A Hickerman Party Ch. 04


She slides forward and covers his mouth with her pussy, saying as she does so, "Jimmy just filled my pussy full. Now, you eat that spunk. You suck it out of my cunt. I'll teach you to brag to your friends that you're cheating on me," her voice full of venom.

Bill licks at her pussy and normally would have been thrilled to lap up cum juice out of her cunt. Somehow, he was not very enthusiastic about it right now.

Angel had long since moved as far away as the bindings would allow her.

"Now you smell my pussy real good, because this is last time you're ever going to get this close to it." The venom cutting like a hot knife threw butter.

As the other introductions are completed, the last of the members slink off the stage quietly. The judges, except for Angel and Bill's, have already released their initiates and are leaving the stage as well. Angel and Bill's judges move around behind the drapes and disappear.

Bill's wife continues, "It isn't like you're not going to see me, though. I'm riding the wheel-of-passion tonight. And you're going to be forced to watch – you and your slut here. Forced to watch your wife get enjoyed by any man who wants her. I've developed a real close friendship with your slave master, Teneka. You're going to pay... You're both going to pay for making a fool out of me." With that, she swung herself off his face and sauntered away with resolution in her step.

As her determined steps fade away, Angel finally ventures, "What now?"

"I-I-I don't know. I guess we could leave or we can go through with whatever they have planned and just see what happens. What do you want to do?"

Although pissed that he told Jim all their secrets, she also remembered all the great times they had. "Listen, Babe. I came with you, I'm leaving with you. You make the decision. I'm with you all the way. Now what's going on. Is the line done?"

"Oh, yeah. The line is definitely done. Done and gone. There's no one on the stage but us."

"Even the other initiates are gone?"


"We're all alone up here?" She gasps in amazement and a feeling of embarrassment rushes over her. Then she remembers what Mrs. Hickerman said earlier. "Hey, Mrs Hicker – Nancy told me earlier that what ever happens, it would be alright, and to just go along with the program."

"Yeah." says Bill sarcastically and yells, "Hey is anyone going to untie us."

No response is heard, however the murmuring from the crowd down below diminishes to a hush, everyone stops what they are doing, moves to their seats and turns toward the stage. Bill looks across the crowd, wondering what is next, are they all in on this?

"What's happening?" Angel asks with a hint of panic in her voice. "Can you get this blindfold off me?"

"They're just all staring at us. I'm still tied up, can't reach you."

Slowly from the middle of the seats, Teneka rises to her feet. Slowly she walks to the stairs, climbs them and struts over to Angel's side of the bed. She pulls off Angel's blindfold, and lowers her mouth to Angel's nipple sucking it in softly and slowly. Angel gasps, sucking a deep breath through her teeth, a sure sign to Bill that Teneka is getting to her.

"I'm not... really into... this... girl on girl thing." Angel says, trying to pull away from her.

Pulling her mouth off, Teneka screams savagely, her face all screwed up and her nostrils flaring. "Shut up! Slave! You're my bitch tonight! I don't really care what you are or are not into. Now you suck on my teat."

Angel looks at Bill, as if pleading for help, but Teneka pulls her face back and shoves one of her massive teats into her mouth.

"Come on, this isn't right! You let go of her this instant!" Bill intervenes with a forceful voice, beginning to wonder if this is really a club or some sort of sick, Kafka type imprisonment, just put together to punish him.

"You just mind your own business, you adulterous bastard."

"Adulterous? No more than the rest of you!" Bill counters.

"With one small exception, we're all here with the knowledge and blessing of our spouses," Teneka explains, "including this little slut. Now suck my teat bitch. Make Teneka's nipples hard.

Scrapping noises out on the floor distract their attention for a moment as a number of the young naked servers, wheel a large round pedestal table and two sets of head and arm stocks into the middle of the couches. Members turn their couches around to face the wheeled shape table and sit down again, many immediately going into embraces with their partners.

"Are you going to untie us?" Bill asks, resentment in his voice.

"All in good time." Teneka replies in an assertive tone. "As soon as we are assured that you won't break and run as soon as we untie you."

Teneka turns, pulling her teat out of Angel's mouth and yells, "Jim, have you got there clothes?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" He yells back. Immediately he is on his feet and runs up on the stage from the area of Angel and Bill's couch.

