tagInterracial LoveA Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel

A Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel

byNigela Lamont©

Ray Wilson woke up, checked the clock and felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. It was three in the morning and still no sign of Loretta. Up until now Ray had been patient and willing to give her the benefit of a doubt but he couldn't ignore the evidence any longer. He was sure his wife was having an affair. All the usual signs were there.

About a month ago Loretta had had taken a job as a waitress at the local Denny's. It was about then her behavior had dramatically changed. After a week on the job she had announced that the people she worked with usually went for a few drinks after work to wind down and she was invited to join them. Ray could hardly say no. They needed the extra income far too much for him to make a big fuss about it.

Up till then Ray could have set his watch by her movements. Now he never knew when she would be coming home. Although his young blonde wife was attractive enough, lately she had begun to take even more care in her appearance. It had started innocently enough with Loretta wearing a new deeper shade of lipstick and painting her nails to match. From there it had progressed to her wearing her shortest skirts to work and only last week she had come home with her hair dyed platinum blonde. Even Ray had to admit she looked a lot sexier than before.

He heard a car pull up in front of the house and Ray leapt out of bed. Leaving the bedroom light off he slowly drew back the curtain. He saw Sam Seaton, Loretta's new boss with her in the front seat of his convertible, locked in a passionate embrace. From what Ray could see his wife didn't appear to be in any hurry to come inside. He watched them kiss from behind the curtain. Loretta pulled herself away from Sam and her head disappeared from view. Ray realized his wife of seven years was giving her young boss a blow job.

God damn her, he thought. How could Loretta do this to him? He'd been a good provider and looked after all of her needs. Or had he? Come to think of it, she had complained on more than one occasion that having sex only twice a week was not enough. She had also mentioned that she wished he would talk to her more. Ray had argued that it was his quiet manner that attracted her to him in the first place, and now here she was throwing it in his face.

Ray's anger and jealousy coursed through his body. Rather than create a scene and wake the neighbors he decided he would see what they were up to. He slipped on his clothes and let himself quietly out the back door. With his heart pounding in his chest Ray stole around the side of the house and made his way up the front driveway. Hiding himself behind a bush he watched and listened in silence. Loretta's young boss had his eyes closed and was sitting back in his seat while she was going down on him.

"Oh Yeah, that's it baby! Suck that big cock," Sam moaned.

"God …. get ready baby! I'm going to blow my load real fucking soon!!!"

From his vantage point Ray could hear his wife sucking noisily on Sam's cock. Suddenly he heard Sam let out a loud moan and begin to pump his load into Loretta's mouth.

"There, take it all, you dirty cocksucking whore! That's it, swallow that load. Jesus, Randy was right….you are good at that…!!!

Tears welled up in Ray's eyes. Randy was another of her coworkers. It sounded like Sam wasn't the only one. How many others had she had? This was far worse than any affair. His wife was a full blown slut! He felt a slippery wetness on his crotch and realized his pants were soaked with precum. While Ray had listened to the wet sucking sounds of Loretta blowing her boss a strange thing had happened. In spite of his jealousy he had been turned on! He realized he had been unconsciously rubbing his own stiff cock as Loretta gave Sam a blow job!

Just as Loretta raised her head from Sam's cock Ray slipped away to the back of the house. Hurriedly making his way back inside, he went to the living room to sit down and wait for her. He heard her fumble for her keys then quietly unlock the front door.

"So this is what you mean by winding down after work!" he said sarcastically, startling Loretta as she crept softly into the darkened house.

"Oh, Jesus Ray, you just about scared me to death!" Loretta gasped. "I hope you weren't worried sweetheart. Sam wanted me to work overtime. Rather than bothering you for a ride I let him drive me home tonight."

"Yeah, I'll bet he drove you real good! Don't try to bullshit me Loretta. I saw what you were doing in his car. And from what I heard, Sam's not the only one that thinks you're a talented little cocksucker. It sounds to me like your friend Randy thinks you are too! How many others have you sucked off as you were winding down from your job? Three? Four? All of them?"

"Oh my god Ray, I'm so sorry, I don't know what to say. I've tried so hard to tell you that I'm lonely. I just can't seem to control myself. I do love you but I've always had a much stronger sex drive than you. You're my best friend, Ray. If you want a divorce I'll understand but believe me, I sure don't want one. All I really want is some more excitement in our marriage. Isn't there anything we can do to work this out?"

