A Hard Boss is Good to Find


"Oh my god," he said quietly, pulling my head back even further. "You should know that I will have all of you very, very soon."

Holding my ponytail in his fist, he moved his other hand from my crotch up to my stomach, then pushed it in under my clothes. My pussy was sopping wet. As he pushed a finger down either side of my clit, I opened my legs even wider. He is almost a foot taller than I am, so he really had to bend down to get his fingers up inside me. When he got two in, he began vigorously finger-fucking my cunt, his palm smacking my clit. Then he grunted and pushed a third finger into my pussy.

I came so hard it almost hurt. The mind-blowing fact that a man I found irresistible was at my back with his fingers shoved up my pussy intensified all the sensations. All I could smell was cigarettes, Irish Spring, coffee, and lust. All I could feel was spasm after spasm, his weight on my back and his lips on my neck. Even though it was hard not to shriek or fall down, I was having one of the best orgasms of my life.

I was almost in tears when it was over. I didn't lift my head from the desk.

Josh slowly straightened up. He smiled as he pulled a white handkerchief from a pants pocket and meticulously wiped off his hand. After sniffing the handkerchief and making an approving face, he matter-of-factly reached in and cleaned off my inner thighs. Then he worked the handkerchief up between my legs.

"I would need another two or three to soak up all those lovely juices," he said.

"I don't know if it's rude or not, but I just love the way your cunt smells," he continued, refolding his handkerchief. "Do you have any idea how strong you get when you are aroused? It is one beautiful perfume."

He was so undeniably sexy. He took another clean handkerchief from his pocket and attentively toweled off my back.

"And I love how soft this skin is," he said, stroking my back as he dried it. "It's a lot softer than most women's. Your back is as sweet and as soft as your inner thighs. I want to kiss them, those thighs..."

He started to lift up the back of my skirt.

I finally came to myself.

"No. Dammit, Josh, stop it. We're at work."

I wiped the table down with paper towels before going to the ladies' room to put myself back together.

Two hours later, he stepped behind me, grabbed my ponytail and bent me backwards again. When he felt me shudder deliciously, he didn't let go. He said, "I could tell you liked that, you little slut."

He was quiet for a few minutes, holding me in that position. Then he started rubbing my tits. I was mesmerized, lost in daydreams of men and cocks and kisses and orgasms and bliss. Suddenly he yanked my head back and grabbed my throat. As he started to tighten his fingers, I came. Helplessly and hard. My pussy ached for his cock.

"I love this. I hate this. I have to sit down," was all I could say.

"I will do that to you," he said, standing over me and petting my hair. "I want to enter you from behind. You'll be standing at the kitchen sink and I'll tell you to take your clothes off one at a time and when you're naked, I'll enter you from behind whether you're ready or not. I want to pull your hair and ride you so hard until you're on the edge of coming. Then I'll yank on that ponytail and tighten my fingers on your throat until you come like crazy. I'll be pumping you and feeling you spasm and feeling you come on my cock. Oh my god, Sarah. I will have all of you so very soon."

This man was driving me crazy, making me want him in so many ways. It was obvious my desire excited him. And as he grew more excited, my frenzy for him increased. We fed on each other's desire. When he touched me, it was like throwing a match at a pool of gasoline. When I touched him, it was like throwing a glass of gasoline at a fire. Two wrongs don't make a right. But they make a hell of a big fire.

It was such a turn-on to have found a man as passionate as I was, someone equal to my high level of physicality, a sexual soul mate already playing those teasing games I loved.

That night, at home, I started to do the dishes like every other night. But then I imagined his voice saying "Oh my god, Sarah. You should know that I will have all of you very, very soon.

"Bend over now, but keep your knees straight. Bend over so I can see that fine ass pushing against your jeans, bend over and take your socks off."

I did, keeping my ass in the air, and pulled my socks off one at a time. Barefoot, I ran a little hot water into the sink. I wanted him behind me, watching me as I put the first few dishes into the water. I could feel his heat and desire on my skin. It was as if we were in the office, and he was standing behind me "supervising."

"Take your shirt off. Right now." I could have sworn he spoke those words, even though I knew he wasn't there. With warm, soapy hands I pulled my shirt up over my head, dancing along with the 60s tunes on the oldies radio.

