A Hard Woman Is Good To Find


Christine went on to say, "Anyway, I don't get asked out by normal guys very often."

Again, I realized that I really shouldn't be too surprised. Very few seasoned male bodybuilders, including myself, have any trouble getting laid on a regular basis. You can trust me on that! It's a different story, however, for the female bodybuilders. You would think that it would be natural for male bodybuilders to pair up with female bodybuilders. After all, they do spend an awful lot of time together in the gym and they do have a lot in common.

The problem is; most athletes tend to be somewhat self-centered, and bodybuilders may very well be the most self-centered athletes of all. Bodybuilders put a lot of time and work into themselves, and their worlds really do revolve around themselves. Bodybuilders are, after all, their sport. They carry their sport with them twenty-four hours a day. If you think about it, it's pretty unlikely that a self-centered guy will hookup, for very long, with an equally self-centered girl. And, besides all of that, I think that most guys, bodybuilders included, are more attracted to girly-girls, and there are a lot more girly-girls around. The bottom line is, female bodybuilders have a lot more trouble dating, and living reasonably normal lives, than their male counterparts.

With all of our talking, it seemed like we were back at her apartment in no time. As soon as we were inside her door, Christine turned around and kissed my on the mouth. I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. Christine responded by putting her arms around me and holding me tight. Believe me, a girl with fifteen-inch biceps can hold you really tight!

In no time at all, we were French-kissing and slowly running our hands all over each other's bodies. I inhaled the scent of her musky perfume and the smell of her hair as we embraced. Christine was definitely a hard-body. I was sure that every single inch of her was firm as we stood there, kissing and cuddling, for a long time.

I was warm and aroused, and I was sure that Christine was getting warm, too. I had to struggle with her, just a bit, to remove her jacket, until she realized what I was trying to do. Breaking our kiss and giggling, Christine, finally, allowed me to take off her jacket and drape it over a nearby chair. As I turned back to her, Christine rushed into my arms and pressed her tongue against my lips.

Christine started to slowly rub herself against me as we stood there tongue-kissing. Running both of my hands over her firm, shapely ass, I pulled her even tighter against me. As she pressed herself into me, I slowly ran my hand over one of her very firm breasts, feeling Christine's hard, erect nipple under my fingers.

She moaned softly and pinned my hand between us as I explored her chest. Using my other hand, I gently tugged upward on the hem of her sleeveless shell. Christine leaned back a little, allowing me to free my pinned hand from her chest, and slowly lift up her tight top.

"Just a moment," she murmured, as she raised her arms over her head and allowed me to slowly peel off her sleeveless shell. I caught only a glimpse of Christine's firm breasts before she was back in my arms, but I saw that she had no tan lines at all on her chest. Her areolas were small and brownish-red, but her erect nipples were long and thick. Christine ground her hard breasts and nipples into my chest as we kissed, and I could feel the ripples of the firm, hard muscles of her naked back as I held her tight. There was no doubt in my mind, as I ran my hands slowly over her muscular back, that I was holding a very strong, vibrant woman.

Christine continued to slowly rub herself against me as I ran both my hands down over her firm, shapely ass. Slowly, I unzipped the back of her short, black-leather mini-skirt. As I gently tugged downward at her waistband, Christine broke our contact just enough to allow me to push her skirt down over her muscular hips. From there, she quickly wiggled her skirt down over her thick, muscular thighs to the floor and gracefully stepped out of it, one foot at a time.

She pressed herself hard against me again, wearing only her black tights and her black, stiletto, high-heeled shoes.

"Now," she whispered, "it's time for you to get out of this," as she tugged on lapels of my jacket.

"All right," I whispered back, as I held Christine tight with one arm and transferred my condoms and little tube of lubricant from my jacket pocket to my trousers. One should always be prepared, you know!

Christine impatiently watched as I took off my jacket and tugged at the waistband of my turtleneck shirt. Quickly, she pulled off my shirt, tossed it aside, and rushed back into my arms. We held each other tight for a long while, enjoying the sensuous feeling of our naked chests rubbing against each other.

Slowly, I ran both hands all over her muscular back and her firm, shapely ass. Reaching higher, for a brief moment, I touched the small of her back, then slowly slipped both of my hands down into the back of her tights. I pulled her even closer to me, if that were possible, cupping and kneading both of her firm, naked ass cheeks with my hands.

