A Halloween Mishap


"Weird." She commented quietly.

"Mhm...where do you think they went?"

"No idea. Let's get out and head back to Taylor's house." Amber suggested.

Eric nodded and reached to open the door.

It was locked.

"Okay..." Amber said slowly, looking around nervously. "This is getting creepy, bro. They locked us in?"

"They're your friends." He pointed out and tried it again.

Still locked.

Amber looked around. Her gaze swung back suddenly and she parted her lips.

A scream burst from her open mouth and she pointed to the stairs.

Eric had jumped at his sisters scream and turned to look at what she had seen. He felt his blood run cold.

A figure clearly not human was floating down the stairs. A translucent white mist made up her figure -- it was a her, he quickly noticed -- and revealed her to be a woman in what could only be described as a blatantly exposing nightgown. Her hair was dark and curled into ringlets falling over her shoulder and perhaps three inches down her back. She had a buxom, attractive figure, full lips and large, dark eyes that somehow were rimmed in a way that made him sure she'd been weeping...a lot

He swallowed. Doing the first best thing he could think, he pushed a gaping Amber behind him in an attempt to shield her.

A ghost. A fucking ghost! Unless they'd gotten something at that party that made them both high and hallucinating. That'd explain a lot too.

The ghostly apparition had reached him. She was a good deal shorter than him, he noticed. Despite floating off the ground she came perhaps to the upper part of his chest. Gazing up into his eyes, her lips slowly curved into a smile.

"Hello." She said and the voice was feminine yet...hollow. Echoing.

Hello? He'd read -- and laughed at -- a lot of ghost stories but few of them involved a ghost walking up and saying something as absurd as 'hello'.

"Ah...ah...Hello there." He replied. His mouth was dry as dust and he wished that he could muster something a bit...better. Eric swallowed.

The woman was looking at him, still smiling. One of her hands slowly rose towards his face.

Amber was pressing herself against his back, her hands clutching at his sides.

"You're a...ghost." He pointed out uselessly.

She flinched at that, but a short nod confirmed what he already knew. "I am." She replied. "I very rarely get any visitors. It gets...lonely. Who might you be, sir?"

"Eric." he said mutely. "Eric Carlsen."

She gave a polite inclination of her head. "A pleasure, Mr. Carlsen. I would offer you a glass of brandy, but i fear we have none. And your sister?"

"Amber. Amber Carlsen." His sister's voice trembled. "Are you going to...i mean...are you going to do something...bad?"

"Bad?" The woman's eyes widened. "Oh heavens no! I apologize, dear. It's just..." She paused, stepping backwards a little. "I did not want to interrupt you earlier. You seemed so...preoccupied." Her voice held a note of primness, but amusement tinged it also and her eyes seemed to twinkle.

Eric new Amber must be blushing, much like himself. "I'm...sorry if we...ah...bothered you. It won't happen again. I promise."

"Absolutely. Promise!" Amber chimed in.

"I do not mind you bothering me with...that." Her lips curved into a full smile "You made me curious, so i came to watch. It's been...a long time." She didn't specify what she meant, but from the look she was shooting the both of them -- Amber had finally moved out from behind his back -- it was pretty clear.

Ghosts probably didn't get a whole lot of action.

"Well..." Eric said, not quite sure how to respond to that. "I'm glad you enjoyed watching. Still...we should really be going, you know. Our parents would worry. Do you mind letting us out?"

His sister gave an emphatic nod.

The ghosts expression changed to something a bit more...fearful. "Please..." she began, then swallowed. "i do not ask you to stay. As soon as you depart however i will be back to my..." Her eyes fell to the hallway across from the one where they had been. "...grief. I will remain here forever. I want a...pleasant memory."

"What exactly can we do?" Eric asked, eager to please her. He wasn't sure exactly how...powerful this ghost was but if it was one lesson that was central to most of the ghost stories he'd read it was that 'pissing off ghosts is a pretty fucking bad idea'.

The woman looked at the floor. "It is hard to...ask of a strange gentleman." She mumbled almost inaudibly. Her voice seemed to slide along the walls. "Amber, may i speak with you?"

His sister gave him a look, but before he could protest, she slowly stepped forward. The ghost rose from the ground and seemed to whisper in her ear. Amber's eyes widened.

