tagMatureA Good Friend

A Good Friend


All characters are 18 years old or older

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"Let's go in to get ready for the party." Danny and I were playing basketball outside and he was still nagging about the party. I'm not too much for parties even though I know that it is a good place to get some pussy. As an introvert I feel uncomfortable around too many people and a party is the perfect place to make me uneasy.

"Nah, I think I will pass on that party invitation. Plus I would be like a third wheel since you are going to be with your girl." At 18 I still had not had a girlfriend and much less any type of sexual contact. I followed him upstairs into his room still trying to play it cool.

"Once you make up your mind there is no changing it for real, but what are you going to do since you can't get into your house." My parents were out of town for the weekend and I had left my key inside the house on the kitchen counter. I thought I would jump the fence and chill out at my backyard for the weekend.

"Don't worry I will figure it out and you know that I would be real uncomfortable in the party anyways." Danny was going to take a shower to get ready for the party and I was still dressed in my sweaty clothes.

"You can stay in my room till I come back, but for now go use the downstairs bathroom to take a shower cuz you stink." I grabbed my bag which had a change of clothes and headed downstairs for the bathroom. I had been to his place often so I knew where to go, but it still felt weird to take a shower outside your own place.

I quickly went into the bathroom and something about being naked outside of my home made my cock stand up. I told myself to not start beating my cock as that would take a while and I could not take long in the shower. I rubbed the soap in my hands and cleaned myself as the water fell on my back. I knew I had to be modest with the shampoo and time in the shower, but the water just felt so good.

A few minutes passed then I heard a knock on the door. "I'm going to head out now and remember that this is your house. Tell my mom that I'm only at a get together." I replied something that was probably inaudible when the thought of being alone at Danny's house struck me. I hurried to rinse off so I could greet Danny's mom and explain the situation. I turned off the shower and quickly stepped out to find a small problem.

I did not see a towel rack and could not find a towel anywhere. I fumbled my clothes as I heard the front door open. Before I had time to do anything Mrs. Sarah Sylvester walked into the bathroom in her yoga outfit. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw me and she hesitated for a moment. I placed my clothes over my erect cock and felt my face get bright red.

"Oh I'm sorry, but I have to pee really bad. What are you doing here?" She pulled down her body hugging black yoga pants along with her red g-string. That sight definitely did not help tame my erection and I could not help but look at her. In her forties she was still a very attractive woman with her long black hair, but I had never had bad thoughts about her out of respect for my friend.

"Um, we were playing basketball and Danny just left for a get together." I quickly put on my boxers which drew attention to my 8 inch cock, but I could not be naked in front of her one more second.

"You were playing basketball and that is why you are taking a shower in my house. Then Danny left for a get together with who?" She stood up to pull up her g-string then her pants which gave me a nice view of her small bush.

"My parents are out of town for the weekend and I have no way of getting in my house because I don't have my key. The plan was to spend time with Danny, but I did not feel like going out with those people. He said I could stay in his room until he returns, but I think I rather leave." My face was still flushed and my cock was still not under control. She went to wash her hands before giving me a response and I could not help but glance at her toned butt.

"Don't be silly. Where are you going to go if you can't get into your house? You can definitely spend the night here and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. We both got some eye candy and that is it." I was reluctant to follow her out of the bathroom, but I did not want to make things any more awkward.

"How have you been lately? How is it going with the ladies at school?" I took a seat opposite of her in the kitchen table as she fixed her hair into a ponytail.

"I've been fine with school and stuff. No particular luck with any girl, but it is no big deal. How about you Mrs. Sylvester?" She drank some cold water from her glass as this time I stole a glance at her breasts. I knew I had to keep myself under control no matter what.

"That sounds weird, just call me Sarah. I'm still working the same accountant job and recently I just got into yoga which explains the pants. And what do you mean it is no big deal?" Sarah stood up to make her way into the living room and motioned me to follow her.

"That is good to hear and yeah it is not big deal since I'm patiently waiting for the right girl." I took a seat next to her in the couch while she kept adjusting her position. Sarah grabbed her right shoulder and grimaced.

"I see you don't chase too many skirts, but I just think a young man like you should have a waiting line of ladies. Your hormones must be going crazy though since you are not getting any attention. Believe me, I know a thing or two about lack of attention." Sarah turned on the TV and took off her shoes while I noticed I was still erect.

"I don't really know what to say to that to be honest. Did you hurt something in your back today?" I noticed she kept messing with her shoulder and it served as a good topic changer. I nonchalantly adjusted myself to give better comfort to my now aching cock.

"I think I just need a good massage to make it go away." She did not wait for my response as she laid down face down on the ground in front of the couch.

"I don't think this is a good idea since I don't know how to give a proper massage." My cock would press against her ass if I gave her a massage and that would be too dangerous. One part of me wanted to get away and the other wanted to rip her pants off.