Continuing to slowly rub herself against me as I fondled her hard, sexy ass, Christine huskily whispered, "Maybe it's time to go into the bedroom, Walt."

My own raging hard-on was pushing back against Christine's firm, hard body as we stood there, just inside her door. Kissing her deeply, I gently broke our kiss and moved to her side. Scooping her up in my arms, I was really thankful that I pumped a lot of iron. Muscles are dense and heavy, and Christine was a very muscular girl. I estimated that Christine weighted almost one hundred and eighty pounds, as I cradled her magnificent body in my arms. She was definitely not a lightweight, little girly-girl!

"Where's the bedroom, Christine?" I whispered.

With one arm wrapped firmly around my neck, Christine pointed in the right direction with her other hand. "Oh, you are strong!" she giggled, as I easily carried her towards her bedroom.

"Yes, I am!" I whispered back, thankful I had the strength to carry that beautiful young woman.

Squeezing through the door to her bedroom, I gently laid Christine down on her bed. She smiled up at me, put both of her strong arms around my neck, and pulled me down onto the bed. We kissed passionately as I gently ran my hand over her hard breasts, feeling her long, thick, erect nipples pressing back against my palm.

Slowly, I ran my hand down over her hard stomach, feeling the ripples of her hard, six-pack, abdominal muscles. I could have sworn that I could actually feel Christine's strength and vitality pulsing thorough her muscular body as I touched her. Reaching her black tights, I lightly ran my hand over her firm hips, ass, and her thick, muscular thighs. I could feel the striations of her individual hard thigh muscles as I ran my fingers over her legs. Moving very slowly, I gently ran my hand over the smooth crotch of her black tights. Christine moaned softly and spread her muscular legs a little, giving me even more access to the most private, most secret part of her beautiful body.

I could feel the small, but unmistakable bulges of Christine's mons and prominent inner pussy lips against my palm and fingers, through her tights, as I slowly fondled her between her slightly spread legs. She kissed me passionately, moaned very softly, and spread her firm legs still wider as I continued to gently caress her sex. After a little while, Christine broke our French-kiss, released her strong grip on me, and tugged at the waistband of her tights.

"Let me do that, Christine," I whispered, as I gently stopped her hands.

Sitting up, I slowly pulled her tights down over her firm ass. I whispered, "Now, lift yourself up just a little bit, Christine," when I could pull her tights down no further without her co-operation.

She lifted her shapely ass off the bed, just a little, and I gently pulled her tights down over her firm, muscular thighs. It was then that I noticed that Christine was still wearing her sexy, black, stiletto high-heeled shoes.

"Just a moment, Christine," I said, as I moved further down the bed to remove her shoes. She smiled sweetly at me as I removed her shoes, set them aside, and returned to slowly pulling her black tights all the way off of her long, muscular legs.

Setting her tights aside, I knelt there, at the bottom of her bed, just staring at Christine's fabulous body. She had absolutely no tan lines at all. Christine's pubic mound was covered with her thick, dark bush and her long, thick, inner labia protruded out below her dense muff. Her thighs were thick and muscular, and, as I looked at her, I realized that Christine's combination of muscular thighs and shoulders made her waist appear to be even narrower than it really was. Christine may not have had a "classic" pinup girl's voluptuous hourglass figure, but she had a feminine, hourglass figure, nonetheless.

As I continued to stare at her amazing body, I realized that she hadn't worn a bodybuilder's posing bikini in quite some time. It was obvious, from the shape of Christine's thick, dark bush, that she hadn't waxed her bikini line in well over a year.

Christine smiled back up at me, rolled slowly over onto her side, and said, "Come on back up here with me, Walt," as she softly patted the pillow next to her.

As I moved back up the bed, Christine reached for my belt and said huskily, "Now, it's time that you got out of these trousers!"

With her help, I quickly undressed completely, and lay back down beside her. Christine pressed her hard body against my side and ran her hand over my muscular chest. She leaned down and kissed me hard on the mouth as she continued to explore my own muscular chest, back, arms, and stomach with her hand.

I, in turn, slowly ran my hand from her cheek, to her neck, to her shoulders, and then slowly down over her firm, muscular chest. Softly, I pressed my hand against one of her firm, hard breasts, feeling her long, thick, erect nipple pressing back against my fingers.

