A Half Demon's Diary...!


"It's sweet!" words automatically tumbled out of her mouth.

"Of course it's sweet! Its tea isn't it?!" Max had appeared behind her, fully dressed. He was wearing a white shirt & black pants, which were both fitting his lean body. He continued, "Its Assamese tea, from India; cold in color & perfect in balance between the strong & sweet taste. Finish it up. We have to leave."

She finished her tea in few minutes & got up ready. They both got out of the dusty building descending a set of creaking wooden stairs.

"Where are we going?" she demanded, as they walked up the alley, into the hearts of London.

"Shopping," Max replied in an exited tone. He had never been to shopping in his world. The thought of shopping in 18th century was making him increasingly exited. He had no worry about money, as he had a large amount of money in his account, which he had earned from Black's master, for completing some jobs for him. They walked for almost half an hour, when the street full of shops appeared. His demon eyes were enough for him to find what he was looking for in few seconds.

He held her hand & walked ahead of her, knowing that she was staring at their hands. But, he dint knew that she was blushing behind. He led her into a fine shop, with polished frames & furniture. There were wooden mannequins standing in the glass window, sporting expensive dresses, of smooth silk & shining with a beautiful shimmer of glitter. An elderly lady in around mid forties came out along with her young assistant, greeting them. Max smiled back politely, when she asked what she may be of service. He pushed the girl behind him ahead & said, "Madame, let's get this beautiful young lady, finely dressed. It's her birthday today". She looked back him with her eyes wide, while Max continued without looking at her, "I want to make sure, she looks adorable from today, more than she is now... forever!"

The owner of the shop, smiled enthusiastically looking at the blush on the girls face & replied, "Of course my lord! Your fiancé will be beautiful when she leaves from here." She pulled the girl inside along with her assistant & vanished in between the counters removing the finest dresses. Max checked in his watch, thinking thoughtfully, "This is going to be a long day."


It was evening. They were riding in a carriage towards the north. "Umm, where are we going? This isn't where we came from," the girl behind Max piped up. "I know this is not the way which leads us to that dusty old building-"

"We are going to my farmhouse," Max replied. He was thinking about the amount of shopping he had done for the first time. He knew that it wasn't surely economical.

"You own a farmhouse?" she asked surprised.

Max just nodded, rather than spending energy in conversation. They reached his their destination in the when it was getting dark. When they entered the fence, a maid came out. He stopped the carriage in front of the door, where the maid was standing. He got down & removed down their entire shopping luggage. The maid greeted him with her usual elegant bow, "Welcome back home Master!"

Max greeted her back & ordered his maid, "Take this all & put it up in the guest room Emilie. And you may resume the preparation of dinner. I can smell your curry from a mile." The maid bowed happily at his compliment & bustled up to follow his orders. Max helped the girl out of carriage. She was staring at the farmhouse with her mouth hanging open. "Is this really a farmhouse?" she asked unsurely. Max nodded nervously again, asking why.

"Then why is it as huge as a mansion?!" she almost shrieked. Max didn't know how to respond. He just shrugged, indicating that there wasn't any special reason for his farmhouse to be so big. He entered the house through the open door left by maid. She came in behind him. They were standing in his large hall. There were few doors here leading to the kitchen, basement, garden & the maid's room. There was a grand staircase leading to the upper floor, where Max room resided along with two guest rooms. He saw her face twinkling with excitement. She was walking with her eyes fixed above, not knowing where she was heading. She bumped into him; her small breasts getting a full impact of his back. She felt a sudden urge to touch his back again. His shirt was so thin, that she easily felt his hot body's curves against her breasts. She looked at him look at her & then immediately turned away, probably blushing too.

They went upstairs later. He led her to the guest room & left her alone to rest. After he had closed the door, she let herself fall on the softest bed she ever got in her entire life. She closed her eyes & let herself think of what she had felt at his touch. She changed & rested until the maid came on near 8:30pm to tell her that the dinner was done & that Master had asked her to bring her down. She got up & went along the maid into the dining room. She sat across the round table, upon which everything from bread & bacon to delicious curry & juices were set up.