As he runs toward her, Teneka moves around to Bill's side of the bed. Grabbing his cock as Jim joins them, she reaches out her other hand, palm side up, commanding like a surgeon, "Cock ring."

Jim places the clothes on the bed by Bill's feet, reaches down taking his own erect cock into his hands. Slowly, twisting and turning, he takes a cock ring off his own cock and hands it to Teneka. She takes it as Bill curses Jim, "You bastard!"

As Teneka works the ring over the head of Bill's cock, Jim answers with a shrug, "Hey pal, what's good for the gander is good for the goose. I figured as long as you were screwing the pouch, she was free game, he, he," he laughs.

"Fuck you! Ouw! And you too!" directing his insults first at Jim, and then Teneka as she roughly pushes the cock ring down his shaft.

"I plan to." She returns with a smile, that turns quickly into a grimace as she continues, "Now shut up. Both of you!" Turning to Jim again with her hand stretching out, she commands, "Keys!"

Jim quickly finds Bill's pants and fumbles through the pockets for the keys. Finding them after a few abortive attempts, he quickly hands them over to Teneka. Taking them, she turns, letting go of Bill's cock and switching the keys to that hand. Grabbing his cock roughly with the other, she dangles the keys in Bill's face, laughing sardonically. "Take their clothes to the dungeon and throw them in the fire place." She laughs again, continuing, "That and these keys, aught to keep them here. It is a long, cold run home; naked, in the middle of October."

Suddenly, the beating of a drum and chanting, soon supported by the stamping of feet, pull the attention of everyone on the stage. Six men hoist Bill's wife up on their shoulders, beginning to process around the outside of the couches, marching in time with the chants. Lying prostrate on their shoulders, face down, one man holds her ankles, spreading them, thus her legs wide apart. The next man wraps his arms around her thighs, supporting one on each shoulder, while burying his nose in her pussy. Two men on either side of her waist, reach forward with their free hands to play with her teats, while the remaining two support her at her shoulders.

"What's going on?" Bill questions with concern.

"Your wife has volunteered to be sacrificed to the wheel-of-passion. They'll carry her around like that on their shoulders past all the couches allowing everyone to touch her. Then they will secure her to the wheel." Teneka answers.

"I don't like this." Bill states, determination in his voice. "Let me loose. I want to go down and talk to her. Obviously, I'm not going anywhere."

"Don't worry about your wife, she won't be hurt.

"Bull Shit! This is gone far enough!" Bill's anger increasing by the second. "Let me loose!"

"See, I don't think you can be trusted. You're liable to do something rash." Teneka responds in a calming voice. "I assure you nothing bad is going to happen to anyone. Just play along and everything will be fine. Besides I have something more important for you to do, right now."

Without waiting for him to make any further protests, she quickly climbs up on the bed, straddling his face, sliding her pussy right over his nose and mouth. Wasting no time at all, she immediately begins rotating her hips, sliding that already hot and wet pussy all over his face, while directing, "Now just be a good boy and eat Teneka's pussy. Teneka wants one of those hot orgasms you've been giving Angel all night.

"Where's Jeff and Tonya?" Angel inquires. "I thought they were going to be your slaves as too."

"Considering the changes in circumstances, they've surrendered their claims to your slavery and have given you to me." She explains.

"Ummm, Bill that does feel good. I see why Angel likes it so much." Teneka compliments as Bill resigns himself to his predicament and lashes out at her clit with his tongue. "Now let's see how well your little mistress her can eat pussy," as she dismounts from Bill's face and moves to straddle Angel.

"I don't do women!" Angel protest.

"Posh," she dismisses Angel's comment. "You just haven't done women before, is all. But tonight you will." Without wasting another second on argument, Teneka sits right down on Angel's face.

This is an entirely different experience for Angel. Before tonight, she rarely found herself in the same room with a woman during sexual entanglements, let alone, involved with a woman in any form of intimate behavior. However, realizing her fait in the short term is dependant upon pleasing this woman, whom is slowly rocking back and forth on her face; she tentatively sticks out her tongue and begins searching for the woman's clit.

Meanwhile, the beating of the drum and feet continue, as the six men carry Bill's wife around and through the crowd. Occasionally, as a member is past, he or she will reach up to play with her hanging breasts. Similarly, her screams of passion reverberate over the chanting as the man between her legs continues to torment her with his acts of cunniligus.

