tagNovels and NovellasA Harsh Reality Pt. 03

A Harsh Reality Pt. 03



"What's going on between you two? I left you here yesterday to talk and now, you're avoiding each other like the plague," Ari demanded to know, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Nothing," Malachi and Miriam said in unison.

"Something is going on," Ari insisted.

He stared at them and after several moments of uncomfortable silence, Miriam sighed and blurted out, "We had sex."

Ari gave Malachi a dark look.

"And what happens if Miriam gets pregnant? You'll blow this whole operation!" he exclaimed.

"No," Miriam whispered.

Ari gave Miriam a sympathetic look. "I hope you enjoyed it. After all that time you were married to Jacob, you deserve to have good sex," Ari said with a grin. Miriam blushed and even Malachi looked embarrassed by Ari's comment. "So is there a chance you could get pregnant?" Ari asked Miriam gently. Miriam glanced at Malachi and nodded.

Malachi swore under his breath. "That's wonderful," Malachi said sarcastically. "You should have said something," he reminded Miriam.

"Like you really gave me a chance to say anything!" Miriam exclaimed.

"So now how do we pull this off?" Ari asked.

"I told William that I'm a widow and that my husband died not that long ago, so if I am pregnant, he'll believe it's his," Miriam answered, glancing at Malachi again.

"Absolutely not!" Malachi exclaimed.

"It could work," Ari said thoughtfully.

"No fucking way!" Malachi shouted.

"Why not?" Miriam asked.

"No child of mine will be brought up with that son of a bitch as his or her father!" Malachi exclaimed.

"Right now, this is all hypothetical. Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Ari warned.

"I'm saying this now. If Miriam is pregnant, we're pulling her out," Malachi growled before leaving the apartment, the door slammed shut behind.


-2 weeks later-

Miriam looked up from the paperwork she was filling out to find William staring at her. "Good morning," William said with a kind smile.

"Morning," Miriam murmured.

"What are you doing?" William asked.

"I need a job. The money that I was given when my husband died has run out and I need to keep my apartment," Miriam answered.

"We have an opening, I can set up an interview for you," William offered.

"Doing what?" Miriam asked.

"As a receptionist. It won't pay much, but it should be more than enough for you to pay your rent and utilities," William said.

"And what about my groceries?" Miriam asked.

"There should be plenty for that as well," William told her.

"I'll apply for it," Miriam agreed as she signed her name to the application in front of her. She handed it to the girl behind the counter and followed William out.

Miriam swallowed nervously as William led her around the office; he had pulled some strings and three days after applying for the job, her orientation was being led by William himself. "Mira, what's wrong?" William asked, glancing back at her.

"Nothing! I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous, this is my first job," Miriam replied.

"Don't worry so much, you'll do just fine," William assured her as they finished the tour. "This is your desk. If you have any questions, just ask Janice," he added, pointing out the older woman. Miriam nodded and gave a small smile as William walked away.

"May I help you sir?" Miriam asked as an older man walked up to her desk with a sense of purpose and self importance.

"I need to see William," the man said.

"I'm sorry, but Mister Chancey has asked not to be disturbed," Miriam told him.

"I need to see William now and I am very confident that the order to not disturb him does not pertain to me," the man snapped.

"I'm sorry sir, but I have my orders," Miriam said. The man's face turned as red as a tomato and veins in his neck began to bulge out.

"Listen to me you insolent little bitch! You get William Chancey out here in thirty seconds or I'll have you fired for being insubordinate," the man bellowed.

Miriam started to pick up the receiver of the phone when she heard William start walking towards the reception area. "What is going on here?" William asked, coming to a stop behind Miriam. He looked down at Miriam before looking up at the irate man standing before them.

"This little bitch said you wouldn't see anyone and I was merely putting her in her place. This is after all, my company," the man told William.

"This is not your company anymore father and you will not threaten my employees," William growled. He placed a hand on Miriam's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "What do you want?" he asked a moment later.

"We need to talk son. Another campus for the damn Jews must be built," his father said.

"Father, what in the world are you doing with the Jews on those campuses?" William wanted to know.

"We're retraining the dirty bastards to be better human beings and if they can't, well then, let's just say that we'll be finishing what Hitler started," his father answered. Miriam had to resist the urge to say something which would blow her cover. Instead, she just glanced up at William, curious as to what his reaction would be.

"Father, is it necessary to lock up all those people?" William asked, surprising Miriam.

"Yes. They are a danger to themselves and to society."

William rolled his eyes. "I have to get back to work father," he said before turning and walking away.


"What was that all about?" Miriam asked as William walked her out of the building.

"My great-grandfather served in World War Two under the Nazi regime. He believed in Hitler's cause whole heartedly. When the war ended, he snuck into the states, got married and had my father. The cycle started over again," William answered.

"What about you? Do you agree with the final solution?" Miriam asked. William shrugged.

"I don't know. They couldn't have been great people if Hitler wanted to kill them," William said.

"Is that why you're helping your dad imprison the Jews of the United States?" Miriam murmured.

"I'm not helping, he's doing it on his own," William grumbled.

"You aren't stopping him either," Miriam pointed out.

"Why your sudden interest in what I do?" William asked.

"Your father called me a bitch and threatened to have me fired right before telling you he wanted to build another camp. He's using your company to kill people!" Miriam exclaimed. William gave her a curious look as he opened the passenger door of his car.

"What makes you so sure that my father is having the Jews of this country killed?" William wanted to know.

