tagSci-Fi & FantasyA God Called Bruce Pt. 04

A God Called Bruce Pt. 04


Chapter 31: The Cure

I woke up with Lachesis on one side and Marge on the other. Clotho and Atropos had vanished again. Marge got up and started rummaging around in the kitchen. I hadn't noticed until now that there was a kitchen here, we must have camped in what once was a staff lunch room. I got up and went for a piss. When I returned the makeshift bed was gone and Lachesis was in the kitchen talking to Marge. I sat on one of the tables and lit a cigarette. Marge brought a pot of coffee out and some cups.

Lachesis sat down with me and poured herself a cup, Marge went back to the kitchen.

"I wonder what Kia is," Lachesis said out of the blue. "She is responsible for all of this, you know. Since time immemorial we have been what we were. Then Kia arrived and woke us up. She showed us we were more than a force of nature. We didn't know we were beings in our own right. And then you came on the scene. There is no way you could have found us, even with help from the Gods. We had to approach you. Kia convinced us we should. Now we are in another dimension and are acting on our own behalf without orders. I wonder where it will take us."

At that moment Panacea and Iaso turned up and Lachesis said no more about it.

Marge put the breakfast on the table.

"How are our patients doing," asked Marge.

"We are still doing tests," said Panacea. "Once the tests are completed the actual operation, if you can call it that, does not take long at all. The real challenge is to determine what is missing and what is not right."

"I don't understand," said Marge.

"Their technology is related to what we do when we teleport. In teleporting our entire beingness is being dissolved and reassembled elsewhere. We do it with magic, they did it with machines. Their system of travel relies on it. You with me so far?"

"I think so," said Marge, "but what has that to do with medicine?"

"The ancients," Panacea explained, "reasoned that if you could do that, why not re-assemble the parts in a different way. In fact we know about this too, how else can Zeus change into a swan or Demeter into a mare? Many of us can do it, we don't understand how, we do it though. The ancients were a lot smarter. They proceeded from speculation and reason via experimentation to building these marvellous machines that can do what comes naturally to the Gods."

"But where does the healing come in?" Marge didn't get it.

"Simple. You dissolve a diseased being and re-assemble it as a healthy one. My father must have done something like this, that's how he raised the dead. The difficulty is in determining just what is a state of perfect health for whoever is being treated, right down to the last molecule. When you teleport, each molecule knows exactly who its neighbours are and the organism reassembles itself acting on that knowledge. When we heal, we override those natural affinities and rearrange things in a new configuration. You better get it right when you do this or you wind up with a bucket full of sludge."

"So, when do you think you will be ready," I asked.

"Sometime later today."

"And we will be able to take a cured Vulcan and Hestia back home later tonight?"

"No. It's a miraculous cure, but not that miraculous. The new bonds are still tenuous at this stage. They need to solidify. Vulcan and Hestia will need three weeks to recover completely. They will be able to move around almost immediately, but they must take it easy and rest a lot. There will be no pain. However, they will not be able to travel during this period. The new bonds would not survive teleportation."

"What are the risks?" Marge was worried.

"There are always risks....." Panacea did not get to finish her sentence.

"Both of them will be cured," said Lachesis. "No risk. I have seen it."

"That is a big load off my mind." Panacea went up to Lachesis, gave her a hug and a kiss. "Thanks for telling me."

Panacea and Iaso went back to the treatment room. Lachesis walked up to Marge, kissed her full on the lips and said: "Thanks for everything Marge."

Then she kissed me. "You know how to contact me. I must go back now."

Lachesis dematerialised.

Marge waved her hand. The tables and chairs disappeared, instead there was a divan, a coffee table with champagne bucket, champagne and fluted glasses and a huge four poster bed in their place.

"What is that for?"

"My dear boy, "she said in as condescending a fashion as she could muster, "you heard the lady. We are stuck here for three weeks with nothing to do, except eat, drink and fuck. We have eaten. Now let's get on with the rest. Will you pour the champagne please, Darling? It's an exceptional vintage."

We were both naked before we sat down. Marge had hexed the clothes away.


