tagGroup SexA Hickerman Party Ch. 04

A Hickerman Party Ch. 04


The Hickerman Party – More Initiation & Slavery

Sensual EntAngelments Inspired by Angeleyes

In the Hickerman Party – The Invitation Bill is given an invitation to an orgy. He invites his lover, Angel, to accompany him. At this initial party, they must be initiated to become members. During the first segment, Angel and Bill tour the club facilities and enjoy an exotic and titillating show as well as giving quite a show of their own.

In the Hickerman Party – The Competition both Angel and Bill enjoy the erotic competitions between the other members, while they try to determine what they have to do during the initiation. In between times, they provide even more entertainment for the members adding to their growing erotic reputation. The winner of the members competition, Teneka, A large breasted black woman; picks Angel and Bill to be here sex slaves for the rest of the evening, after the initiations are complete.

In the Hickerman Party – The Initiation Angel and Bill compete with two other couples being initiated into the club. They compete up on the stage in front of all the members; scoring points for climaxes, changing positions and penetrating different orifices. Angel and Bill finish second. First place, Tonya and Jeff, as the winners get to pick anyone to be their slave for the rest of the evening. Tonya, after being totally dominated by her husband during the competition, takes charge and picks Bill. Second place also gets to pick someone, but of the opposite sex. In a twist of fait, Angel is allowed to pick Jeff. However, Teneka, who won the members' fellatio contest earlier in The Competition, has already won the right to claim Angel and Bill as her slaves. Tonya quickly suggests that both couples give up their right to slaves and become slaves of Teneka; as long as Angel can fulfill her fantasy to have two cocks simultaneously, sometime during the remainder of the evening. However, the final phase of the initiation must take place first. Enjoy!!!

* * * * *

"Alright then." The MC barks. "Now you and Bill also have the choice of any female to be your sexual slave for the rest of the evening." The MC hands the mic to Angel.

She immediately hands it off to Bill, surprising him. Quickly regaining his composure, Bill takes the mic and says to Angel, "Well, since you delivered most of the points, I think it is only fitting that you choose. Besides, now that you have handed me off to Tonya, what am I going to do with a slave?..." Turning now to the MC, he continues, "But, I would ask our MC if a change can be made?" pausing again, he explains to the MC, "It has always been one of Angel's fondest fantasies to have two men at once. Would it be possible for her to choose a man as her slave?"

"Well that is very irregular – but considering all the entertainment Angel has provided us tonight, I can't see why not." Turning to her, he continues, "So Angel, whom do you choose as a second lover for tonight?

Angel sheepishly takes the mic and says, "I would like to have the added enjoyment of Jeff's big, long cock. We can make it a foursome, if Tonya is open to that?"

"Sure that sounds great to me." Tonya agrees, sliding up to the other side of Bill. She reaches down, strokes his semi-rigid cock, and slides her tongue into his mouth.

"Great!" shouts Angel, moving over next to Jeff, "It's time Jeff here, is put in his place. Now get on your knees, mother-fucker, and eat my pussy."

The audience stands and claps their approval, mixed with shouts of, "Yeah you bastard", "You better eat her good." and, "Way to go girl, you tell him." Then just as the crowd's applause begins to wane, a naked, curvaceous black beauty steps up on Angel and Bill's table shouting, "Hey Jim! What about me? I've already won the right to Angel and Bill as my slaves for the rest of the evening!"

Before the MC can answer, Tonya pulls her tongue out of Bill's mouth and shouts back, "How about if – if we give up our winnings and you can have all four of us as your slaves, as long as Angel gets a couple of cocks in her at the same time?"

"Ummm, That sounds delicious." Teneka agrees. "So why don't the four of you get your sweet sexy asses into one of those beds, while I make my way up there to join you!

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold everything!" The MC chimes in, holding up his hand. "We have the rest of the initiation to go through first."

"I'm sorry, Jim!" shouts back Teneka as she steps down off the table. "I forgot about that."

"My dear Teneka, how could you forget about the best part of the initiation?"

"What's this?" Angel inquires right away with a little edge in her voice. "I thought we just went through our initiation."

"No, no – well you have – but only the initial stage. We have one more phase that everyone here has been through and it is the part we all enjoy the most. Everyone is going to line up and – sort of like a receiving line," he pauses, turns to the audience and chuckles, "we are all going to introduce ourselves."

