A Halloween Surprise


The High Priest instructed Christol to remove the contacts from her eyes and when she did, a golden hue surround her face with the purest white light shining through from her soul. Her waist had gown smaller and her hips were widened, more womanly than before. Her long legs now looked more slender and feminine and her sweet booty held high on her hips the perfect pear shape. Her cunny felt stronger and tighter than it had in years and her clitty simply buzzed with tender sensation.

She looked at the High Priest with surprise in her eyes and asked, "What did you do to me?"

He calmly replied, "I have done nothing to you, and neither has the robe. The soul of the transsexual must have done you some good. He must be living on inside you as a real woman at last. Or Lord Satan wanted you to look good for the Zygott."

She inquired, "Who or what is the Zygott anyway?"

He hushed her saying, "Don't ask. Just stand right here" motioning to his side, "as the ceremony begins. I'll tell you when to go to him. And you will know in your heart what to do."

With countenance shambling, his arms bound in chains, fastened to an old splintered railroad tie slung squarely over his shoulders walk the Zygott. Dirty steel manacles were scaring his ankles and the chains dragged across the floor behind him until they reach upward to be fastened with the others. He was dressed in remnants of Levy's barely more than tattered rags raising attention to his near nakedness more than concealing it. The lashes from whips that had torn into his flesh were now drying on both his chest and his back. Instead of a crown of thorns they had pressed a crown of barbed wire through his long hair until it punctured his forehead. No mere human had ever felt or looked so weary in all of existence.

Two Hooded High Priests dressed like Ku Klux Klansmen dragged him along unto his death at the hands of the Demoness. A most intense feeling subdued the entire assemblage as he slowly dragged each foot closer and closer to the center of the hall. Pain emanated from every corpuscle of his body. Soon, he stood before the bed. It was to be the last bed he would lay in as a human being.

The High Priests removed the chains and manacles then lifted the heavy timber from his back. Two of the Vinyl women stripped him of the last vestiges of clothing and then wiped his body down with water followed by fresh mint. The water was soothing but the mint stung in his wounds. The Demoness stood there licking her lips as she rubbed her body seductively.

A looming voice spoke saying, "James you have been washed and scented for the single purpose of not soiling our little Angel's body. To us, you are nothing, but she is of great importance."

The Zygott knew the voice was lying but did not speak. He would give them no more pleasure in this torment.

The voice commanded, "Lay down on your death bed James. It is now time." The cold sheets hurt as they made contact with his wounds. Old injuries and broken bones suffered throughout his life also throb intensely as they had whenever he grew weary. He lowered his fatigued body onto the bed willing to give up his life, but he would never give in to the evil that tormented and tortured him. He knew he would soon walk with God once more. He faced his death unafraid as they bound him to the bed with silk ropes from far off India.

The voice of command demanded, "Look, look upon our little angel James and see what these women you so love truly are!"

Just then Christol's friend walked on stage with a blood stained white robe on. She approached Christol and thrust herself upon her as the Old Advisor whispered to Christol, "Eat her pussy but don't let her eat your's."

At that the friend literally tore off her robe in crazed lust and sucked on Christol's breasts while trying to finger her pussy. A forceful hand stopped her ministrations on Christol's womanhood and the girl looked puzzled. Christol bent in to suckle from the girls breasts making obvious slurping sounds of joyous abandon.

Christol herself guided the girl's hand across her firm sweet tushy and the girl began to finger fuck her anal passageway just as she had done many times before. Soon Christol's sexual appetite grew and she fell to her knees to consume the other girl's sex. She slithered her tongue in long, slow, moist, strokes deep in the woman's slit as her own anus remained open as if the girl's finger were still inside her. Pure ecstasy shown like blinding light on Christol's face as she swab her breasts on the woman's legs and lapped up every trickle of her secretions. Her hand instinctively went to the woman's clit and rolled it in every conceivable way.

The girl was moaning and writhing, barely able to stand as a most intense orgasm began to flood her senses. As her old lover brought her to the apex quickly she screamed out, "Yes! Yes! Eat me Christo Eat Me! She held Chrsitol's head firmly against her.