We were lying on the bed in a post coital cuddle when the girls came back.

"All done," said Panacea. "They are sleeping now. I gave them something. They will not wake up for hours. Complete success. Vulcan can walk and Hestia has a brand new pussy, complete with maidenhead, as requested. And now, is there any more champagne?"

Marge hexed a second divan, more champagne and more glasses. Then she hexed their clothes off. The girls giggled and got into the piss.

An hour later the three tarts were having a party on the bed while I sat back, drank champagne, smoked a cigarette and enjoyed the show.

We had some more fun that night. Eventually we fell asleep where we lay.


Next morning I could have done with some of Bruce's antidote. I said so. Panacea whipped up some stuff for us. It didn't work as well as Bruce's but it took most of the pain away and it allowed us to eat breakfast.

"Let's have a look how the invalids are doing." Panacea led the way.

They were still a bit groggy from what Panacea had given them but they were in good spirits. Vulcan said that this was the first time in his life he was pain free, Hestia informed me she had asked Panacea to make her a virgin pussy, since that's what it should be and that her cherry would be mine the moment she was allowed to screw.

Panacea told them to rest and if they were good they could get up for an hour or two in the afternoon. Marge, ever on the lookout to do something nice for someone asked if they could have a drink. Panacea thought a beer or two would be alright. Vulcan's face lit up when he heard that. Moments later they were both guzzling some of Bruce's finest. I joined them.

Iaso chased us out, saying visitor's hours were over and the two needed to rest. We grudgingly left. Marge busied herself in the kitchen. When I asked her what she was doing she told me that she was preparing a banquet to celebrate the healing of Vulcan and Hestia. She had redecorated the lunch room again. This time there was a banquet table with six chairs and that wrestler's mat with its cushions was back on the floor. It was obvious what she had in mind.

I was overjoyed when Vulcan and Hestia walked into the lunch room unaided some hours later. Vulcan seemed unsteady on his feet. I asked him why.

"For thousands of years I have had to cope with a limp and pain," he said. "I have to learn to walk normally, it feels really strange. It's wonderful though. I will at last be able to run, I have always dreamt of being able to run."

"You can go chasing cars with Arion," I joked, "I'll make you some shoes so the tarmac doesn't wear out your hooves."

Vulcan just laughed. Hestia had to show me her new twat. It looked cute. I stuck my finger inside to test it. It would work, I decided.

Everybody enjoyed the banquet. Marge hexed everyone's clothes off again and told us to get on the mat. No champagne this time but heaps of beer.

Marge decided it was time to test if Vulcan's prick was still working. Panacea told her not to be rough with him because his legs were still healing. Marge laughed and said a head job from her would not put much strain on his legs.

Iaso was busily licking Hestia out which left me and Panacea. I had her squealing in no time. We all slept on the mat ... eventually.

The next day Vulcan disappeared for a while. No one knew where he had gone. Before we got too worried he turned up with a small hand cart that held a treadmill.

"Where did you find this?" I asked.

"I made it. I found a workshop somewhere and made the treadmill and the cart. This will help me to get my legs into top condition."

Panacea thought it was a good idea. From that moment on Vulcan spent hours every day on the treadmill. His gait improved and when he decided he was fit enough to screw again he took Marge, Panacea and Iaso, one after the other on that mat and declared himself fit.

On day six I came back from a stroll around the facility when I noticed something new. There was a dais in the middle of the room with some white furs on it and some pillows. On the dais was Hestia, eyes closed and legs wide open.

"Cherrypicker time," said Panacea and hexed my clothes off. I did not need much encouragement and did the honours in front of everybody. Hestia was ecstatic.

When we were done Marge picked up a bottle of champagne, shook it and sprayed the stuff all over us while we were still joined. She must have seen this at some car races.

Everyone applauded and thus Hestia had been suitably initiated into the world of proper nookies. It was the only time I fucked her in that space station. After me Vulcan did the honours.

The rest of the three weeks went quickly in one never-ending orgy.

Then came the morning Panacea announced Vulcan and Hestia were fit to travel.