"Duke, Duke, Duke. Duke of Earl, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl." It was a song that made me happy. It was easy to dance to with its bouncy beat. And who cared what the lyrics meant.

"Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl." In my daydream, Josh moves toward me, inexorably advancing. Like that scene in the movies where twin spotlights pick out the two individuals who as they are magnetically drawn together... while everyone else, and everything else in the high school gym fades away.

Happy and soapy and horny, I was dreaming that Josh was in my apartment... dreaming that he was telling me to take off my jeans. I undid the button at the top and pulled the zipper down slowly, feeling my excitement rise. When my jeans were totally unzipped, I turned away from the sink to face him (in case he had walked in unannounced). I lingered there with slightly bent knees, cupping my crotch lightly with one hand, moving my fingers across my panties as if I were playing a piano.

I wanted to be kneeling on a table in front of him, unzipped, wet, open, available. I wanted to be kissing his lovely lips, tonguing his open mouth while his fingertips brushed my panty-clad cunt.

I slid my hands inside my jeans, pushing them and my underwear down along my swiveling hips to the floor. The feel of my fingertips along the outside of my legs turned me on even more.

Naked now from the waist down, I had to run my fingers between my legs, shivering in mounting delight when I felt how wet I was. That was part of the magic of this connection. When I thought of him, or imagined that I smelled him, I could feel the blood rushing into my crotch. It would get as wet and melting as snow in July.

Turning back to the sink, I reached over to get a rubber band from a drawer. I watched myself as, wearing only a bra, I lifted my arms to gather my hair into the kind of high, sexy ponytail Josh liked. I could see in the reflection how obvious it was when I bit my lower lip in excitement. I had always thought it was a subtle kind of thing. But I realized that anyone who knew what they were looking at could tell when I was getting turned on.

I kept moving my hips from side to side, rubbing my thighs together to excite myself further. I could hear him saying "..and when you're naked, I'll enter you from behind whether you're ready or not." Still swaying to the music, I took off my bra and spread my legs farther apart. Then I lifted my ass up like I was wearing high, high heels. Standing naked at the kitchen sink on my tiptoes, I was waiting for him to push my shoulders down, which I knew would tilt my ass up even further. Which I knew would expose more of my pink, glistening cunt.

I cupped my breasts and offered them to the reflection in the window. The nipples were hard and tender. I wanted his mouth on them, I wanted him sucking one and kneading the other and biting my shoulder and opening my legs and pulling my hair and fucking me like that and coming up for air and then opening me again and taking all I had. And then doing it again. And then doing me again.

Kneading my breasts felt good. I pulled on my nipples. I ran one hand up the side of my face, up to my ponytail and pulled at it, tugging just a little. It was as if I could feel that tugging in my cunt. I gave in, standing right there in the kitchen, one hand playing with myself while I imagined Josh's cock pressing at the outer edges of my pussy. Then I felt it slowly moving closer and closer to penetration until he slid into me from behind.

I wanted his cock so badly. I put one foot up on the counter, leaned forward and bent my leg until my head rested on the counter as well. More than ready for fucking, I entered myself with three fingers of one hand and massaged and stroked my clit with the other.

I came quickly. But it was a lonely orgasm, wilting away almost immediately. My body's response to my fingers and his was so different. Men's fingers are thicker, rougher, and stronger. My cunt responds with more contractions per orgasm, and it feels like the contractions are closer together. I don't know how you would measure it, but when a man's fingers are pushing into my cunt, I always come harder with them than I do with mine.

I wanted more. I needed more. I needed him inside me. Coming. Soon.

The dishwater was cold by now. I washed my hands in the empty side of the double sink, then let the standing water drain. As the new, heated water rushed into the sink to cover the dishes, I added dish detergent and sincerely hoped that he felt as unfulfilled as I did. I turned off the radio and finished the dishes in silence.

Sometimes his girlfriend invited me over for dinner at their apartment.

"You're one of those guests who brightens up the room," she said. "Dinner's a lot more fun when you're here, and Josh seems to enjoy it, too."

Afterwards, Josh would walk me home. He decided he had to stay out of my place.

