tonight."

"Wrong! Lil had you yesterday. It's my turn today." Marge was adamant.

"And I don't get any say so in the matter?"

"Of course not. It is the women who decide whose pussy, and how much of it, a man is allowed to have. You should know that by now." Marge looked at me triumphantly.

"And if I don't go along with it?"

"Then you go without. Simple as that. Now stop playing silly buggers and let's go."

There wasn't much I could do other than agree. I wasn't going without, that much was certain. I grabbed her hand and we teleported out of there. We landed in the living room. The first thing Marge did was to hex our clothes off. She pushed me into the dining room, made me sit at the table and hopped on my lap. Next there was this enormous pizza on the table and a stein of beer. Marge fed me like a baby, giggling as she did so. My dick was responding to her closeness, Marge lifted her butt, helped me inside and sat down again.

"Now," she said, "where were we? Oh yes, you wanted to hear the story of Adam and Abel.

"It all started when the Jewish God, that Jehovah guy, decided to make some chosen people. He made Adam and Lilith and told them to make babies, lots of babies. It wasn't a match made in heaven, if you pardon the pun. Adam fumbled around, his dick was too small for Lilith, he could not bring her off, half the time he shot his wad before he got inside, in short, the marriage was a disaster. One day Lilith just left him and went to have fun with the animals instead.

"Adam went to Jehovah and complained. For some reason Jehovah didn't make him a new wife from scratch, he took one of Adam's ribs and cloned a woman from it. He called her Eve. This time it turned out better, Eve was soon pregnant with Cain. I mean, talking about incest, this was the ultimate incestuous act. Considering where Eve had come from, the guy was literally fucking himself and putting himself up the stick.

"It went well for a while, Eve kept dropping kids. The kids grew up. Cain started raising crops and Abel looked after the sheep. In the meantime Adam had found out how to make wine from grapes and spent more and more time on the piss. He was neglecting Eve.

"You can't really blame Eve for what happened next. I mean, Jehovah had created her for the sole purpose of making lots of kids. To ensure that would happen he had made her perpetually horny. Anyway, with Adam being pissed, at work, or roaming the countryside looking for grapes, Eve's snatch was getting little attention. She started looking elsewhere. There really were only two eligible candidates, Cain and Abel. Cain was a bit thick. Abel was the smarter one of the two by far. He knew what to do, he had tried it with his sheep often enough. When he caught onto what Eve wanted he started sticking a bit into mum.

"In the end Adam found out about it and was mightily pissed off. Adam wasn't stupid though. He figured that if he threw Abel out, Cain would take over the honours and he would still have the same problem. So he killed Abel, blamed Cain for it and threw him out. Cain went into the wilderness and found Lilith. Since Cain had a much bigger dick than Adam and was not a quick-shooter it was a happy match.

"Back at the farm Eve and the other kids guessed what Adam had done. The male kids figured that putting your Willy into Mummy could get you killed and wasn't a good idea, however tempting. That's how it got around that incest was a no-no. Later they included sisters, aunts, grandmothers and so on and it became the big deal it is on your planet."

Of all the versions of Genesis, this one was by far the most entertaining. I had had enough of pizza and beer. Marge cleared the table with a wave of her hand and I carried her into the bedroom without pulling my dick out of her. It turned into a good romp.

Chapter 12: Shagger's Paradise

Wonderful smells were wafting from the kitchen. I loved that about Marge. She could knock up a lovely meal when she felt like it. I showered quickly and joined her. She had made a big American breakfast again, truckstop stuff, huge and wholesome.

I had forgotten last night to ask how the God brothel was getting on so I brought it up.

"Why don't you come with me when you've eaten. You can help me test drive it."

She had that mischievous grin on her lips, the one she wears when she is up to no good.

We had barely finished eating when Lil turned up. The girls had obviously arranged to meet here before going to work. As usual Lil greeted me with a French kiss and a dick rub. I can get used to this, I thought, not a bad way of saying G'day. Marge told Lil I had asked to go to the Godfuck Camp. Her words, not mine. Both of them grabbed me and whisked me off before I could say Jack-shit. I had no idea where we had gone.