Christol knew it was time. She sucked the woman's clitoris into her mouth as she shook her head side to side violently. It was all she could do not to viscously sink her fangs into that sweet, soft, pussy and swallow the woman's surging blood from there, exsanguinating her completely. Lightening shot through the woman and she stood there as her whole body convulse hysterically, drenched in perspiration while the dangerous, wild beast saw to her intimate satisfaction. She clamber helplessly, groping to steady herself, sexually drained.

The voice rang out again, "Look at the sweet little angel. See what she truly loves to do!" Christol stayed there wiping the female cum from her face and sucking it off her sexy fingers in revelry.

A moment later Christol's friend held her arms to the air calling out, "Hail Satan! Hail Satan!" as she did this the two Vinyl Girls brought a huge strap-on to her, and fastened it on her body. Christol eyed it completely enthralled. She stroked it as softly as if it were a real cock and got up slowly sucking it as she rose until it finally plopped out of her wet evacuated mouth. She turned around, bent low and spread her ass cheeks as her old lover got into position.

You could hear Christol begging the girl to fuck her up the ass with that exquisite, monster, girlie dick, as she pushed against her Hershey highway. With an elated squeal from Christol the villainous, girlie schlong plummeted past her opening shelf. Instead of waiting and letting her old lover slip it into her slowly as they had always done together in the past, Christol thrust back against it savagely. She impaled herself completely on the plastic, woman tool.

When the friend began to stroke that fiendish cock inside her Christol let her butt cheeks go seductively. As her hips flare open entreatingly Her hand trailed around her thigh, gliding her fingernails as she formed her lips into a silent "oh ..." and she grasp her entire womanhood in her hand.

She squeezed her majora and labia together and ground down hard on her clitoris with her palm. Before long the girl was fucking Christol at a fevered pace with the longest strokes she could manage. The two women's flesh slapped together as the woman's thrusting hips beat Christol's firm ass cheeks senseless.

The deep voice rang out once more, "You don't think you could give Our Little Angel as much pleasure with that puny little dick of yours, do you? You are nothing to her!" "Watch as I give her approval ... to have her anal orgasm.!"

James looked on as the commanding voice said, "Okay Little Angel you may cum now!"

With that Christolbel began shaking and screaming like she never had. Even her old lover looked puzzled as Christol was a silent cummer. Her orgasm was the most powerful she had felt that night, and she almost let go of her pussy which would have sprayed the transsexual's cum all over the floor, for her womanhood was pulsating and fiery hot. Hotter than hell in fact!

One of the vinyl girls helped Christol stand as the other cleaned the monster dildo off as soon as it slid out of Christol's worn out rectum, treating the substance as if it were sacred. She escorted Christol's old lover out into the darkness.

Meanwhile her compatriot's tongue jostled with Chrsitol's little sore, dung departure point. Slowly the Vinyl Girl licked their little Angel clean in adoration as Christol turned and twisted her body guiding that tongue to the places she wanted it to go, on her rim and inside her shit sluice. Pleasure still quaked through her body as she looked at the tortured man with nothing in her eyes or heart, at all.

"Since you would not give us the pleasure we so longed for James" the commanding voice proclaimed, "We are going to prove to you that we are superior to you!"

James knew the pleasure they referred to was indicting their homosexual desires. Desires they had repeatedly voiced and tried their best to manipulate into reality with him. Continuing, the Voice boomed out, "So now have the object of your disgusting heterosexual desires! Have your mind's eye view of womanly perfection! She will, amuse herself with you, until your final second on earth."

At that Christol was given the word to go to James from her Advisor.

She saunter in orgasmic splendor to the bed slowly as a coy, innocent, little, girl letting her graceful hand glide, as if reluctantly, over everything in her path. Approaching his feet she sucked her finger like sucking a dick while eying him possessively. Then in deception she pretended to run that finger through her slit and slid the moisture through his toes seductively still concealing her womb's true contents.

Music similar to that played before commenced it's long, labored crescendo, well in the background first, as its volume began a constant increase.