"If I'm in your apartment, it will smell like you, and I would only be ten steps away from your bed," he began. "Look at that—thinking about your bed makes me hard. On a soft bed, with the curtains closed, and sheets and pillows, I can see you holding your legs wide open for me. I could fuck you and then I could just burrow my face in your neck and stay forever."

I never whined or complained or begged him to come in for an hour or a lifetime. Intuitively, I knew that chores and dishwashing and bed making and laundry and all the charts and negotiations it takes to run a partnership would suck the life out of our relationship.

So we made out on the doorstep or leaning against the brick wall of the apartment house. That was delicious torment: the smell of brick dust and semen and Budweiser tall boys and sweat and old doormats and the insidious perfume of my pussy.

If I was still frenzied and unfulfilled when he left, it wasn't far to my boyfriend's house. Jimmy was always happy when I showed up horny as hell. He was a nice enough guy. He just never knew how hard I wanted to be driven. And it was good he never knew, really, because it simply wasn't in him to take a woman that way.


And now Josh was standing in front of me, the office door locked, his hands on the doorknob behind him.

I copied his stance, hands behind my back, holding onto the desk. I moistened my lips with just the tip of my tongue. I was aware, aroused. I could feel my cunt getting ready for cock. I leaned back, lifting my hips imperceptively toward him.

"What are you thinking?" he asked. It wasn't a real question. We both knew he was going to be inside me soon. We simply needed a few more minutes to get used to the idea... enough time for him to get even harder, enough time to cross the room, enough time for my pussy to get very wet and very slippery.

"Nothing," I said.

As he pushed himself away from the door, horniness washed over me. I lifted my chin slightly, parted my lips, sighed a quick, soft sigh.

I kept my hands behind me on the desk. I offered him everything. Kiss the insides of my elbows, the backs of my knees. Bite my lips, my wrists, my tits. Fondle my cunt, my thighs, my legs. Then take me as fast as you want and as hard as you can. Your frenzy feeds my lust. Your hunger makes me hungrier.

"What do you want?" I asked, emphasizing the "you." "What do you want to do to me?"

I couldn't help it, I licked my lips again.

Lust filled the space between us. I saw his cock move and stiffen inside his green gym shorts.

I couldn't wait any longer. I gave up.

"Come here," I said. "And do that thing where you put your finger in my mouth."

He crossed the room quickly, and pushed his forefinger and middle finger into my mouth, grabbing my breast with his other hand. The assault was so total and so strong it made my knees weak. I hate cliches, but I opened to his touch like a flower.

He pushed me backwards onto the desk. I wrapped one leg around his back, wishing I was naked under my skirt. He pulled his fingers from my mouth to press his lips on mine. I opened to him, opened to his insistent tongue. I kissed him back aggressively, pulling his tongue further into my mouth.

He pushed my skirt up to my waist, unwrapped my leg from his back, and lifted me a little so he could pull down my underwear. As I untangled them from my feet, he kept his hand pushed between my legs, fingering me gently. He had moaned when he realized how wet and ready I was. Then he set my leg back around him, pressing insistently against my naked crotch with his clothed one.

I could feel his cock through his shorts. I put my hands on his waist to take them off.

"Don't move your hands. Just hang onto the desk," he said quietly. "Let me do all the work."

He pushed his shorts down and kicked them away. I could see him stroke his cock a few times. Then he pushed the two fingers that had been in my mouth into my wet, sensitive pussy.

Again, I tried to rise up. I wanted to pull him down to me.

"No. Lean back. Keep your hands on the desk like I told you."

He kissed me deeply while he fingered me. I was excited. I was starting to pant. Being told to keep my hands off him intensified the arousal. I was so frustrated I was whimpering. And because I was doing what he told me, not what I wanted to do, it was somehow getting even more exciting. There was such a sexual friction building within me.

I kissed him back, sucking his tongue, pulling it further into my mouth. Still moving his fingers in and out of my wet pussy, he pushed his thumb next to my swollen clit, and began brushing it back and forth. I was so ready for him, I could barely stand any more arousal. I wanted to tell him to mount me now, because I was getting close to coming, but he pressed harder with his tongue, forcing my mouth open further. He didn't want my opinion. He wanted me his way.

Suddenly both his hands were under my ass. He said, "Lift."

