tagBDSMA Good Doggie for Mistress N Ch. 01

A Good Doggie for Mistress N Ch. 01


copyright to author.

*(This is a story about told first person by a fictional Mistress.)

(WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of degradation, domination, use of pee, 'golden showers'.)

* * * * *

I'd just dropped off a liter of my piss to Robert, my newest, and walked in the door, when the phone rang. "That was quick, Robert. Are you ready to do exactly as I say?"

"Look inside the bag. I bought you a doggie dish. Now, pour the piss out into the dish. Take a mirror and stand it next to the dish." Get on your hands and knees.

I heard the noises of him moving. "Done, Mistress," he said.

"Take out your cock and play with it first. Now stay on all fours you sick bastard!! Put your mouth over the bowl and start licking it up, get your face down in it and suck up all that piss, you dog, shake your ass in the air just the way a dog would do when he's enjoying a meal." I could hear him trying to drink from the bowl. "That's it slurp it, sip it, swallow it down. Look at yourself in the mirror and see how fucking stupid you look. Don't waste any time coming, this is just a quickie." I could hear him slurping.

"Hurry up and finish everything off your plate. Good dog, you're almost finished, one last slurp. good.....

His breathing sounded heavier. "You're taking too long to come. I don't have all day. I told you from the start this was a quickie. Just to prove yourself. ... Fuck it, I'm hanging up on you, Robert."

"Please don't, Mistress."

"I'm out of here. I don't give a fuck if you cum or not. Take the rest of the piss; be creative, and come by yourself."

"Yes, Mistress."


Why do I have anything to do with the likes of Robert? Do you find him disgusting? Let me go back a little, and you might understand. Hey, I'm not asking for approval, but perhaps it will let you in on another world. Maybe you find this just a little 'off the beaten track.'

I'm not any kind of saint, but I decided early on that I didn't want my pussy messed with by strange men. I'm cute, but small, if you know what I mean. But about that time I discovered 'kinky' stuff and that's what I like best now. Find the guy's kinky side and get him off, and he won't mind never getting inside a pussy. You might not believe it, but it's true.

My needs. Well there's no shortage of guys, believe me. My legs and buns do the trick. So I have a guy dive down there. There's heaven at the end of some tongues. He probably won't tell his friends about that and maybe he'll claim he got laid, but that's OK. Yes, I might let him fuck me, but that's not a big deal.

And of course some of those kinky guys kept coming back because really I treated them very well; to them I was a good mistress. That sounds funny, because I might be walking on a guy or pissing on his face, but you know what I mean. It's their thing. I don't judge. The ones that come back wanted to be slaves and I said to myself, 'why not?' Let them help with the rent. I got two kids and a third on the way.

Some of my piss slaves like it really nasty, I mean humiliating, and I'm only too happy to oblige. Robert was one of them. He'd called me up on a friend's referral, but it was at a very busy time. It's just as well. It will be a test.

"Mistress," he said, "I will do anything to serve you."

"Robert, there are some things you should know. My pussy is now and forever off limits to your cock. You have a chance now, to ask a question. I'm giving you some chances now, and there may not be many up the road. Go ahead."

"Mistress I would love to lick you or look at you. Will that ever be allowed?"

"You will be lucky even to get a glimpse of it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"For you, my pussy is going to be a source of piss, for that is all you are worthy of. You may ask a question now. "

"Mistress will I have to drink your pee?"

"Robert, you may hang up now. You do not have to do anything."

"I'm sorry, Mistress, that is not what I meant."

"You will be honored to drink me, won't you? As much as I say."

"Yes, mistress."

"That is true in general, for all pussies. You just get the piss from them. You may ask a question."

"May I lick another's pussy?"

"I might let you play sometime as a special reward. You would have to earn it. I believe this is generous."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"When I tell you, you may play with your cock for my amusement, and you will play exactly the way I tell you. You will come if and when I tell you. You may ask a question."

"Mistress, suppose I can't come, then?"

"If you've been jerking off, or cybering, I might just dismiss you. If it's just a slow day for you, perhaps a good beating will speed things up. I also want you to know that you'll only come when you've earned it, and you will do all that I say. Think all this over and call me tomorrow if you are ready to proceed."

"Yes, Mistress." I hung up.

He called back the next day. "I want to proceed, Mistress."