Eric frowned.

When Amber came to whisper in his ear, the ghost stepped back again.

"Apparently." His sister whispered, her gritted teeth obvious "She watched us during...during...the thing but didn't...come. She wants us to do...more for her." He turned to her, eyes wide. "A show." She added.

Eric opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again.

"Don't piss off a ghost?" Amber whispered almost inaudibly in his ear.

He nodded.

"If we...help you, you'll open the door for us?" Eric asked, turning to the misty woman.

She nodded eagerly in response.

"We've done...worse tonight already. A bit more won't kill us." He said slowly.

Amber glared at him but nodded slowly. "A bit more." She agreed in a voice that had become slightly unsteady.

The ghosts eyes shone eagerly and she was leaning forward. "Kiss your brother, like before. Kiss him." She ordered. Her voice had taken on a breathy, excited tone.

Amber looked up at him from below her lashes, biting her lower lip. "Bro..." She murmured uncertainly.

She seemed shocked when he was the one who planted a kiss on her lips. Figuring that they might as well be on with it, he grasped her hair like before and pressed her close. From the experience they had, he knew how she liked to be kissed. A bit of tongue and lots of stroking of her body at the same time.

Shock melted into compliance as she softened against him and returned the kiss. Very slowly at first. Then something alike to how she had been earlier took over and she french-kissed him as eagerly as he imagined her doing to any boyfriend.

"Oh yes...that is it." The ghost whispered. The lower folds of her dress moved as one of her hands was busy beneath the fabric. The other lay in the air, as if unsure of what to do with it. She watched them kiss for perhaps a minute then added in an eager tone of voice. "Touch her. Touch her all over..." The ghost trailed off for a minute then added. "She wants it! She wants you to touch her."

Amber's eyes widened and she made as if to protest.

He pushed one of his hands down the lining of her skirt, quickly finding her panties and pushing beneath those as well. A muted moan came from his sister's lips as he once again, this time in full knowledge, touched her pussy.

The moan was echoed by the eager ghost who's movement beneath her dress had become more violent. Pale mist was coming from between her lips, fogging the surroundings with cold, chill air. "Yes, she loves it." The ghost whispered.

Eric turned to her. He was still stroking Amber's sex as he told their onlooker "Pull up your dress around your waist. And show me your breasts."

It was hard to tell who was more shocked. Amber looked at him as though he was insane, but another kiss on her lips muted the protests she tried to get through.

The ghost looked at him with shock. After a moment she slowly -- inch by inch -- pulled the incorporeal folds of her thin dress up to expose a pussy thatched with what appeared to be downy, dark hair. Two fingers were busily stroking the exposed slit. All of her looked black and white, as though seen trough an archaic television set.

Still, she was beautiful.

Eric felt that since she had done as she was told...perhaps he had a little bit of control here. A little bit.

"What's your name?" He asked her.

"Janice..." She responded slowly. Her cheeks were darkened with what he assumed to be a very deep blush.

"Janice. Pull down your goddamn dress and show me your lovely breasts." He tried to make his voice in-charge, the way his father would sound when making a decision.

Janice floated closer to him. She seemed hesitant, but he loosened the straps of her dress and let it fall. Her breasts were full and with dark nipples. "Like that?" She asked hesitantly, searching his eyes for direction or approval.

"Good. Now stroke them with your other hand."

One of his fingers was still buried deeply in his sister's wet snatch. He noticed that she got wetter and wetter the more he spoke. When he glanced at her, she was breathing more heavily.

As was Janice. Her breathing was labored as she with obvious practice squeezed one breast after the other, her fingers flicking across her sex. "Oh good gracious...oh lord...Sir..." She whimpered, and the sound made him shiver.

He forced himself to go on. "Do you like being watched, Janice? Do you like us watching you get off? Come?"

The long-dead woman nodded violently. "I do. I love it...oh, watch me." She moaned.

"Want me to touch you? Want me to squeeze your breasts? Want me to touch your little cunt?"

Wordlessly, she rose higher and within his reach. Her eyes seemed to plead but she seemed unable to make herself say anything or encourage him.

Not sure about the result, he extended his hand and cupped it around where her breast would be. A cold sensation met his touch. He could feel something not quite solid, but not quite incorporeal either. It was as though touching a wall of mist that was nearly solid.

