A Grimm Tribute


It's cold.

Still I feel it flow down my throat and into my stomach. Slowly the feeling of starving hunger fades just a bit.

I want to almost lick the cold soup from the bowl as the last drops fall into my mouth.

"Wash the dishes."

I nod.

Going to the sink I stopper it and start to fill it with water.

She gets up and comes over to the sink. This close to me I can smell her! The smell of the house, old piss and stale bread is coming from her and her clothes.

Her gnarled hand turns off the cold water.

The sink beings to fill with water that steams.

"I want the dishes clean!"

I turn off the water when it's filled and slip the dishes into it. I turn them lose as quickly as I can. The water is scalding!

In the reflections of the window I see her watching me from the kitchen table.

"Can my brother have some food?" I can't believe I had the courage to ask her. Where it came from I don't know, but I use it quick. "He hasn't eaten really in days."

"Hasn't he? Well he had the apple he stole so he won't starve. Still those who don't work don't eat! You will have to work twice as hard if you expect me to feed him as well. Now get those dishes done, and I might... think... about giving him something for breakfast."

I'm soon crying silent tear at the pain in my hands as I struggle to wash the dishes in the blisteringly hot water. I'm putting the last plate into the rack to dry when I hear her move behind me.

"What is this? This!"

Her hand grabs the back of my hair. With strength that to look at her body I would have never guessed she turns me around. I'm made to bend towards the floor.

"I told you to clean the floor! What is this doing there? Get down there. Down on your knees!"

She pushes me to the floor her hand hard in my hair. She keeps pushing till my face is just above where she spilled soup.

"Lick it up. NOW!"

She pushes my face into the floor. I feel the cold soup smear my cheek.


The flavor of the soup at least hasn't changed. Well maybe there is a bit of the cleaner in it. I taste the gritty dirt the brush didn't get up.

"Wanting me to feed your worthless brother and you wont even clean the floor right. Is that Soup? Did you waste food on the floor? Lick it clean!"

She drives my face into the floor again.

My tears clean it as much as my tongue.

"Come with me."

I'm drug to my feet by my hair and pushed ahead of her.

The rest of the house if anything is worse than the kitchen. It is covered in dust and the floor along the walls show the accumulations of years of tracked in dirt from the street. The upper corner of the hall has dusty tapestries of cobwebs clustering many layers deep.

She guides me into a bedroom that is at least a little cleaner that the rest.

The smell of her though is far heavier here. It hangs like a sickening cloud around the bed.

She gives me a push and turns lose my head. I end up standing in the middle of the room. She walks with a more noticeable limp now to a dark wardrobe closet and opens the mirror backed doors. The old woman scrounges around inside for a minute then turns and I see a blur of white fly towards my face.

"Put that on."

I catch the cloth instinctively. I look from it to her then start moving it around a bit.

The slip is cotton and it will hang, I see, nearly to my feet. The fabric is old, velvety from thousands of washings.

"Put it on!" she walks past me to the side of the bed. I turn away from her as I see her begin to take off her clothes.

I pull my sweatshirt off over my head and holding up the slip I let it slip down over me. It a least smells more of dust and mothballs, than her. I step out my shoes and wince at the cold floor under my socks. I undo my pants and let them drop to the floor, in the mirror I see her eyes on me as I let the slip drop.

"Underthings as well. You stink of the street."

I stink. I Stink! She smells like a rest room at a ballpark and she thinks I stink.

I reach behind me and unhook my bra. It goes on the pile soon to be joined by my old worn panties.

"Come here, girl."

I look over to her. She is sitting on the side of her bed wearing a worn thin nightgown of an undeterminable color. She watches me as I walk around to the side of the bed. I see her lift the remote to show me she still has it.

"It will work just as well in here, I promise you girl. Now...you want your brother to have food? He had a weapon when I first saw him. He started to threaten me with it till he saw the gun. I'm inclined to let him starve. Change my mind." She reaches down to her stomach and opened the folds of her nightgown.

My eyes widen when it opens to show her naked underneath. I feel a wave of nausea flash through me at the sight of her.

Her breasts hang like pointed funnels down onto her stomach, the nipples a dark color that reminds me of raw liver. Around each it a small tangle of hairs. They stand out against her pale as a fish skin. The light tracery of veins across them blend in with and run around thick stretch marks that tell me at one time she was much bigger breasted.

