tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Gypsy's Tale Ch. 05

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 05


Suddenly the door opened, and a small messenger came in. "Sir, a message from your father has arrived."

Esric cursed under his breath and slowly took his arms from around Tecor, who quickly fled from him. He sighed and mourned what could have been that night.

His hard, angry eyes turned to the servant, who was looking down at the floor as he played with his fingers nervously. "I am sorry, Sir," he said slowly. "It is urgent."

"How urgent can it be if it cannot wait till morning?" he growled.

"Well you see... your father..."

"Spit it out, and tell me already man!" Esric demanded.


"Is here,." said a deep and royal voice. Esric's eyes moved from the babbling servant to his own father, who had moved into the room quietly.

Alessio was a tall man: over a foot taller then his second son. He had long dark hair that reached to the middle of his back groomed neatly with some silver showing through it. He wore Arabic -style clothing the color of the ocean at night. His dark eyes were hard as he looked down over at his son. His strong arms crossed over his broad chest. He was truly an impressive man.

Next to him could have been his twin if he did not looked so young:. Esric's oldest brother Damien. His hair was shorter then his father's, and his clothes were a dark red instead of the blue their father was wearing. He smiled brightly at Esric as if he knew something that Esric did not. Esric did not like the idea of that at all.

"Father,." Esric said as he bowed his head deeply to his father in respect and honor. "I was not expecting you Father."

"Of course you were not, my son., I did not give you time." he said with a stern voice, but a smile was on his face. "But I have reason for that. I did not want to ruin the surprise, my son."

"Surprise, Father?" Esric asked as he looked up at his father. Confusion filled his face. "Is that why Damien is here as well?"

"He is here because he wanted to be here, nothing more,." Alessio said with a smile as he came over to his third son and drew him into a large hug.

Hugging was an odd thing for Esric. He could count on one hand how many times his father has hugged him, including this one. He must be truly happy,. Esric thought to himself as he hugged his father back gently with unsure hands.

Alessio pulled his son back at arm's length and smiled at him warmly, smiled at his son's confused sons face. "Come, come! I wish for you to meet someone,." he said as he put an arm around his son and pulled him toward the door, down to the study where Esric liked to sit and be by himself from time to time.

The fire was lit in the medium -sized room, which lit up most of room. The rest of the remaining light came from the large window, through which the moon shone brightly through. It created a relaxing atmosphere, which is why Esric liked to come here at night.

In front of the fire stood a small, curvy figure with long blond curly hair that reached to it's small but curved ass. Esric's eyes moved up and down the figure, slowly drinking it in, and wondering who it was and why it was here at the same time.

The figure turned to see who had come through the door. Eyes flashed lightly from the light of the fire, blue eyes, the color of the sea cloudless sky before dusk after a storm. A smile came upon her soft ruby lips, making the pale skin light up magically. The beautiful figure turned fully now, showing off her large ample breasts barely contained behind the low cut dress.

One could tell just by looking at her that she was used to men falling easily to her charms.

All but Esric.

He saw her as beautiful without a question, but she did nothing for him. His man hood did not respond as it did with Tecor. Perhaps it is the curse... Perhaps it is love, he thought as he looked at what could have been a goddess with confusion. Why had his father brought him a woman? A beautiful woman admittedly, but he had many women in this fortress, so why this one? She did not look that of a whore or even a gypsy. He could tell from her threads that she was high born. Daughter of a Duke, or even a King from a neighboring country.

Had his father set up an arranged marriage without his knowledge? No... he promised their mother that they would be free to choose whom they married with their own heart, just as Alessio did with her. Their mother who died only a few short years ago. That is when Esric moved out to this barren desert. He could not stand being near anything that reminded him of his mother. He loved her so much that it hurt to even think about her sometimes.

"Father... who is this?" Esric asked as he looked over at his father in confusion. The young lady also looked at Alessio in confusion.

It seems she was told that I knew that she was coming.

Alessio cleared his throat and moved into the room so that he was standing between his son and the lovely creature before him.

"This is Lady Branwen, daughter of Duke Litus."

Esric smiled at her and bowed his head to her. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Branwen." Then he turned to his father. "You still have not told me why she is here Father,." he said in a blunt tone.

"She is the answer to everything, my son!" he said cheerfully, as he moved close to his son so that Branwen would not hear them. He whispered into Esric's ear,. "Her name means, raven my son... She could be the one that will break the curse of that gypsy," he said in a hopeful voice, as his dark blue eyes looked over at the young maiden.

Esric sighed and moved from his father so that he could look at him properly. "I wished that you would have contacted me, father. I believe that I have found the answer to the same problem, but with someone else,...." he said looking over at the young woman. She looked to be about his age, maybe younger,; yes, she had to be around twenty years old, he guessed.

His father looked at him in surprise. "Oh, really? Where is this lady of which you speak.?"