"Well, Robert, if you want to be taken on as a slave you have to start at the bottom. Meet me at St. Albans subway station, tomorrow at 9 am, and I will have a bottle of piss for you. You will pay me $25, take it home, and call me. You will put me on speaker phone and follow my directions."

"Yes, Mistress."

I've told what happened next. I enjoyed imagining this doggy show. But this is the last thing I said, after telling him to come on his own:

"If you have the guts and desire to continue, you may call me in three days." I hung up. I knew he would call. Sure enough, three days later, he did.

"Mistress, please continue."

"Robert, you started well, but you must be tested in person. Are you ready?

"Yes, Mistress."

"Call me in two hours; you must prepare for tomorrow's visit at noon."

"Yes, Mistress."

When he called, I said, "I will be on my way down there a bit before noon tomorrow, and I want you to make some preparation before I get there. 1. Jerk off first thing in the morning and save the cum so we can use it. 2. Get a pair of pliers and put a couple strong rubber bands around the handles, pressing the grasping tips together. Attach it to one of your nipples tightly 15 minutes before I get there at noon. 3. Make sure that you have a semi hard on when I get there, and 4. last but not least, make sure that youre ready to drink and take in the big bottle of piss I will have been saving for you."

I arrived at his house the next day at noon. He let me in, and immediately was on his knees. "Let's go into your living room. Remove your pants."

He seemed very afraid. Putty in my hands. His cock was straining at his underwear.

"Take out your cock!! Play with it." It was semi hard and not very large.

"Come on, you can do better than that! Are you an idiot?" Tentatively, he speeded up.

"Do it like you mean it. God, I wish my friends were here. You know what I'd say? 'Look everyone, he can't even play with himself properly.' "

He blushed. I could see he was beginning to feel humiliated, but he hadn't really seen what I can do. It was time to take him further into degradation. "Go get the cum from this morning, and bring it here." As he went to get it, I took out the bottle of piss I'd brought. He came back with a small bowl of runny liquid.

"Here, take this bottle of piss, and pour about a cup into the bowl, and mix the piss and cum together." You should have seen the look on his face. First surprise, then disgust, then fear.

I barked orders: "Drink it in one big gulp." I moved toward him and grasped the pliers and twisted the nipple halfway around. His cock jumped. "You like it. Don't make a face like you don't want to do it! Just do it! You're weak and you deserve to drink piss and eat cum." He looked at the whitish strands in my golden pee. He gulped it down.

"Now play with your cock." His movements were slow. He seemed stunned. "Faster, Faster! Do you think I have all day to watch you?" His prick was fully erect and he beat it furiously, but left the bottle sitting on the table.

"Finish the piss." There were a couple cups left. I'd peed a lot the night before, twice. I hadn't yet peed in the morning. I could see his prick react as he swigged at it, then finished.

"That's good. Now ask me for what's in me right now!"

"Mistress, Please."

"Say, 'Please, Mistress, piss in my mouth.' And kneel down. Don't look at me while I raise my dress and take off my panties. Lie with your head on a cushion I will squat above you. You will be like a toilet." He lay.

"That's right, I am going to piss right into your mouth. So hurry up and get closer to coming, and I will give you that piss reward." He raised his eyes slightly, toward my pussy, I could tell he longed for it. I hadn't yet exposed it.

"Don't look at me like that. You're not good enough yet to fuck or suck a pussy, so you might as well suck the piss out of one. Make sure the pliers don't come loose. That's it, open." After he closed his eyes, I squatted down and held my pussy just at his lips. "Here comes your golden shower!"

My bladder was almost bursting. I dribbled for a moment then let loose. I could see him frantically trying to swallow it all.

"You better not gag." He was swallowing furiously, but I bet I had almost a liter in there. "Drink it, Drink it. That's it." He'd managed almost all. A little dribbled down his chin. His cock was stiff as a rod.

"You have a lot to learn, but you obeyed me. Good dog."

He looked happy. I had a satisfied piss drinker on my hands. "You may cum now." I'm not the mean type. I'm glad to see him get off. On my orders.

He wasn't coming yet. "What good are you? You better come, right now!"

His body jerked. Jism covered his hands; and it dripped onto his belly. "Don't waste it!"

He hesitated. "Eat it and don't gag." Gobbling it up.

"That's better. You'll do better next time."

I put my panties back on, arranged myself, and headed out the door. Robert had the makings of a fine piss slave. And he'd had just the smallest taste of me.


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