tagNonHumanA Halloween Treat

A Halloween Treat


The full moon dominates the night sky, casting gentle light across the land. A mist flows across the ground towards the house soon taking the shape of a girl dressed in a Halloween costume: a white lacy bra, a white silk button down shirt, a short red and black plaid skirt, the hem reaching mid thigh, white socks that come up to her knees and black patent leather shoes. Her long, dark red hair is braided into pigtails. A unicorn sucker, the kind that is a single spiral with different colors, is held in a dainty hand. The other lifts to knock on his door.

The young man starts, tugging his pants back on and hastily clicking off his computer screen, the previous actions forgotten quickly, as he hears the rapping at his door. Buttoning his pants quickly, he rushes over to the door, grasping at the bowl of candy nearby, unlocking the door, and then tugging it open. He smiled lightly to the girl in front of him in such a. . .Nice costume. Hm. nice indeed.

She twirls a braided pigtail around one finger as she speaks gaily, "Trick or treat!" A soft giggle follows the words. An emerald gaze rakes over his body. 'Not bad,' she thinks to herself. 'Not bad at all.' A grin traverses her features. "Happy Halloween!" Her voice is a bit huskier than it was a moment ago.

He took a handful of the candies in the bowl, deciding that this girl was worth more than one little candy. He peers to the fistful, and then back at her, as if trying to decide on something. He finally speaks up. A smile grace his lips before this, having heard her greeting. "Well, thank you! You too. Where should I put these?" It could be noticed that he had not tucked himself away very well, a slight bulge pressing up against the waistline of his pants. He didn't seem to notice though.

She glances at the handful of candy, her lips pulling into a pretty pout. "I don't have a sack. I must have forgot." Her gaze drifts over him once more, settling on the bulge in his pants. She lifts the horn-like lollipop to her mouth, lips parting before her tongue touches the base and runs up to the very tip where it circles slowly, suggestively. "Do you have any suggestions?" A decidedly mischievous twinkle enters her eyes.

He notices her gaze, his own falling with hers towards the bulge of his unfinished labors. Embarrassment flooded him only for a second, and his hands didn't have enough time to move to cover, before he saw the lewd actions of her tongue, tilting his head somewhat to view this. At her question, he pondered for a moment, wondering whether or not her intentions were really as he saw them. Nonetheless, he put the candies back into their bowl, taking a step back into his house.- "Hmm. Why don't you come into the house? We'll think of something."

The young woman smiles brightly, obviously pleased by his suggestion. She nods her head as she fairly skips into the house, the short hem of her skirt flirts with the backs of her thighs with every step. She gazes around with interest before she turns back to him, her eyes intent. "Thank you for offering to help."

He shuts the door behind him, but doesn't lock it, not wanting her to run away or anything. He looks back just in time to catch a fleeting glimpse of the thighs revealed, raising an eyebrow as a deep breath was intaken. He sat the bowl back down on the pedestal and walked towards her slowly, his mind whirling about with thought. "Hmm. I don't know. I don't have any plastic bags or anything. Maybe I could give you something else? What do you want?"

She casually turns her back to him since can't help but grin at the question, pretending to look around his house. Should she come right out and tell him or tease him for awhile and let him wonder? She gently grasps her bottom lip with her teeth, nibbling lightly as she pretends to think. "I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm too old to trick or treat anyway. Do you mind if I... rest here for awhile?" As she waits to hear his answer, she bends forward at the waist to tug up her right sock, the hem of her skirt rising indecently high over her ass, giving more than a healthy view of the creamy globes.

He boggles at the sight of her firm, round cheeks, the creamy skin beckoning towards him, as he always was a behind fella. The protrusion she noticed earlier raged, as he wondered whether or not this was intentional. But whatever her intentions were, the outcome sure did turn him on. her actions with the lollipop were not forgotten, and in order to satisfy himself even the tiniest bit, his hand came up to squeeze his bulge subtly, stifling a groan as he answered. "S-Sure. You can rest here.

She tilts her head in a way that she can see his actions without him realizing he is being watched. The grin settles firmly on her lips as she sees him squeeze his erection. Slowly, she straightens, gliding fingertips along her bared right thigh, dragging the hem of her skirt up as she does, holding it so he can get a long look at her ass. Finally, the garment falls to cover her once more as she turns to face him. *That's very kind of you."