When we arrived at Bruce's a party was in full swing. The six pack was present, yes, even grumpy old Hades was having fun for once and to my surprise Lachesis was there too. Apparently she had informed Bruce of our arrival a day before and Bruce had arranged the welcome home event. She kissed me when we arrived and left, after telling me she would call me later.

The Gods were astounded at Vulcan who skipped around like a young goat. Hestia announced that she was finally a woman, deflowered and all and possibly pregnant. They all looked angrily at me. The idea of a Demigod putting one of the top hierarchy up the duff didn't sit at all well with any of them. Even though I had picked Hestia's cherry, it was Vulcan who had tried to get her pregnant at every opportunity. It appeared as though it might have worked. When they heard she and Vulcan were going to get married there was a lot of cheering, even from Hera. The child would be a God, not a half-cast, or less.

Somewhat miffed I left the festivities early and went home. Kia was there to welcome me. I gave her some cherries.

Chapter 32: Uneasy times

I woke up in the morning with Kia beside me, not knowing what to say. There were a number of things that Marge and Lachesis had brought up about her which got me to wonder. The question was, was any of it important? Kia looked at me with those big beautiful eyes. I knew she could read my thoughts. She never said a word. It was her eyes that seemed to say: I love you, don't you trust me?

I decided, in the end there was nothing else that mattered. The moment I had come to that conclusion Kia licked me across the face and dematerialised. Time to go to work.

Bruce and the others were just starting breakfast. I was surprised to see Panacea and Iaso there. They had done their bit, there was nothing left for them to do, or so I thought. Panacea could see I was puzzled and sat next to me.

"We want to join your group," she said, "will you have us?"

"You know you're always welcome in our midst."

"No, you don't understand. We want to work with you. There is much to do."

"There is no one sick. What will you do?"

"Iaso and I want to study the medicine of the Ancients."

"I thought you understood it. You cured Hestia and Vulcan, what more is there?"

"We have a crude understanding of their approach, Endora taught us to operate the machines but that's all. We know about as much of their medicine as someone who has learned to use a simple word processor knows about computers. There is a lot to be studied and understood.

"One thing I have gleaned, the Ancients, whoever they were, viewed violence and greed as diseases, curable diseases at that. Can you imagine what could be done if we mastered that kind of technology? The kind of society you could create? Isn't this at the core of what you're after?"

"You're right. This is exactly what I am trying to do. As I said, you and Iaso are welcome amongst us. Where are you going to work? Here at the complex or in the space station?"

"If I were you I would move all activity to the space station from now on."

This had not occurred to me. I was curious what Panacea's reasons were for such a move, but I wanted everyone to hear what she had to say and this was not a good place to have an open discussion on the subject. I looked around. Everyone seemed to have finished breakfast and was ready to go to work.

"Listen everyone," I announced, "Panacea has come up with an interesting suggestion that concerns us all. Let's go to the lunch room and have a conference there, I don't want any spies listening in.


"Panacea and Iaso have asked to join our group permanently," I said after we arrived. There was applause all around. I explained to the others why the girls wanted to stay with us and the nature of their research.

"The girls will need help with the technology," I continued, "so there is a lot we can contribute to their project. When I asked Panacea where she wanted to work she suggested we move all operations to the space station and operate from there. I felt we better discuss this here in a secure environment. Let her explain to us why she thinks this is a good idea, I am as curious as you are. Here you go Panacea, the floor is yours."

"The space station ," she began, "is the nerve centre of the system. From there the Ancients operated. The compound where we are now is a small sub station with far fewer facilities. What is perhaps more important is that in the space station we are outside the universe of the Olympus Gods and their overlords.

"Only outside the influence sphere of Olympus are we truly independent. I foresee a close cooperation with the Fates. They are not free to act here; on the space station they are. I think it is logical we set up headquarters there."