Teneka's head rolls back, letting out her own howl of passion as Angel's tongue finds her clit. Angel attempts to give her the same treatment Bill's tongue gives her, wagging it back and forth across that hard little head as fast as she can. "Oooh!... Oooh!... Oooooh!... Angel, baby!... You know what you're.... Ooooh!... Yeah!... what you're doing. Don't you?... Oooooh!... Oh, yeah!... Either you are a natural,... Ooooh!... Oooh!... or you've eaten a hell of lot of pussy."

Raising his head, Bill watches as the six men continue to carry his wife through the crowd down below. To his astonishment, more people are getting up and touching his wife, until they loft her away from the hands of the original processors. Utterly frustrated, he watches as the crowd takes her and passes her from one group to another. They grope her all the way, pulling on her breasts and feeling her between her legs. Some men underneath, grab her head and kiss her. Others take her breasts and suck on them, while some actually try to get between her legs for a quick lick at her clit.

Teneka's moaning finally distracts him. Looking over at them, he sees that she has turned around. Laying out flat on Angel's tummy, her head between Angel's legs, she is eating her with passion. In order to reach Teneka's pussy, Angel is pulling her head up off the bed. To his surprise, she seems to be really getting into it, eating Teneka's pussy with relish.

At first Angel wanted no part of this scene, what so ever. Surprisingly, as her tongue works into the folds of Teneka's pussy, she becomes less and less reluctant. As Teneka begins to moan with desire, Angel feels the charge of passion beginning to swell within her, the same kind of feeling she feels when she goes down on Bill. When Teneka suddenly swings around, diving for Angel's pussy, the electric shock of Teneka's tongue against her clit drives away all final inhibitions. If she could, Angel would throw her arms up around Teneka's thighs, to pull herself into her pussy even harder.

To Angel, Teneka's tongue is different from any other she has ever felt. Softer, it works across her clit, sending waves of sensual bliss to every part of her body. Not unlike the same stimulus that Bill always sends through her, just a lighter, softer, more sensuous touch. She just hopes that she is providing the same to Teneka.

Looking down on the floor again, Bill sees his wife moving across the top of the crowd. Her body circles once and then moves to the center, where the large wheel is sitting. Slowly they turn her over on her back placing her on the surface. It looks like a large stagecoach wheel lying on its side about waist high, with a padded bench laid across its surface. The pad for the head sticks out beyond the edge of the wheel, as do the pads for her legs. However, the pads under her legs are spread wide apart, almost forming a U and there is a space cut into the wheel so there is no obstruction between the pads.

After gently lowering his wife to the wheel, the crowd ties first one arm and then the other to the edge of the wheel. Within moments, her feet get the same treatment; but first, a man standing in the gap between the pads takes her legs and bends them up towards her chest. He slowly separates them sending one to the right and the other to the left. In this knee bent position, he pushes each leg down to the pad, where others secure her knees and then her ankles with leather straps.

Next to Bill, both Angel and Teneka moan in abandonment as they simultaneously bring each other off. Any other time Bill's attention would be totally on these two beautiful creatures next to him. However, concern for his wife, even though he is in no position to do anything about it, commands his attention to the events unfolding on the floor below.

Suddenly all the commotion on the floor dies away. Almost everyone sits down, except for eight men that circle the wheel. Slowly the drum begins to beat once more and so does the pounding of the feet. The man standing at his wife's feet, takes one and passes it to the man to his right. The wheel begins to turn slowly as the second man passes the foot to the third and so on.

The crowd begins to chant. It is hard for Bill to understand. He listens more intensely, trying to ignore the screams of passion next to him. Listening it begins to come to him. "Spin her fast. Who will fuck her at last? Spin her fast! Who will fuck her at last?"

As her feet come around to the first man again, he takes hold and gives her one good hard push. Spinning rapidly now, all the men step back as the crowd breaks into clapping, whistles and yelling. Around and around, his wife spins. As the momentum starts to wane the crowd chants again, "Slowly she spins. Who will have his way with her? Slowly she spins. Who will have his way with her?"

