A Halloween Mishap


Maggie gave a shudder. "Fuck yes..." She mumbled and pushed up against him. "Aah, baby, I've fucking missed you doing this. Fuck me, Eric."

He gave a grunt of acknowledgment and began fucking her with rhythmic movements, holding her down by way of her shoulders. He felt his cock hardening rapidly within her - she was both hot and wet.

"Yeeees..." She gasped. "Keep...that...up!"

He leaned down and kissed her, muffling her moans ineffectively.

Eric hoped his sister was still very busy in the shower and thrust harder, burying himself inside her and was rewarded with a loud squeal of pleasure.

"Uhnn..." Maggie gasped, wrapping her legs tightly around his lower waist and pushing up against him. "yessssss...do me, do me fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

He gave her what she wanted, kissed her to muffle her again and held her against the bed. He still couldn't quite mute all the creaking it did.

Fuck, he had missed this. He had missed her for the year he'd been gone, and he wasn't ashamed to admit that what he had missed the most was the sensation of her tight, wet cunt wrapped around his cock. Her hot breath in his ear and the small moans escaping from between her lips that he could not completely muffle.

"I love what a little slut you are..." He whispered against her lips.

"only...for...Ah! Some...you just happen to be one of them...fuck!" She arched, nipping at his chin. She sunk her nails into his back and clawed down his spine.

"mmm." She gave a pleased, cooing little moan. "Ah...god yes. I wanna cum with your cock buried deep in me...do me."

He did her, slamming her down into the mattress with force enough to make her groan. Her fingers dug deeper into his back and she gave a sudden, sharp inhalation of breath, slamming her heels against his back and moaning loudly.

"Fuckfuckfuckkkkk...you're making me fucking cuuuuuuummmm..." She mewled lewdly, licking the side of his neck.

The door opened and his sister stuck her head in.

"Oh, for FUCK's sake." She exclaimed, backing out again in an instant and slamming the door shut. "Dammit, Maggie!" She shouted through the door, pounding against the thick wood.

"Sor...Sorry!" Maggie called out between giggles. Her eyes were still unfocused and glazed from the yet-ongoing orgasm and she gave small, delighted tremors, aftershocks wracking her body as the climax slowly brought her to a standstill.

Eric was beyond words, enjoying the sensation of her cunt squeezing his cock tightly. Still, he had just cum and wasn't about to explode again that quickly. And fuck, his sister had stepped in. With a groan he dislodged from Maggie's pussy, causing her to moan.

"Fuck..." his sexual partner murmured in a drunken slur. "That was...good." She lay trembling, clutching and releasing the sheets of his bed and gave a girlish, low giggle.

He nodded wordlessly. "Better get up before Amber goes berserk. She's probably waiting outside."

Maggie gave another giggle and quickly retrieved and put on her clothes.

"Zip me up?" She asked and he went to help her with the clothes.

When he opened the door, it was indeed his sister's red-faced visage that greeted them.

Her face was thunderous. "Mom and dad came home a moment ago! Get in my room, slut!" She ordered, pulling out a still-smiling Maggie and shooting him dark glances that seemed to say 'You promised.'

He shrugged helplessly, which only seemed to annoy her further.

His door slammed shut and he was left alone.

After about half an hour, he heard the two of them leave. Probably wanting to get there early, he thought. He recalled about two Halloweens ago when he had gone dressed as Batman. The costume should still be tucked away in his closet somewhere.

Putting thought into action, he found the black costume after only a few minutes of searching in one of the cartons in his closet. He was surprised to find that it still fit him well, mask, cape and everything.

"That looks nice, honey." His mom told him when he came downstairs.

"Thanks." He sat down, taking a bite and something to drink. He'd never been one to eat a lot of snacks and party food. "Amber already left?"

"Mhm, about an hour ago. That friend of her was here too, the one who used to visit when you still lived here." Her expression turned into a slight frown. His mother had never cared much for Maggie.

"Margaret" He nodded, smiling slightly at the recent memory.

"What about Victoria, sweetheart? When are we meeting her?"She wanted to know.

"Hm? Oh...sometime, Mom. Sometime." He brushed the question off, rising. "I'm gonna head out."