"What she is saying makes sense." Vulcan was the first to speak. "I saw my father's eyes when we showed him the other worlds. Remember, when he talked about the Gods being great again? I saw then that what he wants is to turn the clock back to a time when they were all powerful and no one dared challenge their authority. To a time when the Gods were able to act arbitrarily. The truth is, they can no longer do this. Their powers have greatly decreased since people have turned their backs on them. I didn't want to see it, I wanted to believe it would be different this time. I wanted to believe they had changed."

"What made you change your mind?" I was confused.

"The way they looked at you last night when they thought Hestia was carrying your child. They love you the way a man loves his dog. They are not capable of more. To them you will always be some sort of animal. The moment you are not useful or entertaining to them any more it's off to the vet with you to be put down.

"They look upon me in a similar fashion. I know now the real reason why Hera cast me out and why I can never be an equal to them. I have far too many human traits for their liking. Hestia is not pregnant, what she thought were the symptoms of pregnancy was simply her having her first period. The wedding is off and I am back to being a second rate God again.

"We are all better off keeping them at a distance. Give them the planet with the dinosaurs to play with. That'll keep them busy while we get our act together."

"For now I agree," said Panacea. "This might soon be academic. If I can revive the medical technology of the Ancients we might be able to cure the Gods of their greed for power and their predilection for violence."

"Such technology exists?" Gadeirus was flabbergasted.

"According to what I've read it does. That's why Iaso and I are so keen to study their medicine."

"Tell me, Panacea, who do you think those Ancients were?" It was Marge who asked.

"We know next to nothing about them. They have left us their technology; seemingly nothing else. Any information about them or their society has been carefully removed from the records or made inaccessible in some other fashion. Endora cannot tell us more than that they existed and that one day they left for universes unknown.

"We cannot even date them. They left instruction to change all dated documents periodically to the current date. According to Endora there are no records older than one week on her system. I cannot even guess why the Ancients thought that necessary."

"So what do we do now?" Marge asked.

"We all have a couple of beers," said Bruce, "and then we'll see who is for moving to the space station or who can think of a reason why we shouldn't."

After a few drinks there was unanimous agreement for moving. The rest of the day was spent getting everything together that needed taking, by nightfall the move was complete.

We were having our evening meal at Bruce's when Hera turned up and invited us all to a party in celebration of Hestia's and Vulcan's cure. The party was to be in three days' time. We all accepted. When I asked Hera about the wedding she said even the Gods said silly things sometimes.

Marge insisted on coming home with me saying that Bruce had Panacea and Iaso staying the night.

We had a shower together and went to bed. Usually Marge would get straight into it, but not tonight. She cuddled up to me and said: "I would take what Vulcan told you with a grain of salt. It's still difficult for him to be objective after centuries of pain and bitter feelings. The big six are nowhere near as callous towards you as he seems to think.

"It's true the Gods can be heartless at times and arrogant. It is also true that Zeus and the girls think a lot more of you than Vulcan thinks. I saw their reaction when they thought you had impregnated Hestia. It came as a shock to them, but I think they would have come to accept it in time, if it had been true. I have watched you with Zeus and the girls, there is genuine affection there, believe me.

"The more important bit that came out of today is the way our little group is shaping up. You are showing them an alternative to Olympus and they are lapping it up. When this thing with the space station came up they couldn't move fast enough when they realised it meant freedom from Olympus. Gods are distancing themselves from their own world; unheard of until now. Be careful, Ares and his minions will not like this. They will challenge you. Zeus and his family will sit on the fence, they cannot afford to side against Ares.

"And now, enough of that, let's get a bit of exercise."


Marge was already rummaging around in the kitchen when I woke up. When I looked in she was feeding Kia and talking to her. Girlie talk, I reckoned and made myself scarce. I went to have a shower. When I came back Kia had gone. We had breakfast on the veranda under the watchful eye of that fucking woodpecker. I said hello to him and wished him a nice day before pissing against his tree. Let Ares do something with that.

The others had finished their breakfast when we arrived at Bruce's place. We teleported to the Space station via the power spot in the compound. Panacea and Iaso went straight to the medical centre, Vulcan to his workshop and Darrin, Gadeirus and Algenon went to find a research lab Endora had told them about.

Which left me, Bruce and Marge with little to do.

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