For a minute I just stood there and didn't move. I had never seen anything like it. Marge was a true artist. The shagging resort, you couldn't call it a shagging room any more, was a masterpiece. I found out later that she had simply used an inaccessible section of a cave system, known as the Jenolan caves, some 100 miles west of Sydney. When I asked her why she had come here she explained that there is only so much outside space you can put into an inside space, whatever that meant. Anyway, since she wanted to build a huge place she needed a bit of room to start with, at least that's what I understood.

And huge it was. It was a domed enclosure, at least the size of inner Sydney, an Arcadian landscape with its own creeks, meadows, animals, plants and temple like buildings. Romantic rural bliss, without the cow pats, blue arsed flies, mozzies and ants. The air smelled sweet, the ambient temperature was pleasant. Pleasant enough to run around naked, if one so wished.

Marge and Lil had obviously taken me to a place where I could see the whole layout. They took me on a guided tour next. Every taste in sex was catered for. It even had places for the water-sport and scat merchants. BDSM was heavily represented, so were places for oral arts and back-passage artists.

Marge had been very clever. Although there had never been a hex on the gays, she catered for them nevertheless, reasoning they wouldn't want to miss out on a new fun place.

Discretion was the key in some sections, whereas other sections were blatantly meant to encourage a boisterous free for all.

All arrivals went to a very discrete reception area first where they could choose what they wanted to do. There they were given a picture of their chosen destination so they could teleport there. Anyone was free to roam the huge public areas and root wherever they wanted. It was Shagger's Paradise, regardless of what Zeus had wanted to call it. It would go down in history as such.

The girls tried to talk me into a trial run with them, but I declined, saying I had to get back to work. I promised I would make myself available before the official opening.

From what they told me and from what I saw, the place was ready to fire at a moment's notice. Just the ticket.

I said good bye to the girls while kissing them deeply and tweaking their nipples as I had my dick rubbed and went to Bruce's place. I loved the Olympus way of saying goodbye or G'day.

The moment I arrived at Bruce's place he put a can in front of me instead of a greeting. Another bit I liked about Olympus. There was always piss around. We chatted for a while and went together to the tunnels.

The first thing I noticed was a mammoth screen about twenty by fifteen feet displaying one of the images. I was admiring the new equipment when Algenon came over.

"Darrin has really outdone himself on this one," he said.

"Beautiful," I agreed, "It's probably a stupid question, but why so big?"

"Actually it's not a stupid question, though once you hear the reason it's so obvious, you chide yourself for not seeing it earlier. It took me a while to think of it. Do you remember when we discovered that under ten times magnification there was a lot more detail visible in the pictures, including a narrow frame that seemed to contain some classification system?"

"Yes, I remember you showing me."

"Well, I kept getting muddled up zooming in and out all the time. Eventually I decided I needed to see the whole picture at that magnification if I wanted to find out what it all meant. I talked it over with Darrin and he built me this."

I was just about to join Bruce and Darrin who were sitting at the table having a beer when Algenon held me back.

"Before I forget it," he said, "is this what you are looking for?"

He handed me a printout of a picture. It showed a birds eye view of a room with what looked like terminals and screens. It was a likely contender.

"What makes it different from the others is that it contains no colour coding and has no classification marks," Algenon explained. "Here look."

He displayed the picture on the big screen and sure enough, he was right. This had to be it. I wasn't about to tell him what I thought the picture meant. I wanted to check it out on my own first. I made up some excuse after congratulating Darrin for building such a wonderful screen and got the hell out of there, hanging on to the picture like the prize possession it was. I landed at that little temple where the power spot is and focussed on the picture. Nothing happened. I tried every which way I could think of to travel with that image but zero, zip, nada. I had not moved.

I had been so sure of myself, suddenly it all came to nothing. Completely devastated I went home. I needed solitude. Hard to get when at any moment Marge, Lil, Bruce and now even Hera could pop in. I had no privacy any more. I sat in my backyard with a beer and a smoke, which calmed me down somewhat. Then I remembered a place where even the Gods could not find me, no one except Zeus himself.

Zeus had offered me the use of his shagging room. I grabbed a few cans, my smokes and an ashtray and went down the hallway. The door to Zeus' space was open. He was not there. I entered and sat down on that marble bench that Zeus liked to sit on and opened a can. The beauty and tranquillity of the place had an immediate effect on me. My panic subsided and my thoughts began to clear.

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