"Most likely in her room. If you wish I can have someone fetch her."

"Yes I wish that more then anything at the moment."


Tecor stood in her room looking upon the darkness just outside of the window, holding the finger that started the kiss. She moved her fingers to her tender lips. She could still feel his lips on hers. They still tingled with joy and elation. She had never felt something like this before, and it was both confusing and exciting at the same time, maybe even a bit scary. She let out a loud sighed and put her forehead on the cold stone, relishing the feeling. She did not know what to do know. He would never give up on her now, even though he should. She was too free to be tied down to something like this. Her spirit would never allow it. I will just avoid him for a few days. Maybe then, he will finally stop trying to pursue me, she thought to herself.

That is when there was a loud knock on the door, and she heard his voice from the other side of the thick wood. "Tecor. May I come in? I wish to introduce you to someone," he said in his very polite deep voice that always made her shiver. Why she did not know.

Tecor let out a sigh and knew that she could not turn them away. It was not just him but guests as well. She was many things, but she was never rude. She moved gracefully and opened the door. "Of course, Esric, please come in," she said as she bowed her head politely and moved to the side so that he and his two guests could come into her room. She picked up her head and looked at the two. She noticed the resemblance between them; the same hair, and facial features. They must be related to him, she thought as she looked at the two with curiosity. As the younger of the two looked at her lustfully. She sighed and turned her attention to Esric, waiting for him to explain.


Esric felt as if he was going to be sick as he led his father and brother through the hallways that lead to Tecor's room. He knew that they would never really accept her. After all, what king would accept one of his sons marrying a gypsy over a princess? He sighed lightly as he knocked on the hard wooden door that led to her room. There was silence, and he feared for a moment that she was not going to answer. Maybe she was distressed over the kiss. Even if it was just a harmless but wonderful kiss. This first one he had in many years.

Just then, the door opened, and he saw her still in the dress she wore that day. It fit her perfectly and; it made him want her even more. "Tecor. May I come in? I wish to introduce you to someone," he said in a polite voice. He did not want to order her., Sshe would never accept it first of all, but mostly he did not wish to control her. He liked her free spirit. "Of course, Esric, please come in," she said as she bowed her head politely and moved out of the way so that they may enter the room. Esric smiled and lead his brother and father into the room.

"Father, Damien. This is Tecor," he said softly. "Tecor, this is my father Alessio, and my eldest brother Damien." Esric waited for what seemed like forever, until his father moved closer to Tecor and looked at her carefully. Then he smiled warmly. "She is something else, I can see that in her eyes. Such exotic eyes. I can see why you have fallen for her, my son. She is a true desert flower. From her skin, I see that she lives with the nomads of the sands. Otherwise called Gypsies. Tell me, my dear, what is your part in the band?"

"I dance, your Highness. I am the best dancer in the entire desert. Or so I am told,." she said in an even but soft voice. Esric could tell that she was tense by the way she held herself. It was not easy to talk to the King of the land as one would talk to a friend.

"Well, you will have to dance for me sometime. I think I would enjoy that," the older man said as if he was nor more then her own father. His calm seemed to seep over to Tecor, and she seemed the relax.

"I would be honored, your Highness,." she said with a graceful bow of her head, her unbound hair shifting as she did, making it cascade over her shoulder. When she raised her head, back up she saw this Damian was looking at her as a hungry man looks at food. She sighed. Just what I needed; both brothers coming after me.

"Well, we should let you sleep my dear. You look like you have had a long day,." Alessio said with a smile, then bowed his head to her. "Come, Damien."

Damien smiled at Tecor and took her hand in his large, callused one. "My lady.," he said as if he was her lover, and then placed a soft kiss on the back of her hand. He let go of her hand, then followed his father out of the door.

Tecor let out a breath that she had not realized she was holding, and looked to Esric, her eyes filled with uncertainty and confusion.

Esric smiled at her gently and moved so that he was next to her. He took her hand in his, and held it tightly. "I promise I will explain tomorrow, after I have talked to my father. For now you should sleep and be contented with such a thing." He lifted his free hand and placed it on her cheek lightly. "I also wanted to apologize for the kiss earlier. I should not have... I mean...." He was stopped when Tecor put her slender index finger on his lips.

"It takes two to kiss, Esric, besides I was the one to kiss you,." she said as she blushed lightly, and pointed her gaze to the floor. It was not the way of her people to just kiss, without a reason, but what reason did she have for kissing Esric? The odd feeling she got whenever she was near him like this conflicted with the traditions of her people;, it was as if a war was waging with in her, and she did not know what to do about it.

Tecor felt a finger under her chin that pulled her gaze up until it met with Esric's. His blue eyes shinned in the candle light, impossibly making him even more handsome then any other time. Her breath almost but stopped, and time seemed to slow.