"Be safe. Make sure your sister doesn't drink too much!" The last part she yelled after him even after he had shut the door.

His sister wasn't that much of a drinker, if he remembered correctly. She mostly kept to small, colorful drinks and something fizzy in between.

Finding his way to Taylor's house was easy. He remembered where his sister had went when she was smaller. It was the last house on the street, close to the forest. The house next to it, or rather 2 minutes off, was an old mansion that had been uninhabited since the late 1920's. According to the stories -- if you believed them, anyway -- the house had been abandoned because the previous inhabitants had committed suicide within, the father killing off a family of 4 after having lost everything he owned in the great depression.

Usually, it was the kind of story that made you smile and say that it was just a myth.

Not tonight though.

Eric saw the silhouette of the dark house through the already dim illumination of the streetlamps. This far out in the suburbs, not that many kids were trudging around, asking for treats. That worked to their benefit, he supposed.

He definitely intended to get laid again tonight, preferably with Maggie.

The party was a pretty sombre affair so far. Most people were chatting and drinking, sitting in small clusters. When he entered a few looked up, many of them smiling and waving at him and a few of them even calling his name. Mostly though, these were all his sister's friends and not his. Not that many of them knew him. He got a drink and noticed only faintly that it tasted a bit...strange.

"Heeey, college-boy." Emelie came over, clearly recognizable despite the pink mask that was part of her fairy ensemble with a pair of , transparent fabric wings.

She had put on a few pounds since last year, but actually looked the better for it. Giving him a hug, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. "Amber said you'd come. I'm glad you did. How're studies treating you?" She leaned towards him.

"Not too bad." They spoke for a while, and she told him a couple of things that had happened in school that year -- including her getting accepted to a music college. Emelie was a very skilled violinist. He shared the comment about her looking much like Emily Clarke and she grinned, tossing her hair back, beckoning him.

When he moved closer she kissed him. Surprised, he kissed back, tasting strong liquor on her tongue. That was probably why -- Emelie had always had more than a touch of shyness otherwise and they'd never kissed before.

"Thanks." She told him after the kiss, promising to talk more later before she was pulled away by one of her friends dressed like Cat woman

Classic, he thought while he watched Catwoman's ass bounce merrily beneath the latex costume as the two girls walked away.

He spoke to several of the guys at the party next. Turned out that some of them played football as well, and he had known them a year ago. He caught up on how the team had done since he had finished high school, traded some of the latest stories about the games they'd played this year, and found out that several of the girls he'd looked at that night -- including Catwoman and one chick dressed as a smoking hot belly dancer -- had boyfriends and were...off-limits.

Always good to know, he reminded himself.

He spotted his sister in the crowd now and then, and a pirate-clad chick who could only be Maggie. They were always talking to someone though, or just about to move from one room to the next, so he ended up not really spending any time with either of them.

Emelie came back and spoke to him two more times. First wondering if he was single -- the way that a cluster of masked girls nearby were paying close attention, he had no doubt that she was making inquiries for someone else -- and seemed to be delighted when she found out that he was currently unattached.

"Wanna head upstairs for a bit?" She asked coyly with only a bit of nervousness in her eyes when she came over the second time, reaching to touch his arm. The look in her eyes, one of the few things visible while she wore that mask. The body he could see beneath parts of that costume was equally inviting. She was curvy, and with a height that would allow for easy messing around.

He smiled, and the gesture seemed to encourage her. She moved closer and in anticipation of what she was about to do, he met her lips with his own and gave her a long kiss.

When he finally pulled back, she was breathing harder and her eyes slowly traveled down his costume, then up again. "Let's go upstairs." She said again, more decisive this time and took his hand.

"Sure thing." He gave her a grin, rose and lead her to the staircase.

Just then however, Taylor called for everyone's attention. "It's time for the games to begin!" She said loud enough to be heard in every room of the house.

Several people hollered at the announcement, and grins were exchanged. "We've decided that today's first game is gonna be played in the spirit of the holiday!" She giggled, looking around the room. "Seven minutes in heaven, and in the old Peacock house down the street!"

Several of the guests laughed. A few looked uncomfortable. Most seemed amused and excited at the prospect.