At first I think she has a trail of hair down her stomach like a man then I realize is growing upwards. From under the sagging skin of her belly hangs a thick tangle of wiry hair. It covers her completely even down and out onto her thighs a bit. Her legs open a bit more. If there is a slit there it well hidden by the forest of gray.

As I watch she brings her legs up and places her feet on the sideboard of the bed.

"Well don't just stand there fool girl."

I look up from her body to her eyes.

The look on her face is the most repugnant thing about her.

"Show me just how much you want him to get food. It's been along time. You're going to have to work hard for his breakfast."

She glances down at her crotch then back up at me.

I very nearly vomit at the thought alone when I realize what she wants me to do. Hated memories of my stepmother flood back with overwhelming waves of disgust and shame. I back away from her shaking my head no.

She lifts the remote.

"Do it or the only screams we hear in here tonight wont be from me."

My eyes on that hated thing I swallow the gorge that's at the back of my throat. I feel myself trembling as I take a hesitant step towards her. Then I make myself take another. Then another.

The wood floor is cold under my knees as I kneel down beside the bed. Flashes of memory tear at me as I look at the tangled mess of nasty hair.

I can smell her from here!

I swallow against the sick taste in my mouth.

"Stop stalling!" she snaps at me. She opens her legs even wide. I can now make out the dark flaps of hanging skin in the wet tangle of hair.

Squeezing my eyes closed feeling the tears run down my face I lean into her.

Oh God!

My nose is assaulted by the smell of her. Then it floods my mouth, as I give her a hesitant lick. I have to push through the hair to touch her. A memory of kissing my father's cheek when he had let a beard grow out flashes through my mind.

Oh Daddy!

Her hand, claw like, digs into my scalp and I feel my face driven into the slick folds of hanging skin. My tongue is driven into fouler tasting liquid then. I retch at the taste but she holds me hard against her.

"Oh yes my little piglet! Lick that hole... my sweet little thief. Mommy loves it when her little girl does that!"

Oh God! Oh Daddy please comes help me.

She begins to grind herself against my face. My nose rubs up and into the thicker hairs above the large nub of her clit. They stink more of piss than the rest. I retch again.

"Suck it!"

She yanks hard on my hair. Her clit, hard and greasy pops into my mouth. I feel it slide over my tongue, a hard piece of foul flesh in a growing puddle of slick wet hair.

Hopping to be done with this as quick as I can I obey her. I begin to suck as hard at her as I can.

"Oh yes! There's Mommy's little girl! Suck mommy's little clitty!" the old woman begins to moan and buck her hips against my face.

I drive my mouth against her. I let my tongue lash at her again and again as I listen to her moaning. The sounds bringing back hated memories to me with every groan. I feel her push on my head.

"Lick the hole!"

I make myself push my tongue into her. The warm wash of fluid over my face as I hear her screech out is foul beyond belief. I fall away from her retching as she turns me lose. I wipe the slick mess from my face as I listen to her panting.

"Oh yes. Mommy's little girl was very good. She gave Mommy just what she needed."

I hear her move after a few minutes but I don't look up. I know there are worst things she could make me do. I'm praying that she's done with me. I hear her open a door. Something is pulled out that squeaks.

Looking up I see a rolling commode chair. I see the open door of a closet behind her.

"Get up!"

I hug the floor in terror. I see her take a few steps to a dresser and I hear wood on wood clatter. I see the end of a cane hit the floor by her feet. She walks over to me.

The hard stick hits me in the small of my back.

"Oh your feet slut! Lezzy slut! Think I didn't notice that your tongue knew what it was doing?" I feel her hand in my hair again.

I'm led like a dog on my knees to the open closet. She hits me in the ass with the cane.

"In! Get in!"

I crawl into the little dusty closet and huddle into the back corner. I look up at her.

I see her give herself a scratch.

"Good job down there little lezzy. Your brother gets fed in the morning." The closet door is shut taking away all but a little light. I hear the chair roll across the floor and the door shakes as she places it against it.

I start to cry as she turns off the light in the bedroom and darkness completely engulfs me. The smell of her is trapped in there with me in the darkness.

