A Grimm Tribute


I didn't care.

The two cans of Vienna sausages my sister dropped down the ducts an hour later made a lot of noise when they dropped but they went well with the bread.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

The switch lashes my shoulders and neck through the thin slip. I cry out when it hits my ear. I feel the warm flow of blood down the side of my neck. I flee the switch to the back of the pantry.

"Stealing my food! Again! Have I not taught you anything in all the time you have been here? How dare you! You have to earn what you eat in this world! You have to earn everything! Everything costs. Everything comes at a price! This food cost me money. Money I had to work hard to make you lazy slut! You! Do! Not! Steal! FROM! ME!"

I cover my face and huddle into the corner away from the rain of blows to my back, shoulder and face.

I feel her hand I my hair pulling me to my feet. Screeching at the pain I'm hauled around by her and pushed out the door towards the kitchen.

She pushes me out the kitchen and over to the door to the basement.

"Open it!"

I grab the handle and turn the knob. The smell that flows up to me is cold damp and sickening.

"Doesn't smell to good your brother does he? He's been shitting more than he should be. That's how I figured out you were stealing food from me." She pushes me towards the steps. "Go down there."

I start to resist then I feel it.

The hard cold metal against the back of my neck.

"Yes you little, slutty, lezzy, thief I still have my gun. Now go. Go!"

I make my way down the steps never feeling the gun leave my skin.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Through the open hatch I hear someone enter the basement. It wakes me. The refusal this morning had brought laughter. I've been half asleep since she left.

I hear crying outside, I move over towards the hatch. I see a shadow fall across the door. I hear a squeaking sound. Then the shadow moves.

There is a sharp click and a huge spark sends spots deep into my eyes. It clicks twice more and I look down and flinch back in horror as a strip of blue fire running in a circle pops up through the floor. The little holes my fingers found but could never figure out.

It instantly becomes warm in the metal box. I feel heat flow over me for the first time in I don't know how long.

Then it becomes hot. Then hotter still!

The round flames disappear with a snap.

"Boy!" her voice snaps at me with a fury I've not heard in a long time. I hear the squeaking sound above the door again. "Put your 'thing' through the hatch! Do it now or it hit the pilot light again and this time the oil will spray inside there with you. Your sisters fattened you up on my stolen food so you're perfect for roasting! Do it!"

Sweat pouring off me I make my way around the hot center still feeling my feet blistering at the touch of the floor. I push myself up against the door. I instantly feel her hand grab my balls.

Then there is another sensation. Soft. Like wet velvet. It slowly brushes the tip of me. Then down the side. Then I feel tight warmth enclose the tip of me. The wet feeling moves around and across the hole at the end.

She using her mouth on me! I realize what's happening with a feeling of confused horror.

A moan escapes me.

"Enjoying that are you boy?"

As I hear her speak I realize my mistake. It's my sister'...it's Margaret's mouth that's.... I go to pull away but I feel the old woman's hand tighten on my painfully sore balls.

I groan in pain till she slowly loosens the deathgrip.

"Oh no boy! Your sister, the slut, stole from me. I told her everybody has to pay for what they get in this world. She's paying me back for what she stole from me. My hands been getting tired getting you hard every morning."

I feel my sister mouth surge up me, the whole length of myself. I feel her nose pushed into my hairs.

I hear her gagging but the pressure against me doesn't stop. I try to move back a bit but the fingers around my balls tighten.

I cry out against it.

Then Margaret's mouth is going from base to tip and back in a slow building rhythm.

"Oh my god." I moan my lips against the sooty metal door.

I hear the old woman cackle.

"Enjoying it aye boy? Well your sister doesn't seem to be. She's crying non stop."

I dig my finger against the unyielding metal as I hear her laugh.

Then I feel something different.

Margaret's tongue starts to move around on the underside of me. It's soft at first then I tilt my head back and bite my lips to keep quiet as the sensation grow to almost unbearable levels.

I feel suction along the length of me.

My sister is sucking me! Oh my god.

My breathing becomes a pant in the hot air of the boiler as I give an involuntary lurch forward into the warmth I'm feeling.