The effect on her was instantaneous.

"Oh good...GOD!" Her fingers intensified their work between her legs and she gripped his wrist with her other hand. Again, the sensation was of something not quite solid.

"Going to come? Going to come while we watch you, Janice? You should." He coaxed her, squeezing down harder.

That seemed to do the trick. With a scream that seemed to echo and fill the entire hallway, the ghostly Janice arched back, her fingers dug in deeply between her legs. She shuddered and quaked, writhing in the air. With a sudden burst of misty white that sent the chill mist into all directions, she seemed to grow paler and more transparent. Finally she vanished.

The last thing he saw of her was a thoroughly satisfied smile creasing her lips.

"Thank you..." The murmur seemed to come from all around them at once.

Eric shivered.

Things were silent for about half a minute.

"Bro..." Amber said slowly and he jerked to look at her where she stood -- only inches in front of him. His sister's voice was still strained and she gestured down between her legs where his finger was still buried in her pussy.

"Oh...yeah." Eric said, about to withdraw the finger. Something in the way his sister looked at him though...it caught his attention. Her eyes smoldered in a way he'd never noticed before. Where before he'd seen his innocent little baby sister -- Kitten -- he now saw...something else.

He pulled her close impulsively and kissed her on the lips again. The tongue-kissing managed to muffle her surprised 'Ah!'.

She began returning the kiss seemingly without thought.

He pushed his finger in deeper, eliciting another muffled groan from her. She even spread her legs farther apart, offering him access.

"Bro..." She mumbled when they parted for air. "Eric!" She exclaimed when he leaned in again, pulling back violently in a way that made his finger leave her cunt with a wet sound.

He gazed at her where she stood. Pressed against the wood of the door, she was breathing hard and holding both hands up in an ineffective shield.

"We can't...we can't do that." She panted. "God dammit...you're my brother." She looked away, shaking her head. "Let's go, okay? Let's just go."

Eric nodded slowly. This was insane. He felt like he couldn't think straight. He needed rest and a shower, and everything would be back to normal.

They left the mansion, finding the door open and stepping outside. The air seemed hot compared to inside and they quickly made their way across the street. It wasn't long before they realized -- judging by the lack of lighting and lit houses -- that it must be very early in the morning.

The police car outside of Taylor's house was the second surprise. Two police officers -- one man and one woman -- stood speaking to an obviously-upset Maggie. Taylor was there as well. When they came closer, they overheard the conversation.

"We checked the entire house, Officer! All of it. They just weren't there. We couldn't reach their cell phones either!" Maggie was saying to the male officer, a burly man who seemed to calmly take notes while the teenager spoke.

"I understand, Miss. We'll contact their parents and see if they went home. Anything else you can tell us that might be important?" The officer had a deep voice, but he sounded somewhat bored as though this wasn't the first hysterical teenager he had spoken to that night.

"Maggie? What's the matter?" Amber called out when they approached.

Her sister's friend turned to her with wide eyes, then ran forward and caught her in a fierce hug. "Fuck! Fuck you, Amber Carlsen. Where the hell did you go?!"

Eric wasn't sure but he was pretty sure that Maggie was crying.

"In the house, Mags. Where the hell did you go?" Amber frowned, absently comforting her friend.

"Where did we go? We called after twenty minutes." She exclaimed with an edge of hysteria. "When you didn't answer, we went inside. It was empty, all of it. Empty rooms and nothing else. You were gone! That was three hours ago!" Her eyes were red-rimmed and filled with tears.

Eric felt his blood run cold, as cold as when they'd encountered ghostly Janice. Three hours?

"I'm guessing you're Eric and Amber Carlsen?" The approaching male officer asked. "Any explanation for this?"

Eric had nodded to the officers question. "I'm not sure what to tell you, Officer. We were in the old house the entire time." Oh yeah, and by the way; we encountered a ghost that made us help her relive her sexual past. We also did some willing incest even after finding out who we were.

He had a hard time keeping a straight face but he managed it.

"Have you been drinking tonight, miss? Sir? Any drugs? Pot? Pills?"

They obviously took him to be older. He shrugged. "Just a glass or two, officer. Nothing serious. I'm sorry if we caused a commotion."