I lifted up, and he had me on the layout desk on my back, legs wide open. He climbed up, spreading my pussy lips with one hand and guiding his cock into me with the other. His first hard penetration made me scream in aching delight. His cock felt as big inside me as I had imagined it would. It was thick and long. I could feel it pushing against my cunt lips as he thrust deeper and deeper into me. As he worked it back and forth against the sides of my cunt, I rolled from side to side to bring him as far inside as possible. He tore into me with intensity. The desk didn't give like a mattress, so I could feel his hard prick plunging deep. I felt his hip bones grinding on mine. I curled and uncurled, tipping back and forth so I could feel every hard, hungry stroke.

He had one hand inside my bra, fingering and pinching my nipple. I reached inside my shirt to pull the bra up so both breasts were free. Then I wrapped my arms around him as he fucked me with his whole body. The pain of his bones on my shoulders and hips was intense. I focused on it, spreading my legs wider for him, feeling the sensation shifting from pain into the edge of orgasm. I began breathing shallower, trying to hold off coming, wanting it to build higher. I focused on the pain and pleasure, hearing myself pant, moan, gasp.

Suddenly, while maintaining his rhythm and still pumping into me as hard as he could, he pushed himself up off my chest. I was so surprised I opened my eyes. He was pounding my pussy while looking at me with such unabashed satisfaction and control that I involuntarily relaxed and gave myself over to him. I didn't mean to, but I just let go and let myself come on his forceful, pounding cock.

The absolute beauty of that orgasm still rocks me. I know I made sounds from deep within, wild cries, primitive sounds of pleasure. I grabbed my legs behind my knees to open myself even further. He closed his eyes in pleasure, and he slammed his cock deeper than any man had been. He came and pumped and came and pumped. I felt the cum squirt against my cervix. I moved with him and drained his cock.

The desk was slippery with sweat. He rested with his full weight heavily on me, panting. I was spent, relaxed, melting, relishing the last few moments before he pulled out. Without warning, he grabbed my wrists and pushed my arms straight up over my head. That move was so sudden, so powerful, so surprising and so commanding that there were aftershocks in my cunt.

"I felt that," he said. "You're unbelievable."

Then he said, "Turn your head to the side." When I did, he kissed me lightly, then shifted and wiggled so that he could rest his head on the table. We were face to face, so close that his breath sighed into my mouth, and I breathed back into his. It was so tender and soft that I relaxed back into the lovely melting feeling.

"That was better than anything I could have imagined," I said. "I have never been fucked so hard and come so hard."

"You turned me on from day one," he said. "This was unbelievable. It was like my body was out of control, like it wanted more and more of your body. It was like you bewitched me."

"No one has ravaged me like this," I said. "No one has been so in control of me. Really. When you were looking down at me like that, I knew you were telling me to let go."

"You were holding back," he said. "You were really enjoying what was happening. It is so obvious that you love fucking, but you were holding something back. I just willed you to let go. I was thinking 'give in, give in' and then I saw a shift in your eyes, and they relaxed or something, and then that incredible orgasm started and I couldn't think anymore. I just wanted to be coming as hard as you were, and, oh my god, I did. That was amazing, that was fucking amazing. I knew you would be good, just from the way your hips swing when you walk. I have been walking behind you in a daze for the past few weeks. Your cunt is amazing. Your legs are amazing."

He let go of my wrists to hold my face with his hands, his beautiful hands with the sensitive long fingers. I turned my head and licked the tips of his fingers.

"Nobody makes me want to lick their fingers," I told him. "Nobody has ever made me want to please them so much. I'm so used to making sure I get pleasured. It's weird. I knew when you wanted me to let go like that, that it was for me, and it's weird but I knew that if I did that, that you would really really like it."

"I love that you did that for me," he said. "Whatever it was, it was the most pleasurable fucking I have had in forever."

"You have to get off me," I said. "This table is starting to feel really hard."

He rolled off me, stood, found his shorts and put them back on.

"Can I look at you for a little?" he asked.

I was so satiated, so full of afterglow, that I just smiled. He leaned over and pulled my shirt off over my head, then undid my bra and slid the straps down my arms, and set it on top of my shirt.

"Lift up," he said while holding my bunched-up skirt. I lifted my ass, and he slid my skirt to the floor.

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