Esric held her hand in his, as if it was the most precious thing in the world, and to him it was. He kept the smile on his face as he looked down into her exotic green eyes. They were like emeralds the way they shined. By the Gods, she is beautiful, he thought as he held her gaze. "I promise I will explain tomorrow, after I have talked to my father. For now you should sleep and be contented with such a thing." He lifted his free hand and placed it on her cheek lightly. It was so warm and soft, he wondered for a moment if the rest of her skin was like that. The very idea made his manhood ache with want. "I also wanted to apologize for the kiss earlier. I should not have... I mean...." The feel of her finger on his lips made him just want to move it and capture her lips with his and never let go.

"It takes two to kiss, Esric, besides I was the one to kiss you,." she said as she blushed lightly, and pointed her gaze to the floor. Did she feel guilty that she kissed him? He should have been the one to kiss her; he would rather bear the guilt then have her do it. By the Gods, he was in love with this small woman before him. She was everything that he wanted. He hungered for her as he hungered for none other. She was the first woman to catch his inflame his desires after all these years.

Esric moved his hard finger under her delicate chin and lifted it up so her eyes met his. She was so innocent then, so inviting. He did not ask; he just read the expression on her face that seemed to say kiss me....

She did not pull back as he drew her mouth to his until they touched in a pure, fiery kissed that seemed to want to consume them both. Esric moaned as he drew her closer to him until there was not space between their bodies. His semi-hard manhood quickly coming alive as he felt her soft body against his. His large hand clutching to the dress she wore, just itching to tear it from her body to truly see if her skin truly was as soft as her cheek was.

Tecor broke the kiss first, breathing hard and looking up at him with such soulful eyes.

Esric bit his lip suddenly, feeling sorry that he kissed her without asking. "Tecor...I am..." she stopped him once again, but this time with her lips.

"Shut up and just kiss me,." she breathed with lust in her voice.

Esric did not waste a second of time to put his lips on her sweet ones. She tasted of pure sweetness, and he devoured it. He relished in the taste. His body grew hot as his manhood became suddenly fully hard. He moved his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her closer. He smiled when he felt no resistance in the action. She was warm and soft against him making him want more of her, to take anything she was willing to offer.


Tecor pulled away from his fire- consuming kiss. It made her wet in a heartbeat, and her loins hummed, making her want more. She breathed in harshly as she looked into his eyes. They glowed with passion and lust. She knew that he truly did want her, but was he ready for such a commitment?

She spoke the truth before, that once he had laid with her he would never want another woman, that he would be stuck with her. Was she ready for such a thing? She still did not know how to feel about Esric. However, when he was close like this, and he kissed her, she could easily make the decision.

"Esric... what do you see when you look at me?" she asked softly. It was the same question her mother asked her father, now they; were old and happy living on a farm somewhere in the south.

Esric paused a moment and thought. He then looked straight into her eyes. They were a beautifully a bright green glowing bright green. "A beautiful, intelligent, independent woman that I have fallen deeply in love with." He smiled at her lightly, and touched her face.

Tecor let out a soft sigh and pushed away from him. "Thank you, but it was not the answer I was looking for, " she said softly looking up at him. "Esric, I do have feelings for you, but I believe you do not realize the gravity of the situation we would be in if we had made love,." she said bluntly, her eyes still soft upon him. "Until I think you do, this is far as we will go." She moved in and lightly kissed his cheek. "Good night, Esric."


Esric sighed. "As you wish,." he said softly; then he left the room. His anger grew as he walked down the hall. His manhood was so hard that it hurt. He moved swiftly to his room, not wanting to talk to or see anyone.

Esric slammed the door behind him, locked it quickly, shed his clothes quickly, and lay down on his back on his soft bed.

He moved his hand down to his aching manhood, lightly touching his shaft. He moaned lightly as he moved his hand slowly up and down, lightly touching the round head with his finger tips. He thought of the kiss he and Tecor shared and what it could have lead to.

A dark passionate night of sex, wanted and needed from the both of them. Hot bodies touching as he whispered all the worlds she wanted into her ears. Watching her cum on his shaft repeatedly as he thrusted into her.

Esric shuddered and felt the release his body was begging for run through him. He laid there for some time, just breathing hard as he looked up into the darkness. Wondering what words, she wanted him to say.


Down the hall in a large guest room, Lady Branwen, took off her clothes and slipped into a large bath, smiling because she knew the guard outside her door would not want nothing more then to burst through that door and join her. She sighed happily, loving how her charms worked on all men.

Yet it troubled her that the Prince did not seem at all interested in her. In fact, he had turned her down for another woman! Branwen growled lightly at the thought of losing her prince to another woman. She deserved to be a princess, maybe even a queen! Yet some little tramp was going to ruin everything for her. "No, she will not! I will get rid of her and have Esric all to myself. I am the answer to his prayers. He just does not realize it yet," she said to herself as she laid in the hot water, letting her mind drift to more evil thoughts.

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