She let her fingernails rake against his inner leg, upward slowly, digging in deeper and harder as she went. He struggle spread eagle against the restraints. The painful pressure began to draw blood only centimeters from his balls clutched in pain. Her nose pensively detected fresh blood like a wild animal sniffs danger in the air, but she ignored it's enchantment for now.

Moving to the top of the bed, she placed her palm upon his. Her dark powers had increased to the innate manipulation of her Kundalini even in so slight a charka as those in her palms. She slid her healing hand down his arm in caressing tenderness, across his arm pit and onto his chest. He felt the soothing warmth of spirit fire deep in his heart as she roll her palm around on his man nipple, longing for it to be a female breast she held. She turned her hand over in disappointment as the Kundalini now damaged his chest cavity, then ran extended fingers through his chest hair and pressing them together she lifted the tuft, softly at first, and then harder as she closed her fist menacingly. She pulled even harder on his hair as a wicked smile wiped across her face. Raising her hand and opening it, mocking him, and loose follicles fell upon his chest as she chuckled.

She began to sway above him in hypnotic seduction. Her hair was swinging loose, as if wind swept, and she glided it along his chest in circular motion, slower and slower with every turn of her head. Her undulating breasts beckoned to his growing desire and her fingers danced along his body entreating him.

She moved down lower and lower past the middle of the bed until her hair slide through his manhood. She was almost instinctively drawn back to the fresh blood she craved. Fighting the need she bent to breathe in the scent of his manhood as a passing dalliance from her real contract with the Dungeon Master. Fractions of a millimeter from touching her nose, her lips, her soft cheeks to his cock, she let moist hot air from her lungs engulf him. Her eyes show delight as she watched his cock grow despite his confinement.

Outstretched fingers glide up both sides of his agonized body, as she moved her hips thrusting her legs into action, mounting the bed, with the strength of a victorious Amazon playing with her prey. Still gliding her hands upward she let the inside of her arms caress his body. Pushing her breast into his ball sack she looked deeply into his eyes. Ramming her nipple across his manhood she let it dance in his pubic hair, while the soft underside of her breast kissed the tip of his need, repeatedly, nudging it insistently. Pushing her firm round buttocks up into the air she lower her torso full onto the man, so he could see the lovely curve of her swelling hips and the pillowy round softness of her tushy swaying in craving desire.

Her soft, sensuous flesh now encase his, and the Zygott's own sex began to stir. His member began to fill with the blood of sexual need as it pounded in her ears.

She lower her tongue to one of his wounds in respite, and licked it lovingly in long extended motions using her whole body to form her undulating movements. Unbridled blood lust pounded in her brain as she lower her hungry eyes concealing her new nature. Teasing herself into frenzy she lapped the bloody wounds delicately.

Her breasts became even more flush and full, in the ripeness of carnal addiction. The deep bursting ache of her sex bid her open those legs wide, while his manhood pinned between the two of them, turned from soft sandstone to granite slowly.

Drawing herself upward as if claiming her prize and marking her territory with her scent, she dragged that hungry pussy ever upward. Across his beguiled manhood on past his nerve racked spasming stomach and letting it come to rest directly on his breast. She slung one leg across his torso bending it and feeding her toes to his mouth demandingly. Pumping and grinding her clitty on him until it felt like she was fully a part of his own body. She sensed his yearning grow as well.

Her shoulders sway back and forth in time with the music victoriously, making her delectable back muscles compel his sperm to seek it's home somewhere inside her body. As a Devilish look came over her, she reach behind herself and forced her longest finger deep inside her anal passage with a single smooth slow motion while the circle of flesh covering her sphincter gathered into a thousand delicate, yielding, creases. Powerfully gusseting her hip's in sidelong motion across him slightly, she showed him that she was finger fucking her own hot, tight, canal and that the sensation conduct upward through tenacious, firing synapse, into the highest regions of the pleasure centers within her brain. Balanced carefully atop her victim, she drew her other hand back to pull her cheeks open as far as they would go.