I start to rock clutching my knees to my chest.

"Oh Daddy. Oh John." I clutch the thin slip around me as I start to shiver. "Oh God help me."

"Shut up in there slut! I'm trying to sleep."

I bury my face against my knees.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I'm awakening by the little hatch opening in the broiler door.


I scramble to my feet and move over to the door. I look out and see the old lady. She holding a large loaf of bread and there is a bottle of water in her other hand.

She pushes the water towards me.

I reach through to get it.

A thin switch strikes my arms with brutal speed and blinding pain. I yank my arm back inside.

"Don't you ever stick your hand outside that hatch again!"

The bottle of water is dropped in through the hatch.

"Want the food your sister earned for you?" she asks me.

I move hesitantly back to the hatch.


"Yes what?" she snaps at me.

I hesitate for a second.

"Yes please." I ask as nicely as I can. The smell of the bread is causing my stomach to send ripping cramps through me.

"Place your... thing ...through the hatch."

"What?" I ask not understanding.

"Your 'thing' boy! Your cock! Stick it through the hatch. I swear I'll take this bread back upstairs with me you ungrateful thief. I should in all rights leave you to starve down here no mater how good your sister is being. Now do it!"

My arm stinging something horrible I'm very fearful of doing as she says but the agony of hunger makes me get to my feet. I move forward till I'm pressed against the cold door.

I cringe when I feel her bony finger wraps around me.

"Such a nice fat little thing. I use to like nice fat little things like this on boys. They were so good to eat." Her hand strokes me hard her bony fingers clutching me tight. "To lick, to suck. To nibble on. The hot rush when they would finish in my mouth. I loved them. Then they showed me what they were like!"

Against my will I fell myself harden in her hand.

"And you're just like them! Selfish! Worthless! Useless!" she skins me back with every word making me cry out in pain. Her hand leaves my cock and slides around and down to my balls. I feel her rolling them in her fingers. "So ready to take what doesn't belong to you!"

I cry out in unimaginable agony as she yanks down on my balls as hard as her old hands will allow. The pain tears up through me as I pull myself from her grip. I fall to the cold sooty floor crying in agony clutching my throbbing balls. I feel the loaf of bread hit the floor next to me.

"Enjoy it boy. Your sister had to work hard to get you that food."

The hatch closes.

In the dark with no way to tell the passage of time I know it's only it a long time before I can move to get the bread.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Days. Endless days.

My hands are cracked from the constant scalding of boiling water. I scrub the floors, I clean the walls. I dust the ceiling and kill the swarms of spiders that fall from the webs.

I cook her endless meals. Only occasionally do I get more than a taste. My hunger is a constant agony. She whipped me so severely once when I grabbed a piece of fruit and hid it. She seemed to know the very second I did it. That horrible switch she carries left ragged lashes all along my face and arms.

I'm allowed only to wear the thin slip. It's filthy from all the cleaning I've had to do but I have nothing else.

She destroyed my clothes.

I shiver back from the though of the nights.

Night after night I'm compelled to sate her foul lust. It grows more and more difficult to do! Every night I have to lick longer and harder. I carry about my face a retched stench now that never seems to fade.

I sleep in the cold closet night after night the smell of her making me gag through almost every breath I take.

And it's getting colder!

The knock on the door is startling!

As she makes her way to the door with her cane in hand I 'm told to hide out of site as she passes me.

"Yes Mr. Jacobs? Can I help you?"

"Good morning. Ms Wilhelm. Yes you can. I tried to turn on my thermostat last night. I'm afraid nothing happened. Is something wrong with the furnace?"

"No nothing is wrong with it, Mr. Jacobs. I simply haven't lit the main boiler yet this year. Till I do there's not going to be any heat."

"I see. Ms Wilhelm when do you think you will be doing that?"

I peek around the doorway and see a tall man in his late middle years. His hair is pepper gray and he has the look of a man who spends a lot of time with his nose in a book. When his eyes start to move up towards me I duck back around out of sight. I know she's holding the remote tightly in her off hand.

"When you and my other tenants get your rent in on time I will place the order for more oil. Till then I'm not going to waste the tank full I have on people to lazy to pay their bills. Now good day."