He hastily drops his hand, hoping she didn't think him too much of a pervert. She was probably just playing around with him anyways. He smiled, although disappointed that the perfect view she bestowed upon him had flown. He nods lightly, clasping his hands lightly over his crotch area, slightly more abashed than he was before. He waited for her to rest, or whatever it was that she would do. He made idle conversation in the meantime. "So, you're dressed up as a schoolgirl?"

Her head cocks to one side as she smiles at him. "Yes, I am." She twirls around in front of him, the pleated skirt flaring around her legs, giving flashes of her legs, bare ass and pussy. "Do you like it?" The grin returns as her gaze lowers pointedly to his crotch, arching a brow at seeing his hands covering his arousal.

His eyes widened as her entire lower torso was revealed, the images of her ass and pussy burned into his consciousness. She wasn't wearing any panties. The thought made him shiver with pleasure. His hands moved away from the pulsing protrusion, nearly peeling the waistline of his pants from his belly. Aw what the heck. If she didn't like it she could leave. She seemed quite friendly so far. He took another step forward, a smile returning to his lips. "Yes, yes it's very attractive...You'd better be careful out there. A little girl like you all alone could attract a lot of attention. That is, when you leave."

She slowly licks her rose colored lips as she keeps her gaze on his bulge. As he steps forward she does as well, displaying her willingness. However, she decides to play a bit. Her eyes widen in mock fear. "Do you really think so? I wouldn't want that. Someone might take advantage of me." Her free hand lifts to press over her heart. "Maybe I should stay here where it's safe."

He grins at her innocence, not really noticing the bulge anymore, or rather, not doing anything to supress it. His hormones were raging. He couldn't believe his luck, this vulnerable girl dressed up for halloween, all alone with him. He nodded somewhat at her statement, his own visage attempting to attain seriousness. "Yes, yes I think you had better stay here with me. I'll keep you safe. . ."

She smiles brightly. "You are so kind! Thank you so much." She quickly closes the distance between them, throwing her arms around his neck. Her torso presses hard against his chest, the fullness of her breasts easily felt. She tilts her head back to gaze up at him as her hips ever so lightly push towards his, just barely grazing against his bulge. "How can I thank you?"

He blinks instinctively, feeling her supple body mesh against his own, his arms of course coming back up to envelop her fleetingly. He grinned deviously at her question, not allowing his hands to wander yet, although he wanted desperately to touch her. His hips p ushed forward slightly as did hers, rubbing the large protrusion against her as he peered, thinking for a few minute sbefore answering. "Well. . .If you don't mind I'd like to give you another. . .lollipop to suck on."

She does her best to not grin, though the expression plays at the corners of her lips. "Is it as sweet as this one?" She leans back, removing one arm from around his shoulders as she brings the lollipop towards her mouth. Her lips part as she slides the candy into her maw, pumping it in and out in a thoroughly seductive manner. Her eyes never leave his. During her antics, her hips sway against his, rubbing her dampening crotch against his bulge.

He grinned, watching her slip the sucker in and out of her mouth, getting turned on even moreso, if that was possible. At the contact of her wetness against him, he groaned somewhat, the moisture soaking through his pants as his hips pushed up against hers. He spoke lightly, his lips close enough to her face for his breath to tickle against her skin. God his cock ached. "Mm. Maybe not so sweet, but more tasty I'd like to think."

She takes a long, last suck of the lollipop before she slowly drags it out of her mouth. Her voice drops to a whisper. "Maybe you should show it to me." Her hips grind harder against his but she steps back. The hand still on his shoulder strokes down his torso before fingers trace an outline around his arousal. She offers her lollipop to him, running the tip against his lower lip.

He stifles another groan as he feels her finger grace his fully erect member, nodding at her words with a slight grin. He couldn't believe this was really happening. How lucky he was. His tongue came out to loll around the lollipop, taking in the sweet flavor and the taste of her saliva as well, adoring it. His hands tugged down at the waistline of his pants, no boxers in the way, his veined shaft falling out into her point of view, pointing at an upwards angle from the ground.