"Kind of reminds you of spin the bottle, don't you think?" Teneka whispers in his ear, jarring him back to his reality. He had not even noticed that Teneka and Angel had finished their little game. "I think it's time you got a little closer look at the festivities. Don't you?" When Bill didn't answer, she grabbed his cock, gently this time and continued, "But first, I think I need a little demonstration on how well this nice pole of yours operates."

Before Bill can protest, Teneka has swung herself up and over his stomach, straddling his cock. Taking him in her hand again, she slides the head through the folds of her pussy. She slides it back and forth a couple times, issuing out a slight 'owe' every time the head crosses her clit. Then holding it tight she guides it to her entrance, settling right down on it. Wiggling, she works its entire length deep into her cunt. Once settled, she begins to rock back and forth, driving it even a little deeper as she pushes her clit down hard on his pelvic mound.

Suddenly there is a loud cheer from the gym floor. Bill stretches his neck to his right, trying to look around Teneka in order to see what is happening to his wife on the floor. "What's happening now?" Bill shouts, still stretching to see.

Teneka uses her thighs to jerk them both over to her right a little bit, affording him a better view. She says, "Well just like in spin-the-bottle, the open end points to the guy who gets kissed next. In this case, your wife's wide-open pussy is pointing at – let me see – I think that's Sam Warren. Oh, yeah! Your wife's going to like Sam. He's got a nice fat cock. A lot fatter than yours, honey.

"So, anyway, just like in spin-the-bottle the man lucky enough to get the open end pointing at him gets picked. Unlike spin-the-bottle, in which the spinner gets to kiss the person picked by the bottle, the one picked gets to fuck the bottle. Although, I believe the real winner is the bottle."

"Take her Sam! Fill her full of jam!" the crowd begins to chant again as Sam wiggles up tight between Bill's wife's legs. "Take her Sam! Fill her full of jam!"

"They're getting little better with their rhyming." Teneka acknowledges.

Sam takes himself in hand and bends just slightly at the knees to be level with her gap. He slides the head of his cock up through the length of her slit. Even from the stage, it is easy to see when he reaches her clit. She throws her head back, gasps silently and sucks her lower lip into her mouth, her teeth digging into the skin below. He drags his cock down through her extended lips and right back up. Again, her head shoots back, only this time she shouts, "Fuck me! Just – Fuck me!"

"Sam is such a tease. Don't you think?" Teneka jokes, off handedly, as if trading comments with a close friend.

"Come on! Let me loose! This has gone far enough!" Bill screams with anger.

"Not nearly far enough, my dear," Teneka responds in the same tone as if Bill were asking her a question, rather than demanding release.

Turning her head to the crowd, Teneka yells, "Jim! Get your ass up here!"

Jim is still sitting down on the couches Bill and Angel had occupied earlier. Hearing her call, he is on his feet immediately, scrambling to get up on the stage. Upon arriving, almost out of breath, he bows and says, "At your service, Madame."

"Go down to the dungeon and summon two of your guards. We need to get these two slaves into the stocks so they can witness the proceedings up close and personal." She demands.

"As you command, my Lady," he bows, turns and runs off as fast as he came to do her bidding.

"In the mean time, I'm going to get myself off on this wonderful cock of yours." She says matter-of-factly in the same calm voice as before. Bending forward, she braces herself up above him by stretching out her arms to either side of his head. Her huge breasts dangle provocatively just above his face.

At any other time, Bill would be enjoying this immensely; but at this moment, all he wants is off this bed so he can try to explain things to his wife. "Let me loose!" He demands again.

"Shut the fuck up slave!" She demands shrilly. "You're beginning to bore me." Leaning further forward, she covers his nose, mouth and chin with her right breast. "Suck on this a while! Start thrusting that hard cock of yours up into my cunt. Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want to cum again! Make me cum, like your sweet Angel made me cum."

"Angel. Did you enjoy eating my pussy?" Teneka asks, returning to that soft sweet voice, as she starts riding Bill's cock with more intensity. Determining that he is not getting loose anytime soon, Bill sucks in her nipple, working his lips across the rough surface of her areola. Simultaneously, he begins thrusting up slightly into her pussy, every time she pushes down on him.

"I didn't like it much at first..." Angel admitted, "but, once we got going... especially when you started..."

"You like that soft, female tongue, eh." Teneka interrupted.

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