The old woman laughs harder.

"Your brother likes your mouth little whore!" she gives me an almost tickling caress of my balls. "All your lezzy sins have made you skilled with that slut tongue!"

I focus not on her words but on the feeling of Margaret's mouth one me. I feel my balls tighten and release, then tighten again in the old woman's hands.

I know I'm trobbing in my sister's mouth.

My sisters! My twin sister's mouth is sucking on me!

Panting rapidly I lay my face against the metal door and just weep at what I'm feeling.

Part of me wants to stop what I feel happening. Part of me craves it with a hunger far greater than that for food. Her constant abuse has made me too sore to give myself any relief, but her morning stroking has me in the need for it in the worst way I've ever been in.

"Oh Margaret." I say in a whisper as I feel myself start to cum. It's flows up and out of me and into her mouth in a wet surge that rips a guttural moan from me. The sound of it goes up above me as I let my head drop backward from the door.


I scream at the top of my lungs as the old hag yanks down on me harder than she every has before. I feel her fingernails leave scratches across my sack as I fall away from her and the hatchway.

I hit the floor and then scream again. I roll off the blisteringly hot metal and scream as my burned hands send me terrible surges of pain. I try to cup my bleeding balls but my hands hurt too much to do it.

The light is blocked off again. I open my eyes and see the old woman's wrinkles face framed by the hatch.

"Quiet now boy of I will blow your little sisters head off, then roast you alive. I swear I will, in the name of the Lord."

She closes the hatch with a clang leaving me in the dark crying as quietly as I can.

My burned hands finally give me enough relief that I can hold my shattered balls.

"Can you hear me?"

I look up at the ceiling as I hear a man's voice echoing down to me.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

The taste of my brother's cum still filling my mouth as I'm made to go back upstairs. Her hand, hard in my hair. I see the remote held in her other hand so I can see it.

"Move. Bedroom."

I'm pushed out the kitchen and down the hallway. I stumble into the bedroom my feet sliding on the polished floor.

Her hand drives me face first on to her bed. I'm bent over the end board, the polished wooden rails hard against my stomach.

I feel her grab the back of my slip and it brought up over my shoulder to fall, drape like, across the back of my head.

"So you like cock as well little slut? Well here. Have mine." I hear the clatter of wood on wood, and then I feel the end of her cane at the opening to my body.

I scream into the comforter, clawing it into my hands as I feel the cold hard wood driven into me!

"At least you 'were' a virgin." Her voice is filled with a sick sound of quiet calm I've never heard from her. The cane drives hard against the inside of me. I scream again. "You must have sucked all those boys off. Or let them take you here."

I feel my fingernail split as I dig them into the mattress when her long bony finger goes into my ass. I cry out in denial and pain as I feel her thrusting the cane deeper and deeper into me. A second finger joins the first then to my horror; a third is driven into me.

"Little whore! Worthless little slut. Mommy doesn't like it when her little girl goes chasing cocks! Mommy must punish her little girl for that!"

I scream as she drives her fingers deeper into me stretching me horribly around the thin bony digits.

The front door locks shatters out the frame with a sound that fills the whole house.

"Police!" I hear the deep male voice shouting!

She rips her hand out of me while I cry out to the police I hear running into the house. She steps back from me.

"No. No! Must punish the slut and the nasty boy! Must burn him!"

I'm left hanging over the end of the bed with her cane stuck inside me as she rushes to the door and slams it shut.

"Must burn him, cook the nasty boy with his filthy cum dripping cock! Punish the little lezzy for her horrid tongue!"

Reaching down I grab the worn wood cane and pull it from me. It leaves me with a gush of my blood that dripping from both me and coats the end of the cane.

Panting in pained exhaustion I look back over my shoulder at her. I see her digging into her pocket. She doesn't have the remote I her hand!


I rush at her as fast as I can and bring the cane down across her arm just as the remote leaves her pocket.