"Come on!" Their host called. "Move your asses! To the Peacock house!" Everyone -- about twenty-five people -- were brought out of the house and they all went down the street to where the old mansion could be found. Some murmured when they approached it, and others no longer seemed as amused by the prospect of playing a game supposed to be exciting and sexual in a place such as that.

Taylor's spirit hadn't diminished by the time they arrived at the mansion doors however, or what remained of them. She stood as though lording over everyone in her nurse's outfit -- complete with a white mask.

"Thiiiis is the right setting." She concurred with a more-than-tipsy smile playing on her lips. She swung her head, making her blonde curls toss. "And since I'm the host..."

"You! Batman!" She pointed at Eric with a salacious expression. "I want you to take a crack at Mrs. Jack Sparrow over there." Her other hand went to Maggie in her costume who uncharacteristically looked down at the gravel. "Seven minutes, whatever you want. But remember, after seven minutes, no more and no less, you'll have to get your asses out of that house!"

The others shouted encouragement in the form of mixed profanity and suggestions. He recalled playing the game a few times when he was younger -- much younger. What had been part of it back then obviously was child's play compared to what he was thinking about doing to Maggie inside the house.

With a confident smile, he stepped forward and bowed mockingly to Maggie in an imitation of the childish hero he was playing at being. After a moments hesitation, she reached out and clasped her hand in his gloved palm.

Her fingers were cold and her eyes and face were hard to make out in the light of the moon. There were no street lanterns in this part of the street.

"Let's go!" He made his voice rough and unclear, again mimicking the masked crusader.

Several of the onlookers whistled merrily.

The entry was easy enough. The doors were unlocked and were easily pushed open and close. The hallway was dank and dark, illumined only by the silvery light of the moon that spilled through the occasional window. The sound from outside seemed muted somehow, and for a wonder there were still drapes in the window.

Taking the leading role, he pulled the Pirate-clad Maggie through the hallway into the one of the adjoining rooms. The space was occupied by an antique, polstered chair with ornamented, carved armrests and a couch in much the same style.

He pushed her before the dusty couch and looked at her, noticing the moonlight reflecting in her eyes as she gazed out the window.

"I want to eat your cunt." He told her harshly, giving her a grin that showed teeth.

"Oh...Okay. Do it...go ahead. Do it." She whispered breathily. It was hard to make out her voice, but she sounded...odd. "Eat...eat my cunt! Please..." There was a contradiction in how she blurted out the first part, only to add the second part tentatively -- wanting something but being unsure of it.

He thought no more of it and pulled down the skirt of her costume, followed by the panties he quickly tugged to her ankles.

The first kiss on her cunt told him that she tasted a little different than usual. He kissed her again and was rewarded with a sharp, indrawn breath and muted moan that curled his toes.

"Oh...god..." She whispered, and he could feel her buckle slightly as she grasped for one of the armrests of the couch, holding herself up.

5 hours earlier

"I can't believe you did that!" Amber pushed Maggie into her room with a shove that was probably a bit rougher than strictly necessary.

"Oh please, you can too. Your brother's hot. Besides, he was mine long before he went to college, remember?" She turned to her as Amber closed the door.

"He's not single!" She protested.

Maggie snorted. "I bet you told him to say that, right?"

"I..." She began, glaring at her friend.

"Facebook, bitch." Maggie, or Margaret as her real name was, grinned.

Her eyes widened.

"Fine, fine." Maggie held up her hands. "I'm sorry." She didn't sound it or look it. "I'm sorry, but..." She paused, looking at her. "I was horny". She finished with a laughable attempt at an innocent little smile.

"You're such a slut sometimes!" Amber blurted out hotly, unable to stop herself.

"Oh yeah. Like you? Little miss 'technically, i haven't had anal sex'"?

Amber felt her cheeks heat. "I haven't." She mumbled, but looked away.

"Right." She giggled. "Well, no worries. It's over. I'm not gonna push you to the floor and run for Eric's room." Her green eyes twinkled merrily. "Not today, anyway."

Her friend sat on her bed and reached for one of the magazines on the nightstand, leafing through it. "Besides" she continued. "if he wasn't your brother, i think we'd be fighting over him, Am."

"Riiight. That's dumb." Amber shook her head.