The female cop was trying to calm an equally worried Taylor who looked over to them.

Amber was shaking her head.

The officer came to shine the flashlight into their eyes, then gave a curt nod. "Well, you gave your friends here quite a scare. Be more careful in the future. We'll still have to talk to your parents and you should probably head on home."

Eric nodded and bade him a good night before taking both Amber and Maggie on the route home.

It was a while before Maggie spoke. She was looking at the both of them. She must think that they were lying, he realized.

"Okay, seriously. What the hell happened?" She finally asked. "You scared the crap out of us."

Amber took it up. "Sorry. We lost track of time, i guess. We went exploring the house. It's been a long time since we did anything like that together. It was fun." The smile on her face seemed forced even to him, but Maggie seemed to take it for a serious gesture.

"Oh..." She frowned. "So you didn't..."

"Of course not." Again, Amber laughed. "Noticed right away who it was. I can't believe they sent us in there together like that."

Eric stayed silent until they reached Maggie's house. Amber hugged her friend good night. Maggie shot him a final smile -- faltering -- and went inside.

By the time they came home, the house was dark and everyone was asleep.

"Night." He whispered to his sister before heading to his own room. She gave him a quick, hesitant hug before closing the door.

They didn't speak of or say anything else.

Eric woke up around noon the next morning. He didn't have a hangover, strangely enough. After a quick shower he prepared some breakfast. Their parents had already left for somewhere and they were home alone at least until dinner time. He didn't see Amber while he prepared bacon and eggs as well as some strong coffee.

Coffee was a habit he'd developed at college and he'd been surprised at how quickly it had become part of his day as well as an addiction.

He was halfway through his meal when Amber entered the kitchen clad in jeans and a tank top. Her hair was still a mess but caught with a small pink band at the nape of her neck.

She froze when she saw him.

"Morning, sleeping beauty." He told her cheerily. "Coffee?"

"Oh..." She seemed surprised, her eyes searching his. She seemed...different to him somehow. "Yeah...sure. Thanks."

On one hand, there was the sweet, pretty baby-sister he'd loved and protected most of his life. On the other hand, however, he could remember what she'd felt like, how those breasts had felt beneath his hands and body and how her pussy had...

He was careful to keep a straight face.

Eric spoke to her about college and friends, about Maggie and her costume. Amber seemed to relax quickly and soon they were talking just as they always had.

"If you fuck her again, tiger, i don't want to be her excuse for coming over. You'll have to tell mom and dad that you're seeing her" She smirked, knowing how mom would take that.

"I look forward to the day you introduce your first real boyfriend to dad." He countered with a punch to her shoulder. "The guy'll need a shotgun and camouflage gear to get out of the house in one piece."

Amber blushed prettily.

Once they were done with breakfast -- or perhaps lunch -- they cleaned up, washed up and Amber went to take a shower.

Eric went back to his room to read, pondering as to what to do the rest of the day. Maggie would want to meet him, he supposed. Where he'd previously been eager to however, he found himself not as eager today.

He went to sit in front of the computer for a while, browsing Facebook and checking out what people had been up to on Halloween. The topic brought back memories from last night. Part of him was sure they must have imagined Janice, the entire thing. Maybe someone had put a pill in their drinks?

He spent some time answering comments before signing out again and heading to Amber's room.

They had to speak of this, even if it was uncomfortable.

It felt as though his heart was actually hammering against his breastbone when he lifted his hand and knocked on her door.

There was a long pause and called "Come in."

"Hey, Tiger." Amber greeted him, her smile normal - if a bit nervous.

"Kitten." He smiled and sat down on her desk chair

His sister wore a pink bathrobe and her hair was plastered wetly against her face and scalp. She'd obviously just gotten out of the shower. Either she didn't realize he could see straight down her robe to the breasts he'd fondled yesterday or she didn't care.

Whatever the reason he found himself enjoying the sight.

"So what are you up to today?"

"Let's...talk." He said instead, looking her in the eyes.

"Oh..." her smile faltered a little. "about what?"

"About whether Obama or Romney's going to be president -- you know about what, Amber!" He hissed, crossing his arms.

She blushed and looked down. "What about it?" she finally asked, meeting his eyes with an uncertain gaze.

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