"My next door neighbor watched my sister and I after school because my dad worked late and my mom was gone. She was Jewish and after President Bush was murdered, she was taken away by soldiers. My sister and I found her body a week later, shot by an army issued bullet," Miriam answered.

"How do you know it was military issue?" William asked.

"Her husband fought in the first golf war. He recognized the bullet," she murmured.

"I'm sure that was just a fluke. My dad may hate Jews, but he'd never kill anyone," William denied. Miriam pursed her lips but said nothing as William started the car and drove away.


-2 weeks later-

"Miriam, I'm leaving early today. I have to meet with my lawyer about something, but I'll be back here at six-thirty to pick you up. We'll be going to dinner with my parents and I've left a dress for you in my office. When you're done for the day, go into my office, there is a bathroom with a shower. I've also left hair care products and makeup. I'll see you later," William said before walking out of the office.

At five that afternoon, Miriam headed towards William's office, only to be stopped by Janice.

"What are you doing?" Janice wanted to know.

"William and I are meeting his parents for dinner tonight and he's left a dress for me in his office," Miriam answered.

"Yeah right," Janice snorted.

"He did," Miriam insisted, her heart racing. She needed Janice to leave her alone so that she could get into the office and do some snooping before changing for dinner.

"Please. Why would Mister Chancey be interested in a little mouse like you?" Janice asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Call him and ask him," Miriam retorted.

"I will. Don't go anywhere," Janice said before she hurried to her desk. Miriam waited a second, opened the door to William's office, walked inside before she closed and locked the door behind her. Miriam crossed the office and clicked on the light in the bathroom. She turned on the shower before returning to the office. "Where would he hide those files?" Miriam murmured to herself. She searched through the files. Miriam copied the files she thought would be relevant, making sure to put them back in the order she found them before returning the file to the cabinet. At ten minutes of six, Miriam hit pay dirt. She copied the files quickly, replaced the originals and their folders to the filing cabinet and stapled her copies before placing them in the back of her over-sized diary. She swore under her breath as she noticed the time and hurried back into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup.

"Miriam, we're going to be late, are you ready?" William asked, trying to open the door.

"I'm glad you're here Mister Chancey! Miriam claimed you were taking her to dinner with your parents and locked herself in your office before I could stop her. I tried to call you to let you know, but your phone was off," Janice said, certain that she was going to get Miriam fired.

"She was given permission to use my shower and to change before going to dinner with my parents," William told Janice, a look of displeasure on his face.

"I'm sorry sir! I'll go cancel my call to security," Janice said as Miriam opened the door and stepped into the hall. She noticed security moving up behind William and Janice and had to suppress her panic; did William have cameras in his office?

"No need gentlemen, Janice was mistaken about something. Have a good night," William told them. Miriam breathed a small, inaudible sigh of relief. "Are you ready?" William asked Miriam, turning back to her with a smile.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Miriam said with a nervous smile.


"Weren't we supposed to be here ten minutes ago?" Miriam murmured as they walked into the restaurant.

"Yes, but dad will understand," William told her, squeezing her hand. He spoke briefly to the hostess who led them to the back of the dining room.

"You're late son," his father said, standing up as they walked into view.

"Sorry, my meeting ran late," William apologized as he pulled a chair out for Miriam.

"You're the little bitch that refused to let me see my son last week," his father accused.

"William Chancey! You will be nice to this girl!" She turned to her son and Miriam. "I'm Cathy Chancey, it's nice to meet you," Cathy introduced herself to Miriam.

"I'm Mira," Miriam answered. She looked at William. "I didn't know you were a junior," Miriam murmured.

"I am," William said with a grin.

"What's good here?" Miriam asked as they sat down and she thumbed through the menu.

"The lobster is amazing," William senior answered.

"I'm allergic to shellfish," Miriam said quickly, thankful that it was a common allergy and a good excuse for not eating something treyf.

"The chicken is amazing and so is the beef," Cathy told her. Miriam gave her a grateful smile and studied the menu. "So Billy, how's business?" Cathy asked her son.

"Mom, I asked you not to call me that!" William pleaded.

"Sorry, Will," Cathy murmured. William rolled his eyes but shrugged his shoulders.

"Business is business and it's not too badly these days," William answered. The waiter stopped by and they put in their orders. William glanced at Miriam who, to him, seemed a little more nervous than she needed to. "What's wrong?" he asked her softly.

"Your father scares me," Miriam murmured. William smiled gently.

"I won't let him hurt you," he promised.

"God that was painful," Miriam moaned as she dropped to the bed. William laughed and dropped down next to her.

"Mom liked you," he told her.

"Really?" Miriam asked.

"Yes, really. What, did your ex-mother in law not like you?" William asked jokingly.

"She did until the miscarriage," Miriam said.

"I'm sorry," William said quickly.

"It's okay," Miriam murmured. She jumped when she felt William's hands on her shoulders and moaned in appreciation when she felt him begin to massage out the knots she didn't even know existed. "I don't think your dad likes me much," Miriam said.

"Don't worry about my father," William told her. "Did you enjoy your meal tonight?" he wanted to know.

"It was alright. For the price, it could have been a whole lot better," Miriam answered. William nodded and glanced at the clock.

"I have to go now, I have a flight at seven thirty. Enjoy your weekend off and I'll call you tomorrow afternoon," William told her suddenly. Miriam nodded, she had known about the trip for weeks and knew it was perfect, she could use the time to share her knowledge with Malachi and Ari. William brushed a kiss to her lips. "I love you Mira," William said before walking out the door.

"I love you?" Mira thought. Oh shit, things were about to get even more complicated.


**Treyf means unkosher

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