tagGay MaleA Gun to My Head

A Gun to My Head


What awoke me were the caresses to my naked ass. I was enjoying them when it occurred to me there was no one home but me. My wife and the kids were at her mother's house and would be for two more days. I bolted up to a sitting position and I was suddenly facing a gun not ten inches from my nose. I looked up and there was a guy wearing a ski mask. My eyes locked on his expecting to see cruelty in his eyes. What I saw was lust.

I lowered my eyes and noticed for the first time that he was naked. Just behind his gun there was a slim hard cock. He moved his gun to the side and casually pointed it at my head as he stepped closer to me and pressed his cock to my lips.

I should have been terrified, angry, and at least reluctant. I was all of those things but I was also exited. I had always wanted to suck a cock and had placed myself in a position to do so many times in my life but had always chickened out. I had in fact decided that the only way it would ever happen would be if someone put a gun at my head and a cock in my mouth.

I had a gun at my head and a cock at my lips.

I was still surprised by how easy, how enjoyable it was to slide the cock into my mouth. In less than thirty seconds I had pretty much forgotten about the gun. About two minutes later I had encircled my attackers ass and pulled him closer to me, I had figured out how to deep throat. I had an erection.

The attacker moaned and shuddered and seemed to be close to erupting. I had not had near enough time with his cock so I sat back leaving only his cockhead in my mouth and pressed the underside of his cock. After some spasms and moans his need to ejaculate was pushed back. His cock began to deflate so I resumed sucking him. His cock returned to its original firmness and I resumed deep-throating him but only on occasion. I wanted him to last.

One of my hands on his ass pulled his cheek away and the other slid down his crack and found his anus. I pressed in a bit with a finger as I slid his cock down my throat and held him there for a few seconds. He groaned loudly and I though I felt his gun bounce on the bed. He confirmed that he was unarmed when I felt both of his hands caressing me from my shoulders to my head.

I knew I had the upper hand now since I was bigger and stronger than he was. All I had to do was to slide my arms to the back of his knees and pull. He would have fallen beck away from the bed and the gun and likely hit his head on the dresser. I did no such thing.

Without allowing his cock to leave my mouth I opened the drawer to my nightstand and reached in. He jumped thinking I had a gun in there, (which I did), but what I pulled out was a tube of lubricant jelly. I squeezed a nice glob of the stuff into his ass and slid my finger in him to its base. He moaned loudly as I began to finger fuck his ass.

I had already decided to let him cum in my mouth but forced myself to take my time. I was slowly bringing his cock out to just inside my lips then slowly swallowing him down my throat. I fingerfucked his ass at the same speed I sucked him.

I felt his cock begin to spasm as he was down my throat and I slid a second finger up his ass and sucked it faster.

He erupted with a loud groan and I swallowed what I could but it seemed to be an everlasting eruption of cum, at lot spilled out of my mouth.

Eventually he was done.

His body started to sag so I stood and held his body to me. I pulled his mask off and saw a nice looking guy in his early twenty's looking at me with apprehension. I ended that by kissing him. His hands went to my face and he ate up the kiss as his tongue tried to regain any trace of his cum from my mouth.

I stepped back from him and maneuvered the upper half of his body onto the bed face down. He knew what was coming.

He had easy access to his gun but he ignored it and simply spread his legs wide. I added some more lubricant to his ass and added some to my cock and slowly penetrated him.

I paused as the head of my cock slipped into him and leaned over him to kiss his shoulders and neck. As I leaned further my cock slowly slid further into his ass. By the time I was kissing his lips I was all the way in. I continued to kiss him until his ass squeezed my cock. He was ready.

I loved fucking ass. My wife would allow it as a special treat or as a special bribe, about three or four times a year. She did enjoy it more than she let on but though that using it sparingly produced the best results for her. It was my just the third favorite place in her body for me to cum so I never pressed her for ass fucks.

The guy I was fucking now had come into my house armed and naked. I was going to violently fuck him to Turkey and back.

Only I didn't. He had a beautiful ass and my cock loved being in him. I made love to him and his ass.

He was in ecstasy. He moaned and sighed and urged me to fuck him harder. I did fuck him harder but each time my cum approached I slowed down. I did that until I was powerless to stop. I filled his ass with cum and collapsed over his back exhausted. I had been fucking him for a long time.

I put his gun in the nightstand drawer as we rearranged ourselves in the bed and I fell asleep with him in my arms.

The next morning I was alone. I wondered if I had just had a vivid dream but as I went for a piss I saw the mask my attacker had worn when he first came in on the floor. I searched the house for any missing items and there were none. My wallet had been on the dresser and had not been touched.

I was not surprised.

I knew he had come in for me.

He wanted sex with me.

I got his gun out of the drawer and inspected it. It was a replica of a service revolver from the Spanish-American war, it was not loaded. It had a small plaque certifying its authenticity and a name. The name was that of our preacher. My attacker had been his son, Jerry.

He and I had flirted with each other in the showers of our gym. We had allowed our cocks to become erect in each other's view. We had watched each other play with our cocks.

I had recognized his cock as soon as I saw it.

I knew I was never in danger.

I inspected the gun, it looked like an expensive model so I knew he would have to come back to get it, especially since it was his father's.

When he did I planned to wave it in his face and threaten him, point it at his head, force him to fuck me in the ass.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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