tagNovels and NovellasA Harsh Reality Pt. 05

A Harsh Reality Pt. 05



"I can't believe you got married without my permission or approval!" Liam shouted. Miriam winced as her father continued to yell at her.

"I am a grown woman. I should be free to make my own decisions about who I do or do not marry!" Miriam exclaimed.

"You're Jewish Miriam, and he, he kills Jews!"

"No he doesn't! His father has ordered the deaths, but not Will! He didn't even know what went on in the camps!" Miriam protested.

"You shouldn't have his child Miriam. Abort it, like you did Jake's," Liam ordered. Tears filled Miriam's eyes and she used her hands as shields over her abdomen.

"Never," Miriam whispered. Liam would have said more, but a knock at the door gained his attention.

"What is it?" Liam snapped. The door opened and two of the Rabbis walked into the room. "We're busy," Liam growled.

"I know, but this can't wait," one of the Rabbis said. He handed Liam a flier. "Justin found this in the nearest town when he went in for supplies," he added. Liam swore under his breath and showed it to Miriam.

"Take this to Will, he has the right to know," Liam told his daughter.


"Damn him!" Will shouted, slamming his fist on the table making Miriam jump. Malachi placed his hands on her shoulders to help calm her and cast a concerned glance at Ari.

"Nobody saw Will with us, so it will take a lot for them to track us down," Ari mused.

"What if he does find us?" Miriam whispered, her hands again dropped to her abdomen. Will turned to her and took her hands in his.

"He won't hurt you or the baby, I promise," Will told her, his voice low.

"Yes he will. Your father is ruthless. You saw what he's done. He had us watch one of his soldiers rape an innocent woman! All because she refused to forget she was in love with her husband! And then they killed her! Right in front of us! The only thing that kept him from killing me is the baby! If it weren't for me being pregnant, I'd be dead already!" Miriam's voice was shrill, she boarded on hysterics.

"Guys, could you give us a few?" Will asked Malachi and Ari. Ari nodded and headed for the door. Malachi looked less sure and hesitated. "I'm not going to hurt her Malachi," Will told him.

"Come on Chi, give them a few moments," Ari said, grabbing his friend's arm. Malachi nodded and followed Ari out of the room.

Will took Miriam's hands in his and led her to the couch. "Listen to me Mira. I won't let him hurt you. I swear on my life that I won't let him hurt you," William murmured.

"He'll kill you once he knows you've become a Jew supporter. He'll even kill the baby because he won't consider you family anymore!" Miriam was beyond hysterics at this point and began hyperventilating.

"Miriam stop it!" William exclaimed, shaking her gently. "I will not let him hurt either of you. Don't forget, he has to get through me and Malachi and Ari!" Will reminded her.

"I'm scared Will," Miriam whispered. Will smiled and kissed her gently.

"I'll keep you safe," he promised before kissing her again. Miriam moaned and pressed herself against him, her hands on his shoulders. "I need you Mira," Will's voice was husky with desire.

"Then take me," Miriam whispered. She pushed him away long enough to pull her clothes off; whimpered when he dipped two fingers up inside her.

"God Miriam, I love you more than I thought I ever could love anyone," Will moaned. Miriam squirmed against his fingers as Will undid his pants with his free hand.

"Will, I need you inside me, please," Miriam whispered. William pushed his pants and boxers down and let them drop to around his ankles. Miriam cried out as he pushed her against the couch before slamming into hard and fast. Small whimpers of pleasure escaped her as she met him thrust for hard thrust.

"You're so beautiful," Will groaned. Miriam gasped and moaned loudly when his cock started brushing against her g-spot.

"Oh God Will, don't stop! Don't ever stop!" Miriam wailed. Will chuckled and kissed her hard.

"Don't worry precious, I won't," Will promised as he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts. Miriam gasped loudly as her climax spiraled towards her. "Let go," he whispered before closing his mouth around one of her nipples. Will shuddered when he felt Miriam's body clench around him as she came with a loud scream that got louder and shakier when his seed pulsed into her.

"Is everyone alright in here?" Liam asked, bursting into the door, Malachi and Ari right behind him. Miriam gasped and blushed as Will struggled to grab hold of a blanket to cover them with.

"We're fine," Will said.

"So we can see," Malachi said with a grin.

"We heard screaming," Liam reminded Malachi.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm a bit loud," Miriam admitted with a blush. Malachi winked at her, causing her blush to deepen.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Liam asked his daughter.

"She's fine Liam, let's go make sure Hannah isn't screaming in the same way," Ari advised, pulling the older man out of the cabin.


"My father thinks you kidnapped me?" Will asked, his eyes wide.

"He's got patrols out looking for you," Ari confirmed.

"Wonderful," Will said sarcastically.

"What's going to happen?" Miriam wanted to know. Malachi patted her on the shoulder reassuringly.

"Nothing is going to happen," Liam said.

"The last time you said nothing was going to happen, we found our neighbor's family murdered," Miriam reminded her father.

"I won't let anything happen." The look on Will's face made Miriam nervous.

"What are you going to do?" Miriam asked.

"If it comes to it, I'll go back," Will said reluctantly.

"No!" Miriam exclaimed, launching herself out of her chair.

"If that's what it takes to keep you safe, then I'll do it," Will told her. Ari and Malachi looked at Liam and the three of them quickly left the cabin.

"I can't do this alone," Miriam's voice bored on hysterics.

"And you won't. My father won't kill me Miriam. If I have to go home to my parents, I promise you that I will come back. I will be here with you when you have the baby," Will promised, even though he knew, that his father would most likely try to kill him for marrying a Jew and that even if he got away from his father, it would be months, or even years before he saw Miriam again.

"You promise?" Miriam sniffled.

William wrapped his arms around Miriam and hugged her tightly before pulling away, looked her in the face and said, "I promise that I will come back to you. To both of you." A noise in the doorway had them both looking up to find a very displeased Liam standing in the doorway. "What is it?" William asked.

"We need to talk. Miriam, go visit with Hannah and one of the doctors. I want a full detailed plan on how to keep my grandchild safe," Liam directed.

"You told me I should have an abortion!" Miriam shot back. Liam sighed.

"Miriam, I was angry that you got married without my permission, but it was wrong of me to take out my dislike of the child's father and other grandfather. For that I apologize. Now go visit with your sister and one of the doctors," Liam instructed. Miriam hesitated for a moment then slipped from the cabin. Once he was satisfied that Miriam was out of hearing range, Liam turned on his new and unwanted son in law. "I don't like you," Liam began.

"I never would have guessed," William said sarcastically.

"But my daughter seems to like you and you are the father of my grandchild. For those reasons alone, I will accept you. If you turn us over to your father, know that you will hurt my daughter deeply and for that, I will kill you," Liam finished.

"I won't betray you to my father. I'm embarrassed that I'm even related to him," William promised.

"You wanted to see me?" Malachi asked, coming to a stop at the river. William looked up and nodded as he stood. "What's up?" Malachi wanted to know.

"There's a chance that Miriam is correct and that my father will kill me, or at least try to kill me. If I don't come back, I want you to take care of Miriam and the baby," William said. Malachi looked at him in surprise. "I know you love Miriam, she told me what happened between the two of you and I trust you to make sure they're both safe," he added.

"Of course I'll take care of Miriam and the baby, but you'd better not let it come to that or if and when you come back, I'll kick your Gentile ass!" Malachi promised with a hiss. He studied William carefully. "You really do love her," Malachi observed.

"I really do," William confirmed.

"Then make sure you come back," Malachi said before walking away.

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