"Not even if I reward you after?" She turned around to give me a concerned look to which I reacted by dropping down on the floor next to her feet.

"It won't be a good massage, but I'll try my best to help you out without that reward you just mentioned." My thoughts were conflicting at this point and I was now clearly saying the opposite of what I really meant.

"Your shorts say otherwise." I caught her whisper which further increased my excitement. My mouth was dry even after I took a quick drink of water. I began by grabbing her shoulders then I worked my way around her shoulder blades. I continued pressing my hands on her back while keeping my cock slightly above her ass. I worked my way down to her waist, but worked back up instead of fondling her ass like I wanted to.

"You are doing a good job. You can touch it if you want." I hesitated for a moment then went down to work on the small of her back. I didn't want to seem to excited and immediately dart to her ass, but I didn't want to take too long either. I now let my cock touch her ass crack through all the fabric and I knew she felt it.

I grabbed her ass with my hands and spread it apart slowly to nibble on her pussy. She let out a soft moan as I continued playing with her sex through the yoga pants. She reached back to tug her pants down and reveal her luscious ass. I gently bit her left ass cheek much to her delight, but she stopped me as she turned around.

"Let me take care of you now." I took a seat back on the couch while she pulled her pants up. I pulled my shorts and boxers down to let my throbbing member stand right in front of her face. Sarah's hot breath made my cock twitch while my eyes could not believe I would be getting my first blowjob from my best friend's mom. Her lips sealed around my shaft then she began to work her way down slowly. No feeling in my life had ever felt this good as her warm mouth enveloped my virgin cock.

I knew I would not last for long, but I didn't want the moment to end any time soon. She picked up her bobbing pace as I took a hold of her dark black hair to try and delay the inevitable. We were in such a risky position in the living room which is probably why she was sucking it quickly. Sarah stuck her tongue out of her mouth as far as she could and reached the base of my cock. Now she started working slower while the underside of my member got the pleasure from her tongue.

It was all about head play now as her tongue ran through my pee hole. Her warm tongue swirled around my engorged purple head while her mouth kept up the suction. Slowly working her way back down she grabbed my balls with her left hand to massage them. Slurping her way back up, Sarah made eye contact with me for the first time during the blowjob.

"We can't take much longer." I looked into her eyes to give her a sense of approval before she went back down to finish the job. Once again my sensitive head was hugged by her pink lips and my balls caressed by her expertly hands. I reached for her tits to squeeze them and get a good feel for them even if it was through the tank top. She smiled at the fondling, but continued bobbing at a solid pace.

I almost exploded when Sarah came back up to work on my sensitive head, but managed to hold on for a few more seconds. She was now flicking her tongue under my head about to send me over the edge. Her beautiful eyes met mine to reassure me that I could blow my load inside her lovely mouth.

"Ugh ugh ahhhh!" I grabbed the back of her head to push her down as my balls erupted shooting strings of cum to the back of her throat. Her mouth was wrapped tightly around my shaft while her tongue kept on playing with my head. It felt great to cum in her warm mouth and it was weakening to have her lick my extra sensitive head. Every last drop of my load was swallowed and her beaming eyes made me feel like the luckiest guy out there.

"All done baby...obviously this will be kept within us and let's see what we can do to sleep witch each other." Sarah left for the bathroom to clean up while I pulled up my shorts since she had already cleaned me up. I stayed in the couch catching my thoughts and following her shapely ass with my eyes. My best friend's mother had just given me my first blowjob, but I did not feel regret for my actions, I felt excited to spread her slit ASAP.

My thoughts were broken by the sound of keys jingling outside of the door. My heart skipped a beat even though we had everything under control inside the house. "Yo, you won't believe what happened tonight." Danny walked in with a smile on his face and did not look dosed as I expected he would arrive. He motioned me to follow him up to his room right when Sarah came out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth to greet him.

"We were just about to go to bed after watching TV all night. How was your night?" Sarah caught Danny by surprise as he had to turn around midway up the stairs. Sarah began brushing her teeth as she awaited for an answer. Something about the sight of her brushing her teeth was real sexy to me. Perhaps because it was not her regular brush before bed.

"You know the usual hanging out with my friends with nothing too crazy." Danny now continued his way up the stairs and I followed to find out what really happened with him. I glanced back to Sarah almost as it expecting something, but she was already on her way back into the bathroom. When we got inside the room, Danny made sure the door was locked to spill the beans.

"Man this has been the best night of my life. My girl finally gave in and gave me a blowjob. You have no idea of how good it feels." He was smiling from ear to ear as I tried to dissimulate. I tried to act as happy for him as I could even though it was an awkward situation for me.

"That is great, I mean she finally decided to give you what you wanted. Well what guy doesn't want that you know." Danny got ready for bed and climbed in while I settled on the floor to sleep for the night.

"Don't worry you will soon get your first and believe me it will feel great..." I knew exactly how he felt and I also knew that there was no way his girlfriend sucked better than his mother.

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