The maid served the food & they began eating. Max ordered his maid Emilie in his polite voice to sit & eat along them. She was very reluctant, but finally submitted to Max's puppy eyes which made her to fit in small chuckle. They finished dinner, but when she was about to get up, Emilie held her hand, motioning her to sit down with a smile; clearly indicating that there was a surprise for her. The maid got up & went in the kitchen to fetch something probably, while Max still sat on the chair, with his mouth hidden behind his intertwined fingers. He was looking at her with his calm eyes, expecting her to ask something, which made her nervous.

"Umm," she asked, "Why did you say to that shop lady, that it's my birthday today?"

At that moment the maid came in, holding a plate in her hand. Emilie kept it in front of her & went to stand behind her master. She kept looking at the plate for a long time, until she heard Max's voice answering her question, "I said that, because, it is going to be your birthday from today... Victoria!"

She looked up at him with her eyes blank. But soon they got moist when Max finished, "This is going to be your name from today. This is going to be... you!" He smiled at her, stood up & wished her, "Happy birthday Victoria! Now let's cut the cake. Emilie made it!" he boomed happily.

Her eyes couldn't stop flowing, nor could her smile be suppressed any more. For the first time in her life, someone had given her a proper name. He wasn't even her family, & yet, he made her fell like, family. She cut the cake, while bursting into tears. Max patted her head gently; Emilie was standing beside her too. As their morning had gone, there night went long too. She fell asleep, on the floor, where she had sat talking with Emilie. As Emilie couldn't lift her up to her room, Max picked her up & retired up in the guest room. He allowed Emilie to retire her to her room on the ground floor of the house.

He reached the door on the on the upper floor. He entered the room, which was shimmering in the dim light of the candles. He made her lie on the bed & covered her with the blankets. She was about to turn & leave, when something caught his eye; the lace of her dress was almost open from the front, which allowed her dress to give almost complete view of her naked breasts. His cheeks flustered.

He closed his eyes & tried to turn away, when he heard a faint sleepy voice, "Stay with me. Don't leave me here in dark. Please." Victoria had held his hand in her sleep. He sat down & considered for a moment. He could stay here for few moments until she fully falls asleep.

Although he didn't like the idea of his hand staying for much longer in her soft hand. He tried to slip his hand out, but she did something more crazy, that made Max's heart beat fast. She pulled it up, & hugged it deep into her bosom.

Max was sweating now, even if it was winter. He was feeling his arm getting engulfed in between her warm breasts; which was making him crazy. He was sure that something was pumping in him right below. He could feel t getting slowly hard. He closed his eyes, trying not to feel her breasts, but it was the wrong decision; because it made him feel her more. 'Small, yet so soft,' he thought.

As he tried to turn his hand, his palm covered her breast. The movement of his hand had some effect on her too. He could hear her faint "uumm" of enjoying his touches in the dark. He wanted to get his hand out of there as soon as possible, but he couldn't. His mind was not allowing him to do so; it was telling him to let his hand there a bit longer. But no matter how much time it stayed in between her smooth folds, his "bit longer" didn't seem to be sufficed. Now he was losing his control. His hand had started slowly groping her breast. He could feel Victoria's heart beating on his hand. Her warm body was making his hand feel good too.

As his hand begin to increase his pressure of pressing her breasts slightly, he could feel hers "umm"s getting longer in her sleep. Finally his fingers found her nipple. He was trying not to touch it or it could bring danger, but his desire to feel her was overwhelming his actions. He slowly pinched her nipple a bit. He could feel her stir in sleep. He kept on pressing them in his same slow way. He could see her body reacting to his soft touches o her private part. She was slowly arching in her sleep; she was getting AROUSED! He couldn't help himself much longer; his fingers finally pressed her nipple hard as he was groping her breast.

There was a loud "uuummm ahhhhh!" & he saw her arc more, but now her eyes flew open. Victoria looked in his eyes for few moments. Then feeling something on her breasts she looked down & up again quickly, with her eyes wide open. She was hugging his hand hard, which was in her blouse. She blushed hard & was about to shriek again, when Max's hand clasped her mouth.