"One more thing." I hear him raise his voice.

"What Mr. Jacobs?"

"I've been hearing strange noises from the vent registers. They sound like cries of pain almost. I hear them just about every morning just before I'm about to head off to work." She laughs, an evil sound I've come to hate more than almost anything about her. Almost anything.

"That would be the squeaking of mice! They get into the ductwork over the summer months. The first time I turn on the boiler it will chase them out. The heat may stink a bit at first. The whole system is old. I'm unable to replace it though as lazy tenants failing to pay me on time has my whole budget in a near constant uproar. Now if you'll excuse me I have business."

"Thank you. Good day." I hear him say.

She closes the door on him without another word.

I can hear her mumbling to herself as she walks past me. She turns on me snarling

"Back to work! Go clean the bathroom again. My stomachs been lose all day."

With her cane thumping she stalks off to her office.

I grab my bucket and scrub brush. I can smell the reek from the bathroom all the way down the hall. It washes over me as I open the door.

I look at the horrendous mess she has made of the room I cleaned just yesterday. I weep seeing it. As I step inside I glance towards the vent register.

What the man said comes to me in a rush!

I drop to my knees by the grillwork. I cover my mouth on either side to direct the sound in and down.


After several long seconds I hear an echoes sound come up to me through the ductwork.


"Yes John. It's me!" I say crying in relief to hear my brothers voice. "Are you okay?"

The pause is longer.

"I'm so cold." I bring my hand to my mouth as I hear him shivering through the words. "I'm so hungry. She gives me only bread and hurts me every morning when she does."

I sit back crying.

A cold determination slowly settles over me and chases away the tears.

"I'll get you some more food."

I hear her cane on the floor in the hallway.

"She's coming be quiet."

I grab up my brush and start cleaning the toilet with a fury. The door opens and she rushes towards me. I'm pushed into the dirty tile walls.

I watch her struggle to get her dress out the way for several seconds then I see a black splash hit the section of the commode I was scrubbing.

"Your terrible cooking is making my bowels lose!" She grabs the switch from the sink and lashes me across the side of my face.

Clutching my face I crawl back out of her reach.

She finishes and wipes. Her dress falls and brushes the toilet. I see the wet stain on it as she walks past me. She turns quicker than her age would allow but I have become use to that from her.

"Is this all you've gotten done? Lazy slut of a girl! I want this room cleaned before I have to come back or you'll get nothing to eat tonight." I nod and grabbing up my brush go to scrubbing the filth from the floor again.

I hear her chuckling from by the door.

"Except for my cunny."

I listen to her cackling and the thump of her cane on the floor as she walks away.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Shivering in the cold I hold my swollen testicles tightly to help stop the ache. It doesn't help much.

I cry at the pain in spite of the joy I'm feeling at having heard my sister's voice this morning.

I know it was morning. The old hag had only just a little while before that brought the bread and made me stick my 'thing' out to get it.

Every morning for I can't tell how long she had done this to me. I had refused to do it after the first time.

She had laughed and left the hatch open and the bread sitting on a stool just out of reach.

The next morning when she came down hunger madness made me do as she said.

She again stroked me hard with her sticklike fingers then yanked with terrible force on my balls!

I clutch them harder as the memory makes them ache more.

Something rattles above my head! I look up to the hole above my head that leads into the maze of small pipes.

Something is knocking around in one of them.

I flinch back when something hard drops out of it and lands on my leg. Then a second and a third rumbles down and drop beside me.

The smell of apples starts to fill the boiler.

"John? Did you get them?"

I hear my sister's voice come down to me like the words of an angel.

"Yes. Oh yes! Thank you." I stand up and call up the pipes. "Oh thank you Margaret!"

"Quiet. Your being too loud she might hear. She's talking on the phone. The apples were all I could get. She left them on the table when the man delivered them. I love you John."

"I love you." I call back up to her more quietly.

Hunting the floor I find the apples. I'm just glade none of them rolled into the corner I've been using as a toilet.

Not that it would have stopped me from eating it.

The stomach full of fruit lets me avoid getting the bread for a full two days. Some of the swelling goes down in that time.

She yanks all the harder though when I can't take the hunger anymore. The bread got very stale sitting on that stool for two days.

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