Her gaze lowers to his cock, grinning widely. "Now that does look better than a lollipop." She leaves the candy in his mouth as she slowly kneels in front of him. Her head tilts back as she gazes into his eyes. Fingers grab the waist band of his pants, tugging the garment further down his legs. "I'll just help you take these off completely."

He grins down to her, seeing now her real intentions, and was glad that she had not expected a real lollipop. He let her pull down his pants, his balls rubbing against his inner thighs as he moves around a bit to aid her. His erection sways a little, but the strong muscles in the base prevent most movement. The pink head jutted out, pointing to her chin almost as he could feel his boner growing even now.

His pants are tossed aside. She grins brightly up at him as she exlaims, "Now that is what I call a treat!" Not wanting to wait any longer, she leans forward, placing the tip of her tongue against the base of his cock. She licks all the way to the head before treating his entire shaft like a lollipop, coating every inch in her saliva. When she gets back to the crown, she murmurs against his skin, "I do so love Halloween."

He grins at the way she refers to his rock hard member, one hand coming to gently pet the top of her head as if awarding a good pet. The smile did not leave as he remembers her words, playing them over in over in his mind as she licks his cock. A light moan is uttered forth as he gets a tongue bath from this stranger, the sensations upon his cock incredulous. The member twitched some, bobbing around in the air as she spoke against it, feeling the air around his pole cool a little bit. "Mm. I do too now."

She grins up at him before she devours his cock. She doesn't waste any time in taking the entire shaft into her mouth, the head entering the tight constriction of her throat. She hums softly, her mouth vibrating around his manhood. One hand comes up to cup his balls, gently fondling his scrotum. The other delves between her legs to rub her soaking wet pussy, fingers sliding along her labia. She's so hot she feels she could explode. The decision to come to his home had been a good one. She knew he would react well to her teasing, having watched him secretively for a few weeks before approaching.

A loud groan escaped as he felt her mouth encompass his phallus, the feeling of being lodged so deep in her throat causing a shiver to go up his spine, his hips quaking for a minute against her. His muscles tense for a moment at the initial feel of pleasure coursing through him. It felt so good, the warmth, the moisture, his shaft overbrimming with bliss. His moans escaped continuously, though his eyes did not close, loving the sight of her cock and his mouth so intimately joined. The humming induces another especially loud sound from his throat, the vibrations sending shocks of electric ecstasy all through his manly rod. The hand in her hair tightens a bit. he had no idea she had been spying on him, and most have his time had been spent in front of his computer, with his dick in his hand. This was such a pleasant derogation. He pulled her down against him somewhat, sinking his cock deeper into her mouth, impaling her face.

She squeezes his balls gently, rolling her thumbs over them. Her free hand moves to the small of his back, urging him forward, the slickness on her fingers rubbed against him. Her lips cling to his skin as she bobs her head back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her willing mouth. The sound of humming grows louder, the vibrations more intense. Her cheeks sink in with the pressure of her sucking. The emerald gaze remains lifted, watching the play of emotions cross his face.

-A near cry of pleasure escapes him with the increased pressure on his balls, the thin sack surrounding them bristling with pleasure. As she bobs her head, the pleasure seemed to glide up and down, the entire organ in absolute rapture. His eyelids drooped, but he focused intently upon her visage, how her cheeks conformed to fit around his girth, the stretch and constriction of her lips, and then feeling the pleasure that resulted. It was all so satisfying. His hips lightly pulled back and forth, fucking her mouth in time with her bobs, feeilng the head being squeezed so well. A little preview of the surprise at the end splurts out, a small bit of precum entering her maw. The hand in her hair acted if he were pulling on the reins of a horse to control it, though much more gentle, no real pain being administered. His toes curled slightlyu on the ground as he bathed in pleasure, the humming causing his cock to vibrate, and he felt almost as if he would explode any minute. "Mm. That's right. . .Suck it. Just like that."

She attacks his cock with a vengeance, his words spurring her on. The pressure of her mouth increases as she sucks him harder. Her head bobs back and forth faster when she tastes the precum on her tongue. The lithe organ lashes side to side on the back stroke, tracing the veins in his shaft. Suddenly, she pulls him out of her mouth, looking up to him as she speaks. "Fuck my mouth." She devours his manhood once more, deep throating him.