"Ok, I'm not so sure about this, but alright." Angel backs down a little.

"Now if you will all return to your beds and the judges will tie you down and put on your blindfolds." He smiles the whole time as if this is all quite natural.

"What? Wait!" The edge returning to Angel's voice. "You didn't say anything about this before."

"And spoil the surprise? I think you will enjoy this just as much, if not more than the rest of us. I assure you nothing bad is going to happen. No one will penetrate any of your orifices, unless you ask them to," the MC assures Angel and the rest of them.

"Well, let's get on with it then. Everything else has been great so far." Angel accepts the MC's word, turns back towards the beds, leaving Jeff on his knees as if he had not even been there.

The initiates, following Angel's lead, are soon all lying back down on their respective beds. The judges make them move down to the foot of the beds, so their legs hang over at the knees and their feet are on the floor. Then they take silky scarves and quickly tie each initiate's wrist to the three rings mounted at the head of each bed. The right arm of each woman and the left arm of every man shares the middle ring. The judges take more scarves and tie the outside ankles to each leg of the bed. The man's left and woman's right ankles are tied together forcing their legs to be spread wide open. Next, they take thickly padded black blind folds and cover each initiate's eyes.

Once all the initiates are tightly secured to the bed, the MC turns to the audience to announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen. We are finally ready for the second part of the initiation – the part that you have all been waiting for. It is now your turns to come up on stage and properly introduce yourselves to our brand new members. Your introduction should not take longer than fifteen seconds. Our judges will usher you along if you take too much time. So, please, please come forward and welcome our new members."

The members sitting at the tables closest to the stage, quickly get up and queue on the steps leading up on to the stage. They form up as couples. Males on the right to introduce themselves to the ladies, while the females lined up on the left. Many of the couples sitting towards the rear of the hall just remain at their seats, indulging in their own interests, while waiting for the lines to shorten.

The first man to approach Angel kneels down on one knee, kissing her on the cheek and whispering in her ear, "Hello Angel. My name is Sam." One of his hands drifts up and cups her left breast as he continues, "I really enjoyed your show all evening. I hope you will come down later and see me. I'm sitting at table six."

Still squeezing her breast, he stands up, moving to where her left hand is tied above her head near the edge of the bed. Razing up on his tip toes he swings a two inch thick semi-erect cock into her hand, saying, "Squeeze Angel," – but she just lets it sit there without saying anything in reply, still not real comfortable with this situation – "Isn't he nice and fat. And he's not even fully erect yet. Can't you imagine how good he would feel as he stretches your pussy..."

At exactly that moment Angel gasps out in surprise as the second man in line kneels down between her legs, leans forward driving his tongue right into the folds of her pussy. Finding her clit instantly, he wiggles his tongue across it rapidly. Angel's hand involuntarily grabs the first man's cock, squeezing it with considerable force.

"That's it girl. You like my fat monster. Don't you." He responds to the pleasure, then adds, "Stroke it a few times. Make it feel real good."

Angel does not really hear him, the shock and pleasure the man between her legs capturing all her pleasure. This really takes her aback though, feeling violated and repulsed on the one hand; she is in instant arousal, almost to the point of orgasm on the other. As he continues to wiggle his tongue over her hot spot, she feels a couple, quick little spasms and with each one, she squeezes and pulls on the first man's cock.

"That's it girl." The first man reacting to her manipulation, then asks, "Do you want to suck on it a little?"

Having regained a little of her composer and not liking his confident tone, she immediately replies with a resounding, "No!"

"Come on Sam, times up," interrupts the judge. "There's at least a hundred other guys out there in line waiting to introduce themselves to our new little Angel."

Reluctantly he pulls away, shoving his cock back in his pants and commenting, "Hoping to see you real soon, down at table six."

The second man stands up, stepping away from Angel. He moves around, up near her head. Before he can even say anything a third man is down licking her pussy as she gasps again in surprise, not expecting the second man to be replaced so soon. The second man says, "Nice to meet you Angel, my name is Brad and I have enjoyed watching you two all evening."

"Thanks Brad, and it's nice meeting you. You have a real talented tongue, got me going almost instantly."

"Thanks, have a nice evening." He responds with a polite salutation as he turns to walk away and get in the next line.

