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A Good Puppyslut


i am a new dog for you, you just adopted me from the pound and i am not obedience trained, i jump up all over you, i hump your leg and hang on your hip, i'm not male but i'm very territorial and i want my scent all over you.. i lick your feet, your hands, all over your face, i am instantly in love with you and i can't get enough of you, the plug in my ass with a tail is constantly wagging with happiness and excitement.

you place me in a cage where i can feel safe and sleep, you've placed a comfortable dog bed just for me on the ground and i knead it with my hands while on my knees so i feel how cushiony it is... i sit back on my heels and rest the top of my body on my elbows in front of me, waiting for you.. you come back to me with a dog bowl with my name written on it.. robinet esclave.

the water is cold and you've placed a few ice cubes in there so i can suck on and play with, i lap it up happily. i'm also a complete slob, i raise my head to look up adoringly at you and water is just dripping from all over my face. after i've settled, you let me out and fit me with a choker chain, i'm too excited and unpredictable for a simple collar. you attach a long black leather leash to the choker and pull it to tighten it to get my attention...

the choker tightens around my neck and slides up to right under my jaw snapping my head up to focus my attention on you... you walk me around a little in the house to show me that you are the alpha, and you are in control, not me... i am a fast learner and follow you wherever you go and remain calm while on my leash... you take me outside for a walk, my bare knees are scraped by the sidewalk and my nipples become hardened by the cool breeze, but my tail is still wagging happily. we walk around the block and i see another dog, she is beautiful, and she and her Master walk right by us, our faces come close together, and i lick her nose softly.

i suddenly feel a tight and firm tug on my choker and remember my place, and we continue walking...you take me to an enclosed park where i can run around free. you unhook my leash and i run, my tits flying free, my ass shaking side to side, i'm so happy, but i then come back to you and sit by your side... you look at my knees and the heels of my hands and see that they are bleeding and scraped from the sidewalk, so you decide to take me home... when we get home, you first reward me with a treat. i get a small piece of chocolate, but first, i have to sit back on my heels and beg for it...

i sit back, my tits out, my shoulders back, my ass and tail out, my eyes fixated on the treat, i start to whimper a little, and you throw it up in the air and i jump to catch it in my mouth. i'm so happy, and you caress the back of my head and my face, you are so pleased with what a good puppy slut i am and how devoted i am to my Maitre... you reward me with a bath..

i step into the bathtub, and you have a hand held shower head, and you soak me down with warm water, the water feels so good against my skin, you see goose bumps appear all over me. you turn the water off and i shake to get the access water off, you soap up your hands and rub me down starting around my neck, over my shoulders, down my back, under my belly, over my ass and down my legs... you get into every crevice, and are very thorough, you want your puppyslut nice and clean...you rinse me off again, you towel be down and rub my hair dry...

i step out of the tub and you brush my hair off my face and back, it feels so good to be brushed my you, to be groomed and pampered by you, you're touch loving and soft... as you brush my hair, you pet my back and my arms... you fix the front of my hair neatly with a pretty pink bow. i'm sleepy after my walk and my nap... and so are you, i take a lot out of you... so you crawl into bed, and i sit on my heels, wagging my tail looking up at you...

you pat the bed next to you and i happily jump up on the bed and curl up next to you...i nuzzle your neck with my nose, and you kiss my forehead softly... you tell me what a good girl i am, and i wag my tail... you run your fingers over my back and come along to my stomach, i roll over and let you pet my chest and my stomach.

i fall asleep on my back to the feeling of your fingers caressing my skin, and even with my legs and arms spread, fully naked, i feel safe and soothed, and loved, because i am owned by you...

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