He uttered light utterances of pleasure when she suckled harder, pleasure being milked into him with the motions of her mouth. Her tongue tickled faint pleasure into him, intensifying all the pleasures. His heated cock which now gleamed with saliva as she pulled him out. His heart beat wildly, as he took a moment to pause, listening to her. He nodded, his mind overcome with lust as she spoke those next words. How willing she was, and eager to let him fuck her mouth. He did just that. His fingers grabbed fistfuls of hair, the soft silky strands entwined around his digits, still not painful though, as he pulled her back, using her as a means of pleasure without much thought. He fucked the wet, talented orifice given to him, his pubes brushing up against her nose with every entrance, his balls slapping against her chin soundly. His hips moved smoothly as he drove his shaft into her throat, lubricated by her warm spit. His moans never ceased.

She relaxes her throat muscles so his cock can enter the tight space. She closes her eyes, loving the feel of his shaft pumping in and out of her sucking mouth. Her hands drop from his body, one rubbing over her breasts, teasing the nipples into hard points. The other slips between her legs, fingers circling her clit. She moans around his phallus. Her hips sway as she grinds against her palm.

His eyes finally close after catching an eyeful of his cock ramming into her mouth, parting her lips open with his wide girth. Once in a while he would stop his repetitious movements, forcing as much of his cock as she could handle into her mouth, grinding his hips against her, his balls resting against her chin for a few moments. he would moan, feeling the tight constriction around him, the sucking motions that never seemed to cease, before he would pull his glistening member back and begin to enjoy the rough fellatio once again. He caught a glimpse of her playing with herself, seeing her masturbation as well, his hands gently caressing her scalp in contrast to his rough motions. He could feel the tingles of pleasure racing through his member, knowing it would not be long now. A feverish voice sounded out with his slightly picked up breathing. "Ohh. . .I'm gonna cum. ."

She presses her lips harder around his shaft, sucking him harder. She wants him to cum, either in her mouth or on her, it doesn't matter. Every time his cock enters her throat, she swallows so the constricting muscles flutter around his shaft. Two fingers pump into her pussy, coating her hand with her own juices. Her thumb brushes swiftly over her clit, back and forth. She moans louder, shivering with pleasure.

Finally, the moment had arrived, as he throttled her face again and again, driving his wedge deep into her throat, feeling her swallowing antics grip him, coating him in red hot pleasure. A loud, elongated cry sounded out as his muscles tensed, feeling pleasure wash all through him. Multiple tingles ran through his bloodstream, filling his entire form with pleasure, his mind producing a billion stars that flooded his consciousness. His entire shaft tingled the most with delight, as if a thousand needlepoints tipped with pleasure were being jabbed into it. His cock shuddered nearly violently as he gripped her hair, pushing her head off of him a bit, just as he began to cum. Two shots of his thick, creamy liquid burst into her mouth, splashing against her tongue. His hot, white sperm shot out in great gouts, giving her a taste, before one hand disengaged from her hair since both of hers were occupied. He aimed his cock as it jetted out slippery, steaming seed out like a fountain. He managed a shaky "Open wide." His cry continued as he jerked it up and down, the products of her labor shooting out to splash against her face, some hitting its intended target, filling up her mouth, while even more weaker shorts laced onto the chest of her shirt, staining the cloth with his essence

She swallows his cum, adoring the flavor. She tilts her head back to receive the shots on her face, feeling it slide down her skin. A shudder passes over her when some lands on her chest. She licks her lips, lapping up traces of cum on the tiers. Her eyes slowly open, focusing on his face. She grins widely. "That was much better than the lollipop." Her hand moves away from her pussy even though she has yet to climax. She merely kneels in front of him as she watches him.

Finally, with one final quiver of his form, his ejaculation ended, his hand pumping out a last load of semen onto her well formed chin. At her comment, he grinned, the hand in her hair disengaging, fingers stroking tenderly down the back of her head as he surveyed all of the cum coating her, unable to go flaccid. The sight of his hot cum splashed all over her was too much. He stayed as hard as a rock, peering to her with a grin upon his visage. He crooned softly to her, fully satisfied, but always willing for more. "Mm. Well, if you liked that, you're gonna love what comes next. Crawl over to the couch for me, and bend over it.

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