Bill is just as shocked as Angel is. The first woman approaches him without saying a word. She takes his not quite totally erect cock into her mouth. She takes it completely down her throat, her nose burying itself in his pubic hair. Pulling up quickly, she gives several half-length bobs.

While the first lady is busy on his cock the second woman in line moves right up to his face. Leaning over in a real sultry voice, she says, "Hi Bill. I'm Charlene." She lowers a large breast right into his mouth and continues, "I can't wait to get you to eat my pussy like you do Angel's. You two are so hot." She grabs either side of his head and pulls him into her soft flesh.

As if on signal, both lassies straighten up. The first woman pulls her mouth off his cock with a loud plop as the second lady pulls her teat from Bill's mouth with an equally loud plop. The first woman steps toward his head and says in a voice strikingly similar to the second woman, "Hi Bill, I'm Marlene. Char and I are twins." Bending over his face, she shoves one of her teats into his face the same as her sister did. "See."

Marlene allows him to suck a little longer as the next woman takes his now rigid cock in hand. After a few more seconds, Marlene pulls her teat from his lips with another loud plop and says, "Come on down and see us some time, big fellow. Double your pleasure and double your fun." Giggling at that, the two turn away and walk off arm in arm.

The woman stroking Bill's cock steps up toward his head as the other two depart. Continuing to stroke, she bends over giving him a passionate open mouth kiss with all kinds of tongue.

"Come on girl, save some for the rest of us." Complains the next woman in line.

Letting go of his cock, but maintaining the kiss, she just waves her off and retakes his cock in her hand, stroking him even faster. Finally breaking the kiss, she moves her mouth to his ear, sticking her tongue in it and then saying, "Hello. My name is Jane. I hope sometime real soon, you can give me a little of what you were giving Angel. I'd love to cum like that." She kisses him again and moves on.

"Gee, I didn't think she was ever going to give you up. Hi, I'm Sam. Love your work." She runs a hand over his balls, up over his hard cock, and across his stomach and chest. Finally, her fingers rest on his lips; she runs one finger lightly around the edge, then bending over, says, "Your good, but I'm better. You eat me like you eat Angel some time and I'll give you the best fucking of your life. And I guarantee I'll have you cumming in no time at all." With that, she pulls his lower lip down with one finger, lets it go and walks off.

Every guy in line so far, has gone down on Angel; all of them choosing to eat first and introduce themselves second. She squirms as each man's tongue flips across her clit, but none of them is able to do what Bill does to her. Of course, they are only getting about a ten second shot at her, before they have to move up and introduce themselves. Most come up and flip their cock in her hand or suck on her breast, while trying to drop some impressive line before they move on.

About the twentieth guy through leaves her pussy and coming up along her side introduces himself as George, flipping his dick in her hand and squeezing her breast he says, "I got a big long one for you babe, try me out some time if you really want to get off."

However, what she really notices is the fact that the next guy in line has not gone down on her yet, so she gives this guy a quick squeeze, answering with fake sweetness, "I'll keep that in mind." in hopes that he will quickly move on.

Without touching her, the new guy in line steps up near her head as soon as this twentieth guy moves away. In a really deep, Sam Elliot like voice, "Good evening, ma'am, my name is Sheridan; Wayne Sheridan."

In her minds eye, Angel could almost see him taking off a big Stetson and bowing before her politely.

"You have totally captivated the entire proceedings this evening. Your performance and the way you hold yourself reminds of the great sculptures from ancient Greece and the classic renaissance nudes of Renoir or Titian's The Venus of Urbino. You are one class act and certainly upgrade the surroundings like none other before you."

"Well, thank you kind sir." She can feel herself beginning to flush. "I wish I could see you, I'm sure I would want to compliment you with equal grace. At least let me feel you a little so I can repay you for the praise."

"Wouldn't a lingering passionate kiss as a promise to the future, be more sustaining than a few moments of brutal lust?" and with that he bends down, kissing her firmly on the lips. They are large and soft; and Angel's lips sink, almost melt into his as a head does on a good pillow. His tongue slowly, but deliberately splits her lips and takes possession of her mouth. It rummages around inside for ten to fifteen seconds, exploring every inch it can reach and slowly withdraws.