Ray was confused, he was extremely angry but he was also the most excited he had been in a long time. He still loved Loretta and would do anything to keep her.

"Loretta, I'm mad as hell at you but I don't want a divorce either. I don't want to talk about it anymore tonight. Get your ass up to bed and we'll sleep on it. Maybe in the morning things will look different."

This was the Ray Loretta had fallen in love with. Although he was a man of few words, when he did make up his mind he stuck to it. Loretta loved it when her man was decisive and took charge. She hoped he was going to forgive her and fuck her tonight. She was still horny from sucking off Steve.

Once they were in bed Ray kept his word. He didn't mention her cheating at all but he did fuck her and it was very good. Neither one of them dared mention that her sleeping around had made Ray hornier than he had been in years.

In the morning as they had their breakfast they both commented on how good last night had been. Ray reluctantly confessed he had become excited seeing her with Sam, and had done a great deal of soul searching. He said that while it was unusual, he could live with it if she wanted to continue with her affairs. Loretta had promptly dragged him back to the bedroom and thanked him with a blow job.

That was the beginning of Ray and Loretta's arrangement. Loretta promised that from now on there was to be no more secrets. And if Ray wanted to watch she wouldn't object. Ray's voyeurism had opened up a whole new chapter in their lovemaking.

As the weeks went by, the pair surrendered more and more to their dark desires. Before long Ray became an active participant. Loretta had to admit their new lifestyle was exciting. She enjoyed the thrill of attracting and seducing strange men as her husband looked on. It excited Ray so much he had gone and bought a new camcorder to record all of her sexual conquests.


"Ray, would you shut the curtains? It's way too bright in here!"

With her heart pounding with anticipation Loretta smiled at Leroy and started to undo her blouse. She was so turned on. Turned on, yet scared. Ray and Loretta had done this a lot but she still got a little scared every time they picked up someone new.

"Relax and let yourself go sweetheart."

Ray knew Loretta was nervous, she always was with someone new.

"Leroy, you're going to like this. My wife is dynamite in bed."

He handed Loretta the new rabbit vibrator they had purchased earlier and went to the window.

He looked outside into the dark rainy night and surveyed the half empty parking lot of the Cozy Rest Motel. Some smart ass with way too much time on his hands had painted a second O into the word Cozy on their sign. Ray smiled to himself. I guess if Loretta's going to be a slut this is the perfect place for it he thought. He drew the threadbare curtains closed and went to join Loretta and Leroy.

The motel was located in the older part of the town, the part Ray and Loretta frequented when they were in need of some fun. Over the years the strip had been overrun with sleazy taverns and adult book stores. It provided them anonymity and the atmosphere they both enjoyed.

When she was horny, Loretta liked to dress for the kill. Tonight she had chosen her shortest black skirt with a matching silk top that tied under her perky breasts and left little to the imagination. The petite platinum blonde had worn Ray's favorite garter belt teamed up with a sexy pair of fish net stockings. After making a short stop at the sex shop next door the couple had wandered into the aptly named Lucky's Bar & Grill. It was in Lucky's they had picked up Leroy. He had been a lot easier than the others. She and Ray were just finishing up their second game of pool when he had swaggered over.

"Hey, you guys. Do you think I could I play the winner?"

Loretta looked up from her game. She looked him up and down taking in his ebony skin and massive size and felt her panties get wet. "He's really cute," she thought. "I sure hope his cock is as big as the rest of him."

Loretta had never picked up a black guy before.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" she said, dismissing him with a haughty look.

She turned her back on him and returned to the game. Loretta could feel his eyes on her as she leaned over the table. Her short little skirt rode up the back of her legs, barely covering her shapely ass. She sank the queue ball, ending her game with Ray.

"Why don't you give me a try? I'm pretty handy with a pool cue."

"Well, let's just see how handy you are." Loretta smiled. "Why don't you go ahead and rack them up? By the way, my name's Loretta. This real talkative guy here's my husband Ray."

Ray nodded, looking bored with the whole thing.

"How about you? Do you have a name?"

"Yeah, my name's Leroy. I aint never seen you guys here before."

Without a word, Ray went off to the bar to sit and wait. They found the men liked it that way. It gave them a chance to get to know Loretta without him hanging around making them feel uncomfortable.