Christine moaned softly as I slowly kissed my way from her mouth, down her neck, to her chest and firm breasts. She moaned still louder as I gently licked her thick nipples and sucked them into my mouth, one-at-a-time.

Moving back up to kiss her hard on the mouth, I let my hand wander slowly down over Christine's hard stomach. Lingering there for only a little while, I slid my fingers further down to her thick, dark bush. Christine's long legs writhed gently as I slowly ran my fingers through the dense growth of her pubic hair.

She broke our kiss, momentarily, and moaned when my fingers finally reached her naked vulva. Christine's outer pussy lips were firm, and her inner pussy lips were long and thick. I could feel her moisture on my fingers as I gently ran them up between her thick, inner labia. By touch alone, I could feel her large, swollen clit. Christine moaned still louder, and opened her beautiful legs still wider, in response to my slow, gentle explorations.

As I continued to fondle her intimately, Christine's own hand reached for my erection. "Oh, I see that you're muscular all over," Christine giggled, as she firmly grasped my hard shaft. She continued softly, "Very impressive, Walter!"

My erection grew rock-hard, as she gently stroked me. Gently, removing her hand from my cock, I whispered, "Just give me a moment, Christine," as I reached down for the condoms and lubricant in the pocket of my discarded trousers, "I'll be right back, I promise."

I quickly opened a condom, rolled it onto my rock-hard cock, squeezed some lubricant onto my fingers, and rubbed it all over my condom-covered shaft.

"Now, where were we, Christine?" I whispered, as I turned my attentions back to her.

"I'm right here, Walt," she whispered, as she put her strong arms around my neck and tongue-kissed me again.

Christine's pussy was so already so wet, that we probably didn't need any extra lubricant. "But, why take the chance?" I thought to myself, as I gently rubbed the lube into her slit.

Breaking our passionate French-kiss, I slowly kissed my way down Christine's strong, firm body to her navel. Giving her hard stomach one last kiss, I pushed myself up and quickly moved down to kneel between her beautiful, widespread, muscular thighs.

A look of concern crossed Christine's face, and she whispered, "Just give me a moment, Walt," as she reached over for the lubricant. As I watched in fascination, she squeezed some more lubricant onto her fingers and slowly worked it into her pussy. When Christine was finished, she smiled up at me and said, "You're pretty big, Walt. I don't want to take any chances!"

Christine then lifted her knees, keeping her heels flat on the bed, and spread her strong legs wide to receive me. As I approached her still closer, she smiled and gently grasped my rock-hard cock, guiding it to the entrance of her wet, well-lubricated pussy.

As I knelt there between Christine's legs, with her strong hand around my erection, I looked deep into her beautiful, wide-set, shining, gray-blue eyes. This was no shy, little flower looking helplessly up at me, surrendering herself to me like some ravisher in a cheap romance novel. This was a strong, vibrant, passionate young woman who was taking me willingly as her lover!

"No," I thought, "this girl is definitely not going to just lay there, while I have my way with her!"

With Christine holding onto and guiding my hard shaft, I began to slowly ease myself inside of her magnificent body. "My god!" I thought, "This girl is tight!"

Her smile turned into a look of discomfort as I began to slowly penetrate her pussy with my rock-hard cock. "Are you alright, Christine?" I asked, in genuine concern.

"Yes!" she whispered, "Don't stop, Walt! It will be all right!" She continued, "Don't stop!"

Very slowly and gently, using very short strokes, I rocked myself back-and-forth until I had penetrated Christine completely. With my rock-hard cock completely enveloped by her incredibly tight pussy, I stopped my thrusts, leaned down, and kissed her gently on the mouth.

"Is it alright, Christine?" I whispered, after breaking our kiss.

"Yes!" she breathed, "Just let me get used to this for a little while, O.K.?!"

"Of course!" I whispered back, "Just relax, Christine."

With my cock buried deep inside of her, we gently kissed and cuddled, until Christine, finally, started to relax.

"My god, Christine!" I whispered, "You have muscles everywhere!"

She giggled and then laughed out loud. When Christine stopped laughing, she said seductively, "Haven't you ever been with a real muscle girl before, Walter?"

"Not like you, Christine," I said truthfully. I continued, "Are you comfortable, now?"

"Yes!" she breathed, "It feels really good with you inside of me, Walter!"