Vigilantly she withdrew that sexy finger making sure it was ripe with wet waste secretions. Then sliding her leg off the Zygott as she pirouetted her frame deliberately placing her soaked pussy within his view, she lean on one arm resting across his body and smiled whimsically. Thrusting her breast out until the nipples themselves seemed to scream out in pain, she carefully finger painted her shit juice on his lips while her mind commanded he open his mouth. When he did not she dragged her fingers down through his long beard wiping them clean.

Angered by his refusal she increased her torturous action as she slipped that robe off of her body with sensuous, wanton, sexual, fluidicity. She dragged it across her vuvla and then reached back to tightly encircle his cock with it and she pulled against it with considered strength until it unwound from his aching manhood and slid from the bed to the floor.

Now as the music began to pound in her head she straddle his body with that pulsating clitty resting in his course beard hair. With a long, suddenly guilt ridden, breath, she gripped some strands of his beard between her labia to feel it pull through her wanton slit when she moved and to intimately exhibit the talents of her physical prowess. Each sinew of muscle in her defined legs grew taut as she lifted herself above him. Both knees in turn were sent to rest on either side of his head. She lower her fully opened pussy closer and closer to his face.

He watched as that beautiful female organ spasm and pulsate in indigent homelessness. Some miniscule essence within her remained human, as she fought to move away, not to degrade and desecrate the Zygott in this manner. Her breasts heave from her gasping at the air, as her guilty nipples hurl painful electric impulse down into her stomach and further into her womb. She couldn't fight the demon inside her any longer and she pushed her wanton lust down at the Zygott's head.

The stalwart soul wrenching desire to consume her delectable juices overwhelmed the man, and just as he was about do so, he sensed the transsexual's seamen now beginning to cluster at the convulsing opening of her fertile virility. He turn his head as she thrust blindly down upon him and wiped the male cum through his beard. Her failure was overlooked but noted.

With the demon inside her victorious over that shred of humanity and the music now driving her on uncontrollably, she could hold back no more. She rapidly stretched out on top of him feeling his hard cock slide between her electrified labia. She lay there camel toeing that marvelous man meat letting it send orgasmic shivers throughout her whole body. Her stomach quaked as she flooded everything below her with pussy juice.

That man muscle just became slicker and felt more edifying as she fucked her clitoris against it, clinging onto the Zygott sorrowful for what she knew she would soon do.

She kissed his lips and he respond to her willingly. Their tongues swirl in passionate aggression that dug deep into both their souls. As she broke the kiss and turn her now powerful hypnotic gaze into his soul, she found the spot inside his brain to plant her desire.

She exclaimed, "You will be mine! You will be mine!"

She lifted her torso upward and her clitty now forcefully ground even harder against his turgid flesh. Her breasts burned with an unquenchable fire as she arched her back. She looked on in amazed painful sorrow as she saw the milk begin to squirt out of her burning nipples. As she tried to straighten out, the stream fell across his face. Her heart bound skyward as he opened his mouth to drink of her life giving fluid, and she pulled her body up to give her breast to him.

She lay there with just the bulbous head of his molten hard cock tickling her distended, curling, majora and she stretched herself to feed him willingly.

The entire assemblage looked on in startled amazement as he drained her breast and she gave him the other. Her vagina continue to flow non-stop as the aroma of her sex filled the air so thickly everyone there could taste it's sudden sweetness. She was weeping uncontrollable at what she knew she still must do

Now she wailed, out loud, "You will be mine! You will be mine! When this is done, You will be mine!"

She felt defiant as she undid his restraints, and though it was only a short distance between them, they both felt as if they were running into each other's arms. They held each other tight as she mounted him once more pushing him back down on the cold sheets.

This time she drew her legs up lovingly clutching at his sides and they kissed repeatedly, with open mouths and extended tongues still dancing with mutual allure as each kiss ended. With a mental promise to hurry back to his loving mouth, she rose up fully for all to see that she was guiding her pussy down over his throbbing manhood.

She inched down slowly consuming, gloriously consuming, the hot male essence.

Once fully inside her, she sat still for a instant letting her body feel the sensitive human organ inside her. She knew somewhere in her black heart that he was her true match. He looked up at her in total awe as the milk still dribbled from both her breasts down her sleek muscular body.

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