Ray watched and waited patiently at the bar as his wife flirted shamelessly with the tall, powerfully built black man. He called the bartender over and ordered his third Jack Daniels of the night. He knew it wouldn't be long before Loretta reeled the guy in.

Loretta allowed Leroy to show off for a while, and then finally had enough. She ran the table, putting the queue ball in the corner pocket with a double bank. She looked at him and smiled.

"Feel like another?"

"You know what lady? You're a real fine player. I've got a feeling you've been taking me for a ride."

"Oh, believe me, Leroy. If I was taking you for a ride you'd know it."

She held his gaze a lot longer than was necessary, licking her lips at the thought of riding his big black cock. Loretta could feel the tension build. They both knew what was happening. It was just a matter of time.

"Yeah sugar, let's go for the gold," he said, liking where things seemed to be headed.

"What about him?" Leroy nodded towards the bar.

"Oh don't worry about Ray, he's a big boy. He doesn't talk much but he's old enough to look after himself. He kind of likes it when other guys pay me lots of attention."

"Loretta, I think maybe you guys are into some kind of kinky stuff."

"What if I told you we were? Would that scare you off, Leroy?" she asked, looking deep in his eyes.

"Shit no, I can dig it! I've heard about white couples that are into brothers before. I like white girls myself. Always have. They got it over the sisters any time. Bring it on sugar, what exactly are you guy's into?"

"Well, I'm into really big men and as for my husband, he just likes to watch. Do you think you could handle that Leroy?"

Leroy's balls tightened. He'd hit the jackpot. The gorgeous young thing had an ass to die for and a beautiful pair of tits. He imagined Loretta's pouty red lips sucking him off as her husband looked on. His cock began to grow hard, tenting his trousers.

"Alright lady, as you can see you've got my attention, how do we go about it?"

"The first thing I want you to do is to go up to the bar and get a good bottle of bourbon. I'll set it up with Ray, and then we'll meet you in the back parking lot. Oh, and Leroy, while you're at it get a couple of bottles of Coke."

Loretta went up to the bar and whispered to her husband.

"Okay Ray, I've got our new friend eating out of the palm of my hand. He was so easy he was getting a hard on just listening to me. Wait till you see the size of his cock. It's fucking huge! Finish your drink. I've arranged for him to meet us in the parking lot."

Once they were outside Loretta put her arms around Ray and pushed him against the car. She kissed him deeply, hungrily forcing her tongue between his teeth. She loved to share her excitement with him.

"Feel me Ray. Feel how wet I am! I'm so fucking horny!" she moaned, taking his hand and putting it between her legs.

Ray moved his hand under her skirt, pulling her soaking panties to one side. His fingers slipped easily into her hot swollen pussy, spreading her lips and feeling her eagerness.

"Jesus Loretta, you're like a bitch in heat. Get in the fucking car before you get us both arrested."

Loretta slid into the back seat to wait for Leroy. She saw him come out of the bar and head in the direction of the parking lot.

"Hey Leroy, we're over here. Quick, get in!"

She opened the door of their Chevy Cavalier and slid over to make room. Leroy squeezed his large frame into the back seat beside Loretta and handed Ray a brown paper bag.

"Wild Turkey okay with you guys?" he asked, looking at Ray.

Ray shrugged, looking in the rearview mirror at the two of them. Leroy took it as a yes. Loretta didn't seem to care. She was in such a hurry she was practically raping him.

"Okay, people, break it up, where are we off to?" Ray asked. "Any ideas?"

"I don't know, where's a good motel?" Loretta panted, asking no one in particular.

"The motel's just down the street a ways," Leroy piped in. "It's a bit of a dive but it's clean. I know, cause my ex used to work there. First off though, I want you guys to understand I'm not into men at all, let's get that straight right off the bat. I don't mind giving your old lady a good fucking but that's where I draw the line. Okay?"

"That's fine with me. I just like to watch," said Ray, starting up the car and putting it into gear.

After they checked in at the motel and Ray had bolted the door he spoke quietly to Leroy.

"Okay, here's the deal. Loretta's going to put on a little show for us then you can get it on with her. I'm going to be busy taping the whole thing with this camcorder. Then when you're done you leave. You got that?" Ray asked.