"Eyyahh!" she screeches in pain and claws at the arm I hit. It hangs from her elbow at an impossible angle. I chase after her as she stumbles away from me and the fury of my virgin-blooded cane! I rain blow after blow down at her. Some hit the wall but several hit her with horrible cracking of bone. The loud impact on the bedroom door comes just as I'm about to swing again.

"Police freeze!"

I see her lift her other arm to a square plastic box on the wall.

I see, as her finger touches it, that it's the same color as the remote.

I hear the furnace click on. A pain filled scream comes up out the metal grating!

"Police... freeze!"

I hear a gun click behind me just as the first washes of heat come out the vents with a horrible stinking black smoke.

I look down

'Mommy punished them both." She says as she slides down the wall to the floor. "Mommy punished them for their fornication. She burned the nasty boy. Punished the little slut."

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I sit in the cold metal box rocking with a feeling I haven't felt it weeks. Hope.

"Oh thank you God, Oh thank you God."

The soft prayer is a constant chant that's passed my lips ever since talking to the man who called down to me. One of the tenants upstairs he had heard me screaming in pain.

"Thank you God for Mr. Jacobs."

A click is all the warning I get then blue flames erupt under me. Screaming in terror and pain I get to my feet and fall against the door.

I look up in horror as I see the spray of atomized oil burst from the nozzle above me. I watch it fall like a foggy mist to the blue flames below.

I hear one of the four handles turn behind me.

"Help!" I start to pound on the door. "It's coming on, Help!"

I hear the other two handles thrown within seconds after but then the last one...

The one that was stuck!

I feel the wash of heat against my back! A golden glow lights the metal door in front of me! I'm screaming! I feel my hair ignite my skin starting to blister in less than seconds. Screaming in horrible pain I watch flames wash past me and out the open door!

Hands pull me from inside and to the floor. I feel a piece of rough cloth driven hard into my back. I lay on the cold floor crying as the flames die and the stink of my burning hair fills my nose.

" Easy boy, don't move."

I turn my head and look up at the salt and peppered hair man kneeling down beside me. I see him get up and go to the boiler door. He uses his foot to shut the door on the raging flames. They lick around the edges of the door till he can get a hold of one of the handles and snug it shut.

A voice calls down the steps.

"Police, don't move."

The man looks up.

"I'm Mr. Jacobs the man how called you. I found the boy. He's badly burned. Get an ambulance!"

"Margaret?" I whisper against the floor. "Is Margaret okay?"

I feel the man lean down next to me.

"Rest easy boy." I hear he say softly. I feel his hand lift the edge of the cloth...his coat from my back. He lets it lay back against me." I'll find out for you just as soon as they get someone to see to you. Now don't move, Rest."

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Standing on the front lawn I watch the coroners van pull away slowly. I leaves in much less of a hurry than the ambulance did.

I look out into the slowly departing mass of blue and red lights. I see the parents with all there little ghost and ghouls in tow watching the last cars leave. I see one of my neighbors from across the street walk towards me with her two kids.

I walk over towards her so we meet in the yard next door.

"Mr. Jacobs. What happened?" she asks me looking at the broken door into my landladies home. The last officers are guarding it as people with large tackle boxes go back and forth between the blue truck and the house. They have most of the front yard roped off with bright yellow police tape.

"A bit of badness with my landlady I hate to say. She was doing some very bad things. I think she must have gone insane sometime recently and no one noticed since she lives by herself.'

"Was anybody hurt?" she asks me talking her youngest child's hand when he reaches up to her.

I nod and then with a shake of my head I look down at the two young kids. I smile seeing their costumes.

"And who are the two of you tonight?" I ask the boy. He looks up at me with a mouth ringed in what looks like chocolate. I see with a smile that he's wearing lederhosen. A loaf of bread sticks out his front pocket. He hides from me behind his mother.

His older sister looks at him, shakes her head, and then up at me.

"Were Hansel and Grettel. Do you know the story?" she asks giving her candy bag a slight swing.

I turn and look towards the shattered doorway.

"Yes I do."


(Sorry if I had to take a bit of 'poetic license' with how a furnace works, but I needed her to be able to get food down to him.)

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