"You're not blind." Maggie countered, smiling and pointing to one of the pictures on her wall, showing her with her brother. It was perhaps a year old. Eric still looked much the same as on the picture. "Look!"

Amber looked at the picture, then her friend. She'd long since come to grips with the fact that her brother was a very attractive young man -- her entire family looked good, including herself. That didn't mean she necessarily liked to admit it in front of others.

Maggie dropped the matter and instead gestured to the costumes. "Have you tried it?"

"I did." Amber frowned. "The dancer costume doesn't fit as well as i thought it would, you know. I don't like it that much."

"Really? I think it's hot. Makes me wish I'd gone for something else this year."

"Any chances we could switch?" They were alike enough physically that she wouldn't have trouble fitting into the pirate costume that her friend had picked out.

Maggie gave her a surprised look. "You don't like skirts!" She protested with a slowly spreading smile. "Amber Lisa Carlsen!" She exclaimed with a mock-stern voice. "Are you gonna get some tonight?"

Amber felt herself blush, but met her friend's gaze squarely. "Maybe!" She replied. "A lot of guys'll be there after all! Maybe I'll find someone!" She looked down at the carpeted floor.

Her friends expression turned more serious. "Am." Her voice was soft. "You know you're a fucking knockout, you know that. Hotter than me, for Christ's sake. Guys'd be standing in line for a shot if you were a little more..."

"...slutty?" Amber suggested.

"...flirty!" Her friend of two years said instead. "But you've always given them the cold shoulder, and rumors spread, alright? I heard Liz Bynes say that she thought you were a lesbo."

"Oh please" Amber rolled her eyes. "She thinks everyone is."

"Fine, fine." Maggie held up her hands. "All I'm saying it ain't your looks keeping them away, okay?"

"So...the costume?"She repeated.

"Take it, take it." Maggie tossed the bundle over to her. She put her hands on her hips and grinned salaciously. "But i expect to see you hooking up with some stud tonight, alright?" She held up the Indian dancer costume she was relegated to, frowning. "What'll your brother be wearing?"

"I..." Amber frowned. She hadn't asked. "I have no idea. Maybe he picked something up at college. Probably some character from Game of Thrones? What's his name? The brute who does horses?"

"Drogo." Her friend's eyes glimmered. "Ooooh, I'd love him in those rags, yeah"

"Behave." Amber warned her with a stern gaze.

"Sure, mom." Maggie threw a pillow at her head and gave her a teasing smile.

83 years earlier, Peacock residence.

"You really did it, didn't you? Alfred? Alfred? Answer me!"

Janice Peacock had woken up in the middle of the night from the sound of childrens screams.

Her children screaming. Terrible, blood-curdling screams that filled her mind and refused to go away, no matter how hard she tried to make them.

Her last memory before falling asleep had been of her beloved husband, on top of her. Making love to her. He always was very fastidious about that part of his duty to her, his wife. She never denied him that.

Janice was a homemaker and preferred it that way. Alfred Peacock was intelligent, strong and with enough wealth to take care of her and their two boys, Jonah and Abe, after her husband's favorite president, Abraham Lincoln.

At least everything had been peachy until about a year ago. Trouble had mounted. Not just for them, but for everyone. Many of her friends, her beloved friends from childhood, had lost their homes. Many had left the city. They'd gotten the news this afternoon -- or rather, she had.

It was Friday, Friday the 29th of October. The year was 1929.

Alfred had locked himself in his study for several hours. Not even the promise of a roast with baby potatoes and peas cooked in gravy had gotten him to unlatch the door. She'd been so upset, she'd gone to her neighbor, who'd told her just what had happened.

The stock market, where Alfred was deeply involved, and where he had taken hits time and time again this year and today it had...Edith's word had been 'crashed'.

She had suddenly remembered what he'd said a few months earlier. During a dinner much like the one she'd made this night.

"If something happens, we'd better take care of the kids. Better for them than living on the street."

He had laughed it off but something in his tone had worried her that night.

And then.....this.

She moved through the hallway, again calling for her husband. She was still wearing the beautiful, lacy negligee that he had bought her only months before, during a good week, a good piece that was practically see-through if she didn't wear anything beneath. He liked that.


Suddenly, she saw him. There! Walking out of the children's room. She rushed over to where she had seen him, but there was...no one there.

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