"Hey, wait a minute bro. No one said anything about a video camera." "Come on Leroy, don't you go getting all shy on us. If you don't want to play let's call it a day. You better get your coat back on, Loretta, let's go get someone else."

"Hey no! Wait a minute man. That's cool! That's cool! You can count me in. Come on, let's have a drink and chill out. Say, if you guy's are game, I've got some really fine weed!"

Ray fished the bourbon out of the bag. He went into the bathroom and found some glasses. After pouring in a good three fingers of whiskey he splashed in a little Coke for color and handed the glasses to Loretta and Leroy. He picked up his own drink and raised it in a toast.

"Here's to a good hard time!"

Leroy fired up a joint, inhaled the smoke deep in his lungs and offered it to Loretta. He took his drink and sat down next to the bed, wondering how they were going to start.

Loretta took a few hits and passed it on to Ray, asking her husband to pull the curtains. Once the room was darkened, Loretta swallowed the rest of her drink and began to undress. She undid the knot holding her blouse together and shrugged the garment off her shoulders. Unhooking her tiny lace bra she slowly slipped it off to reveal two perfect cone shaped nipples that jutted proudly out from her milky white breasts. Loretta's nipples puffed up under Leroy's gaze and her heart beat faster as she stepped out of her skirt and panties.

"Leave the garter belt and nylons on," Ray choked, zooming in with the camcorder. "Now take the vibrator we bought and show Leroy just how horny you are."

Loretta became flushed. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs, brought the toy up to her cunt and began to tease her swollen clit. Leroy gulped his drink, trying to appear cool as she worked the buzzing toy in and out of her pussy. He started to rub his cock through his pants as he watched in silence. Loretta started to really get into it, increasing the speed as she neared orgasm.

"Take your cock out and give it to her, man. That's what she wants." Ray said. "Believe me, once she gets going she can't stop!"

Leroy undid his belt. He lowered his trousers and kicked off his shoes. Awkwardly pulling off his shirt, he climbed up on the bed. Loretta took out the vibrator and waited expectantly. Leroy grasped his rock hard cock in his hand and moved up till he was level with Loretta's mouth. Ray watched in awe as her lips parted to swallow the largest cock he had ever seen.

"Oh, man. What a talented little cocksucker your wife is!' Leroy gasped, fucking away at Loretta's drooling mouth with his massive cock. "You really like my big dick, don't you baby?"

"Mmmm hmmm…!"

She nodded cupping her little tits in her hands. Ray was right. Once she had a taste of Leroy's cock, Loretta was on it like a lollipop. She squeezed her breasts, vainly attempting to wrap them around his heavily veined black shaft. Leroy's balls ached as he fucked her tits. The marvelous feeling of her saliva combined with his precum was bringing him dangerously close to orgasm.

"Do you want me to cum in your cunt Loretta?" he panted.

"God yes!" she gasped.

"Then climb on baby, let's give you that ride we talked about earlier!"

Leroy lay back on the thin mattress, his giant cock pointing at the ceiling. Loretta moved up and straddled him, her pussylips split by the head of his huge cock. She looked over at Ray, as if asking for his permission.

"Make me proud of you baby, see if you can get that thing right up into your belly."

Ray moved closer with the camcorder. With a low moaning sound Loretta eased herself down on the slick appendage. Leroy couldn't wait. He grabbed her waist, impatiently pulling her down onto him and burying his cock to the hilt in her tight pink pussy.

"Ohhh…..godddddd!!!!!" she groaned, feeling the slippery invader traveling up into her womb.

She sat for a full minute savoring the marvelous feeling of being fully stretched. Moaning incoherently, Loretta began to slowly milk his big prick with her cunt. Leroy had never felt anything so hot. She felt like a fucking vacuum cleaner. He could swear her tight little pussy was sucking him off. His balls were so swollen he felt like a prize stallion breeding a mare. His cum boiled, building towards a climax, then surged out of his dick into her ravenous pussy.

"Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," he gasped hosing down her insides with his hot thick load.

Loretta felt his scalding hot jism shooting into her. She let out a long low guttural moan then collapsed onto Leroy. Ray watched Leroy's deflating cock slip out from Loretta's cunt, gaping and filled with his rich thick jism. Leroy gently moved Loretta onto her back and reached for his clothes.

"Jesus man, your wife is one hell of a lay."

"Okay, thanks Leroy. Here, get yourself some beer for your trouble."

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