"SSHHH," he quickly whispered out. "Don't shout ok?! Please, let me explain. Please I beg you."

Victoria was angry a bit, yet she wasn't feeling bad even if he had groped her. She considered for a moment, & nodded; which made Max let go of her mouth. He put the fire on in the fireplace to keep them warm, & provide some light. He sat down & told her everything what had happened. When he finished he said, "I am sorry! I... I didn't do it on purpose, I... my hand just reacted... I am sorry again! Please forgive me." He looked down closing his eyes apologetically.

Victoria kept looking at him. She knew he was telling the truth. After some time she finally found her voice, which was going to explode some time ago. She talked in a calm voice, "It's ok Max. I... I can understand. It was my fault too partially; I was the one who hugged your hand... in there." She blushed. "Don't worry about it." She looked away.

Max sat there for some time & got up, when he found his energy back to move. He went across the room & was about to exit it, when he heard Victoria's voice saying, "But you are pervert for sure! Good night!" She turned over & slid I her blankets.

Max smiled & wished her good night before heading out to his room.

After he had closed his door, Victoria finally found her hand on her hand on her heart again. It was thumping hard inside. 'What WAS she thinking?!' she thought. She remembered how it felt when she felt his hand on her breast, but to be truthful, she didn't found it when she had opened her eyes... she found it on her breast the moment he had groped her for the first time. She knew that it was her who had hugged his hand, because she was half asleep when she did that. She got fully awake when his hand had tried to get out of her hug. But, she didn't stop him when he groped her; instead, she let him continue to do his hand work on her. She was aroused. She was sexually aroused! God this was the first time, she had let anyone touch her! But why him? She didn't know the answer. She kept thinking of what had happened to her, in those moments, until she had finally fallen asleep.


Things kept on going normally over a week. She slowly began to get used to her new life. She used to talk with Emilie, help her in work, learn stuff from her & even get some study lessons. She had learned to read & write with Max's & Emilie's help. Although, I all those time, she couldn't help herself looking at Max, when he used to read his stuff in is private library on the first floor. Twice she spotted him in his pants only, when he used to work out. Also she had seen him in towel, when he had come out from the bath. She used to feel really hot at such times. All these times she had wished to touch him, all over... that way. She would blush at these perverted thoughts of hers.

But what she didn't know was that, Max had known every time she peeked at him. He could smell her arrival due to his demon blood. He used to watch her sometimes too; especially when she had fallen asleep at night. Even he wanted to touch her again, but his heart wouldn't let him.

One night, they were all sitting inside his room, with the fireplace giving them light. He was reading, while the other two girls were talking.

Emilie was the first to get up & retire to bed, saying that she would have to get up first to begin her everyday's work. Now Max & Victoria were the only one left alone in the room. The atmosphere seemed suddenly tense again. Whenever they were left alone together at one place, they would both avoid looking at each other, embarrassed of remembering what happened. She had always observed that Max would be calm & easy going when he would be with Emilie rather than when he used to be with her, but he would often be nervous when he was around her. She had even seen Emilie giving him a massage on his bare shoulder. It was the only time she had felt envious of Emilie.

What really had made her upset was that one pretty morning while she was sitting in her room, she saw something from the window. Max had been in the garden; watering his precious lilies (she had no idea why he loved those flowers so much). Emilie was beside him, hanging the laundry, while standing on the stool. They were both engrossed in their work when, Emilie lost her balance on the stool all of sudden. Max sensing it, turned back quickly. He raised his both hands to catch her, but he tripped his feet on the rock behind his feet.

Emilie fell over him, as he lied flat on the ground. The water can which he had kept above the fence toppled aside, lading all its water over them. Their clothes were wet. His right hand was on her back of the waist, while the other held her right breast. They were both red in face. But something was odd; they didn't seem to make any effort to move. Instead they kept looking in each other's eyes. Max's right hand slowly went down & rested on her hip & Emilie's nose touched his chest. To Victoria it looked like, Emilie was taking smell of his body's aroma. They stayed in the same position for few moments, before getting up embarrassed. Both seemed to make apologies & return back to work, without looking at each other. After that day, they still talked to each other as though nothing had happened.