"Well, then where were we?" I whispered, as I began to slowly thrust my rock-hard cock in-and-out of her very tight pussy.

Christine held me tight and tongue-kissed me as I slowly increased the depth of my thrusts. Her breathing quickened noticeably, as I started to move my hard shaft faster inside of her. Soon, she wrapped her strong, muscular legs around me and held me even tighter.

To my surprise, Christine broke our French-kiss and moaned loudly, "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooh! Ooooooooooh!" as she arched her back and bucked hard beneath me. Her tight pussy contracted even tighter around my rock-hard cock as she bucked. Christine flailed her legs in the air and groaned loudly, "Oooooh! Oh my god!" before her spasms subsided and she released me from her Amazonian grip.

"Wow, Christine!" I whispered, as I continued to steadily thrust my rock-hard cock in-and-out of her tight, wet pussy.

"Yes, wow!" she giggled, as she put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Soon, Christine wrapped her strong legs around me again, as well.

Shifting my weight to one arm, I slowly ran my free hand lightly over Christine's firm breasts. She squeezed me even tighter with her arms, as I gently tweaked her hard, erect nipples with my fingers.

Christine was a strong girl, so I pressed my chest into her firm breasts while I continued my strong, steady rhythm in-and-out of her tight pussy. She moaned and tightened her muscular legs around me, in response.

Breaking our tongue-kiss, Christine softly moaned, "Oh! Oooooh!" as her breath quickened again. She gently writhed beneath me, as I continued the strong, steady thrusts of my rock-hard cock inside of her pussy.

She continued to moan softly in my ear as I maintained my strong, steady rhythm. After a few minutes, Christine was breathing hard, and her moans became louder and more frequent. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooh!" she groaned, while her body shook and spasmed beneath me. Her tight pussy spasmed as well, gripping and releasing my rock-hard cock in time with her moans.

Christine, momentarily, loosened her arms and legs from around my body, then tightened them yet again. She moaned loudly, Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" before relaxing, just a little bit.

I thrust my rock-hard cock all the way into Christine's tight, wet pussy, as I pressed my face into her shoulder. As I spasmed my load of hot cum deep inside of her, she spasmed and moaned again, "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooh!"

I had never been with a woman who orgasmed multiple times like Christine. My own spasms had just subsided when she gasped, Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooh! Ooooooooooh!" one last time, before her body relaxed and she kissed me softly on the mouth.

She whispered, "That was really good, Walt!" as she smiled up at me and kissed me deeply on the mouth again.

"Yes, it was!" I whispered back, as I held her tight. My cock was still rock-hard inside of Christine's tight, wet pussy, but I needed a fresh condom before I could continue with our lovemaking.

I slowly leaned back and withdrew myself from her incredibly tight pussy and whispered, "Don't go away, Christine. I'll be right back!"

As quickly as I could, I found her bathroom, cleaned myself up, and put on a fresh condom. Walking back into her bedroom with my erection standing straight out in front of me, I said, "I'm back, Christine."

Christine was lying on her side with a forearm covering her breasts and her thigh thrust forward, covering her crotch. She smiled up at me, as I walked towards her, and giggled, "My, my, Walt! I can see that you're still happy to see me!"

I lay down on the bed, beside Christine, and said, "Oh, yes!" I continued, "Are you still in the mood, Christine?"

Christine smiled broadly, as she reached out her hand for my erection, and said with a delighted laugh, "Yes, and I can easily see that you're still in the mood too, Walt!"

"Are you?" I whispered, as I leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth.

"Oh, yes!" she giggled, as she fondled my still rock-hard cock, "I'm, definitely, still in the mood!"

Slowly, Christine lifted her shapely thigh and rolled over onto her back. I was really tempted to try some exotic kama sutra position with her, but reluctantly decided against it. After all, this was the first time that we were making love. The erotic acrobatics that I had in mind could wait for a better time!

Christine opened her legs still wider as I slowly ran my hand down her beautiful body from her firm breasts to her shapely hips. She laid their, almost brazenly displaying herself to me, as I gently ran my hand up along the inside of one strong thigh, over her naked vulva, and then down the inside of her other muscular thigh.

She gently cradled my head in her strong hands as I leaned down to kiss her firm breasts and gently suck her hard, thick nipples into my mouth, one-at-a-time.

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