As he pulls away, Angel lifts her head trying to maintain contact with those wonderful lips for as long as she can. Only the bindings on her arms keep her from following them. Straining to stay with him, she cannot and collapses frustrated, back to the bed ending the kiss and the tingling that raced throughout her body.

Gasping for breath she begs, "Come back.... Kiss me again.... Let me feel... your cock.... You can... even... fuck me."

Softly caressing her cheek he whispers still in that deep, thrilling voice, "There will be plenty of time for that later, my sweet.... I promise." And he is gone.

The next man in line is immediately down between her legs. As soon as his tongue touches her pussy, she clamps her thighs tight around his head in frustration, wanting that deep husky voice down there instead. She also wonders, Why didn't this guy go down on me while Wayne was up here kissing me? None of the others before him waited for the person in front to depart.

At Bill's side of the bed a familiar voice says, "Hello Bill. It's Nancy."

"Oh. Hi Mrs. Hickerman."

"None of that." she scolds, taking his cock in her hand and slowly stroking it. "We all go by first names around here."

"Yes, ma'am." He quickly responds.

"And none of that either." She quickly chides again and gives his a cock a hard squeeze. "When you address me like that, either you think I'm older than you – and I'm not that much older – or you think I'm in charge. This club doesn't work that way. We are all equals here."

"Yes, ma... I mean Nancy."

Gazing at the cock in her hand, she stops stroking it; instead, she twists it this way and that. She studies it longingly, admiringly, saying, "My you do have a nice fat cock. I bet Angel just loves the way it fills her up." Stroking it again, she looks over at Angel, who has a man between her legs, licking her enthusiastically while another man is sucking her left teat and squeezing her right. "Angel dear? Does Bill's cock fill you up good and tight."

Angel hears and recognizes the motherly voice from earlier and in between gasps answers, "Oh yes... Mrs. Hickerman... And I wish... I had it... in me... right now!"

"In due course, my dear. Now Angel, please call me Nancy. I was just telling your nicely hung boy friend here, that we are all equals in this club." Slowly climbing up on the bed, she places one knee next to Bill's head and swings her right leg over to straddle his chest, while saying, "However, I am gong to take advantage of my position anyway and consume a little extra time." She slides forward pushing her pussy into Bill's face. "Now give me some of that tongue, you were giving Angel earlier."

Bill had his tongue working its way up through the folds of her thick pussy lips before she even finished asking the question. He lashes his tongue back and forth fighting for space between her outer lips already gorged fat with blood. Slashing and lashing he finds her inner lips. Digging and licking, he works his tongue between them. Pointing the end of his tongue as best he can, he finds the bottom of her groove just above the entrance to her vagina. Slowly he slides that pointed tongue up until he finally finds a really thick and distended little prick at least a half inch in length.

Surprised for a moment, Bill almost freezes; then sensing what he has found, seizes the opportunity and sucks it in between his lips. He rolls it with his lips and lashes the tip of it with his tongue as Nancy moans in response, "Ummmm, yes... That's it Bill... Suck on my little cock... You don't find many clits that big do you?"

At this very moment Angel screams out as one of the men, finally gets her off. Thrashing on the bed she screams, "Oh God yes!... Oh God!... Oh God!... Oooh myyy God!... Oh!... Oh!... Oh!... God!... Fuck me!... Someone... fuck me!"

Nancy turns and looks down at the guy eating Angels pussy and commands, "Hal! Get up there and fuck the lady! Give her what she needs!" Hal quickly pulls his mouth away from Angel's pussy as he gets up off his knees. Grabbing hold of his cock, he points at the opening, steps forward and drives his lance deep into her tunnel.

"Augh!... Augh!... Augh!..." escapes from Angels lungs as he slams into her with all his weight, pulls out and slams into her again and again. She quickly catches his rhythm and thrusts her hips up to meet each attack. "Augh!... Augh, yes!... Augh, yes God!... Fuck me!... Fuck me!... Fuck me!..." The initial orgasm is gone, but spasms are already building for a quick second.

Hal grabs her by the thighs and pulls her ass to the edge of the bed. Standing on slightly bent knees, he now pulls her ass up off the bed and begins to pound into her like a jackhammer. His hips are thrusting as fast as they can go, so fast she is literally vibrating on the bed, her small breasts bouncing all over her chest. The slapping of his balls against her ass resonates through the hall – slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

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