For past two nights since she had seen that she hadn't fallen properly asleep. She just wanted to be with him & have him, only... as hers. She looked aside at him reading & smiled. He looked too good when he got engrossed in anything. She stood up & began to leave wishing him good night. She was about to leave when she hit her toe on the bed's corner. She fell do her knees crying in agony. Max rushed to help her, worried.

"H...Hey... are you alright Victoria?" he asked her in a worried voice.

"Yes I am," Victoria replied holding her paining foot.

"Wait here," Max said, "I will call Emilie to-"

"No," Victoria replied quickly, that startled him, "I mean... she must have fallen asleep. It would be good if we don't wake her up & add more trouble to her at this hour. Owww my leg!"

Max nodded, agreed with her. He looked at her toe. It was bleeding at its end & judging by his demonic eyes, even her ankle had to a slight twist, when she fell. He brought his stuff from the shelf & healed her bleeding toe first.

"You can be gentle, cant you?" she snapped when he had finished clearing her bloody toe with the cotton.

"Sorry", Max said in a low voice. "I... I will have to massage your ankle with this lotion, to heal it. But, umm, I am not sure I can. You can do it by yourself right?" Max looked at her nervously.

"Why can't you do it?" Victoria said with a slight anger, "You can't let a lady handle this thing alone, you dimwit. Doing such a small thing won't make you a servant."

Max was confused rather than getting annoyed about this. When did she become a "lady" he thought. He shook his head in disbelief, thinking how girls of this century are same like the one he originally belongs to.

"Women," Max said in a low whisper. He picked her up & made her sit on his bed, with her legs stretched her legs straight. He took the magical lotion & applied it over his hands. He touched her feet & started rubbing it.

At that exact moment, Victoria felt a sudden chill running down her entire spine. It wasn't because of the pain, but because of Max's touch. She closed her eyes instantly. Max kept on rubbing massaging her ankle, not knowing what was happening to Victoria. He rubbed his hand up & down. They were working slow & softly. His hands would also go around her back of her feet & massage her there.

Victoria couldn't help herself much longer. She fell on her back, on his soft bed; her eyes still closed as they were, lost in ecstasy. Her breathing became a bit fast as Max's wonderful touches kept on playing their magic over her body's senses. A small moan escaped her lips.

Max looked up worried that he had hurt her. But what he saw made his heart pump. Victoria had closed her eyes. Her hands were upon her breasts (he knew she had groped them just now, judging by the wrinkles on the garment covering them). He didn't stop. He kept on massaging her, pretending he hadn't noticed. He saw her biting her corner of lip. They were moist. Her left hand went down & touched... her groin over her dress. She was lost in total LUST!

Max's mouth opened trying to call her name, but it failed to bring out any voice. She opened her eyes & looked at him; Max had unknowingly stopped to keep on continuing the massage. They kept looking at each other for a long time.

It was Victoria who broke the silence, "I... I think... I love you Max!"

Max looked away, blushing. He got up, trying to run out, so that something of what he was afraid of doesn't happen. But two hands came around him, hugging him upon his chest. Victoria tugged him back on the bed. She fell on her back, with Max falling upon her breasts. Max closed his eyes, as he felt her small but soft breast on his back.

Her lips came by his left ear & whispered, "You love me too... don't you?"

Max didn't want to answer. He had never forgotten his encounter with a ghost he had had few months ago: Rose. He hadn't gotten her out of his mind yet. The night they had shared their love for first & last time still was imprinted upon his heart.

"I... I don't think so V...Victoria," he gasped, trying not to feel her breath on his neck; which was making his determination of not having another love session weak.

Victoria's voice became sad, "R...Really? I thought... I thought you did. I wish you did. I... It's because of my missing eye right? I am beautiful right?"

Max knew she was in tears. He replied in a clam voice, "No! Not because of that. You are beautiful! I am saying this honestly."

"I know that!" Victoria choked, "I have seen you looking at me. Ad I know... those weren't just some perverted stares. Your smile when you used to watch me sometimes, were enough to tell me that you found me beautiful. This is why I love you. Because you are the only one who cares for me. This is why... I... I love you."

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